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1/The promise to Ukraine …Welcoming the Accession of Ukraine to the TREATY on the NON-PROLIFERATION of NUCLEAR WEAPONS as a non-nuclear weapon state…#Ukraine, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom of #GreatBritain and #NorthernIreland, and the #UnitedStates of #America,…
2/ Welcoming the Accession of #Ukraine to the Treaty on the Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons as a non-nuclear weapons state, taking into the account the commitment of Ukraine to eliminate all nuclear weapons from its territory within a specified period of time, …#UNSC #NATO
3/ Noting the changes in the worldwide security situation, including the end of the Cold War, which have brought about conditions for deep reductions in nuclear forces, Confirm the following: the Russian Federation the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and …
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BREAKING. This is Ben Jamal @PSCupdates speaking at our press conference in 10/2021. Sooner than expected his prediction comes true: our friends in #GreatBritain are facing another onslaught against the freedom to stand with Palestinian HR. Thread 1/
Ben´s input: see min 18 to 22. - Tomorrow a seemingly innocent amendment to the "Public Service Pensions and Judicial Offices Bill" will be discussed in the @HouseofCommons . If passed its impact will be a desaster.
Here the assessment of Labour Councillor @AydinDikerdem. In short: legal warfare against human rights activism -and #BDS in particular. Very similar to Margret Thatcher´s attempts in 1988 (sic!) to kill the solidarity movement against #Apartheid in South Africa.
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Mr Kamran Khan ! We won’t allow you take cover and run ! A tout like you who used to take 900 Rupees per month from Intelligence Bureau of Pakistan way back in 80s

You and other touts like you e.g. Ansar Abbasi and likes are equally responsible for the present mess
Renowned Investigative Journalist Par Excellence Mr Kamran Khan’s moving & emotional tribute for the Former CJ of Pakistan Mr Saqib Nisar

#SaqibNisarExposed ImageImage
Why @Mustafa_Chdry started loving #DamFund & stopped worrying about Public Interest Litigation! asks @KB_BUT ! & produced by Alumni @Faysal_Chaudary

#SaqibNisarExposed #SaqibNisar #ثاقب_نثار
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 05/12/2021…
GOP State Lawmaker Slammed For Saying 3/5 Compromise Aimed To End Slavery…

#PartisanPolitics #SystemicRacism #institutionalSlavery #RevisionistHistory
Educated man says he’d rather die than risk dying from AstraZeneca vaccine…

#humor #vaccines #COVID19 #CriticalThinking
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the sadistic practice of hunting underground

a #barbaric practice of #hunting and incompatible with the recognition of #animals as sentient beings.

While the #badger is #protected in many European countries (#Belgium, #Ireland, #GreatBritain, #Netherlands, #Hungary, #Denmark, #Portugal, #Spain, #Italy, etc.) because its presence is the guarantee of unspoiled nature
it is classified as game in France
and hunted relentlessly nine and a half months a year.
The worst being the hunting underground
Via @ASPASnature: Association for
protection of wild animals

Read here 👇…
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According to media reports, the German government is planning to completely lock down Europe for travel to and from #GreatBritain. All air traffic should be stopped as early as midnight,
reported the "Bild" newspaper with reference to circles in the federal government. Chancellor Angela Merkel will telephone French President Emmanuel Macron in the afternoon to initiate a Europe-wide action, the paper reported. It is about closing gates for the virus.
The reason is a coronavirus variant from the south-east of England, which, according to initial findings, is more contagious than previous variants.
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#Germany #Coronavirus #TRAVELWARNING

The federal government has declared all of Belgium, Iceland and individual regions in nine other European countries to be corona risk areas due to the increasing number of infections.
The Robert Koch Institute updated its risk list on Wednesday evening, which now includes areas of #GreatBritain for the first time, including #Wales and Northern Ireland. In #France, the Pays de la Loire and Burgundy (Bourgogne) regions were added.
This means that in Germany's largest neighboring country, only the Grand Est border region, which was once particularly badly affected by the pandemic, is excluded from classification as a risk area. In #Belgium, only the capital Brussels was recently listed as a risk area.
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Final #coronavirus numbers for Sept 23rd. Yesterday global numbers surged. The world added 315,717 new #COVID19 infection cases, the 2nd highest daily total yet, while losing 6,333 lives to the #coronavirus. Total to date global deaths now exceed 980,000. ImageImageImageImage
Yesterday #India added 89,688 new #COVID19 infection cases while losing another 1,152 lives to the #coronavirus as it continues to lead all countries in daily infections and virus deaths. ImageImageImage
The #USA saw another 41,616 new #COVID19 infections yesterday while losing 1,112 more American lives to the #coronavirus, the last time daily virus deaths in the States exceeded 1,000 was eight days ago. #Trump ImageImageImageImage
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#Germany #Frankfurt #Hessen #Airport #Coronavirus

Most of the return travelers who tested positive for the coronavirus at Frankfurt Airport came from Kosovo. This emerges from statistics from the company Centogene, which offers corona tests at Frankfurt Airport.
The numbers refer to the period between July 15th and September 8th. At least 350 people were tested from all countries included in the evaluation. Overall, 0.85 percent of the 104 177 people tested were positive.
The so-called positivity rate was highest in the country of entry #Kosovo at 6.38 percent. This is followed by #Malta (4.71), #BosniaHerzegovina (3.17), #Hungary (2.57), #Croatia (2.31) and #Albania (2.14). At the bottom of the list are Spain with 0.30 percent,
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Ahora en #GreatBritain para el día 12 agosto 2020*, la cifra oficial de fallecidos por el #COVID19 es de 41.329 con un aumento hoy* de 77.…
Lo cual supone una diferencia de 10,381 (el mayor, desde el comienzo de la epidemia) con las actas de defunción que mencionan "probable o confirmado" #COVID19 Image
Fuente de lo último:…
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The Monday, July 6 edition of @ProgNewsDaily features 80+ articles & video breakdowns from #Progressive, #Independent #journalists & #political #analysts who offer a perspective not found on network or cable TV...(cont. below)…
nor other traditional “mainstream” outlets.
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Today’s Top Stories:
* Lawyers: #BreonnaTaylor case connected to #gentrification plan- @courierjournal
* #Mississippi Election Commissioner Complains That 'Blacks' Are Registering to Vote - @TheRoot

* #JeffreyEpstein Associate #GhislaineMaxwell Reportedly Prepared to Out 'Big Names' to Help Case - @Complex

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The Empirization of China

The #Chinese want to be an #Empire and that too in a hurry. But many perished in this quest. #GreatBritain is no more a empire. #USA is also facing heat in #multipolar world in #PostColdWar era.
@narendramodi @MEAIndia
1. With cunning and ruthlessness #China was well on track. It might have become a #GlobalEmpire within another 20 to 30 years. But its own shrowdy , anti democratic and #AntiHuman policies leading to its own #disaster.
2.However in their desperation and over eagerness, China it seems has overplayed its hand on many fronts. Now, by triggering, concealing and manipulating a #CoronaPandemic, China has not only made its dream of empire untenable, it will probably destroy China.
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#Lockdown is critical for slowing the spread of #COVID19, and India has displayed firm resolve in enforcing it.

Massive labour churn; CMIE Data indicates that 120 million people have lost their jobs. We will need strong Govt action to revive the Economy.…
We're already in a Global #Recession, the kind of which hasn't been seen in a century. It could get a lot worse, and we need to be prepared. #ViciousCycle 🔁 : Businesses shuttered, Labour furloughed, Expenditure cut and Demand destroyed. @MD_Nalapat…
The #lockdown and media-fuelled fear have completely brought the economy to a grinding halt. At some stage, #starvation may overtake #COVID19 as the leading cause of death. States like Punjab are finding innovative ways to balance health & economics.…
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Aug23 1939: #GermanReich & #USSR entered into a non-aggression pact, signed by J. #Ribbentrop & V. #Molotov
The treaty had a secret protocol on the division of sovereign states of 🇪🇪 🇫🇮 🇱🇹 🇱🇻 🇵🇱 and 🇷🇴
In Sept1939 both states attacked 🇵🇱,starting #WWII.

#80WW2 #BlackRibbonDay
1939: On 1 Sept, Germany attacked Poland. The German battleship Schleswig-Holstein shelling a 🇵🇱 base on the Westerplatte peninsula fired the opening shots of WWII.

On 17 Sept, Red Army invaded 🇵🇱, as set out in the secret protocol of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact.

Sept1-Oct6 1939: During the Poland campaign, battles were fought against the aggressors, #GermanReich & #USSR.

The campaign's largest clash was Battle of the #Bzura, an offensive maneuver at the rear of the #German troops heading toward #Warsaw without almost any cover.

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In the early part of the first millennium CE, the #IndoEuropean language known as Proto-#Germanic diverged into an East branch (which included #Gothic) and a Northwest branch.

Northwest then split into West and North branches when Proto-#Norse developed in #Scandinavia. Image
Until the 8th century, #Germanic #languages, including Proto-#Norse, were written in Elder Futhark, the earliest #runic #alphabet.

The name #Futhark comes from the initial phonemes in the names of the first six #runes:
ᚠ ᚢ ᚦ ᚨ ᚱ ᚲ

By the beginning of the #Viking Age around 800 CE, Proto-#Norse had evolved into Old Norse, and #Scandinavia's writing system transitioned from the 24 #runes of Elder #Futhark to Younger Futhark's 16 runes.

The #Swedish #Sparlösa #Runestone from ~800 CE features both #alphabets. Image
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@EricHolder has asked an important question:

#When was #America #ever #great?

I realize that there is a nearly unavoidable tendency to snort and spew one's coffee when they hear or read his question for the first time. But, honestly, isn't it worth the exercise to answer it?
So, @EricHolder, I'm going to do just that, and I'm going to ask my ragtag bag of followers and detractors to contribute as well.

I'm going to offer my evidence of moments of American greatness. And I'm going to ask those that read this thread to do the same.
But wait!

There's more!

I'm going to ask my detractors and antagonists (are you seeing this @fedupaton) to contribute as well, and will welcome from them both moments of greatness and moments of shame.
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#ISIS down "less than a single square mile” in #Baghuz #Syria, @CENTCOM Cmdr Gen Joseph Votel to tell #HASC in prepared remarks
“Reduction of the physical caliphate is a monumental military accomplishment, but the fight against #ISIS and violent extremism is far from over” @CENTCOM’s Votel warns #HASC, calling evacuation of #Baghuz “calculated”
“Observations by our men & women on the ground highlights that the #ISIS population being evacuated from the remaining vestiges of the caliphate largely remains unrepentant, unbroken & radicalized” per @CENTCOM’s Gen Votel
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