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The new Tory Party Deputy Chair pushed the antisemitic conspiracy theory of "cultural Marxism", & attended #antisemitism awareness training after being an active member of a FB group in which other members supported Tommy Robinson & promoted Soros conspiracy theories.
The confused infantile culture war "patriotic" nationalist & Tory Party Deputy Chair, #30pLee, refused to watch England in the #EURO2020 final because he was boycotting their matches over the players’ decision to stand up to #racism by taking the knee.…
Some Tory MPs know that their divisive & childish culture war strategy is toxic.

One senior Tory MP described Deputy Party Chair #30pLee refusing to watch England in the Euros because they took the knee: “It was absolutely tragic... a laughing stock".…
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🧵Has #Qatar2022 been a success for the State of Qatar🇶🇦? It might be too early to determine, but looking at the success of Qatar’s sports political strategy in the last 15 years might give some answers. Long thread! This article is by @MiguelDelaney 1/23…
Shortly after🇶🇦was awarded the hosting rights of the 2022 World Cup, Qatar Foundation reached a five-year, £125m deal with the #Barcelona as shirt sponsor. The agreement marked the first time that Barca were to be paid to advertise on their jerseys.…
Qatar Foundation is a state-led organization, founded in 1995 by then-emir Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani and his second wife Moza bint Nasser.
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Reino Unido 🇬🇧 y más que nada Inglaterra 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 se merecía un párrafo aparte del hilo que publicamos la semana pasada. Porque si #EnEuropaSIpasa , en UK pasa mucho más.
Lee el verdadero rostro del fútbol que está de moda alabar.
Los ingleses inventaron el fútbol y fueron los dueños de la violencia en él hasta la década del 90´. Hubo un trinomio de tragedias que definió el futuro del balompié en Inglaterra y con ello en Reino Unido.
Tendrán su hilo propio, pero acá haremos una breve referencia.
Antes que nada, comentar el concepto “hooligan” que es y fue patrimonio inglés. Una palabra para señalar aquellos hinchas peligrosos y con actitudes violentas que pelean con la policía y otros grupos de hooligans generando destrozos. Esta idea nació a finales del siglo 19.
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Throwback Thread: #Italy attacking set-pieces routine in #EURO2020, and how Mancini working on the small details.

#Azzurri scored from the set-piece today against #WAL, but it wasn't by chance, repeated the same routine against #TUR and #Swiss.

I will attach examples
Here we continue with one against Turkey.

the explanation on each picture
Again, against Swiss-1
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Lee Anderson, who attended #antisemitism awareness training after being an active member of a FB group in which other members supported Tommy Robinson & promoted Soros conspiracy theories. He also who signed a letter using the antisemitic conspiracy theory of "cultural Marxism". ImageImage
In 2012, Nadine Dorries labelled footballers ‘overpaid’, ‘over-sensitive’ & ‘swearing cry babies’, & in 2020 Boris Johnson refused to condemn supporters who booed England, Priti Patel said she was against ‘gesture politics’, & Lee Anderson boycotted England games in the Euros.
Confused moronic culture war populist nationalist Tory MP Lee Anderson confirmed that he refused to watch England in the #EURO2020 final because he was boycotting their matches over the players’ decision to stand up to racism by taking the knee.…
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As 2021 comes to a close, here’s a look back at just some of the stories produced by Bellingcat over the past year.

From Colombia to the US & from Russia to Ethiopia, our work has spanned the globe. It has also helped convict an assassin & identify potential war crimes 🧵
In January, @IWriteOK detailed how far-right protestors were discussing and planning for violence in the days leading up to the Capitol riot. The article was to prove worryingly prescient…
@IwriteOK Bellingcat investigators were documenting events as the US Capitol was stormed, archiving posts and videos for future research. This piece on the death of one protestor was among our most read stories of 2021:…
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⏯️ 'The system they've built is one that is perfect for the dissemination of misinformation', @Imi_Ahmed @CCDHate tells Chair @DamianCollins
⏯️ The 'Disinformation Dozen' super-spreaders still have 7.9 million followers according to @CCDHate research, @Imi_Ahmed tells @DarrenPJones
In response to Baroness Kidron, @Imi_Ahmed says platforms have been told - by civil society, by governments, by their own employees - about online harms, yet have done little about them, citing @sheeraf and @ceciliakang's new book, 'An Ugly Truth' 📘
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Fans of Hungary's national team have recently faced scrutiny for displaying homophobic banners & alleged racist chants.
Now, @ColborneMichael reports that anti-LGBT banners held by some #Hungary fans at #EURO2020 appear to be connected to a neo-Nazi group…
Last week, Hungarian football fans booed England players taking the knee and allegedly aimed racist chants at the team’s black players.

But this wasn’t the first time a group of extreme Hungary fans have brought a hateful agenda into stadia.
European football’s governing body, UEFA, fined the country’s football federation and ordered the team to play 2 UEFA matches without spectators in response to anti-LGBT & racist behaviour from Hungarian fans during EURO 2020 matches.…
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🇨🇬Congolese Footballer Fabrice N'Sakala hospitalised after collapsing during league match [due to vaxx💉??] -- 22 Aug
👉Incident comes 2 mos after 🇩🇰Denmark's Christian Eriksen suffered cardiac arrest 👀 on pitch during a #Euro2020 match [due to vaxx💉??]…
Cameron Burrell, son of Olympic gold medallist Leroy, dead at 26 [due to vaxx💉💉??]…
Tragedy as Olympic cyclist - Olivia Podmore - 24, dies suddenly - just hours after her chilling Instagram post [due to vaxx💉💉??]…
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Öncelikle, St. Johnstone bir TD takımı, bununla başlayalım...

Callum Davidson, ilk TD deneyiminde hem İskoçya Lig Kupası'nı hem de İskoçya Kupası'nı kazandı. Efsanesi olduğu takımla...

Kazanırken dikkat çeken, Old Firm babaları haricindeki her takıma olan taktiksel üstünlüktü. Image
Neydi bu taktiksel üstünlük?

#EURO2020 sonrası popülaritesi artan 3-5-2 ile oynatıyor takımı.

Hastasıyım bu dizilişin çünkü hücum yaparken orta sahanızı kalabalık tutup rakip ceza sahası içinde çok adamla yer alabiliyorken; işin savunma kısmını da fazla adamla yapabiliyorsunuz. Image
Bu dizilişte beklerin önemi malum, geçen sezon kupa yolunda/yollarında sağ kanadı emanet ettikleri Shaun Rooney sürpriz golcüydü.

İskoçya Kupası'nda finaldeki golüyle kupa geldi, İskoçya Lig Kupası'nda ise çeyrek final ve sonrasını 3 gol 1 asistle bitirdi... Image
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[THREAD] Analysing the factors behind Brighton’s 49 goals scored (all competitions) in the 2020/21 season.

#BHAFC Image
This thread was largely inspired by @doublepass and the analysis of #EURO2020 goals by @kevnicholson1 - see the graphic below.

#BHAFC Image
Data for goal timings was taken from @StatsZone, but all data beyond that was manually coded from @Wyscout footage.

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We’re #CelebratingIrish success in sport today, highlighting a few of the many Irish athletes with British connections and British athletes with Irish connections as well as the thriving GAA community in GB. 🇮🇪🇬🇧⚽️🏊🏐🏃‍♂️
Many members of @TeamIreland have connections with or trained & competed in GB in the run up to the Tokyo @Olympics & @Paralympics.🇯🇵🇮🇪🇬🇧
#Irish diver Tanya Watson will be making history at #Tokyo2020 as the first ever Irish female diver to compete in the Olympics.👏👏 #WomenInSport #TeamIreland @swimireland
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As the dust settles after England's #EURO2020 defeat, there was one man who was closer to the squad than almost anyone else

Photographer Eddie Keogh shares his personal highlights after six weeks bubbled up with the England team

"To beat Germany was probably the best feeling I'd had for a long time in football"

Eddie's photo of @HarryMaguire93 celebrating after Harry Kane's goal against Germany🇩🇪 is the photographer's favourite image from the entire tournament 🎉

📸 by Eddie Keogh/FA via Getty Images
@HarryMaguire93 "Gareth is a decent man with great values of humility and respect"

As the final whistle blew, Eddie went to capture Gareth Southgate celebrating his moment of redemption after beating Germany🇩🇪

📸 by Eddie Keogh/FA via Getty Images
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This is incredible! Bravo bravo bravo Shaista, Amna, Huda aka #TheThreeHijabis for your incredible work and petition to ban racists for life from all football matches in #England!
Thank you @shaistaAziz, @hudzyboo and @AmnaAbdul1983 aka #TheThreeHijabis for your powerful activism!…
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⚽️Ticketless fans toppled barriers to gain entry into Wembley Stadium before the #Euro2020 final between England and Italy.

Analysing social media, Sky News has determined when and where some of these incidents took place throughout the evening…
🚩 Point 1: Engineers Way - 5.31pm - 159 minutes to kick-off

Fans rush barriers where stewards are carrying out COVID checks and an initial ticket screen.

Police officers are overwhelmed and some stewards attempt to kick and trip the onrushing fans Image
🚩 Point 2: Club Wembley Entrance - 5.40pm - 150 minutes to kick-off

A group of supporters is seen sprinting up a stairway next to the Club Wembley entrance, the stadium's hospitality entrance.

They evade stewards' attempts to stop them Image
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It is time for men to learn from women how to play football.
1/ #ItsComingHome #EURO2020 #CopaAmerica
In 2015, I went to the quarter final and the semi final of the women's World Cup in Montreal and saw the US beat France in the former and beat Germany in the latter.

If queer is the opposite of heteronormativity, it was the queerest--and joyously so--sporting environment.
The stands were full of outsiders: women with babies, teenage girls-- a demographic I rarely see in televised men’s games--with their faces painted in the colors of their teams and men there alone. #ItsComingHome #Euros2021 #CopaAmerica2021 📷 @rerutled Mona with red hair and a pa...
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This thread has taken me a hot minute, but finally, after a lot of time and effort, it is here.

It features some of the players that we've been linked with in three key positions - ST, CB, and CM - as well as a few of my own recommendations.
The metrics I have used to create the radar charts are largely the same as in previous threads, and so I will not list them all here.

If, however, there are any metrics that you aren't sure about, then just ask and I'll let you know!
We've been linked with a ton of players, some of whom have already moved to other clubs e.g., Patson Daka to Leicester.

I'll be focusing on 6 players in each position that we've been linked to, and then highlighting 4 or 5 other players who I think could be good signings.
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🔴LIVE: Boris Johnson updates the nation on what Freedom Day will really look like.

The Health Secretary has confirmed that the four tests to move to the next stage have been met - allowing the final stage to go ahead on July 19 as hoped

🔴"We are publishing a plan today, showing a safe and gradual approach we will be taking throughout the summer," the Health Secretary told the Commons earlier today.

Watch Boris Johnson's announcement live👇
The Prime Minister begins the press conference congratulating Gareth Southgate and the England team on their #EURO2020 efforts.

❌Johnson goes on to condemn racist trolls: "shame on you - I hope you crawl back under the stone from which you emerged"
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LOOK: Hearts cover offensive graffiti on a mural of #ENG player Marcus Rashford in Manchester.

The mural, painted in recognition of Rashford’s efforts in tackling child food poverty, was defaced after England’s #EURO2020 final loss ImageImage
LOOK: Artist @Akse_P19 has restored the mural of Marcus Rashford, which was defaced after England’s loss in the #EURO2020 final.

People gathered to look at the messages of support on the mural, located in Withington, Manchester ImageImage
Meanwhile, a new mural honoring members of the #ENG football team has been painted by @MurWalls outside of London Bridge station Image
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No.10 "totally rejects" claim by @GNev2 after Euro2020 that @BorisJohnson has himself “promoted” racist abuse with language like Muslim women looking like letterboxes.

“I totally reject that claim," PM's official spokesperson says.
"The prime minister set out this morning his response to some of the awful comments we've seen. He said this England team deserve to be lauded as heroes not racially abused on social media, those responsible for this appalling abuse should be ashamed of themselves,”
On Neville claim that PM + other ministers suggested it was fine to boo players taking the knee, he added: “It’s not accurate.

“The PM was clear that he wanted to see everyone getting behind the team to cheer them on. He made that clear on the 11th, before England’s first game.”
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🇮🇹 Italy win #Euro2020 review THREAD

I’ve got so much to say and will be touching on:

😡 Fans/Discrimination/My experience
🤔 Managers
✅ Standout performers
🐮 fArmErS LeAgUE
💡 Fantasy
📥 DMs
🎙️ Motto

I planned to chat about the football but this is bigger than that.

Some of the scenes from Wembley & across the UK are frightening.Yes every country has groups of extreme fans but none more so than England it seems. I’m ashamed of their behaviour. I spent Saturday..

running a tournament for @StreetChildUtd with refuge children & there was so much positivity & valuable discussion about discrimination. To see the racial abuse England players have received 24 hrs later fills me with anger. These kids & those players don't deserve that.

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#EURO2020 has opened up a space about what it means to be English and who belongs in England.
This tournament has been a tale of two Englands - one of inclusion and support; the other division and abuse.
Both were on show throughout, and exploded after the final. 1/12
The team demonstrated solidarity & anti-racism for a country divided by a pandemic & hate: Rashford & Henderson who had coordinated support during the pandemic, to Sterling’s leadership in exposing racism, the team taking the knee to Kane wearing the Pride captain’s armband. 2/12
Many images of fans from communities across the country showed England could be an inclusive nation.
This was important because politicians and media, plus a sizeable section of the country, have openly courted division & exclusion. 3/12
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Boris Johnson condemned the racist abuse directed at Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka after they missed penalties in a shootout loss to Italy in the #EURO2020 final Image
“Anyone behind such disgusting behavior is not welcome in following the team.”

England’s @FA said it was “appalled” by the racial abuse after the final ImageImage
Manager Gareth Southgate said the England squad “did themselves proud” and that the missed penalties were “unfortunate” ImageImageImage
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We (England) have lost in the final of #Euro2020 to the best team in the tournament. Who have been unbeaten now in 34 games, that run spans nearly 3 years!

The pre game energy in the stadium was the most electric I have seen inside Wembley stadium.
The whole stadium were United in clapping both teams taking the knee (the non political act the squad are committed to).
What a start to the biggest England game of our lives - everyone there United behind our national team.
Up to this point the team have been superb, the players loved and idolised by the nation due to their efforts on the pitch - and rightly so.
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