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[Finally, I have graduated!]

1. Today, I have received the graduate certificate from #OUHK, confirming that I have completed my Bachelor of Social Sciences (Politics and Public Administration) with Second Class Honours (Upper Divison) by the University's Senate. Image
2. Throughout my six years in college since the #UmbrellaMovement in 2014, I have been suspended from my studies because I was sentenced to imprisonment. I have also tried taking examinations in prison. Now that I have finally graduated, my wish has been fulfilled.
3. In the past 6 yrs, I'd like to thank my professors for caring me & my classmates for their understanding. Though the university is conservative & our president is rumouredly an underground CCP member, university never exerted pressure on me during my studies, which is not easy
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[#AntiELAB Movement vs #UmbrellaMovement: are #HKers walking on the old path?]

1.1/ #HK's protests have indeed reduced due to the #COVID19 and the #NationalSecurityLaw. #HKGov mass arrests protestors, and crackdown on the education, mass media, medical and judicial industries. Image
1.2/ But, NO, we're not walking the old path of division between different sides in the pro-democracy bloc. In fact, we're winning. Here's why: Image
2/ In 2014,
- 70% of polls call for the occupation to stop
- Division within Pro-democracy bloc
- Average results in the District Council Election
- Pro-Beijing bloc gained 57% seats in Legislative Council
- #CCP's economic diplomacy is doing well
- Few countries support HK Image
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#HongKong Education Bureau introduced the “professional consultancy services” under which publishers may “voluntarily” submit their #Liberal_Studies textbooks for review. Only reviewed books could be included in the bureau’s recommended book list.

Photos from #AppleDaily Image
#HongKong government officials and members from the pro-establishment camp always accused the #Liberal_Studies subject of making students more radical. That’s why the Government censors the textbooks.
After review, a textbook describes that Lee Bo, the Hong Kong bookseller who was abducted from #HongKong and taken to mainland China, went to #China voluntarily. Image
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I am beginning to think the #HK freedom struggle should take the 'opportunity' of the cancellation of Legco elections & the multi-front crackdown to develop our democratic capabilities. This can take many forms but I particularly have in mind the setting up of a shadow parliament
The shadow parliament, unlike the #HK govt or Legco, would be fully democratically elected. Its basis could be the recent pro-democracy primary + perhaps District Councils. It would be elected by people in the HK freedom struggle & represent them.
It would debate and vote on policies, including how to proceed w the freedom struggle in the face of increasingly authoritarian rule. It would be a model of democracy in #HK, something that has never existed here in any form, neither under UK or Chinese colonialism.
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1. LONG THERAD: I'm very excited to read this brilliant new biography of @SpeakerPelosi — a longtime ally of #HongKong's pro-democracy movement and one of my most admired figures in contemporary international politics — written by @mollyesque. Image
2. In case after case, Pelosi's mastery of the House of Representatives shows through in the pages. She's a hardworking, purposeful progressive who knows how to lead her increasingly diverse caucus well while also making necessary compromises left and right to get things done.
3. Chap. 7 is the most personal to me. It charts Pelosi's rise to national prominence after the #Tiananmen Massacre of 1989 as a second-term congresswoman from California. She'd support the protests from afar and now wanted to protect Chinese students in the US from retribution.
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Just in: One key figure in #HongKongProtests, Dr Chan Kin-man, is freed today from Pik Uk Prison after 326 days behind bars. He was convicted of conspiring to incite public nuisance and inciting others to incite public nuisance due to the 2014 pro-democracy #UmbrellaMovement. Image
One of Chan Kin-man’s partners in the #OccupyCentral campaign, Reverend Chu Yiu-ming, has arrived to the jailhouse hours before he is expected to be released at 9 am local time. Image
Reverend Chu Yiu-ming has also brought a birthday cake for 61-year-old Dr Chan Kin-man, who is to be released very soon after ten months behind bars. Chan’s birthday is on March 9. #HongKongProtests Image
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For those wondering why there are increasing conflicts between pro-nation state China and pro-HK folks, it is due to different understandings and beliefs of what the #HongKongProtests are about:

1. Belief in ethnic and cultural unity as a collective supersedes individualism.
Geopolitical reasons aside, this belief by mainland nationalists is also one of the key reasoning why they lay “claim” to Taiwan. Sorry, let alone how Taiwan is culturally and ethnically diverse, along with active reconciliation efforts toward aboriginal peoples on the island,
this type of identity politics to justify geopolitical aggression and construction and reinforcement of blind hegemonic nationalism is very dangerous.

We’ve already seen religious and ethnic minority cleansing, most notable with Tibet and now in #Xinjiang with the #Uyghurs.
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Andrew Nathan's study of #CCP thinking on #HK is probably the most serious attempt yet to get inside its head. If accurate (& I imagine it mostly is), it shows how deluded the CCP is & how badly it misunderstands the situation. See points below.…
1) #CCP believes what truly ails #HK are economic problems, not political ones.
Yes, but gross income inequality & unaffordability are long-standing, not new. & increasingly HK see they are caused by no democracy: elites collude w CCP & HK govt to retain economic privileges.
2) #CCP thinks #HK political problems are caused by a) its colonial legacy & b) western (ie, US) interference.
Actually, #UmbrellaMovement & current protests show HK people overcoming our colonial mentality (acquiescing to being run from elsewhere) & demanding self-determination.
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With the 1.7mil turnout in #HK today, the total number of demonstrators in anti-extradition/anti-govt protests has now surpassed the total population of HK:
So far, 7,564,440 demonstrators have participated in 61 demonstrations.
Astounding: Where else in history have you had the total number of participants in demonstrations exceed the size of the total population where the demonstrations occurred? #HK is truly in a class of its own.
The 1.7mil turnout today is even bigger than the 1.03mil turnout at the 1st mass march on #June9 & rivalled the 2mil on #June16. If anything, in the past 2 months, the movement's grown stronger.
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Like the umbrella, the helmet has become Hong Kong protesters' tool, serving both functional and symbolic purposes. ☂️⛑️
In June, journalists donned helmets and neon vests to attend an indoor press conference hosted by the police in protest against the their excessive use of force against protesters and the press corps
This guy put on a helmet for his commute home, after passengers and protesters were violently beaten up by armed thugs at Yuen Long station on Sunday night.
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Utterly scurrilous: This (imposed) leader of #HK has hidden from press & public since June 18 while the city's undergone one of the biggest crises in its history. Then she calls a sudden 4am press con w the police commissioner...…
...both of whom should resign to take responsible for the crisis into which they pitched the city, and instead she attacks people who have been trying to meet her for weeks, and yet she's refused to meet them. Astounding. As recently as yesterday...
...the very moderate Legco pro-democracy leaders were trying to meet her to defuse the situation, and she refused, as she has repeatedly throughout the crisis. She says she wants to listen to voices, but won't meet anyone. Now this person smells an opportunity to shift focus...
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Demonstrators have gathered for another day of protests as Hong Kong officials are set to debate a controversial law that would ease extraditions to mainland China
🇭🇰 Protesters in Hong Kong drag barricades into the middle of a road leading to the Legislative Council building as they prepare for another mass demonstration on a controversial #ExtraditionBill #香港 #反送中
🇭🇰 Here’s the scene now near Hong Kong’s Legislative Council building where a mass protest is set to take place #ExtraditionBill #香港 #反送中

Read more @business:
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4 years ago today -- at this time -- the streets of central Hong Kong looked like this.

I took this about an hour after police fired tear gas at pro-democracy students demonstrating outside the city's legislature.

That move prompted thousands of HKers to come out in support
I had been covering the protests that day & went to go charge camera batteries when the phone started buzzing with messages about the tear gas. I raced back to Admiralty subway station below the protest site where students had set up makeshift first aid stations
Exiting the station the acrid smell of tear gas was unmistakable. The police had donned gas masks while protesters did what they could.
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