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HK leader #CarrieLam announced that the 21-day mandatory hotel QT for arrivals will be shortened to 14 days plus 7-day self-monitoring at home. Arrivals can leave home in the last week but have to get tested twice. She said it’s a decision based on “pure science”.
Lam also gave advance notice about rolling out vaccine pass in the city ie making it compulsory for people to show vaccine record or exempt before they are allowed to enter premises specified by the government. Lam said this is not forcing people to get jabs…
“If you choose not to get vaccinate and it’s not due to medical reasons , you must bear some consequences which is that you can’t go to many places. This is different from making vaccination legally compulsory,” Lam said.
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Key takeaways from #CarrieLam's post-election/pre-duty visit presser:

Record low turnout: Never set a goal so we didn't fail anything / 4.47 million voters registered and 1.35 million voted so you can't say the election is not significant / I don't know why 3million didn't vote.
Diversified or Homogeneous legislature: I have no opinion if voters choose a certain background and stance out of many - it's voters' autonomy; I personally find the 90 candidates elected of broad representation.
Re BL23 legislation: aim to dish out a general framework by the end of June 2022, but do not expect to complete legislation; won't use 2003 version ; need to take into account of cases under #NSL.
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1/6 Some clips from the @ukhouseoflords #Genocide Debate last Thursday #Xinjiang #Burma #Tigray #Nigeria #Iraq #Sudan

In full at:…
Current arrangements simply do not work
I asked @DominicRaab if his intention was to accept the @HouseofCommons #Genocide declaration. #China #CCP
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In terms of length of gov backdrop slogan, HK is surely developing.
#FINALLY #CarrieLam said Election Committee election will be held in September, LegCo election in December and Chief Executive election next March.

Lam's gov is set to table bills for local legislation for the election overhaul in mid-April and have them passed by end of May.
#JUSTIN All members of the Candidates Qualification Review Committee will be "principal officials of the SAR government", #CarrieLam said, as they must be "balanced, impartial and not afraid of sanctions".

The committee will take over the tasks of returning officers.
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#BREAKING "The most vital and pressing task to enforce 'rule by patriots' is to improve the relevant systems, particularly the relevant electoral system, in order to ensure the governing power of HK is firmly gripped by people who love China and HK," said HKMAO chief Xia Baolong.
In his first public speech since he claimed the top seat in Beijing's HKMAO, Xia Baolong laid out five principle "electoral reform for ruling by patriots in HK" at a conference this morning in Beijing:…
Principle 1: close loopholes in HK's electoral system and effectively prevent anti-China trouble rousers, political agents of anti-China foreign forces to enter political regime of HK
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#JUSTIN #CarrieLam said she told LegCo president this morning that she has to postpone pronouncement of Policy Address originally set on Wednesday morning. Lam said this arrangement is legally sound as it's up to CE to determine the day according to LegCo ordinance.
#CarrieLam said she has to postpone Policy Address because she just got a notification from Beijing asking her to pay a visit to the central government later this month, likely after 20 October, to seek approval of certain policies and projects
#CarrieLam said a HK government delegation led by her will set off to Shenzhen later today. Members of the delegation include Financial Secretary, Secretary for Justice, Security Secretary, Mainland Affairs Secretary, Innovation Secretary, and Chief Executive Office Director.
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#CarrieLam said Australian judge James Spigelman did not explain why he decided to resign in his resignation letter to her so she would not make any guess.

Lam said the Court of Final Appeal has 13 foreign judges from other Common Law regions and she expects future appointments
Re #ChanTongkai, #CarrieLam said he has served his jail term and there is nothing more HK's law enforcement can do on him.

Lam emphasised that she learned from and only from Reverend Peter Koon that Chan is still willing to surrender himself to Taiwan...
...yet Chan's trip to Taiwan has been hindered by "situations of politics and coronavirus pandemic".

"I told Reverend Koon that if he needs any help from the HK government, we are willing to help," Lam said.

Interestingly, Koon said he is not the spokesman (代言人) of Chan...
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#NOW Families of 12 Hong Kong "speedboat fugitives" are meeting press under accompany of lawmakers Eddie Chu, James To and localist activist Owen Chow. Image
Lawmaker Eddie Chu said families of 6 detainees are present today. They are set to issue a joint statement. Image
The families raised 4 demands:
1, Reject lawyers assigned by the mainland Chinese authorities. Urge the Chinese authorities to immediately allow lawyers hired by the families to meet the detainees
2, Urge the Chinese authorities to provide proper medicines to detainees in need
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[Thread] Sept 8, 2020: POP releases popularity figures of CE and Secretaries of Departments
The latest popularity of the HK CE and Principal Officials remains low. #HongKong #HK #HKGov #CarrieLam
1/ CE #CarrieLam:
Popularity rating = 28.1 marks, 50% participants give her 0 rating
Net popularity = -48 percentage points
These figures have not changed much from half a month ago
2/ Secretaries of Departments:

Chief Secretary for Administration Matthew Cheung
Popularity rating = 28.5 marks
Net popularity = -39 percentage points

Financial Secretary Paul Chan
Popularity rating = 35.5 marks
Net popularity = -18 percentage points
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[Cancelling separation of powers in #HK]

1. #Carrielam claimed today there's no separation of powers in HK after #HKGov’s recent textbook censorship. Even the next Chief Justice that she appointed, Andrew Cheung, said in 2008 that separation of powers is enshrined in Basic Law. Image
2. More ridiculously, education bureau once published a slide in 2011 on its website citing Court of Final Appeal judge that HK practised separation of powers. But in order to fit the new narrative, #Hkgov just deleted the slide today. ImageImageImage
3. In fact, the city’s Chief Justice of the Court of Final Appeal, Geoffrey Ma, had once rebutted the "no separation of powers" narrative in 2014, but #Carrielam insisted today that local courts have to be responsible to #Beijing. Image
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“Hong Kong has no separation of powers,” said #CarrieLam .
#CarrieLam prepared a very lengthy answer to the question on whether HK has separation of powers. Will summarise her logic in this #thread before sharing full translation:

1) All powers of HK are granted by Beijing. So there is no separation of powers between HK and Beijing.
2) HK adopts "executive-led governance" 行政主導 system, in which the "core" is the chief executive (CE) aka #CarrieLam herself at this moment.

3) CE enjoys unique status in HK's political system with powers to appoint judges and approve LegCo budget.
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#JUSTIN HK Legco's pro-democratic camp "tends to stay" for the extended year, the camp's convener Tanya Chan said in a statement.
More meetings to go for consensus, she added.
#CarrieLam said she was appalled by someone warning her government not to weaponsize the national security law, as the law is “a weapon of the rule of law to some extent" designed to "punish criminals". She said what have been weaponised are the financial system and social media.
Re sanctions, #CarrieLam: "You may have a feeling that the leader of the government has been mistreated. But never mind, despite some inconvenience in my personal affair, there is nothing I will take to heart at all. We will continue to do what’s right for the country and to HK."
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#BREAKING State Council submitted to NPCSC requesting a “resolution” on “continuing operations of the sixth term of Legislative Council in Hong Kong” - Now TV via CCTV.

CCTV: #CarrieLam submitted a report on postponing LegCo election to the state council on July 28 and the state council gave affirmation on July 29. ImageImage
CCTV: Today HMO director Xia Baolong made an explanatory speech as the state council submitted a request to NPCSC on extending operations of the sixth term of LegCo in HK. Speech content is not disclosed in written news report.
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[City-wide testing by three #China-based laboratories, with one allegedly involved in DNA collections of #Uyghurs]

1/ #Hkgov has just announced a city-wide #Covid19 testing. Without proper tendering procedures, #Carrielam directly granted 150,000,000 HKD for the project.
2/ They project of Hong Kong government invited three mainland-based laboratories: Sunrise Diagnostic Centre, China Dragon Inspection and Certification and Prenetics.
3/ One of the laboratories, Sunrise Diagnostic Centre, is owned by BGI that is subject to #US’s sanction for involving in human rights crackdown in #Xinjiang and collecting DNA data from #Uyghurs.
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“We together” is replaced in HK government’s latest anti-#COVID measure presser where #CarrieLam rolls out the plan of city-wide voluntary test.
The temp hospital in AWE in the background was built by HK Hospital Authority before mainland experts were invited. Image
#CarrieLam said these air dome labs have been built in Sun Yat San Memorial Park Sports Centre in Sai Wan as a temporary test centre for a voluntary test plan for Hong Kong people. Mainland lab officers helping with the tests will receive special exempt on licensing. Image
#CarrieLam said mainland experts will help add 1,000 beds with negative air pressure facility in Asia World Expo, which she called "HK's Fangcang Hospital", and build a new temporary hospital on a land of 32,000 sqm near AWE as, in her words, "HK's Fire God Mount Hospital".
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It's understood that HMO deputy director Zhang Xiaoming has arrived in HK, RTHK reported - 3 days after #CarrieLam announced delay of LegCo election and one week before NPCSC is set to discuss how to "handle" the Basic Law provision on LegCo terms.…
RTHK: Zhang Xiaoming is in HK to "collect on opinions on postponing LegCo election and ways to handle the legislative vacuum". Pro-Beijing lawmakers Ma Fung-kwok, Chan Kin-por, Junius Ho and Paul Tse were seen leaving Liaison Office this morning.…
Paul Tse, a pro-Bejing lawmaker who met Zhang Xiaoming, said he believes incumbent lawmakers DQ-ed should not be granted a seat in the extended term.

Tse said LegCo should not handle Article 23 or amend legislative rules in the extra year either.…
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In interview with TVB, #CarrieLam said:”I don’t know what are the political consequences (EXCO member Ronny Tong thought about postponing the LegCo election), what I care is only Hong Kong people’s health.”
“Foreign media has some bias about Hong Kong and some foreign politicians do not have profound understanding of One Country Two Systems,” #CarrieLam said when asked what future promotion plan the gov has.
#CarrieLam said she didn’t make any recommendation to Beijing regarding how to handle the one year of legislative vacuum due to election postpone. “Because I believe it should be decided to NPCSC.” She reiterated that “her personal opinion” is to extend the current term of LegCo.
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#CarrieLam meets press at 6pm.
#CarrieLam presser #thread starts here. Along with her there are SJ Teresa Cheng, Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Erick Tsang, Secretary for Food and Health Sophia Chan and Undersecretary for CMA Roy Tang.
No new backdrop. Image
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Coronavirus restrictions in force from July 15
- 12 types of venues regulated by 599F will be closed for 7 days
- No dine-in between 6pm and 5am the next day for 7 days
- Group gathering capped at 4 people
- All pax on public transport must wear a mask
... Image
- All incoming pax who have been to designated high risk places in the past 14 days must present negative virus test results before boarding a cross-border vehicle to HK
- Gov in talks with 2 mainland companies to provide free tests for over 400,000 staff in 4 industries
- Any one who does not or refuses to wear a mask in public transport, including the paid area of MTR, can be fined for HK$5,000 at most.
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#CarrieLam: Government announcements about the first meeting of national security committee ystd were exceptional. Future work of NSC won't be disclosed to the public according to #NSL. Image
#CarrieLam: In the past week, I can't see the so-called "lots of fear". If there is some, it's some people creating white terror and some people who did something out of worries of being incriminated.
#CarrieLam said it's a "misunderstanding" "imagination and exaggeration" to say she knew nothing about the law before #NSL was passed in Beijing. She said the mistake came from the Eng question she took from @sumlokkei on June 23...
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#CarrieLam said she will comment on the national security law if NPCSC passed it and decided to add it to Annex III of the Basic Law. Image
#CarrieLam adopted a blanket “no comment” strategy on all questions on national security law, including the establishment of a special police branch and her own role in the legislation and promulgation.
On the issue of US cancelling special status enjoyed by HK, which #CarrieLam also said few details are known, she went on minutes saying that impacts are limited and HK has been prepared by studying US sanctions for a long while.
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A general #timeline of Beijing's 40 days' national security law legislation for HK:

May 21: NPC pre-opening presser announced the resolution to strengthen the legal system and enforcement mechanism for safeguarding national security in HK was on agenda
May 22: NPC deputy chairman Wang Chen gave a report to the congress on the draft resolution.

May 23: Vice premier Han Zheng received HK's delegates to Beijing and said the law would only target an extremely small number of people.

May 28: The resolution was passed in NPC with 2,878 supporting votes, 1 opposing vote and 6 abstention votes. Premier Li Keqiang talked briefly about the law at the NPC closing presser. Public security minister Zhao Kezhi vowed to "instruct" HK police on quelling unrest.
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Here it comes the backdrop of #CarrieLam’s weekly presser. Image
1) #CarrieLam said her Cu-mask seemed loosened after being washed too many times

2) #CarrieLam said she is supposed to appoint “a list or a group of judges” to handle national security cases instead of making appointment for every single case...
3) #CarrieLam she will consult the Chief Justice when appoint the judges for national security cases. She insisted that’s not an interference becos she is not only head of administration but also head of the whole HKSAR.

4) #CarrieLam declined to comment on the special ...
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#CarrieLam goes light about the courts and says nothing about her forthcoming power to appoint judges. 1/n…
She also repeats the usual assurance that the #NationalSecurityLaw will only target “an extremely small minority of people”, a phrase usually confined to those destined to be prosecuted in the Mainland or by the Mainland, and applies it to all of Hong Kong. 2/n
If so, why then the large and elaborate new institutional structure? She also makes it seem like #HongKong can take comfort from the protections of the #ICCPR. I wonder whether she has read it and realizes the many problems that the NSL promises to raise under the ICCPR. 3/3
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