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HK Gov to announce postponing LegCo election today or not, this is what HK has been though in July, 1st month with #nationalsecuritylae, in a #THREAD:

Full bill of #NSL came to light and came in force at 11pm

370 arrested in banned rallies, including 10 alleged..
...of violating #NSL. Tong Ying-kit, a young man who drove a motorcycle with a flag saying 光復香港時代革命 became the 1st prosecuted with #NSL for charges of “incitement to subversion” and “terrorism”.

HK Gov says 光復香港時代革命 violates #NSL
Guangdong official Zheng Yanxiong, famous for scolding overseas media during #WukanDisturbances, was named chief of Beijing’s national security agency in HK.
Edwina Lau named chief of HK police’s national security dept.
US Congress passed #HKAutonomyAct
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Long thread on #Taiwan President @iingwen’s latest Facebook statement, and what it might mean to #HongKong and the #antielab #nationalsecuritylaw protests if Taiwan invokes Article 60 of Laws and Regulations Regarding Hong Kong & Macao Affairs:
1/ Special relationship between the ROC and the PRC:
2/ Special status of Hong Kong and Macao under ROC law:
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#Breaking #THREAD: An official document of the tailor-made national security bill is revealed. The bill is deemed to be a message that the Communist Party is trying to undermine the civil liberties the city has known since the 1997 British handover. #HongKongProtests #antiELAB
Called Draft decision on establishing and improving the legal system and enforcement mechanisms for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) to safeguard national security, the law is introduced because of “the increasingly notable national security risks” in the city.
According to point 3, Hong Kong’s executive, legislative and judicial branches shall “prevent, stop and punish” any activities that threaten national sovereignty in accordance with established rules. It has not clearly indicated whether the rules refer to Basic Law Article 23.
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Eleven months after the #antiELAB protests began in earnest, the Independent Police Complaints Council's study into the events has been completed and its report has been released.

A summary of highlights to follow in this thread…
The IPCC concludes that accusations of police-triad collusion on July 21, the incident which prompted the most complaints to the body, require "serious evidence but none
has been offered."

Chapter 10 of the report does acknowledge "missed opportunities for early intervention."
Among those missed opportunities was the decision made by the quick response team not to stop white-shirted individuals on sight in the immediate aftermath of the violence in Yuen Long MTR station. The IPCC concludes that the officers should have stopped and questioned them.
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NOW TV has reported on some leaked findings of the Independent Police Complaints Council's study into the #antiELAB protests, saying that the report has been submitted to the Chief Executive and may be published as early as Friday

Summary below:…
As a reminder, the study covered key protest dates in 2019, including June 9, June 12, July 1, July 21, August 11 and August 31. Apart from those dates, the study also covered the police's use of the San Uk Ling Holding Centre to detain protesters.
On July 21, the report concludes that the police underestimated prior intelligence, including messages reminding Yuen Long residents not to go out, and did not pay enough attention when white-shirted people started to gather in order to make an appropriate deployment of officers.
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#Thread: Independent videographer Alex Chan captured via GoPro the moment when a violent conflict took place in Mong Kok on May 10th night. In the footage, at least three people have been pushed by riot police to the ground. Two are seen crawling on the ground. #HongKongProtests
Soon after the abrupt arrest, reporters and other people are encircled by police who hem them in with batons and shields and threaten to use pepper spray. Many raise their hands, a sign of surrender. Many also scream when pepper-sprayed by police. Alex’s camera is also affected.
While reporters and other people are being kettled in a crowd, several reporters are seen also raising their hands to indicate that they surrender to the police and sitting on the ground. Meanwhile, a police is seen yelling at the reporter: “Though you are a journalist, so what?”
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Bombs found in abandoned school is frequented by HKPF for EOD training

1/It has emerged that Lawmaker Andrew Kan received a citizen report at 9:30 am on Mar 12 of a large police presence at the abandoned St. Joseph English Middle School. Officers cite it is a "police exercise"
2/Fast forward to May 2nd, three bombs were found in St. Joseph English Middle School, with police suspecting the 14kg of dangerous substances and improvised bomb found were materials stolen during the siege of PolyU.

3/ Citizens interviewed by @appledaily_hk pointed out that for the past 4 years since the skl was abandoned, the site has been frequently used by the HKPF for training.

Netizens are left speculating tht the materials were planted to frame pro-democracy protesters as "terrorists"
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A group of protesters set alight on Sunday the lobby of a newly built residential building in Hong Kong that authorities planned to use as a quarantine facility, as public fears about the coronavirus outbreak intensified. #WuhanCoronavirus #WuhanPneumonia
Protesters now have a new ‘Anti-Epidemic’ Five Demands. Source: Telegram #antielab #hongkongprotests #WuhanCoronavirus #WuhanPneumonia
The lobby of the newly built residential building, that the government planned to use as a quarantine facility, was set on fire by the protesters earlier on. Credit: Tyrone Siu. #antielab #hongkongprotests #WuhanCoronavirus #WuhanPneumonia
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A large number of protesters have packed Causeway Bay's East Point Road an hour ahead of the Civil Human Rights Front's 3pm protest march from Victoria Park to Central.

Photo: May James / HKFP.
Sunday's march is the first organised by the Civil Human Rights Front in months to receive #HongKong police approval. Police called on participants to stay peaceful.

Over the months, police often banned marches and cancelled rally approvals last-minute.

Photo: May James / HKFP.
The police approval letter for Sunday's march lasts from 12-6pm for the gathering in Victoria Park's grass lawn, and from 3-10pm for the march to Central's Chater Road.

Police say they will only open three Hennessy Road carriage-lanes plus the tramways.

Photo: May James / HKFP.
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Note 18: I am just brokenhearted

"Hello, I am a 4th year university student in the mainland. I want to submit a piece about what I’ve experienced emotionally since I started to follow the news about Hong Kong.

"I started to follow the HK issue since summer began. Apart from sadness, I am also full of respect for Hong Kongers.

"It’s hard to imagine anyone in the mainland, from any age group, pursuing something non-materialistic with this kind of courage. I think the Chinese people would only call this ‘idiocy'.

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Still barricades up at CUHK and riot police on bridge no2. These are students barricading themselves on their own campus
Gonna update what’s been happening at CUHK in the last hour
Frontline of protesters moved forward and there was a hail of bricks, molotovs and tear gas
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It's 2 am here in #Taipei, yet I'm sitting in front of my laptop, trying to type out all my feelings after some rather upsetting conversation with my parents. Tonight is not the first time that we argued about my career choice, but it is the first time that I felt ...
... that maybe they will never come to appreciate what I do and why I choose to do it. Almost a year ago, I shared a long thread here, talking about my mom asking me to keep a low profile and stay away from writing about topics that might upset #Beijing.
That time, the conversation ended in an upbeat, as I somehow seemed to successfully convince her to put her support behind my decisions. But almost a year later, similar requests came up again during our weekly chat on the phone, and this time, she and my dad both seemed ...
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Clashes in #HongKong on 20th Straight Weekend of #Protests (Thread 👇)

Full video & story:…

#China #Eye4HK #加油 #antiELAB #反送中 #HkPoliceBrutality #HongKongProtests #FreeHK #StandWithHongKong #HongKongProtest
#HumanRights #Chinazi #HongKongPolice
"So everytime we do have a peaceful parade or march, it's just that every time there’s police coming out to provoke us. If they don’t come out, they don’t suddenly raise their flag, everytime it will be fine, it will be peaceful."

#StandWithHongKong #hkpolicebrutality #HongKong
"There are mysterious suicides everyday and there have been at least 114 mysterious suicides since the beginning of the time revolution in June, and we can see police brutality on the frontline on a daily basis."

#StandWithHongKong #hkpolicebrutality #HongKong #China #Eye4HK #HK
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This is our Hong Kong #PolicyAddress2019 thread.
#CarrieLam will begin to deliver the policy address in less than 30 minutes. She’s stated she will focus on housing and land issue, and wants the storm in #HongKong to end.
#CarrieLam plans to announce a HK$2bn subsidy to install electric car parking facilities in private estates. Happy to hear for the environment, but the public is much keener to hear what she has to say about other topics...…
“Five Demands, Not One Less!” Chant pro-democracy members in LegCo hall. After the chanting stops, the camera zooms in on legislators. Some keep to themselves, otbers chat with their neighbours. #PolicyAddress2019 #HongKong
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🔴LIVE: Current crowd situation at Causeway Bay.

Sizable crowd coming out to 'celebrate' China 70th anniversary.

Source: @appledaily_hk

#反送中 #China70years #antiELAB #HongKongProtests 🇭🇰
🔴LIVE: Thousands start marching from Causeway Bay.

Source: @appledaily_hk

#反送中 #China70years #antiELAB #HongKongProtests 🇭🇰
🔴LIVE: Water cannon truck is spraying protesters near Harcourt Road, Admiralty.

Source: @appledaily_hk

#反送中 #China70years #antiELAB #HongKongProtests 🇭🇰
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Causeway Bay's SOGO department store has announced it will not open on Sunday, in anticipation of #HongKong's anti-authoritarianism march, for which participants have not applied for police permission.

Full story:…

#hongkongprotests #antiELAB
Hours before the supposed beginning of the march, riot police are already patrolling in Causeway Bay, warning shoppers and onlookers not to assemble or they will use force.

Full story:…

Photo: Stand News screenshot. #hongkong #hongkongprotests #antiELAB
Oriental Daily reported that a woman was already taken away by riot police in Causeway Bay around 12:30pm, two hours before protesters had even planned to gather.

Full story:…

Photo: Telegram. #hongkong #hongkongprotests #antiELAB
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Sebuah panduan taktik para demonstran di Hongkong ketika berunjuk rasa. Panduan yang mungkin akan berguna saat melakukan aksi turun ke jalan.

Cara meredam gas air mata: jangan lupa bawa tumbler, tak lupa sarung tangan anti panas.
Jangan lupa bawa sarung tangan anti-panas. Suhu proyektil gas air mata yang baru ditembakkan bisa capai 70 derajat. Cukup buat kulitmu terkelupas.
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🇭🇰 WEEKEND 16: While protesters are set to march in Hong Kong’s Tuen Mun district this afternoon, pro-China lawmaker Junius Ho (何君堯) has called for a “cleanup” of Lennon Walls #香港 #HongKongProtests #antiELAB
🇭🇰 A Junius Ho pathway has been created with copies of the pro-China lawmaker’s face lined up on the ground near Hong Kong’s Long Ping MTR subway station #香港 #HongKongProtests #antiELAB
“Fight for freedom!”

Anti-China protesters begin their march in Hong Kong’s Tuen Mun district on the 16th weekend of #antiELAB #HongKongProtests #香港
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Two tins of kerosene were thrown towards protesters in Ming Yuen St, North Point.

Three men who are pro-Beijing supporters also held knives.

Riot police only come much later.

Source: Telegram / @appledaily_hk

#反送中 #antiELAB #HongKongProtests 🇭🇰
One of white shirt men got covered by @hkpoliceforce shield while being escorted to police car. Very ‘caring’.

Source: Telegram / @rthk_news

#反送中 #antiELAB #HongKongProtests 🇭🇰
The scene in North Point when multiple tear gas were fired as riot police came in to clear crowd.


Source: Telegram / Now TV

#反送中 #antiELAB #HongKongProtests 🇭🇰
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Protesters are gathering outside Lok Fu MTR Station on Friday evening. A group will depart every 15 minutes towards Lion Rock, where they will regroup and form a human chain.

In full: Photo: Stand News screenshot. #hongkong #hongkongprotests #antiELAB
Garlic and ginger appeared to be thrown from the window of an apartment at Lok Fu Estate towards the gathered protesters below.

In full: Photo: Stand News screenshot. #hongkong #hongkongprotests #antiELAB
The first protesters preparing to form a human chain began arriving at Lion Rock at around 7pm on Friday.

In full: Photo: SocRec screenshot. #hongkong #hongkongprotests #antiELAB
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This all started with an #ExtraditionBill. But really the fundamental is that we have 2 totally different set of values.”

Speaking at @OsloFF, Hong Kong pop singer Denise Ho @hoccgoomusic explains why China’s 1 country, 2 systems is doomed to fail #OsloFF #HongKongProtests
@OsloFF @hoccgoomusic “When the system does not provide, we take things in our own hands.”

Pop singer Denise Ho @hoccgoomusic says Hong Kong protesters have demonstrated their unity to the world as seen in their #StandWithHK campaigns #OsloFF #HongKongProtests
@OsloFF @hoccgoomusic “Stand up for ourselves. Be naughty. Be rebellious. Be fearless. And most of all, be water.”

Hong Kong pop singer Denise Ho @hoccgoomusic highlights the importance of forming alliances to find solutions as a global community @OsloFF amid ongoing #HongKongProtests #OsloFF #香港
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“831, you beat someone to death. 721, you disappeared.” Protesters are condemning police beating people up on August 31 while on 721 when triads beat up passengers, police were nowhere to be found.
“Killers, rapists.” These are two of the common accusations against the police.
Amid a sea of US flags, there is one lone German flag held by Carlos from Germany. He thinks Angela Merkel should use her time in #China to voice more concrete support for #HK.
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#AntiELAB protesters are filling up Central’s Chater Garden yet again today for a rally calling on US Congress to pass the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act, a proposed bill to freeze the assets of local officials working against civic feeedoms and to bar them from the US.
The dress code for today is “smart casual.” Or in this case, black tie.
A new set of chants, all in English, is being airdropped by protesters today along with the lyrics to the US national anthem and other patriotic hymns.
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BREAKING NEWS - carrie lam(b) HAS NOT FORMALLY WITHDRAWN THE EXTRADITION BILL. Her statement says she will propose withdrawing the bill at the next LegCo meeting after October 1st. She is as slippery as her boss. Remember, xi has a majority of votes bought in the LegCo if it 1/
Comes to a vote. Thanks to @BaldingsWorld for parsing through the disgraced leader’s remarks. @Reuters @bloomberg @EpochTimes She is simply trying to get past October 1st and the commie military parade praising xi. #HKexit #AntiELAB
lamb’s office says the proposal will be withdrawn with no vote when the LegCo resumes in mid-October. How convenient for carrie and xi that this date in the future is after Beijing’s key anniversary. Leung is “optimistic about its target of resuming operation in mid-October”
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