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@HennaVirkkunen @Kokoomusmepit cc: @ EvaKBartlett
Another tragic day for the people of the #Donbass. More #Ukrainian #warcrimes, #slaughtering 9 #civilians in Donetsk yesterday, including 1 #child, and #injuring at least 16 more when Ukraine rained munitions down on #residential areas,
@HennaVirkkunen @Kokoomusmepit cc: @ WoodyW00dlegger
"-Ostin älykkyyttä lisääviä pillereitä, haluatko kokeilla?"
"-No mikä ettei", kaveri otti ja nielaisi.
"-Ei kyllä tunnu yhtään älykkäämmältä"
"-Jos ei heti tehoa, ota lisää". Kaveri napsi toisen ja kolmannen.
@HennaVirkkunen @Kokoomusmepit The fate of #NATO membership | 8 Mar, 2023
- The #Hungarian delegation that visited #Finland on Wed hopes that Finland will show more #respect for Hungary. @TyttiTup @EeroHeinaluoma @TuomiojaErkki @HennaVirkkunen @jyrkikatainen
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Exchanges have distinct rules on disclosure, w/some being more strict than others. The #TSX #TSXv & #ASX are recognized as leaders, while other exchanges such as the #AIM #LSE #OTC #NASDAQ have poor disclosure requirements, & companies may choose not to release information 🧵
The #TSX requires companies to produce an independent technical report that is available in full to investors, while the #ASX only requires companies to publish highlights from these reports. For producers, the ASX has more rigorous quarterly reporting requirements.
Various US-listed #lithium companies do not disclose prod. or cost figures. #ASX equities must only use Measured & Indicated resources to calculate mine life in their PFS & FS, Inferred resources are not allowed. This can affect bottom-up stock modelling.
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@ArmitageJim @premnsikka 1/ #LSE listed taxpayer funded homeless/vulnerable accommodation op & #BDO audited ‘#HomeReit’s biggest tenant (‘#LotusHomes’) dished out £1.2m to bosses before bankruptcy’ (…). HomeReit’s punters were bedazzled, it’s …
2/ ‘double dipping’ auditor/IPO advisor #BDO remains befuddled, the UK’s blind eyed financial regulator (@TheFCA) remains becalmed & trading in HomeReit’s shares remains suspended. Background: ‘how scandal-hit investment fund let down war veterans’ - ; … Image
3/ #HomeReit’s social responsibility claims ring hollow to the Hyde family’ - ; ‘self-styled cruel negotiator at heart of homeless property row’ - ; ‘major HomeREIT tenant (#LotusSanctuary - 12% of HomeReit rentals) on the brink … Image
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@kokoomus @PetteriOrpo @PiaKauma @oikeusmin @niinisto @PaiviNerg #Russofobia #Massapsykoosi
#NATO-#YLE-#CIA-#Mediapooli taistelee #Venäjää vastaan | 30.11.2018
Valtiolla on #Huoltovarmuuskeskus'en ja sen yhteydessä toimivan Mediapoolin kautta tarkkailijan, linjaajan ja kontrolloijan asema koko Suomen mediakentässä.…
@kokoomus @PetteriOrpo @PiaKauma @oikeusmin @niinisto @PaiviNerg Pääkirjoituksissaan #IltaSanomat leimaa kaiken #Venäjä'n tiedottamisen ja uutisoinnin
- Suomi, pikkuinen #postimerkki Venäjän luoteisnurkassa, käyttäytyy kuin se kuuluisa pullisteleva traaginen #sammakko – toruu, tuomitsee ja antaa tiukkoja ohjeita.…
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@retheauditors @premnsikka 1/ “Flipping Hell”: #LSE listed taxpayer funded homeless/vulnerable accommodation op & #BDO audited ‘#HomeReit built on poor foundations’. CityAM, three days ago wrote: ‘#HomeREIT faces legal threat from biggest tenant over £5.5m rent relief deal’ …
2/ (…). A week earlier it was reported that #HomeReit’s ‘investment adviser’ (‘Alvarium’) had (prior to its #SPAC merger) spun out the unit ‘advising’ #HomeReit (‘Alvarium Home REIT Advisors Ltd’) allegedly to a newly created shell, …
3/ before, along with wealth manager #TiedemannGroup, a #SPAC merger (Nasdaq listing) with ‘#CartesianGrowthCorporation (ex-#AIG emerging markets PE funds crew from back in the day). The #HomeReit board allegedly in effect ‘subcontracted the business’ operation to Alvarium’,
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#VLRM look to get final confirmation of the #GSX deal, morphing from basically a Spac into one of the world's first fully regulated exchanges crossing the digital divide, between #fiat & #crypto!
So for under 12 Million MCAP what's currently not priced in & what can we expect...
🔥The #GSX is a regulated exchange market (Tier 1 exchange) which also holds an Multi-Lateral Trading Facility ("MTF") licence for the listing of specific forms of security under MiFID.
#markets #StocksToBuy #stockstoinvest #Aquis #aim
🔥#Juno - 3 areas of licensed operations cover the formation & management of trusts & similar entities, the administration of funds, a broad range of activities, like fiat & crypto currencies & the formation & management of companies in #Gibraltar / jurisdictions worldwide.
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As always patience is tested in these markets & that also applies to #VLRM... everyone wants the #GSX approval done yesterday. But as with everything the best things come to those wait & remain patient. Purchasing the #Gibraltar Stock Exchange is a a major deal by any standards!
But these things take time, that's the reality especially when governments see these assets as very important for their financial sector stability & growth. Both @RPoulden & @FrontierFinance want this wrapped up quickly in order to move onto the next phase of there global plan.
Myself and all LTHs are in this for the major re-rate, it will happen IMHO - sooner than people think!The eventual plan is to create a multi billion global exchange. But as with anything it has to be done right first time and this involves working hand in hand with the GIB Gov.
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I'd recommend everyone listen to this. Not directly related to #VLRM in terms of the #GSX, but in terms of the 20% option on GSX group! Very exciting indeed! this is very exciting.

If you listen to some of the concepts talked about linking different trading groups together such as FIAT, #Crypto, #Metals #Carbon etc then GSX can do ALL of that.
The story is unfolding nicely, becoming more clearer with each passing week about how this deal came about now and the option on both companies, essentially this is Patrick's vision from his previous works but GSX have the technology to make it happen.
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Until now, the #GSX has been a listing platform for big Bonds. But they have all the right licences that a Tier-1 European Exchange needs to create a Global exchange - just like the #LSE & #NYSE. But the OLD #GSX didn’t focus on using the full capacity of the licences they have.
The #GSX will be globally disruptive exchange in the not so distant future, being central to #Gibraltars global strategy not just for crypto, but importantly for normal global listed equity, debt and derivatives. Just watch this space. @keremkaradagcom @Exchange_Invest @Wolfiez
With @FrontierFinance Pioneer & Exchange Builder who brings the experience, skill and the vision. Alongside the business acumen of @RPoulden and @leashless, Founder & CEO of Mattereum. Leading figure in blockchain space, coordinated the release of the blockchain platform #ETH
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The segment in the @BBC feature below is taken from a longish interview @BBCChrisMorris recorded with me about #Russia #sanctions last week. I don’t blame journalists or producers but worth mentioning that perhaps due to editorial issues it omitted the following (see thread):
1) That I began by saying this was an opportune moment to discuss #sanctions against #Russia. I was on strike supporting #UCUStrikes and colleagues on precarious contracts and protesting against #USS pension cuts.
2) That I thought the Lincoln's Inn Fields backdrop of striking #UCUStrikes LSE campus was symbolic. Some of the things I said were:
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Governors & non-exec directors have included:

Lord Boateng
Margaret Hodge
Lady Bottomley
Evelyn de Rothschild & his deputy Mark Weinberg
Danny Finkelstein
Lord Puttnam
Peter Parker
Loyd Grossman
Rhodes Boyson
Cherie Blair
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🗺What is the history of the Stock Market?
💱How did trading originate?
📈What are some of the key events of the Stock Market?
We explore the entire timeline of finance and trading leading up to the present day via this series of tweets.

#StockMarketOrigins Image
The 1300s
Venetian moneylenders began to sell debt issues to other lenders and to individual investors; and traded in government securities. They carried slates with information on the various issues for sale & meet with clients, much like a broker does today.
The late 1400s
Belgium (then, Antwerp), became the centre of international trade. Merchants would bring in goods anticipating that prices would rise and earn them a profit. #Bondtrading also occurred during this period.
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People are following mainstream media and buying $ETH at ATH's

But are missing out on this hidden gem built on the $ETH network.💎

That provides interoperability between blockchain networks for TradFi Banks & Enterprises

-Super Thread on Quant Network-
#QNT 👑 #Quant #Fintech Image
1/ The problem: ❎

Traditional Institutions and Enterprises need an operating system that will allow them to easily interoperate between these new nascent crypto markets

For example, you currently can't send $ETH to a $BTC address or $XRP to a $DAG address

Networks are silo'd Image
2) Quant created Overledger - an operating system that allows anyone to enter 3 lines of code on a computer to interoperate between networks

This allows value to flow between blockchain ledgers flawlessly without having to worry about which network it's on.

#fintech #quant #QNT ImageImage
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And then there's the Johnson family and the ARK Foundation, which is a whole other level..
Check for ARK in this list and contemplate the connections 👇👇 #Boris #Johnson #Ghislaine #ASmallWorld

ARK Charity => ARK Schools…
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Fact check:
#Novacyt Exsig underwent Clinical & NHS validation

👇 Wrong:
"So in essence if you look you will not find a document (that I have ever seen) saying Exsig formally passed its in service trial in relation to the contract whereas you will find one for Promate"

For supposed researched person, he's lazy. His thesis called out #Novacyt's 3rd party manufacturing for lowering margins

#ALNOV "invests in infrastructure to bring previously outsourced work in-house & to drive further automation, leading to improved margins & process controls"
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How good is the #Oxford Masters (MSc.) in Law and Finance program?
Pairing Finance with the law or Legal studies is not a bad combination.
But, you need to develop a road map for your career.
Whether you would like to start off as a #paralegal or as a financial / management accounting or a compliance analyst in the financial services sector of the economy in the long run?!
Because such degrees make you neither fish nor foul.
This is strictly my opinion and you may disagree.
Oxford Universities Degree/s, are second to none.
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.@ABaerbock scheint es nicht lassen zu können:
FU-Berlin hat jetzt auf Nachfrage von @Hadmut erklärt, dass #Baerbock 2015 (!) "ausdrücklich mitgeteilt hat", dass sie sich exmatrikuliert habe + Promotion nicht weiterverfolge. Doch was schreibt Sie 2020 noch auf Ihrer engl. Seite? ImageImage
Im Wissen, sich 2015 exmatrikuliert zu haben, 2021 zu erzählen "In 2009, I started a Ph.D...." bedarf 1 gewissen Chuzpe...
1) Antwort der FU-Berlin zur #Extmatrikulation von #Baerbock:…
2) @ABaerbock zu ihrem PhD-Vorhaben
Auch die Jahre 2004/2005 wären es wert, stärker unter die Lupe genommen zu werden. #Baerbock behauptet in ihrem offiziellen CV u.a. ab 2005 "Büroleiterin von Elisabeth Schroedter, 🇪🇺Abgeordnete" gewesen zu sein. Allerdings endete Ihr #LSE-Master erst Ende 2005 ...🤔 Image
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This #InduBhushan's theories makes him look like a Pucca "Policy Guru" #bangaloreliberals type douchebag.

Privileged, arrogant, casteist and all round arsehole!

Wonder if this Bhushan cutlet also went to #LSE?

Textbook case hain!
Bhushan's successor #RamSewakSharma (remember him?) is another douchebag cut from the same cloth of upper caste arseholery!

Kaisa paida ho gaya re ye!
#RamSewakSharma is the genius behind the #CowinApp! His own AADHAAR data was leaked but he is now touting the security and benefits of Cowin! What makes him an expert? He wrote a DBASE program in 1984!

Now it all makes sense na?
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How can I start a career in #risk management in the financial services industry?
@GARP_Risk @PRMIA @RIMSorg @actuarynews @SOActuaries @CQFInstitute @CFAinstitute
I believe they are many degrees that can be a good value for money, provided you know where you would like to work in the long run.
In the developing world markets, employers still don't appreciate highly technical education in risk, actuarial sciences, financial engineering, quantitative economics, machine learning, etc.

For them, an #MBA is a be-all and an end-all troubleshooter.
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New important thread.

Explored: Rockefeller communique on #contacttracing, Verified (UN) guide on #vaccine #communications, insights via #Vaccine Confidence Project, & a Behavioral Insights report. Today> special report from Oct 15 2020 meeting, #WHO, Technical Advisory Group. Image
"On 15 Oct 2020, the WHO Technical Advisory Group (TAG) on Behavioural Insights & Sciences for Health held a special meeting w/ the WHO Department of Immunization, Vaccines & Biologicals to discuss behavioural considerations in relation to COVID-19 #vaccine #acceptance & uptake." Image
The report was developed by members of the WHO Technical Advisory Group on Behav. Insights & Sciences for Health, chaired by Cass Sunstein, largely credited w/ developing/popularizing notion of "nudges" as policy tools.

Technical Advisory Group members:… Image
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Hopefully nobody is going to notice many Labour politicians in Tower Hamlets have been jailed for housing fraud, or that 1000s of socially rented homes have been dismantled into the hands of luxury developers, or that Begum herself was given social housing in just 5 months...
Are we just gonna ignore all the housing fraud and corruption carried out by the current crop of Labour politicians and their crooked connections to luxury developers ripping apart the social housing in Tower Hamlets? Including Apsana Begum herself?…
Do #BlackLivesMatter & @GrenfellUnited not take exception to @ApsanaBegumMP who helped systematically dismantle social housing into the hands of property developers & then jumped the housing queue because she "needed housing", co-opting your worthy causes?…
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My take on the #LSECOVID19 event

Alex de Waal: conversed how these countries lacked lockdown strategies and how they cannot control the pandemic. Hang-on, that was the feeling of everybody! He added ‘their’ lockdown was politically motivated:
...authorities wanted to achieve specific goals while disguising under WHO’s guidelines. However, he did not elaborate on what, how or why. Amid the audiences were waiting for explanations, he began comparing incomparable: nobody would expect the likes of
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Analysis: #LSE (London Stock Exchange) $JDW

Case 73 #J_D_Wetherspoon Plc

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

Thread 👇👇👇

#JDW 1/4
Chart 1
Weekly Chart: Struggling below the all time high at 16.45 and seen heading lower. Good #support into the 14.50-12.80 zone with #SMA 200 valued at 11.26. Immediate #resistance slope beginning at 16.77.......

JDW 2/4
...... A close above 17.10 will begin to target 17.75. The long term objective is 18.35 and further out lies 18.90-19.20.

JDW 3/4
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