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Sam Seder spent months arguing against the merits of a plan all while not understanding the basic mechanics of it.

It was rank negligence, and I did him a kindness by not drilling him on how irresponsible he’s been on our program.
He went on to admit that his objection was not to the strategy, which again, he didn’t even understand. His objection was to the fact that he thought the strategy was part of some greater scheme he doesn’t agree with.

He didn’t even bother to *understand* the argument.
I asked Sam *repeatedly* to articulate the downsides of #ForceTheVote. He argued that if there were a split between Pelosi and the squad, that Pelosi, whose unfavorables are worse than Trump’s, would garner public sympathy. Not just corporate media sympathy. The ppls sympathy.
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For the new issue of @TheProspect, I sat with @RepMarieNewman, @RepCori, @RepBowman, and @RepMondaire to talk strategies/priorities for the next two years, how and where they plan to wield power. If you're into these left strategy debates, this is for you.…
No two members of The Squad are the same—@AOC's approach is different than @IlhanMN's is different than @AyannaPressley's. The new squad, or the reinforcements, or whatever, will all bring their own quirks to governing different from how they campaigned.…
The Democratic majority in the House is so small that these four alone could effectively decide whether things live or die. But with Pelosi's grip on the chamber they will have few opportunities to legislate. But they're also part of a newly empowered CPC.…
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.@AOC wants to expel Sen. @HawleyMO, one of the few Senators who actually wants to get the American people $2k checks, over a completely constitutional vote he made.

AOC does these stunts to distract the Populist Left from the fact that she's sold out to Dem leadership.
She knows this will never happen. It's just her attempt to distract gullible liberals away from the #ForceTheVote campaign.
AOC doing #ForceTheVote on expelling GOP Senators instead of Medicare 4 All

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It kind of seems like the fake “leftists” who’ve been fixated on their hatred of AOC & the rest of the Squad (bc they’re still obsessed w/ #ForcetheVote & stanning Jimmy Dore) are people who want AOC & the other members of the Squad to be killed. They keep defending fascists. WTF
I truly think these people want to see these women of color get murdered. It’s fucked up. They’re fascist apologists & enablers. It’s disgusting to see what their priorities are & where their empathy lies. They have empathy for MAGA fascists, & none for *VICTIMS* OF MAGA FASCISTS
These are the types of people who’ve been downplaying the fascist coup attempt and have been freaking out in anger because Trump get banned from Twitter for inciting a violent fascist coup, i.e. Fiorella Isabel:
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Here's my take on "where do we go from here" regarding #ForceTheVote: There are 3 major obstacles to actually getting to Universal Healthcare (which I believe everyone needs now and that the system is broken) that I haven't really heard anybody discuss.
2/ Everyone just wants to say "Medicare for All!" and I agree, however nobody has answered these questions with simple enough answers for the average citizen to understand and support collectively:
@jimmy_dore @briebriejoy @joefirestonephd @jacksonhinklle @B43Franco @kthalps
1) how do you eliminate private health insurance? How do we just turn the spigot off without major interruptions to the system?
2) how do you eliminate the for-profit system in hospitals, urgent care, imaging centers, lab testing & more?
@RaniaKhalek @ProudSocialist @BeauTFC
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#SinglePayerSunday Real #MedicareForAll supporters don't insist "citizenship" be a requirement or advocate felonizing the delivery of health care to the undocumented. They also don't pretend AOC's gaslighting on forcing Pelosi to hold a #FloorVote is "wisdom." It was ka-ka. 1/
2/ Last but not least, they also don't get a bunch of trolls to gang up on, or bully and harass, advocates of #ForceTheVote

#SinglePayerSunday Wonder who we're referencing?

#SinglePayerNOW #MedicareForALL
#M4A #USA #M4AVoters
#MedicareForALLVoters #M4Anow #SinglePayer
Health care is a human right! Pass it now! #MedicareForALL (and by "All," we mean ALL). Farmworkers are human beings who need health care too! So are all people in the United States! Delivering health care is not a crime under ANY circumstance!

#SinglePayerSunday #ForceTheVote
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*5 dead at Capitol* Such drama. They keep pushing this b.s.

2 died of natural causes - a heart attack & stroke. 1, in an accident of their own making.

Only deaths relevant to what happened is the possible murder of a police officer & the police murder of an unarmed protester*
* We know she was unarmed bc she was using her arms to climb. Like, who couldn't handcuff or non-lethally arrest or stop. She was executed while climbing. Maybe she had mixed-up opinions, but these same people defending an execution are also claiming a moral high ground on-
"respect for the Rule of Law" "There is nothing higher than the Rule Of Law"

Well WTH do they think COTUS is? It's o.k. to execute her bc you don't like her opinions? I don't either - but it doesn't mean it's o.k. for the police to execute her. That *is* yr "Higher Rule Of Law"
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The left needs to finally come to grips w/ the fact that Bernie Sanders has sold us out & wasn’t really trying to be president.
He just voted for a bill that was sold as COVID relief that turned out to be an NDAA (defense budget) appropriations bill WITHOUT READING IT. And he didn’t even tell us that they were going to hold our stimulus hostage in order get their shit bill passed.
He was gonna just let us think that it was a “COVID relief bill” and that’s all the Dems could negotiate. It wasn’t until AFTER Tulsi, Massie, Amash, & Trump told us the horrible shit in the bill that he was forced to pretend like he was always against it.
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Is it not an indictment of the strategy itself — or at least its messengers — that #ForceTheVote couldn't convince any of the existing M4A grassroots infrastructure (DSA, NNU, etc) to participate in the plan?
Like, isn't that failure internal to an analysis of whether the plan was any good? Or is that the strategy can't fail; we can only fail the strategy?
even on the left — among activists who understand their purpose as expanding the horizons of the possible — people will only participate in a strategy if they can be convinced it will make a difference, that it will work.
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Is the *left's* position that the only way to change hearts & minds is to knock millions of doors & have 30 min conversations with each person abt Medicare for All? Or might high profile events that draw attention to the failure of our healthcare system in this moment be helpful?
Organizing is important. But Biden didn't knock doors or even have field offices in many key states until late in the game. What he did have was the total support of the corporate media, & a solid narrative for them to push: "I am the only one who can beat Trump."
Biden also had the support of every corporate interest group in the country.

It's hard to compete with that. But it given how much bipartisan distain for this type of behavior there is, you can endeavor to make taking this money politically toxic.
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@IndLeftNews @BenSpielberg @jimmy_dore (1) The #ReplacePelosiJan3 & negotiate w/other Speaker candidates 2 THEN #ForceTheVote + get more changes campaign was drowned out by the FTV movement. Today, the FTV ppl on the ground in DC r condemning Squad votes 4 Pelosi. Way too little & way 2 late.
@IndLeftNews @BenSpielberg @jimmy_dore (2) But, a more important 1, is that the Squad felt free 2 decide how 2 vote on Pelosi w/o consulting the ppl's movement. These advocates of bottom-up democracy did not practice it all when it came 2 the most important decision they would make during the next 2 years.
@IndLeftNews @BenSpielberg @jimmy_dore (3) They're not the only ones of course. Bernie Sanders did the same thing when he dropped out of the pressidential race. His "Not me. Us!" movement suddenly turned into an "it's my decision alone", affair. That enraged me at the time. It still does. After extracting all that ...
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No. As I have explained, the goal of #forcethevote is to bridge the gap between enormous support for #medicareforall (88% among Democratic voters) and the tepid support among elected Democrats (barely half of house dems).

My opinion is that a key driver of this gap is the corporate media.

The media refuses to air how popular the policies are, so most ppl think M4All is a losing political issue & forgive Dems for not backing it. Ultimately, they prioritize Dem victories.
In fact, the media actively parrots right wing talking points -- convincing voters that Medicare for all is too expensive, too unpopular, and too impractical to vote in favor of.

The goal of a floor vote is to wrest control from the corporate media & tell the truth.
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The funny thing is that Dore's #ForceTheVote wouldn't have even happened if the Squad just did what they were hired to do, which is organize a challenge to the speakership. The M4A floor vote thing was just a last ditch stand-in for that.
That's why all the influencer nerds trying to nitpick this to death about procedure and utility of a vote are missing the point. But that's their job: Drain the politics out of a conflict and pretend it's about procedure, pragmatism, etc. Always obfuscate and protect the brand.
The continued viability of the Left™ Inc. industrial complex — donations, eyeballs, jobs, subscriptions, retweets — is now staked on the political celebrity of AOC (and the Squad). There is a strong need to maintain that edgy, oppositional image and brand, despite no results.
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And just like that, the Dore crowd has crossed the rubicon directly into embracing idpol.

Hey, out of curiosity, is this your fellow #ForcetheVote compatriot policing and erasing Black women?
This, of course, mere hours after her first sarcastic foray into idpol, in which she minimized sexual violence, which was quickly deleted.

Good times all around.

Can't imagine why Bernie lost with a press secretary like this.

Then again, this isn't the first time Brie has been asked to justify her actions, caping for the utterly abusive Dore.

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@AnaKasparian, on her Jacobin show, calls out @briebriejoy & @kthalps for standing idly by during @jimmy_dore’s insane rant on the FTV organizing call and asks them both if they think she’s paid by NATO & if they think @SamSeder is just a corporate shill.
Earlier in the show, @AnaKasparian addresses the people who assert that we shouldn’t make this about Jimmy & explains the importance of making movements appealing & welcoming to others who want to join.
Here @AnaKasparian addresses some of the insane points in Jimmy’s rant while calling out @briebriejoy & @kthalps for not objecting.
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Tfw you realize the US two party system is a corporate pro-war duopoly and she wants to be part of the club #ForceTheVote ImageImageImageImage
Imagine having the power, privilege and popular support to flagrantly disrupt business as usual in Congress and doing this
FYI those photos are from a migrant camp protest during AOC’s campaign vs Crowley.

Sadly, “one of the first actions Ocasio-Cortez took as a member of Congress was to vote in support of funding the Department of Homeland Security, which includes ICE”…
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NOoooooooooooooooooo! NEOLIB SELLOUTS, EVERYONE!
I can't be the only one who is thinking the obvious: It's time to primary Jamaal Bowman & Ro Khanna. They need to be replaced with TRUE progressives. #ForceTheVote @jimmy_dore
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It’s not complicated.

There are podcast hosts who are making 35 THOUSAND DOLLARS PER MONTH on patreon.


How? Because everyone is real angry right now and they want to listen to podcasters who seem real angry even if those podcaster’s anger is utterly performative.
Of course there’s nothing inherently wrong about making over a quarter milli per year from patreon subscriptions. You’re selling something people want. But if what you’re selling subscribers is anger wrapped in hopelessness and futility, that seems really unethical to me.
It makes you nothing more than a left-wing Rush Limbaugh. You’re talking about better policies, sure. But your financial security depends on keeping people mad and getting very little done.
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Part of Jimmy Dore's grift is suckering people into thinking he's far-left.

He's a SocDem at *best* who regularly platformed conservatives like Tulsi Gabbard.

His #ForceTheVote plan is to have Dems hold a meaningless vote that results in primarying progressives in 2022.
He has no interest in direct action campaigns, his group's half-hearted protest attempts resulted in nothing, and the People's Party grifters convinced some terminally online people that they could go from 0 to general strike in TWO WEEKS.

The actual left see through this grift.
The *actual* far left (and even some of the more moderate left) are working on organizing via labor unions, mutual aid, relief funds, bolstering existing orgs through time and money contributions, forming networks of trust among activists...

Not this abusive nonsense.
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it ought to be easy for personalities promoting #ForceTheVote to say "I support the effort, this is a good idea, I give Jimmy credit, but what he does now is over the line."
that would be "separating the message from the messenger", not acting like one guy's twitter defense team.
seriously, these ppl listen to Jimmy's ravings, nod along, cackle, pile on every critic, act like Dore's publicists, and then will tell you "why ppl making it about Jimmy". who made a strategic disagreement into a litmus test on "standing between you and healthcare"?
btw "separating message from the messenger" is a good rule in intellectual disputes, but they've branded this as a movement, and Jimmy's raving as "agitation".
well, actually minding how you talk to ppl is kinda big part of effective agitation, not "tone policing".
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(1) #ReplacePelosiJan3 & negotiate w/other Speaker candidates 2 THEN #ForceTheVote + get more changes. Why? We can't tolerate 2 more yrs of her leadership in the House. She has an awful record & is an incompetent negotiator.
(2) #ReplacePelosiJan3 & negotiate w/other Speaker candidates 2 THEN #ForceTheVote + get more changes. Pelosi led the Democrats to a disastrous defeat in 2010 after failing to pass MFA then. In 2020, she led Ds to lose 10 seats in the House & set them up 4 a disaster in2022.
(3) #ReplacePelosiJan3 & negotiate w/other Speaker candidates 2 THEN #ForceTheVote + get more changes. Pelosi is a fiscal disaster imposing paygo on the Dem Party for yrs & stopping progressive legislation requiring deficit spending. She is a fiscal hawk down with austerity.
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Thread trying for some nuance re: #ForceTheVote for #MedicareForAll

1) It is immoral and urgent that people are not getting healthcare they need and deserve.
2) It is immoral and urgent that the current system causes so much financial and psychological stress to people who just want healthcare.
3) It is heinous that Wall Street, pharma, insurers, for-profit hospitals, non-profit hospitals, rightwing politicians, and "moderate" plutocratic politicians fight #MedicareForAll, allowing ongoing mass death and mass suffering from preventable illness and financial toxicity.
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There is no upside to #ForceThe Vote, you say? OK, lets look at the flow chart:

1. The Squad doesn't demand anything from Pelosi for their Speaker vote, showing that party leadership is more important to them than promises to their voters. They get pushback from their base. ✔
2. Some progressive Dems decide that #ForceTheVote is a good strategy, and hold their vote hostage. Pelosi buckles to pressure and brings M4A to the floor. It doesn't pass the House, exposing the Democrats as a center-right party and *opening a lane for a leftist third party.* ✔
3. Progressive Dems hold their vote hostage, and Pelosi STILL refuses to bring M4A to the floor. The Squad votes for her anyway. Their voters are furious, so they face tough primaries against anti-establishment populist Dems. The Overton window in DC moves further to the left. ✔
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Since only a heavily edited version of the #ForceTheVote Townhall Afterparty has been made available, I'll be posting the remaining clips of the event I found interesting. First up, the crew discusses primarying Mark Pocan and AOC and disciplining the Squad.
Dore explains the Clinton-funded progressive media conspiracy arrayed against #ForceTheVote, and Gray appears to repeatedly mistake Democratic Socialists of America for a media organization.
Jimmy finishes out the media discussion by misinterpreting Brie, leading him to almost instantly boil-over before Brana swiftly intervenes to reassure him that no one is disagreeing with him in any way whatsoever. Cheers!
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