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Ok, looong thread here. Now we've all had a chance to get some of that feeling of hand-wringing, hopelessness, and anger out yesterday, it's time to get ourselves together and move forward against the UCP. Let's face it, there are more of us than there are of them.
I understand the temptation to pack up and leave Alberta is strong. That was my initial thought too, but that's what the UCP wants. They want those who are educated and have job skills that can transfer jurisdictions, easily, to leave.
Then they'll just be left with those who are supporters, those who won't fight, and those who can't leave. Now, as I'm saying this, if the UCP do win another majority, all bets are off. You can't fix stupid, as it were. But until then, we should fight.
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This is a story about Tyler and Undrea Shambro, their friend Jason and their adventure into politics.

📗a thread📗…
Before we begin this epic tale: a disclaimer:

*Names, characters, business, events and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.*
One day, Tyler (a lawyer by trade) became a Health Minister. He was in charge of a health crisis. One that was in the works for years: #Privatization

Then a deadly virus, Corona, came along that and a president drink bleach.

But that wouldn't stop Tyler from doing his job.
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One of the main reasons I moved sharply left (back to my Bush-era roots) since 2016 is because I knew my leftist and progressive friends would be the ones in the streets opposing #fascism. Establishment Dems would keep appeasing them...

Having lived through years of war and unrest, I had a sense of what was coming. It was clear to me that the system would only change from the ground up. Which is why I repeatedly called for a #generalstrike...

I recognized #Bernie's courage in using the word "revolution" so openly and I've gravitated more and more toward those who reject the corrupt, racist system that oppresses working people while enriching and empowering the rich and powerful...
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This thread is made specifically for the people who are interested to find out more about Joe Biden and his legacy.
Is this really the Joe Biden we know? Someone who lied for political gain, maybe we should really start to look deeper into who he is?…
Vetting Joe Biden:
Did Obama's team fail to find out that Joe's a pathological liar?

How come many people never get to find out the truth during the primaries?

This is an official report from the NYT:…
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What cops are doing to Black people in #NewYork, they’re doing all over.

#COVIDー19 is no excuse for #PoliceBrutality. This is why communities want to police themselves.

We know Republicans don’t care. But where are the Lefty ‘allies’?

#BlackLivesMatter #BlackLivesAlwaysMatter

Where’s the outrage?
AmeriKKKa ImageImage
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1) Your points are manically suppressed by panicked cult victims. DEMS aren't winning & Biden represents nothing outside the status quo of our failed state. Neither logic nor facts support the DNC cult delusions - just craven lies that one evil man is to blame for EVERYTHING.
2) Scapegoating an evil clownish POTUS is great for cult culture, but it's not truth & it won't depose him. What's the END GAME of blaming a single septuagenarian that neither writes, nor READS policy for DECADES of war, kleptocracy & predatory capitalism?
3) Scapegoating a POTUS by deploying HATE not only distracts cult victims from the reality of America's failed state, but it backfires miserably, as lies do.

What does #WealthInequality look like?
💰The top 20% hoard over 90% of our wealth
🎯The next 20% over 9%
☠️60% have < 1%
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In case you caught Pelosi @MSNBC hinting that there may be UBI in "next phase" & found yourself thinking: "maybe they will see what is right. Maybe they will change!"
You need to understand: these ppl didnt come out of nowhere. Their families have had extensive wealth (1)
..and power in this country for a long time. The structures which give them their power& inextricably link their views of a "fair" democracy with their full hearted faith in a cold, capitalistic society & "free market" have also existed since before this country was founded. (2) fact,it was founded and funded by these exact groups. There were many a working class person who wanted to escape the religious tyranny facing them in UK. But never forget how long capitalism has been subjugating, enslaving, erasing and spilling the blood of oppressed (3)
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#WeThePeople are in big, horrible and #YUGE trouble because of #BadPlanning. I want to tell you a story - a modern day #parable.

Two cattle rustlers working on an #InsideJob to steal veal, decided to test their newfound Sharps Buffalo Rifle.
The young rustlers' Sharps 1874 Buffalo Rifle test worked just fine - dropping one of the wealthy land-owning rancher's grazing steer dead with a single bullet of such tremendous caliber - "it blowed a hole in him you that could throw a cat through."
However, the folly of the rife-testing young and impatient American cattle rustlers became immediately apparent when a hair-raising #helicopter versus #car chase exciting ensued.
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Our world is an illusion,
with most of humanity living in destitution,
we believe in a thing called "money",
which is fucking funny,
As it does not exist,
making it impossible to coexist.
You know what is strange?
We have had the power for #SystemChange,
But the few at the top,
want to make sure the sphere of control does not drop,
They will do whatever needed,
to make sure humanity conceded.

Instead of letting them get away,
it is time Humanity unites,
So they are going to pay.
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We're not endorsing Biden. And here’s why you’re under no obligation to vote for him either (A Thread). #WhyImNotVotingForJoe
As a perpetrator of American empire, Biden enthusiastically supported every war and act of imperialism that the US waged during his career. He has the blood of millions on his hands, and shows no regret for his deadly actions.…
Biden lead construction of the ICE concentration camps under the Obama administration, and helped to deport over 3 million people from the United
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This is the type of info consume - rational talk from doctors, scientists & healthcare professionals. We don't have to be cultists. Rather, we can continue to think and revise our preferences and recommendations.

"A #COVID19 Reality Check," with @ZDoggMD
America's rationed healthcare system is the culprit behind our #COVID19 crash - and both DEMS and the GOP chose it for us. I love @ZDoggMD, because he tells the truth - without notes, from his heart.

"Stay away from healthcare if you want to live a long and healthy life." ~ZDogg
This isn't about Doctors NOT KNOWING good medicine - it's about a system that prevents MD's from practicing good medicine. #PublicHealth is a concept that was hidden and lost under #PredatoryCapitalism, exposing the fundamental flaws America's corrupted healthcare infrastructure.
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A few tips on how to #strike:


• Keep a list of ALL of your coworkers, with contact (phone, etc.).

• Rank your coworkers from 1-5 on whether they would organize against a strike (1), would be passively against or neutral (2-3), or passive/active support (4-5).
• Also, on this list, take notes on the relationships between coworkers. Try to identify: a) people who will help you organize, and b) "shop leaders"—people who you think other people will listen to.
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My husband just left for his shift in the ICU, working with COVID19 patients.

Please stay home.

This healthcare worker had been dead from coronavirus 12-16 hours when the police discovered her body.

Her 4-year-old child was home alone.

She was 42.…
If you have PPE's to donate or if you are sewing masks and don't know where to send them, please go here for resources.

#Notdying4wallstreet #generalstrike #GOPDeathPanels #DieForTheDow #StayAtHomeOrder…
When frontline healthcare workers start getting sick and dying, that means that less experienced healthcare workers have to jump into the breach.

If you don't want to be intubated by someone who has seen one but never done one and certainly couldn't teach one, please stay home.
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First they ignored it. Then they gave themselves trillions. Now they want to return everyone to work producing profits. It is time for the working class to intervene with its own program. It is time for socialism. #NotDyingForWallStreet #COVIDActNow #GeneralStrike
“The cure is worse than the disease.” In other words, the lives of millions of workers must be sacrificed in the interests of corporate profit.…
Wall Street is soaring this morning because investors are happy with the massive amounts of money they are getting and the signal that everyone will be forced back to work soon. #NotDyingForWallStreet
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Let me explain why you should organize a rent strike and how during this pandemic. This is potentially as easy as opening a new document on your computer and drafting a statement of intent not to pay rent, and having the apt block sign it.

#GeneralStrike2020 #GeneralStrike
Preamble: If you have a good relationship with your apt block, this will be easy. If you mostly don't know them, START NOW. Knock on their doors offering to organize a chat/email group to stay in touch for pandemic reasons. Most ppl will be receptive to community coop for this.
Once you have the ability to communicate with fellow renters outside the view of the landlord, draft the strike doc. Intend not to pay and have people sign it. You may have to post it on doors anonymously if you feel there could be scabs among you. Submit the doc to the landlords
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Voting for @BernieSanders is the beginning. He's going to need us all to #sacrifice and #fight for the changes we need.

What does that mean?

It means a #GeneralStrike for #MedicareForAll.

It means a #GeneralStrike for student debt relief #SundayThoughts 1/
It means a #GeneralStrike for medical debt relief.

It means a #GeneralStrike for a cap on CEO pay.

It means a #GeneralStrike for an end to #CorporateMoneyInPolitics.

It means a #GeneralStrike for a true #LivingWage.

It means a #GeneralStrike for water in #Flint 2/
This is what #BernieSanders meant when he asked us all at his NY rally whether we're willing to fight for someone who doesn't look like us, doesn't worship like we do.

Are we willing to stand up and FIGHT FOR EACH OTHER?!

That will take more than #voting 3/
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Any worker who contributes to *any* US pension is currently involuntarily giving their hard-earned $ to private equity firms to fund things like:

- weapons manufacturing
- privatization of hospitals
- oil, coal, fracking companies

YOU worked for that money. YOU gave your labor.

Then why aren't YOU allowed to know where YOUR money is going?

Look into the history of @OneCarlyle @KKR_co @Blackrock @Blackstone and the types of companies they invest in.

If you're in a pension, I suggest organizing and

Asking your pension fund's investment mgmt office why it is that YOUR money is going to #PirateEquity vultures.

This goes for college endowments too -- @DivestHarvard @DivestPrinceton and similar groups are doing the work of stopping investments into oil, fracking, etc.
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1)At Resistance #yeg Townhall. Told deficit caused by over reliance on resource revenue, not overspending. We spend less of our GDP on services than other provinces. Before #UCP, economy best in Canada. Alta has the lowest debt to GDP ratio in Canada.
2) Public sector wages paid less than private workers. Reality public sector workers already shared the pain, not the gain. In Alta both private & public sector workers earn more than in other provinces. #ableg #abresistance #UCP
3) Corporate tax cuts do•not•create wealth & have•not•worked anywhere in Canada. AB has revenue, not spending, problem. If we taxed at rate of next lowest tax province, we would have $11.2 billion more in revenue & there would be no need to gut services. #ableg #abresistence
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Protestors outside Downing Street chanting "Shame on you" #prorogue #Prorogation #StopTheCoup
Reflections on today's events
1. The issue of proroguing Parliament transcends the Brexit debate. I am not a Remainer - nor a Brexiter (Eurosceptic however) - but the fundamental operational principle of our democracy is parliamentary sovereignty which is about to be suspended.
2. The fact that @BorisJohnson is unelected and that the role of the monarchy aside, proroguing Parliament for political ends (essentially a strategic filibuster) sets a constitutional precedent which would allow future prime ministers the same exercise of power arbitrarily.
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@YesAurielle So I saw the beginning of your thread at 5:30 and I logged off. I had a feeling about where it was headed and how painful revisiting might be. I remember lying on the street in the cold on NYE
@YesAurielle For Tamir Rice. There were about 20 people there. And then the women's March came around less than a month later and there were 15,000 white women. where the fuck were y'all? I haven't gone to a protest since the women's march. I stopped watching the news over a year ago.
@YesAurielle I have run some trainings, catered some events and phone banks, put down some money when I had it, But I'm not going in the streets again unless we're all going. The cost of this uncompensated labor for black people who give a crap is our sanity. Our peace. Our lives. No more.
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🚨 #GeneralStrike Alert 🚨

Tomorrow, starting at 9am, the people of Puerto Rico embark on what will likely be the largest direct action in the island's history.

Throughout the island, major transportation arteries will be shut down as hundreds of thousands of bodies take the streets to demand agency over their lives and fates.

What's going on in Puerto Rico is an organic, leaderless popular uprising. No one can pinpoint who called for tomorrow's general strike, nor has anyone taken credit for it.

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I've been watching all the critiques of the #SexStrike today – most emphasizing how it plays into patriarchal & heternormative views of women & sex – and I generally agree with them. but want to add few other thoughts here...
...1) the premise of #SexStrike seems to be that men are denying women's autonomy, so we will "punish" men (via withholding sex) until they relent. but while men/women is certainly an important dynamic at play here, it is not the only one by far...
...the primary dynamic here is social conservatives (of mixed genders) enforcing their ideology on the majority who oppose their views. today it is about abortion. other times it is about LGBTQ+ ppl, or immigrants, or other issues... #SexStrike
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#GiletsJaunes strike in Clermont-Ferrand #GreveGenerale5fevrier

- Protests in all cities in France
- Mainstream media: 'a few protesters'
- Protests against Macron govt, high taxes, labor laws
- More than 1000 arrested, hundreds of wounded, multiple dead

#GiletsJaunes strike in #Toulouse #GreveGenerale5fevrier

- Protests in all cities in France
- Mainstream media: 'a few protesters'
- Protests against Macron government, high taxes, new labor laws

VIDEO: [sound on]

#GiletsJaunes strike #GreveGenerale5fevrier

- Highway toll booths blocked #Toulouse
- Protests in all cities in France
- Mainstream media: 'a few protesters'
- Protests against Macron government, high taxes, new labor laws

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1/8 My favorite #quote by #JosephStalin, which explains the scientific, #DialecticalMaterialist explanation of true freedom in material reality, not just as an abstract ideal. #StalinIsBack #StalinLives #JVStalin #Stalin #StalinQuote #StalinQuotes #Truth #MELS #MarxismLeninism
2/8 Having an #objective, #rational, #ScientificSocialist, #Dialectical, & #Materialist viewpoint allows us to accurately see & evaluate & analyze #Truth & #Reality as they truly materially exist in this universe.
3/8 An idealistic, dogmatic viewpoint, which capitalists have, however, makes one irrational enough to 'see' freedom where freedom stays trapped on a piece of paper while people are oppressed in their actual lived lives.
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