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The Supreme Court didn't do squat,
There is something called rule of law,

the supreme's had already told the CDC it couldn't do this & they ignored them
#biden #politics #EvictionMoratorium #SupremeCourt
If a bank robber steals money from your account, & the cops say he has to return it,

Did you steal the money, or the robber?
#CDC #supremecourt #us #politics #EvictionMoratorium
CDC never had authority to tell the entire federal, state & local governments they couldn't enforce basic property rights law,

crazy-town to believe CDC somehow could make up laws willy-nilly that even congress could never make cuz it would be too crazy & unconstitutional to do
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Thread: As @annymoliva explains, the Supreme Court’s decision ending the #EvictionMoratorium is devastating for millions of families. Here’s more about the federal investment needed to make sure we don’t repeat the same mistakes next time.
The impending #eviction crisis was avoidable. Rigorous research shows that #housing vouchers are highly effective at reducing #homelessness, housing instability, and overcrowding and at improving other outcomes for families and children.…
Yet 3-in-4 households who qualify for rental assistance don't receive any because of limited funding. And the lucky families that do get a #housing voucher had to wait over two years on average.…
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Thread: Millions of renters at risk of eviction are grappling with the news that they are no longer protected by the @CDCgov #EvictionMoratorium. The @USSupremeCourt decision last night makes clear that Congress must act before another nation-wide eviction ban can be issued.
Congress should act now, and states & localities can also take steps to prevent & delay #evictions.

Federal lawmakers can make sure this preventable crisis never happens again by sharply expanding #housing vouchers in upcoming recovery legislation.…
Here is a link to a tool for finding rental assistance in your community. And below are some steps state and local officials should take.…
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So @RepAdamSchiff - one of the most pro-war, anti-Palestinian Dems in Congress - showed up at #EvictionMoratorium for a photo-op with Jesse Jackson today.

I asked him if the $4 billion for apartheid Israel & regime change wars he supports should instead be spent on free housing
During right-wing Democrat @RepAdamSchiff's photo-op, I asked him why he's focused virtually all his energy spinning out hysterical conspiracies to ramp up a new Cold War with Russia, driving up a military budget that should be massively slashed and spent on free housing.
Here's Adam Schiff lining up for a photo-op and praying with Jesse Jackson, who has consistently spoke out against the costly and inhuman wars Schiff supports
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Contrary to the WH press release, in the ruling upholding the #EvictionMoratorium, only one Justice said that “congressional authorization … would be necessary for the CDC to extend the moratorium past July 31.”

Only one. Not five.

@POTUS must act now to stop the bleeding. 🧵
For those who think the Supreme Court would strike down a CDC extension of the #EvictionMoratorium anyway:

That’s a great argument to expand the Supreme Court.
The rise of the Delta variant should remind us that we are still in the midst of a generational public health crisis.

The doctors and scientists in white coats should lead our response, not five lawyers in black robes
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Explaining SCOTUS decision upholding CDC #EvictionMoratorium

CDC has power only to prevent the spread of infectious diseases across state or int'l borders

It has never before sought to regulate beyond traditional ph powers like testing, masking, quarantine 1X
The Public Health Service Act does not specifically grant CDC the power to regulate in areas like housing

But CDC argued that people evicted during #COVID19 would travel to other states, spreading the virus

CDC used strong evidence for its assessment of interstate spread
A conservative majority on the Court could easily have curtailed CDC power, even in a crisis

Were it not for Roberts & Kavanaugh, SCOTUS would have invalidated the ban, and also dealt CDC a major blow

That would have been a problematic for dealing with the next health crisis
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Thread: Today is the 22nd anniversary of the Supreme Court’s landmark #Olmstead decision, which held that states must serve people with disabilities in the community rather than institutions when community-based services can meet their needs.
Lawmakers have a historic opportunity to fulfill the promise of #Olmstead to ensure that people with disabilities can live in the community with the supports they need to stay out of institutions.
While progress has been made over the last two decades, many people with disabilities are still forced to live in institutional settings due to inadequate home- and community-based services (#HCBS) and affordable #housing.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 06/08/2021…
The Gamification of the Entire Economy: How the New World Is Being Designed…

#gamification #DigitalEconomies #cryptocurrencies
The Predictable Memetic Collapse of Contemporary Journalism…

#journalism #politics #liberalism #populism
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Edmund Witter, managing attorney of the Housing Justice Project of @kingcountybar sharply criticized means testing of right to counsel for tenants in comments to @SeattleCouncil.

Witter said a means test would place a huge burden on tenants undergoing an extremely stressful event to prove their poverty when they only get one shot at court to block eviction proceeding against them. @cmkshama is advancing the right to counsel bill.…
.@D5Juarez has backed a means test for the right to counsel bill. CM Alex Pedersen voted against the right to counsel bill in committee, so would likely support limiting it or watering it down. #TenantsRights #EvictionMoratorium
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Special Analysis
"#Congress’s inability to actually represent the real-live human beings of #America, combined with an #economic system that rewards lack of #empathy and an excess of #greed, has brought us to a dark time..."
by @LeeCamp… #EvictionCrisis
"...the United States is facing an impending eviction crisis of “biblical proportions,” according to the Housing Rights Initiative."
by @AlanRMacLeod… #EvictionCrisis #COVID19 #house #housing #coronavirus #Congress
"...the private #tech sector is moving into position to swoop in and take advantage of the impending #housing crisis."
by @hijodelcuervo… #technology #EvictionCrisis #EvictionMoratorium #COVID19 #house #Rent #coronavirus #TuesdayThoughts
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This bill will ensure housing stability during the coronavirus outbreak, protecting public health objective by allowing people to stay home and avoid unnecessary in-person interactions.

In uncertain times, everyone should be able to feel safe and secure in their homes and apartments, and I was proud to support this legislation.

The bill also protects small businesses if they face difficulty paying their rent. I urge @MassGovernor to sign it swiftly!
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Thanks to the folks who called Selina, told us their stories about the #bcrentcrisis, and shared our posts, we got a basic #evictionmoratorium! But our work isn't over yet - there are still renters who won't be covered by even the new EI, and /1
$500 going directly to the landlord won't go very far in Vancouver or Victoria. Even the $1000 lump sum benefit won't go very far in cities where the combined $1500 could easily be rent for a 1 BD apartment. We still have other expenses and need to eat! /2
If you're stuck choosing between food/medication and rent, we urge you to put your health first! #foodbeforerent
Be safe. Just stay. Even if you can't pay.
Full statement to come. /3
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I read that Globe article about the impact of Covid19 on renters and I have some thoughts. Strap in. #HealthNotEvictions
Background: I'm a paralegal in the greater Boston area, my office primarily handles housing court cases. 2/
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With wage income suddenly reduced, the Aus Govt is pouring money into households.

$18b via social security + $32b via business grants.

As it does, it's worth keeping in mind how much money *drains out* of households, in rent.

For private rental households, about $40b pa. 1/6
That $40b drains out of 2.3m private renter households...

... and into 1.2m private landlord households. 2/6
(Some of it also goes into a mysterious group of about 450,000 LLs that aren't considered 'households' - a mix of corporations, trusts, and individuals who own more than 5 properties each.) 3/6
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Is this best practice for containing infection disease?
We need a UNIVERSAL moratorium for all evictions: non-payment of rent, landlord use and just cause. Stop the RTB proceedings, stop the bailiff removals. #BCRentCrisis #cancelrent #evictionmoratorium @selinarobinson @bcndp Image
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What does "in principle" mean in a real sense to the people who ARE CURRENTLY BEING EVICTED?? How does "in principle" do anything for these people within the next 10 days? #EvictionMoratorium #bcrentcrisis @adriandix @selinarobinson @bcndp
Time is running out for tenants suddenly at risk of losing their homes due to #Covid_19 job loss. Does the province really expect every single landlord to be "principled"? We don't just hope people are "principled" and not harm each other in other ways - that's what laws are for.
What "principles" are you referring to? We've created a way for at-risk tenants to self-identify, and we've gotten 238 names just since 7 AM this morning.
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