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So @SanfordHealth has continually accused my daughter of injecting herself w #insulin to create crises. Well she has security guard monitoring 24/7, all bags searched. Her #bloodsugars have dropped & skyrocketed with no rhyme or reason. We have told them this happens. There is 1
a note 📝 in chart from specialists that outlines (ignored) only thing looked at behavioral plan that highlights her insulin injecting 😡. #DiabetesEducator comes in & asks if she has #insulin on her as her #BloodSugar ‘doesn’t make sense’ 🤦🏻‍♀️. This is abusive. I have been told 2
they have the knowledge to care for her. She has been abused by security yelling at her calling her druggie (their words) & saying she injects herself with #insulin. Doesn’t matter if proof is right in front of face that what they are blaming her for is not accurate. They are 3
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"The list of people and things telling us what to do is endless. Nobody needs more of that.
What we need is someone to believe in us – especially in those moments when we don’t believe in ourselves." -- Eric Barker @bakadesuyo…
This Is How To Get People To Change: 5 Secrets From Research - Barking Up The Wrong Tree…
#BehaviorChange, #InfluencingOthers, #AppliedPsychology, #MotivationalInterviewing
Japan tries—again—to revitalize its research | Science | AAAS…
#JapaneseInvestment, #ResearchRevitalization, #InnovationRate
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"we observed significant associations with insulin secretion. Notably, C-peptide based indices were positively, but insulin-based ones were negatively associated with LDL cholesterol. This was due to an association of LDL cholesterol with insulin clearance."
Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol is associated with insulin secretion (open access)…

#nutrition #diet #MetabolicSyndrome #cholesterol #BloodSugar
- "We detected a significant, positive association between fasting LDL concentrations and C-peptide based estimates for insulin secretion...
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Diabetes : Insulin market

Types of Diabetes Mellitus(DM)
1) Insulin dependent
2) Noninsulin dependent

Random blood sugar > 200mg/dl - DM

Fasting blood sugar
<100 normal
100-125 Prediabetes
>125 Diabetes (on 2 separate tests)
Post prandial
<140mg/dl normal
140-199mg/dl prediabetic
>200mg/dl after 2 hours Diabetes

Estimated 72.96 mn diabetics in India
Urban prevalence 10.9 to 14.2%
Rural 3 to 7.8%
Nearly 98 million people in India will have Diabetes by 2030
Highest prevalence, China 116 mn
Treatment of diabetes
Diet,exercise,insulin,oral hypoglycemics

Types of Insulin
1) Rapid acting - Humalog,Novolog
2) Regular(short acting) - Humulin R,Novolin R
3) Intermediate - Humulin N Novolin N
4)Long acting - Levemir,lantus
5)ultra long acting - Taujeo
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recap of a lil #hydration #sciencefromhome #experiment me & some mates ran over the last ~year. analysis not finished, but will release #bloodsugar data before H4H conf starts🤓

Pt 1. A fair while back we had a rather exciting delivery...What have we been up to?1/ Image
Pt 2. After the rather exciting delivery (and some more) arrived, the study design needed to be finalised:

Non-randomised controlled study where we *planned* for experimenters to do the CONTROL arm first, followed by the INTERVENTION arm

#hydration #sciencefromhome Image
Pt 3. Equipment ordered & study designed.

Minor problem: i hadnt cannulated in > 1 y & my mates had never learnt at all

Cue odd evening remembering/teaching cannulation on poor Snuffles belly...

My ❤️of #science > my fear of needles it seems
#sciencefromhome #hydrate Image
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for those who missed my @aberdeen_ucu talk today on #sugar, #breakfast, #health & #appetite, a wee thread on the fascinating properties of sugar...
full talk (poor sound qual) can be found here:

#sugar is demonised in the media, literally described as "evil". myths include: its addictive, causes cravings, makes you hungry, makes you overeat, makes you gain weight.

current #publichealth guidelines target reducing sugar
#breakfast is touted the "most important" meal of the day. what does "important" mean?

breakfast is the highest #sugar meal of the day so a good meal to target to reduce total sugar.

breakfast = complex to define, but broadly breaks the overnight fast (break-fast) 3/21
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Thinking of taking your loved one out of #longtermcare during the #covid19 ? There is *no easy answer*. But here are few things to think about:
1) Do they need to be transferred (bed / toilet / shower) and how would you do that?
2) Do they need a Hoyer lift? (thread continues)
3) Do you have the medications and expertise to provide the medical care?
4) Are you in danger of infecting other vulnerable members of your household?
5) How will you support them if they have dementia?
6) Do you have knowledge on how to support #incontinence & the products?
7) Who will you call if they get sicker either with #Covid19 or their underlying #health issues?
8) are they going to lose their #placement in the #nursinghome (in Ontario - the answer would be yes)
9) who else in your home needs care?
10) how will you support #socialengagement?
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