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Happy #InternationalWomensDay!

@ActBlue breaks its policies to let wife beaters, pedophiles, and sexual harassers to raise tens of millions of dollars

Follow along to see why #OHSEN @SherrodBrown, #GASEN @ReverendWarnock, and more have to go…

REMINDER: My @FreeBeacon reporting got @ActBlue to boot @andrewcuomo while he was running for reelection as #NYGOV

ActBlue's policies are clear--there is no room for Dems accused of sexual misconduct on it

@lachlan's reporting at the time:…

REMINDER: @ActBlue kicked a teenager who was a Democratic nominee for state legislature in Kansas off the platform because he sent revenge porn when he was *in middle school*

It was clear based on that precedent that @andrewcuomo had to go…

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NEW from me @TheSpectator:

With all the attention on #NY03's @Santos4Congress, you'd think he's the only politician to have lied his way into office

Read this thread, you're about to learn a lot about Dems from the state house to the White House…

Everywhere liberal journalists look, they see @Santos4Congress. They see him in fellow freshman Republicans Anna Paulina Luna and Andy Ogles, both of whom have recently been accused of fabricating details about the past in newspaper hit pieces.…

With the coverage of @Santos4Congress's brief tenure, you’d be forgiven if you thought the new House GOP majority was filled with liars and résumé embellishers — that’s clearly the big picture that Dems and their allies in the press paint.…

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Back on the pulpit: @SenatorWarnock gets a long and loud standing ovation as he’s introduced at his first church service at Ebenezer since Tuesday’s runoff.
“God bless each and every one of you. By the grace of God, we got it done.” #gapol #gasen
Sen. Warnock’s sermon is on how forlorn deserts help forge strength and faith — parallels to campaign season.
“All the attacks. Politics ain’t for the faint of heart …But I know from experience God will show up … God does some of his best work in a desert place.” #gasen #gapol
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Georgia Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock won reelection over Republican challenger Herschel Walker in the #GASen runoff tonight per AP, giving Democrats a 51-49 outright majority in the U.S. Senate.…
"I'm not going to make any excuses now because we put up one heck of a fight."-Herschel Walker after his Georgia Senate runoff loss. "The best thing I've ever done in my whole entire life is to run for the Senate seat right here."… Image
Walker to his supporters: "I don't want any of you to stop believing in America. I want you to believe in America and continue to believe in the Constitution and believe in our elected officials and most of all, continue to pray for them."
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Thank you defeatists Never Trumpers for whining all month how no-chance @HerschelWalker has in the runoff which helped depress GOP vote.

Thank you!

Go ahead. Let me read your latest Blame-Trump Thread/Article.

(Walker is a rubber stamp for @LeaderMcConnell so whatever).
For an OMG-BAD candidate, Walker held his own.

In 2018, Abrams lost to Kemp by 1.4 points. She was held up as a good candidate and ran again in 2022.

Walker lost to an incumbent Senator by only 0.9 points in November, and it is quite close in the runoff (despite defeatist NTs).
A reminder to @EWErickson et al that in early 2020, Kemp appointed Loeffler as Senator as the Establishment's choice to the seat now held by Warnock.

"McConnell backs Georgia governor’s pick for Senate amid Trump skepticism." - Politico 12/3/09.

Go ahead. Blame Trump!
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Not surprisingly, Warnock has a huge early vote advantage as some counties begin to report their totals from the week of early-voting + mail ballots. We are closely watching how Walker does re: Election Day voting — and whether he outdoes his November tally. #gapol #gasen Image
“Get your coffee,” says a Republican strategist as more exurban and rural rallies come in — and the Democrat’s edge tightens. #gapol #gasen Image
Walker is underperforming in some small, rural counties so far -- obv a good sign for Warnock. We won't really have a clear look until more metro ATL votes come in -- particularly the Democratic stronghold of DeKalb, Warnock's best path to victory. #gapol
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Vince Todd arrived at his Atlanta polling site just before 7 and was about 50th in line.
“I wanted to see who I wanted in there: Warnock,” Todd told @bycassidy. “I believe in him, so I gotta get out there.”
By 7:25 a.m., he walked out with his prized voter sticker. #gapol #gasen
Ellyce Payne said addressing poverty and mental health care are the deciding issues for her as she cast her ballot in Cobb. She told @taylor_rcroft she worries about deep partisan rifts. “I’m more focused on who you are as a person and your impact on the community.” #gapol #gasen
Jeffrey Farek and Katie Luquire say voting is something they can do about issues like gun control and women’s rights.
“You try to do what you can and a lot of times it feels like it’s hard to know how to help or to feel like you’re being heard,” Farek told @bycassidy. #gasen
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Herschel Walker’s final runoff eve rally is at the Governors Gun Club, the nation’s largest indoor shooting facility. Ralph Reed, the prominent evangelical leader, kicks off the event drawing boos from the crowd with each mention of Biden’s name and Warnock’s votes. #gapol #gasen
In a departure from the norm, Herschel’s wife Julie opens for the Republican. Then came the candidate, who said he would use his campaign bus tomorrow to shuttle people to the polls. (I can’t tell if he’s kidding.) #gapol #gasen
Walker: “A house divided cannot stand. We got to start standing now. We have to get in the game and get out to vote. I’m telling you to vote, vote, vote and flood the polls … I’m not going to sleep tonight, because before a big game, I don’t sleep.” #gapol #gasen
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Our final @SplitTicket_ #GASen runoff model has Warnock +3 as the predicted outcome and a race rating of Leans Democratic. Warnock has an early vote lead of ~280K, by our estimation, and Walker needs a whopper of an election day to reverse things.…
@SplitTicket_ I will say that the only reason I have this at leans Democratic instead of likely is because I have no idea what election day is going to look like, nor do I find it useful in projecting a false sense of confidence about it. This is worse for the GOP than Loeffler/Perdue 2021 IMO
Model made by me and @ADincgor (hey, sound familiar?), with data cleaning assistance from @HWLavelleMaps and @Thorongil16 (who also made the map). An interactive county map can be found here….
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Just before polls close on the last day of early voting and the line is wrapped around the building and stretching 2 blocks out of this Atlanta polling place. Wait times in most of the county are well over an hour—but people are still in line #gapol #gasen
Now that 7pm has passed, poll workers are counting the number of folks in line. Some folks gotten out of line. One car stopped and honked, the driver yelled “Stay! You can do it!” #gapol
An official says there’s about 300 people in line here. Most voters have been moved inside the polling place now, I imagine to make sure no one else gets in line after the deadline and to speed the process. #gapol
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More than 180,000 people voted over the weekend in Georgia counties that opened their polls. The vast majority of people voted in-person, putting both enthusiasm and long lines on full display. #gapol #gasen…
Some interesting breakdown of who voted so far from @GaSecofState’s office.

46% of voters are Black
57% of voters female
13% of voters are 18-29 ImageImageImage
This reflects that the counties that held early voting so far are more diverse, younger and urban. Will be interesting to see if it continues as mandatory early voting in all counties begins today. #gapol
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Gov. Kemp makes an argument that Herschel Walker has struggled to land: That the Inflation Reduction Act that Warnock supported “is hurting” the enormous Hyundai EV plant that’s under construction now near Savannah. #gapol #gasen
Kemp’s referring to a provision that requires all EVs to undergo final assembly in North America to qualify for lucrative incentives. Since Hyundai’s factory won’t be operational until 2025, the automaker’s customers could lose out on the break. #gasen…
Walker, meanwhile, has panned the EV industry and promoted “gas guzzling” cars as he rails against federal efforts to curb climate change. #gapol #gasen
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A long line of Saturday voters in Athens gathers before the UGA-Tech game #gapol #gasen
The scene in Muscogee County earlier today #gapol #gasen Image
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A Fulton County judge has overturned Georgia's ban on abortion that begins when a doctor can detect a fetal heartbeat, which is as early as six weeks. Here's the ruling: #gapol…
Judge McBurney wrote that the restrictions were "plainly unconstitutional when drafted, voted upon and enacted" when lawmakers adopted them in 2019, so they can't be enforced now. No immediate comment from Kemp's office. #gapol
The AG's office plans to pursue an immediate appeal but for now Georgia is enjoined from "seeking to enforce in any manner the post-heartbeat ban on abortion procedures in Georgia because there is no legal basis for them to do that which is not the law of this state." #gapol
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The most Trumpian/2020-election focused statewide candidate lost by 25K votes among 2.57 million given.

I am sure it proves right all your hot takes about Biden, Trump, 2020, inflation, democracy, abortion.

Oh, plenty GOPs voted Dems to own Trump so it proves 2 X 0, clowns.
This candidate, @KariLake, won 48% of the GOP Primary vote. By attacking her as a "Trump Candidate," U R saying that 48% of GOP AZ Primary voters are dumb idiots who if not for Trump would choose a candidate of quality.

Ya. Being condescending to your own base is a winner!
Lake's loss in AZ is narrow enough to be put at the feet of GOP voters who are willing to blow up winnable races just to own Trump. This shtick can be done to DeSantis too, so how does this prove a deficiency in "Trump Candidates"?

cc @bonchieredstate @RRHElections @mschlapp
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Democrats clinch control of Senate; Georgia runoff not as pivotal in U.S. race #gapol #gasen…
That could be favorable for Warnock, who ran slightly ahead of Walker in Tuesday’s vote. Walker has tried to frame the race as a check on President Biden’s powers while the Democrat has tried to de-emphasize the national implications. #gapol #gasen…
“Republicans’ main argument for electing Herschel Walker just went up in smoke,” said a Warnock campaign spokeswoman. Just a few hours ago, Walker sent this fundraising appeal. #gapol #gasen Image
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hey folk! @ClimateHawkVote hardly ever endorses incumbents, but there's an urgent situation in Georgia, so we're endorsing @ReverendWarnock today. Donate! and short thread WHY, beyond the obvious.
@ClimateHawkVote @ReverendWarnock UNobvious: Georgia is becoming a clean energy powerhouse and much of that is @ReverendWarnock's doing. Batteries for EV plants in Augusta? That's him getting infrastructure bill funds.
@ClimateHawkVote @ReverendWarnock UNobvious: remember that LG/ SK trade dispute that would have kept an EV battery factory from being built in GA? @ClimateHawkVote got involved because I talked w/ a Warnock staffer.
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On @NRSC call this AM with donors/supporters, @LindseyGrahamSC stressed the #GASEN runoff strategy will be to flood FOX News programs + Hannity on behalf of @HerschelWalker, per a person on call.

Graham, @SenRickScott + @newtgingrich spoke

Noted Libertarian won't be on ballot.
@NRSC @LindseyGrahamSC @HerschelWalker @SenRickScott @newtgingrich On same @NRSC call, @LindseyGrahamSC stayed bullish on #NVSEN arguing dropbox ballots are performing closer to E-Day turnout split.

Only a very short mention on #AZSEN ... where @bgmasters has a tougher climb back.
@NRSC @LindseyGrahamSC @HerschelWalker @SenRickScott @newtgingrich @bgmasters This as analysts note that Catherine Cortez Masto is likely to overtake Adam Laxalt by the weekend, thru mail-in ballots.

The source noted this was a call to keep the faith and rai$e money.
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An ongoing 🛢️ about why Raphael Warnock is not the right choice for Georgia:

Vote @HerschelWalker


"Warnock is not the moderate he portrays himself to be. He has ties to socialists and extreme groups...has attacked American evangelicals from the pulpit. He is a divisive figure with far-Left policies, and all Americans should stand up against this hate.”…
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Last night, @HerschelWalker significantly underperformed in an environment that set him up for success. #GASEN #GApol

Here's what we know:
Votes are still being counted, but only two of the nine statewide GOP candidates failed to clear two million ballots — one of them was @HerschelWalker.
@HerschelWalker not only underperformed Kemp, he earned fewer raw votes than every other statewide Republican on the ballot.
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Warnock putting up a pretty strong performance in #GASen and running 3-4% ahead of Abrams in most ballot drops in Georgia. Oliver's vote share has ticked up to 1.8%, and to my eye, if this holds, a runoff is still currently the most likely outcome. Let's see what happens.
Perhaps more concerningly for Walker, he's consistently running 4-5% behind Kemp in most ballot drops. Getting somewhat difficult to see an outright Walker win at this rate unless Kemp begins to cross 54% in his final vote share, which IMO is less likely than not.
god please I do not have the strength to do another runoff especially if control for the senate is on the line agian
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We watched 135+ debates so you didn’t have to — and Democrats said some crazy things.

Here are some of the most insane debate moments from Democrats this cycle.

Minnesota Democrat Rep. Angie Craig: “I will never stop standing up for Big Pharma and standing against my constituents!” #MN02
Oregon Democrat Tina Kotek called for "meth stabilization center[s]" in Portland — "in addition to making [full drug decriminalization] work." #ORGov

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#GASEN: a *NEW* woman comes forward alleging Georgia GOP Senate candidate Herschel Walker drove her to a clinic "to have an abortion after she became pregnant as a result of her relationship w/ him." She'll speak later today at a presser, per release from attorney Gloria Allred.
Herschel Walker's statement, in part, to reporters in Georgia: "I'm done with this foolishness. I've already told people this is a lie & I'm not going to entertain, continue to carry a lie along ... the Democrats will do & say whatever they can to win this, to win this seat."
Warnock Deputy CM Rachel Petri: “We know Herschel Walker has a problem w/ the truth, a problem answering questions & a problem taking responsibility for his actions. Today’s new report is just the latest example of a troubling pattern we have seen play out again & again & again."
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Here’s what gets me about people who mock John Fetterman’s communication challenges but who also support Herschel Walker …

Listening to Herschel Walker talk is, for me, a similar experience to listening to John Fetterman in this first debate after his stroke.

The difference is that Walker didn’t have a stroke. And Fetterman didn’t have multiple women claim that he physically abused them.
Criticize Fetterman’s ability to communicate at the moment? Sure. It’s very clear that he had a stroke.

But then the same people celebrate when Walker, who has no such claim of a recent medical crisis, successfully completes a sentence. “Herschel nailed it!”
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