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This article is worth a read. Of course what the article doesn't mention is that Sam Bankman Fried & FTX was playing both sides in #NY03 in 2022 by funnelling money to both George Santos (R) and to Democrat Josh Lafazan. 🧵 1/5…
FTX executives paid off Democrat #NY03 candidate Josh Lafazan's personal student loans & donated to his campaign. Lafazan took in over $710K from FTX. 2/…
Santos was clearly involved in a legal donor sharing agreement with Michelle Bond, the girlfriend of FTX executive Ryan Salame, who was running in GOP primary in next door #NY01. Maxed out legal donors to Bond donated to Santos in exchange for Santos donors giving to Bond. 3/
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NEW from me @PirateWires:

We've got another @Santos4Congress interview sure to stoke some fiery debates.

That's right, we talked about tonight's #Oscars, which neither of us will be watching, and about his takes on Hollywood and much more…

Up first, @micsolana's take:

"It happened slowly, then all at once: a mature internet, in which a majority of Americans lived in some significant part online, reshaped our country in accordance with the malleable laws of the digital world...…

...Some call this the “attention economy.” I call it the Clown World. In the context of democracy, the game is fundamentally changed, and the men and women who understand this are the most formidable voices in politics...…

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NEW from me @TheSpectator:

With all the attention on #NY03's @Santos4Congress, you'd think he's the only politician to have lied his way into office

Read this thread, you're about to learn a lot about Dems from the state house to the White House…

Everywhere liberal journalists look, they see @Santos4Congress. They see him in fellow freshman Republicans Anna Paulina Luna and Andy Ogles, both of whom have recently been accused of fabricating details about the past in newspaper hit pieces.…

With the coverage of @Santos4Congress's brief tenure, you’d be forgiven if you thought the new House GOP majority was filled with liars and résumé embellishers — that’s clearly the big picture that Dems and their allies in the press paint.…

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@ACLieberman Let’s be honest:

If legacy media @nytimes @Newsday choose to abdicate their traditional watchdog responsibilities to become political actors in their own right - #narrative - then they no longer need #1A special rights.

Exhibit A: #NY03 @RepSantosNY03

@ACLieberman @nytimes @Newsday @RepSantosNY03 They can take their chances in court on the same basis as everyone else.

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@MNUpNorthLakeG1 @peggyflanagan Understood; I was referring, sarcastically, to #NY03 Congressman George @Santos4Congress.

Seriously, at least part of that is the job of the Legislature re ballot access - resume required? - and another part is legacy media as public watchdogs.

@MNUpNorthLakeG1 @peggyflanagan @Santos4Congress And if legacy media choose to abdicate from their traditional role ensuring accountability of public officials, including elected officials, then legacy media no longer merit, or need, robust #1A special rights.

Just take their chances in court like everyone else.

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I wonder if legacy media still need special #1A protections.

If they’re really the public watchdogs, yes, but that’s no longer the case.

Feeding Our Future in MN, @Newsday @nytimes dropping the ball re #NY03 before the election, etc.

If legacy media are just another political interest group, as is clearly the case, well, they can fend for themselves in court, just like any other litigant, right?


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@mikepompeo Wow!

I agree with @mikepompeo on something.

Namely, that the sainted President @BarackObama Administration was not perfect; too risk-averse, such that important jobs stay vacant for long periods.


@mikepompeo @BarackObama @DougAZDEDC Look closely at the second vetting, after Mr. Wilson had already been confirmed by the Senate for a position in the same Administration.

No need to do more than a simple update, then send to the Senate.

Of course, the Senate @SenateDems @SenateGOP must do better also.

@mikepompeo @BarackObama @DougAZDEDC @SenateDems @SenateGOP May I respectfully suggest that a (the?) Pompeo Administration use Community Vetting?

Do a basic background check, then make the announcement, including resume.

If media do nothing - cf. #NY03 George @Santos4Congress, that’s on them.


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There are 18 Republican House Members representing Districts which Biden won in 2020:

#AZ01 - Schweikert
#AZ06 - Ciscomani*
#CA13 - Duarte*
#CA22 - Valadao
#CA27 - Garcia
#CA40 - Kim
#CA45 - Steele
#NE02 - Bacon
#NJ07 - Kean
#NY01 - LaLota*
#NY03 - Santos*
#NY04 - D’Esposito*
Republican House Members representing Districts which Biden won in 2020 (continued):

#NY17 - Lawler*
#NY19 - Molinaro*
#NY22 - Williams*
#OR05 - Chavez-DeRemer*
#PA01 - Fitzpatrick
#VA02 - Kiggans*

* Freshman members
And there are 5 Democratic House Members representing districts which Trump won in 2020:

#AKAL - Peltola
#ME02 - Golden
#OH09 - Kaptur
#PA08 - Cartwright
#WA03 - Gluesenkamp-Perez*

* Freshman member
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YOU were not elected @Santos4Congress. You deliberately misrepresented yourself in every conceivable way to DECEIVE the voters of #NY03. You defrauded your constituents in order to help the party of seditionists, insurrectionists, and white supremacist traitors destroy democracy.
As a former resident of Suffolk county, which borders Nassau (Santos’ district), I can tell you that this guy will be representative in name only; the same way McCarthy is speaker in name only; and his party has a majority in name only. The @GOP won’t even support his reelection.
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George Santos is not the only #NY03 candidate who's been accused of lying on his personal financial disclosure form. Nassau Legislator Josh Lafazan (D), who lost the NY-3 Dem primary, had to amend his after he was accused of hiding a $100K "personal loan" from Sam Bankman-Fried.
Sam Bankman-Fried was a big supporter of Josh Lafazan (D). SBF helped steer over $1 million to Lafazan's losing #NY03 campaign. Bankman also gave a $100K "personal loan" to Lafazan who then turned around and loaned his campaign $166K.…
Sam Bankman-Fried was also active in neighboring #NY01 where Michelle Bond (R), who was the girlfriend of his FTX partner Ryan Salame, unsuccessfully ran for the GOP nomination. SBF & his crypto cronies poured more than $3.5 million into Bond's campaign.
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Robert Zimmerman (D) whom George Santos beat, tells me:

"This story is not a shock to me. We always knew he was running a scam against the voters & we raised many of these issues but were drowned out in the gov’s race where crime was the focus & the media had other priorities"

North Shore Leader reported in Nov.

"Santos disclosures also state that he earned 'nothing' - no income - over the past year."…


" Huge sums are listed with the FEC for personal expenses - like Brooks Brothers, Florida beach resorts, lavish restaurants and limo services - but many hundreds of thousands more disappear into a black hole of dubious 'consulting fees.'"…
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Sam Bankman-Fried (openly) funded the Protect Our Future super PAC. In NY, it backed Josh Lafazan #NY03, Laura Gillen #NY04 and Francis Conole #NY22.
SBF groups spent on Lt. Gov. Antonio Delgado, too, and endorsed Rep. Ritchie Torres (#NY15) and Max Rose.…
Bankman-Fried also donated millions to other groups, e.g. Dem-backing Senate Majority PAC. And there was apparently a lot of dark money we don't even know about. But Protect Our Future seems like one where SBF and/or his brother picked who to support.…
At the state level, Bankman-Fried-funded Protect Our Future PAC also spent big on Assembly Member-elect Alex Bores (@AlexBores).

Hard for me to immediately tell how much $$, because the state campaign finance reporting site is bad.
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What do these places have in common? More pics to follow, and the answer will be at the end of the thread. (1/x) ImageImageImageImage
More clues. (2/x) ImageImageImageImage
A few more clues. (3/x) ImageImageImageImage
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So, here's how redistricting and, in some cases, gerrymandering, helped the Republicans take the House:

Again, Republicans had full control over redistricting in 17 states (AL, AR, FL, GA, IN, KS, KY, MS, MO, NE, NH, NC, OK, SC, TN, TX and WV).
Democrats had full control over redistricting in 7 states (IL, MD, MA, NV, NM, OR and RI).

There were 3 states in which an Independent Commission drew the lines but Republicans could override them (IA, OH and UT).
And there was 1 state in which an Independent Commission drew the lines but Democrats could override them (NY).

Because of the 2020 Census, CA, IL, MI, NY, OH, PA and WV all lost House seats.
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Polls close in 5 minutes in NY. Some races I'm watching:
-#NYGov (obviously)
-Congress: #NY01, #NY02, #NY03, #NY04, #NY17, #NY18, #NY19, #NY22
-Senate Districts: 1, 7, 9, 23, 37-44, 48, & 50
-Statewide Ballot Prop 1
-3 NYC Ballot Props
Reminder: in New York, absentee ballots received prior to election day are pre-processed and included in unofficial election night tallies!

Those absentees and early voting are likely the first results we're seeing.
BTW I will not be live-tweeting results as they come in. If you want to follow along with results statewide, go to

You can also get results quicker and often more reliably from individual county Boards of Elections' websites (depending on the county)
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And here's the climactic burst of spending from the Democratic House Majority PAC, putting up...

$45.9 million in 57 House races...

adding #NJ11, #NH02, #IL06, #NY25, #IL14, and #NM03 to the board as targeted seats 68-73
Tonight's HMP buys (1/4)

#NY03 $2,091,249
#NY18 $1,987,496
#NJ11 $1,961,501
#NJ05 $1,961,476
#PA07 $1,687,355
#IL17 $1,674,366
#TX28 $1,579,645
#VA07 $1,480,888
#MI07 $1,480,436
#PA17 $1,366,568
#MN02 $1,349,450
#NY19 $1,317,868
#NH01 $1,262,355
#CA13 $1,170,657
#NH02 $1,083,220
Tonight's HMP buys (2/4)

#NY04 $1,073,658
#AZ01 $1,054,068
#WA08 $1,050,275
#TX34 $1,034,351
#OR06 $1,008,020
#OH13 $961,300
#IN01 $947,522
#NV01 $902,915
#PA08 $882,593
#IL13 $866,533
#NM02 $840,709
#NY22 $804,598
#OH01 $759,588
#CO08 $746,912
#ME02 $726,274
#NC13 $710,544
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Whoa...House Majority PAC off the top rope with $30 million distributed across 45 races.
*strike that, 47 races. The largest buy goes to the Biden +12% #NJ05, making its debut on the chart as targeted seat #65. ImageImage
Tonight's HMP buys (1/3)

#NJ05 $1,959,458
#PA07 $1,720,125
#MI07 $1,507,533
#VA07 $1,284,208
#TX28 $1,259,722
#CA13 $1,206,064
#NH01 $1,196,950
#MN02 $1,176,281
#IL17 $958,645
#IN01 $953,087
#PA17 $915,645
#NV01 $887,864
#NY19 $846,081
#WA08 $813,814
#OH13 $795,000
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The Democratic House Majority PAC goes up with $17.47 million in ads across 40 districts, including the first spending by any of the big four committees in Josh Harder's #CA09, bringing the number of targeted House seats to an even 60.
Today's HMP buys (1/3)

#NV01 $1,409,339
#NV04 $1,085,708
#NV03 $1,063,115
#CA22 $1,058,595
#NH01 $1,037,920
#NY19 $961,780
#TX28 $929,827
#OH13 $870,198
#MN02 $739,191
#WA08 $738,334
#IN01 $686,882
#KS03 $646,562
#CO08 $590,088
#OR06 $587,541
#NY22 $491,388
#TX34 $460,863
Today's HMP buys (2/3)

#OH01 $459,646
#CA49 $436,650
#RI02 $409,455
#PA17 $379,011
#NC01 $345,232
#NE02 $312,778
#GA02 $210,676
#OH09 $205,321
#NJ07 $171,807
#IA03 $164,363
#IL13 $158,950
#CA13 $123,963
#MI08 $116,751
#VA07 $105,000
#NY03 $91,071
#AZ04 $86,070
#MI07 $58,083
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The Democratic House Majority PAC's weekly independent expenditure dump adds another $9.08 million in 34 House races.

HMP has now spent $39.6 million in 42 targeted races.
Today's HMP buys (1/2)

#NV01 $1,121,509
#CA22 $995,205
#CA49 $896,348
#NV03 $859,247
#NV04 $809,496
#IN01 $683,122
#NH01 $538,117
#CT05 $529,755
#PA17 $462,496
#NC01 $348,908
#MI03 $317,726
#NE02 $219,314
#IL13 $176,899
#NJ07 $171,807
#OH09 $126,225
#CA13 $123,443
#MI08 $86,833
Today's HMP buys (2/2)

#AZ04 $49,500
#IL17 $49,100
#PA08 $45,854
#NY03 $45,221
#VA07 $45,000
#CO07 $44,534
#RI02 $43,500
#MN02 $40,000
#WA08 $39,318
#OH13 $39,000
#NY22 $38,750
#MI07 $31,000
#VA02 $27,846
#NY19 $23,333
#PA07 $18,333
#ME02 $16,732
#OR06 $15,000
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Hero of the night is looking like @votevets. They spent $500,000 to help Pat Ryan in #NY19 and were the only Dem group to really get involved in terms of independent expenditures
No AP call in #NY23 GOP primary yet, but NBC has called it for state party chair Nick Langworthy. Black eye for Elise Stefanik, #3 in the House GOP, who endorsed racist Carl Paladino—a move that led other House GOP leaders to claim she'd "gone rogue"!…
The DCCC did run a joint ad with Ryan (it seemed like a so-called "hybrid" ad, where costs are split), but it's not clear how much the cmte spent on it…
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The AP has called #FL11 GOP primary for Rep. Dan Webster. The longest-serving state legislator in FL history and its first GOP state House speaker since Reconstruction turns back far-right activist Laura Loomer in shockingly tight contest.
Over in GOP primary for open and dark red #OK02, former state Sen. Josh Brecheen leads state Rep. Avery Frix 54.5-45.5. Group affiliated with Club for Growth spent heavily for Brecheen, a former Club fellow.
AP calls #FL13 GOP primary for Trump's candidate, 2020 nominee Anna Paulina Luna. She'll face former DoD official Eric Lynn in seat GOP gerrymandered into 53-46 Trump.
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#BREAKING We are seeing exciting things for #RankedChoiceVoting, the labor movement, & ballot initiatives!! Thread of #DownBallotProgressives & causes #NotMeUs🔹 + some w/
🌻 @GreenPartyUS #MedicareForAll #UnionStrong #1u
Follow @TheRagtagBand
.@CallForCongress🔹is running for #WA02 8/2/22 against @RepRickLarsen🔹! He ran a great campaign ‘20 so let’s pick up this seat this time! #NotMeUs #MedicareForAll

We, @TheRagtagBand stand behind @WholeWashington in efforts for #MedicareForAll in Washington & #ThroughTheStates! @RedBeretsM4All is fundraising for this initiative! #YesOn1471

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Quick hits on the new NY Congressional map: this will realistically swing between 16D-10R and 20D-6R, with each party having a couple other longer-shot targets. The key changes from Monday are a safer Malliotakis seat and splitting Suffolk by North/South Shore instead of E/W.
After being tantalized with the possibility of a compact South Brooklyn seat, the court's final map is somehow even worse for the Orthodox Jewish community than the first draft. Boro Park is split precisely down the middle, eliminating its influence.
With the huge exception of South Brooklyn, everything else south of I-84 is about as clean and no-nonsense as you could ask for. But the Upstate lines are still a mess, as Cervas's attempt to draw a "competitive" #NY19 creates a seat that runs from Watertown to Niagara.
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#BREAKING We are seeing exciting things for #RankedChoiceVoting, the labor movement, & ballot initiatives!! Thread of #DownBallotProgressives & causes #NotMeUs🔹 + some w/
🌻 @GreenPartyUS #MedicareForAll #UnionStrong #1u
Follow @TheRagtagBand
.@CallForCongress🔹is running for #WA02 8/2/22 against @RepRickLarsen🔹! He ran a great campaign ‘20 so let’s pick up this seat this time! #NotMeUs #MedicareForAll

📌Website: ImageImage
We, @TheRagtagBand stand behind @WholeWashington in efforts for #MedicareForAll in Washington and #ThroughTheStates! @RedBeretsM4All is fundraising for the ballot initiative!

📌… ImageImage
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