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Fijne internationale #vrouwendag #WomensDay allemaal! Naast vandaag alle vrouwen in het zonnetje te zetten, en ze dankbaar te zijn voor alles wat ze je hebben bijgebracht, ook even je aandacht voor het volgende: 👇
De tech-wereld wordt nog altijd gedomineerd door mannen. Dat is een probleem, want de technologie die gemaakt wordt heeft (soms levensbepalende of levensbedreigende) gevolgen voor vrouwen. Bindende leestip voor vandaag van @CCriadoPerez :…
Ben jij een man? Dan zijn dit wat dingen die jij kunt doen om voor meer (gender)gelijkheid te zorgen binnen jouw organisatie. Via @betterallies (, volg hen! Een bingokaart met daarop de tekst die via deze link te leze
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Mula Nakshatra
Moolam Trishul
Mula nakshatra in the Vedic astrology and belongs to the Sagittarius sign.
The word ‘mula’ literally means root or is sometimes used to refer to a group of roots tied together.
Therefore, it is often said that people born under this nakshatra are those who are keenly inclined towards research and always delve deeper into the facts they come across.
It is believed that the milky way galaxy lies in this nakshatra. Therefore, the name ‘mula’ or central is conferred upon it.
The deity associated with the nakshatra is Niriti who is also considered as lord of destruction and is hailed as contemporary of goddess Kali.
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Chitra Nakshatra " The most shining star"
•Numbering 14 out of the 28 Hindu nakshatras, the Chitra nakshatra coincides with the zodiac sign of Virgo & Libra.
•A shiny pearl or jewel represent the Chitra Nakshatra.
•As indicated by the symbol of the Chitra Nakshatra, a person born under this lunar marking is believed to be a gem of a person – they possess a larger-than-life aura, which makes them natural leaders.
•Like their animal counterpart, the female tiger, Chitra natives are fiercely intelligent – they move fast and hard to achieve lofty ambitions in life.
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So I was wondering about my career and what success means to me... Read more in the thread :) #career #careeradvice #professionaldevelopment #womenintech #womeninstem #womenwhocode #girlswhocode
Sometimes, I like to ponder on what I have been doing in my career and whether I am living the life that I want. I've often been labelled as an ambitious go-getter (in the nicest way, I think!). Some might even consider my career history as a success story.
But for me personally, I don't consider it as a success story. Allow me to explain...
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Here are our key takeaways from @McKinsey's latest report:

1. More than 80 percent of them face critical gaps in the skills.

2. Only 42% of employees are participating in their employers' #reskilling and #upskilling programs.


@rneelmani #tech #GirlsWhoCode #100DaysOfCode
- An emphasis on learning via #apprenticeship can also contribute to providing a sense of meaning and purpose

- Apprenticeship can efficiently unlock the rapid capability building that today’s knowledge-based workforce requires

@rneelmani #GirlsWhoCode #100DaysOfCode #cio

Introducing #apprenticeship into orgs.

- Create a clear organizational expectation for both learning and teaching.
- Build apprenticeship skills in every employee.
- Identify the skills that individuals need to build.
- Be broad and inclusive about who can apprentice.
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Detoxify yourself in 21 ways
#life hack
1. Detoxify your speech. Reduce the use of cuss words. Be polite.
2. Read everyday. Doesn’t matter what. Choose whatever interests you.
3. Promise yourself that you will never talk rudely to your parents. They never deserve it.
4. Observe people around you. Imbibe their virtues.
5. Spend some time with nature everyday.
6. Feed the stray animals. Yes, it feels good to feed the hungry.
7. No ego. No ego. No ego. Just learn, learn and learn.
8. Do not hesitate to clarify a doubt. “He who asks a question remains fool for 5 minutes. He who does not ask remains a fool forever”.
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Know your Nature & therapy to assists
BRAIN is Brahmi
Heart is Arjuna
Strength is Ashwagandha
Stamina is SHATAVARI
Guduchi is Immunity
Mulethi is throat
#roots #ayurveda
Ginger is digestion
Coconut oil is metabolism
Sweet Potatoes are Pancreas
Triphala is the GUT
Pumpkin is Fitness
Carrots are Retina
Tulsi is Oxygen
BOSWELIA गुग्गुळ is breathing
Awala is immunity
Tomatoes are Prostate
Pomegranate is Red blood cells
Water is Blood
Turmeric is circulation & Beauty
Grapes are Lungs
Papaya is Liver
Apples are breathing & Respiration
Moringa is Muscles & joints

To remove toxins
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Thank you @SheCodeAfrica @Kolokodess for giving me the opportunity to mentor amazing devs in the recently completed #cohort2 NodeJs track.
I am so proud to share the progress status of @OremeiPraise @lolalambe to mention a few 👇

#NodeJS #javascript #GirlsWhoCode
1 /n
API docs 👇……

looking forward to making more impact in the tech community in my little way.

#100DaysOfCode #NodeJS #javascript #shecodes
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