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Hello Parivar, I hope you are #doingud

This Twitter thread is going to be valuable, so make sure to read it till the end. 🧵
@doingudhq is right in action and launching it's 1st drop in collaboration with amazing creators for @Open__Earth . This will be a charitable art auction to help protect the ocean. Ocean speaking to us through NFTs, what an amazing concept that would be and the drop is now LIVE!!
You can view the @open__earth #OceanDrop artwork here:…
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EXPLOSIVE—We now learn Trump had tested positive for #COVID19 **3 days** before his first debate against Joe Biden, says former chief of staff Mark Meadows—positive test on Sept 26th, same day as this WH’s infamous superspreading SCOTUS nominating event:👇…
2) The list of infected that day at the WH were long…. But now Trump maybe could have been possibly the INDEX case?
3) Meadows says the positive test had been done with an old model kit. He told Trump the test would be repeated with “the Binax system, and that we were hoping the first test was a false positive”.
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Today is #GivingTuesday and we know you're probably buried up to your eyes in fundraising emails, but there are only a handful of non-profit newsrooms in New Jersey and we wanted to make sure you know how important it is to support them as well.

Here's a list of them!
There's @aboutbloomfield in Essex County, a community news service dedicated to making Bloomfield more informed, engaged, and resilient.
There's @Chalkbeat in Newark, with its reporters working around the clock to answer urgent questions facing NJ educators, families, school boards, and residents.…
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As state officials launched sham election reviews to push the Big Lie that the 2020 election was stolen, we sprung to action and filed dozens of public records requests to investigate. This #GivingTuesday , here’s an overview of what we’ve uncovered about sham election reviews.
I: Arizona. Soon after the election, the Arizona Senate, led by Senate President Karen Fann, subpoenaed Maricopa County, the state’s most populous county, for images of mail-in ballots, voting equipment, and other documents.
Records we later obtained showed that Fann boasted about having “numerous conversations” with Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani during this period, and had received a “personal call from President Trump thanking us for pushing to prove any fraud.”
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I do not generally support brands on social media because, one, it’s too much pressure and, two, when I ask you to support something I want you to trust that it’s really important.

This week and any week, please consider supporting your LOCAL bail fund and/or @nightschoolbar
I always appreciate your support, obvi, but I’m full up on gifts! If you have ever felt inclined to tip me, these two causes are really good approximations of my values: debt-free humanistic inquiry for all & freedom over money. Thank you 🙏🏾.
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Hey, @Wikipedia: propaganda is not knowledge!

—They won't listen. But we don't need them. We're building an open network of all the encyclopedias.…

But we need your help. Please give generously!
#GivingTuesday | via
@Wikipedia Here’s a direct link to the Knowledge Standards Foundation (501(c)(3) approved) donation page:…

The new liberty tech non-profit, FUTO, has agreed to match up to $1 million in donations!

You give $25...they give $25!
So what’s so great about this “encyclosphere”? Why donate to the (501(c)(3) approved) Knowledge Standards Foundation?

We’ve made a draft file format standard for encyclopedia articles. We have converted over 100K free articles into this format. Try it!
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A new week has started in Brunswick Georgia. The national media who watched the #ahmaudarbery murder trial have left. But a group of committed residents are still fighting for justice for all #abetterglynn #BLM #America @thecurrentga…
A tragedy occurred here on Feb. 23 2020 but for at least a decade, Black residents of Glynn County have faced implicit racism with police. They are demanding accountability and justice for all…
We at @thecurrentga are helping shine a light on the problems in Savannah, Brunswick and all of Coastal Georgia and sharing stories about people dedicated to solving those problems too. @ACLUGAWorkers @abetterglynn
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On this #GivingTuesday, we are grateful for all the orgs with which we collaborate throughout the year. Here we highlight 4 orgs we love - we will be matching all gifts made through these links -LMM  (1/6)
.@DRMariposas creates sustainable solutions to end generational poverty in the Dominican Republic by educating + empowering girls. They just launched a Spanish book series for kids & are raising money to print + distribute to children in DR. (2/6)
My mom @ltmphd is on board of @PPAct which has been leading organizing + advocating for repro rights + education. This week #SCOTUS will hear a case explicitly asking to overturn Roe v. Wade. We cannot sit back + hope the courts protect our rights. (3/6)
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If you support natsec whistleblowers and want to help ensure that they are protected and represented, please consider making a donation this #GivingTuesday to one of the non-profits out here on the front lines of natsec whistleblowing.
Many of our clients have just lost their jobs due to retaliation and can't really afford to pay lawyers a living wage, and so these non-profits rely to a significant degree on donations to help cover their costs.
Government Accountability Project (@GovAcctProj)

Donation page:…
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#ACAB Daily Digest (November 30, 2021)🧵:

[h/t @Azken14] a cute lil bunny picking a flower with a "fuck the poli
Little Elm, TX | "Friday’s campus demonstration was in reaction to a student reporting a sexual assault about one month ago... A taser was deployed and pepper spray was used [by police] on students."…
Police kill over petty theft in Coral Gables, FL | “Upon arrival, our first officer observed the individuals breaking into a vehicle ... Upon engaging the individuals, the first arriving officer and the second arriving officer discharged their firearms...”…
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I analyzed ~65,000 nonprofit tax returns to see where charitable dollars go in America.

I learned that environmental nonprofits receive less than 2% of all donations.

Here's what else I learned 🧵

#GivingTuesday #energytwitter
In 2020 Americans gave $471 billion to nonprofits.

Most of those donations went to the following categories: religion, education, human services, and health.

Environmental organizations received just $8 billion (~2%) — the least amount of any category tracked by the IRS. Image
Organizations working to reduce GHG emissions received only $2 billion.

That means 0.4% of all charitable donations went to climate mitigation.

Which is a huge bummer to say the least.
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Hey hey hey #GivingTuesday mavens you can send your money directly to a public defender client in need if you give here:…
Here are a few examples of what we've paid with this fund:

Emergency shelter for a soon-to-be mom

A phone charger for an unhoused client who struggled to stay in touch

A birth certificate so that a teen client could get housing…
Immunizations so a kid could get back in school

A court-required treatment course

A bus ticket to an immigration court hearing

Emergency meds refill

Basic kid needs for a client who just got custody but hasn't gotten child support yet…
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Dear friends: I thought you might like to know the story of Mikono Refugee Crafts Shop, the @JesuitRefugee Service project that we're supporting today. It's a wonderful story about a ministry that helps refugees help themselves.

It started in a bungalow in Nairobi in 1993...
Uta Fager, an Austrian lay woman, and I had worked with the "income-generating projects" at JRS for a year, helping East African refugees in Nairobi start small businesses, like Edith's and Immaculate's batiks. People would see the handicrafts and say, "Where can I buy that?"...
We realized that it would help to have a place where we could market the refugee-made handicrafts, as well as have an office where we could meet with the refugees. It was no problem filling up the shop! And business was brisk immediately....
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Today is #GivingTuesday. I encourage you to consider supporting a Southern Baptist cause or two (or three or more) today. Our entities are thankful for every gift given today and throughout the year.

So here's a megathread of all your options:
We start with the @IMB_SBC and the #LMCO. 100% of your gift goes to missions work around the world.…
At @NAMB_SBC, 100% of your #AAEO gift goes to church planting, replanting, evangelism, and rural ministry across North America.
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For anyone looking to make a #GivingTuesday donation to a program founded and led by women - @JesselynRadack & I founded WHISPeR in 2015 & we give pro bono legal representation to national security and human rights whistleblowers & media sources.
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It's #GivingTuesday! If you're looking for organizations to support today, here is a list of groups doing critical work across the country👇 🧵
Some of our favorite national voting & civil rights organizations:
🗳@civilrightsorg + @votingislocal
🤠If you want to help organizations reach voters specifically in Texas:
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It's #GivingTuesday!!!

You're probably not looking for suggestions on non-profits to support, but I'm gonna give you five suggestions anyway because they're great causes.

(short thread)
Fisher House Foundation (@FisherHouseFdtn) "builds comfort homes where military & veteran families can stay free of charge, while a loved one is in the hospital."

Donate here:
The Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (@TAPSorg) "offers compassionate care to all those grieving a military loss", particularly surviving children.

Donate here:
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As hard as fundraising is, in general, it’s even harder for Black-led nonprofits. Here’s why… 🧵
Racism grew and endured in the United States because it was attached to a financial system—race-based chattel slavery…For centuries, enslaved Black people literally built the wealth of this nation and they were compensated not a bit.…
Even after emancipation, Black people found themselves released from the physical chains of slavery only to be enslaved to generational poverty.

Through replacement systems such as convict leasing and sharecropping, the economic exploitation of Black people’s labor continued.
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ICYMI: The ICO has announced their provisional intent to fine Clearview AI £17 million after our complaint with @NOYBeu, @HermesCenter and @Homo_Digitalis_ in May 🎉
Have you heard of Clearview AI before?
When you upload photos to Instagram and other social media platforms, do you expect them to be scanned for biometric information and stored on a database?

Probably not, right?
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For #GivingTuesday I finally put my first book chapter online, along with some reflections in the year since I wrote it. I wouldn't have put it this way at the time, but I believe tax and benefit policy is a promising cause area for effective altruists.…
My overall thesis is:
* Poverty increases mortality and leading indicators of mortality
* Poverty destabilizes individuals & society, increasing existential risk
* UBI > alternative antipoverty policies

I also posted this to the @Effect_Altruism forum.…
If you're feeling generous today and want to directly reduce poverty and its broader consequences as my chapter describes, I recommend @GiveDirectly.
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For those able and inclined to support First Amendment rights on #GivingTuesday, here are some organizations dedicated to First Amendment rights who would, I’m sure, appreciate any help you can give.
A few points before I start the list, each of these organizations has a different focus, a different mission, a different political view, a different idea of what liberty looks like. I’ll leave it up to you to decide which are best or most deserving.
If you can’t afford to donate money, there are still ways you can help. You could volunteer with these organizations, promote their message online, or explain and advocate for 1A rights to those around you who need to hear it. More ideas from Popehat:

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This #GivingTuesday, support our investigation into the “Big Lie,” including the bogus voter-fraud myth at its core; the attempts to stop the certification of the 2020 election; the Jan. 6 attacks; new voting-restriction bills; and sham election reviews.…
We recently published an in-depth look at the “Big Lie” — that the election was “stolen” from Trump because of voter fraud — and the array of allies who for years have been sowing the seeds of this democracy-undermining lie.…
Those allies include his own inner circle of lawyers as well as grassroots leaders; legislators who used the Big Lie to restrict voting rights in their states; deep-pocketed conservative groups; & state attorneys general who backed outlandish legal challenges to the 2020 results.
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1/ This weekend, a ton of people pitched in to buy ~$16,000 of supplies for 24 low-income schools. (see 🧵)

Today, a new thread that focuses on technology for such schools. Consider adding to/subbing for your #CyberMonday shopping:
2/ All my suggestions will meet this criteria. Learn more at @DonorsChoose
3/ First up, an occupational therapist at a Brooklyn school needs a printer to make the materials her speical needs kids especially rely on in COVID times:…
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“even the most difficult change is possible when we do it together.”
@davetroy⁩ mentions building “social capital” as a tool to combat harmful radical movements. We need a
Social Capital Coalition. ⁦@lifeafterhate⁩ ⁦@CultExpert⁩ ? Lead?…
This is some serious in the trenches hard work done by @lifeafterhate
We have to do this guided work at our kitchen tables & in our communities. We can’t look to any gov’t entities or authorities to do this part for us.…
“Reconciliation...followed, albeit slowly and painstakingly as we opened up to one another with the hurtful questions and equally heartbreaking replies...”

This is our job. It’s the only way to build our social capital.
Kitchen table talk. Hard words.…
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