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💡🤓Personal highlights and things I learned from⚡️Electrolytes and Acid/Base Pre-Course aside from the 🍦🍽️food and 🥳people! @TheSkeletonKG #KidneyWk #KidneyWeek2019 #TeachMeMore

In case you care, I have decided my favorite💞electrolytes are K and Cl.

❓What about you?
⚡️The different SIADH phenotypes are the cause for the differences in management. #NoTwoAreTheSame #PersonalizedMedicine

A - unregulated ADH secretion
B - elevated ADH, but responds to hyperNa
C - reset osmostat
D - low ADH, low copeptin
And type E! #DontforgetmE

📌"Barista reset"
📌normal relationship between serum osmolality and competing are reversed
📌increased sensitivity of baroreceptors to ADH release
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I really enjoyed the membranous nephropathy session (happy 10th birthday PLA2R) at #KidneyWk, and here were some highlights:
@LaurenceHBeckJ1 PLA2R titers fall 3-6 months before reduction in proteinuria in MN. PLA2R titers are used as a secondary endpoint for both the GEMRITUX trial and MENTOR trials #KidneyWk.
@LaurenceHBeckJ1 Treat patients with PLA2R positive MN until the ELISA is <2 or the IFA is negative (more sensitive) #KidneyWk
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1/ sGLT2i educational symposia #KidneyWk #Tweetorial. Trying this out for @AJKDonline rather than a blog post. This is a live tweet thread of the info from this great session.
@AJKDonline 2/ Before we start, if you haven’t already done so, check out the amazing #Tweetorial by @aishaikh on this topic:

@AJKDonline @aishaikh 3/ Initial studies of this mechanism of action was on phlorizin isolated from apple trees, further research identified SGLT carrier proteins.
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1/ Welcome to the Saturday Poster session at #KidneyWk. On behalf of Hector and Edgar, I’d like to welcome you to our tweet thread on • Gender disparities in #SoMe and #MedEd•. You can view our poster (&🗣w/us) live TODAY from 10-12 PM (#27) or learn more about our work below
2/ #SoMe is exploding in medicine & #Nephrology leads the way in many metrics & most certainly in #SoMe research. Many #SoMe *users* are becoming active #SoMe *educators* & share valuable educational information to the larger online community.…
3/ Concurrently, there is a greater push to equalize the way we share knowledge. Gender is an area in need of equalization. More men than women are offered presenting &/or moderating opportunities. This imbalance negatively effects both female *and* male learners. #KidneyWk
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Kidney-brain session. Started by Mark Unruh

Cognitive impairment: 20-40% prevalence in ESKD.

Difficulties with numeracy strongly associated with cognitive performance.

How do we tailor discussions re treatment among other things with this in mind?

80% of patients in the COGNITIVE HD study were impaired in one cognitive domain.…

Better executive function has been associated with better survival.…

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Starting the morning with “The Sciece of Learning” with Peter C Brown at the new #MedEd Workshop #KidneyWk

3 Big Ideas:
Additional testing may be more effective than additional studying #MedEd #KidneyWk
Spaced practice allows time for consolidation, strengthens connections, updates learning...and sleep is important! 😴 #KidneyWk
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One thing I love about #KidneyWk in a brief tweetorial #AskASN
#KidneyWk and @ASNKidney never created a social media team or official social media ambassadors to cover the meeting.
So much of medicine is permission based, but there is no one to ask permission of off you want to tweet about #KidneyWk. There are no social media credentials or badge needed to complain about a speaker, a #manel, or Comic Sans on a slide #AskASN
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•PLEX in ANCA vasculitis @ #kidneywk 1/n
"pheresis" = remove forcibly
1914: PLEX used to treat toxemia
1970s: PLEX reported to be used to treat Goodpasture's syndrome
•PLEX in ANCA vasculitis @ #kidneywk 2/n
PLEX comes in 2 modalities: filtration (blood pumped through a filter) and centrifugation (blood separated into components and then the selected component is aspirated)
•PLEX in ANCA vasculitis @ #kidneywk 3/n
Filtration: certain size molecules excluded, requires central vein access, requires heparin (systemic anticoagulation)
Centrifugation: no size restrictions, lower blood flow and can use a peripheral vein access, can use citrate
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