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EXCLUSIVE: Post piles up in Geoffrey Cox’s constituency office while he is working on tax haven island.
Local voters ask if they are being neglected.…
@theipaper #GeoffreyCox #Tavistock
Under fire Conservative MP Sir Geoffrey Cox has left a pile of constituency post unread while he works his second lucrative legal job from the sunshine tax haven island of Mauritius.
Local voters told i they barely see their MP in the town, despite his constituency home only a ten minute drive from his office.
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Tories speak in Geoffrey Cox’s Devon seat: ‘I’ve never seen him here for years. Except at election time’.
@theipaper visits Tavistock and finds the local MP isn’t flavour of the month, even at the Conservative Club.…
#GeoffreyCox #Tavistock @TWDCA1
It’s 2pm at the local Conservative Club. No one wants to provide their name. “We’re told not to talk on behalf of the party,” says one man. “But it’d be nice to see him in here.”
“He’s too posh for us here,” says a female member of the club.
Another Conservative Club member says: “A Dartmoor pony could get elected for the Tories here. That would probably make more of an effort to meet the locals too.”
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IRELAND: In 2007 the Ombudsman for Children @OCO_ireland had formed very strong opinions on what would be in children’s best interest regarding gender Identity and transitioning & GRA

A thread with screen shots taken from...
3/ Dealing with the first link first- this is the submission from OCO “Advice on the General Scheme of the Gender Recognition Bill 2013”. This was the proposed medical model Bill which was passed in the Seanad and then changed to self ID when it reached the Dáil.
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EMERGENCY MOTION: PROHIBIT GENDERGP FROM OPERATING IN UK on Grounds of Patient Safety, Lack of Child Informed Consent & Safeguarding Failures. This EM will be voted on at #gpconf plenary! Full text in image & thread. @TheGreenParty members pls support motion. #GenderGP #Tavistock Emergency Motion to Green Party Spring Conference 2021: Proh
Link also here:…

"The Green Party is extremely concerned to learn about the clinical practice of GenderGP in its treatment of patients reporting gender dysphoria, as exposed by the @Telegraph Investigations Team (26 Feb 2021) . . ."
". . . and in an open letter by the General Pharmaceutical Council (@TheGPhC,…), which explained their enforcement actions against two of GenderGP’s partner pharmacies in the UK, Clear Chemist and (10 Feb 2021)."
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@AdamWagner1 @OmarSalem Indeed one would have hoped a dramatic #medicalExperimentation basically castrating unhinged children using #OffLabel drugs

based on blatant lies about suicide risks& #detransitioners

would have been prohibited by medical ethics.1/ #PubertyBlockers

@AdamWagner1 @OmarSalem Not conducting proper scientific evaluation of powerful drugs used #offLabel on children is against HR .
Lying to politicians & parents by pretending an old, small, very poor scientifically study from the Netherland were definitive is an old crooky trick👇
@AdamWagner1 @OmarSalem Of note, in Sweden politicians put a stop to the blind implementation in the Law of the #transExtremismPropaganda after investigative journalism exposed the lies in particular re : #suicideThreat

In UK @deb_cohen 's work exists but judges were needed...
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1/n In the first thread, linked below, I looked at how the UK court case of #KieraBell began, and how it ended, and the specific issues *decided*. But that's far from all; there are issues that came up in the court case.

2/ what was the #Tavistock NHS #GIDS doing to date? The court summarizes the first part so:
§ 15 of Section A (my inserts in square brackets [ ]) below. Keep in mind this is for the UK.

In § 5, we learn children as young as 10 have been prescribed puberty-blockers by Tavistock. Image
3/ In § 22, we learn that till 2011, puberty-blockers were only prescribed to those over 16. From 2011~2014 children 12~15 were prescribed PB's, so was it 2014 or after that children as young as 10 got given them?
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1/n On the #KieraBell court ruling. This is a UK High Court legal review that has been set in motion since January. Defendant: The Tavistock And Portman NHS Foundation Trust.
The NHS England also enters as "Interested Party".…
2/ One point here: the #Tavistock, & anybody who cared, have had since January to brush up their data, & their legal arguments, since January. *Plenty* of time.

It involves not just #KieraBell, but another, Mrs. A..
A good start to understanding:…
3/ So what is the #KieraBell legal review case & ruling about?
The prescribing of puberty-suppressing meds to those under the age of 18 who experience #GenderDysphoria, by the #Tavistock, through its Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS).…
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1. Visit my website, Fighting Monarch, to learn how CIA uses cybernetics, hypnotism, drugs, and horrific sexual abuse to enslave people and to warp their sexuality

#hefner #playboy #playboyplaymates #mkultra #projectmonarch #mindcontrol #cia #mi7 #tavistock #newworldorder #nwo
2. Playboy is one of the weapons in NWO’s arsenal.…
3. Like Disney, it looks innocent, but it is far from it.
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1. Mia Khalifa is a person of interest when it comes to CIA activity, as they use her in OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD.

#miakhalifa #miak #projectmonarch #mkultra #operationmockingbird #cia #mi7 #tavistock
2. Mia Khalifa grew up in war-torn Beirut, a hotbed of CIA activity.
3. Then she went to Massanutten Military Academy.
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1. Visit my website, Fighting Monarch, to learn how CIA uses cybernetics, hypnotism, drugs, and horrific sexual abuse to enslave people & to warp their sexuality.

#hefner #playboy #playboyplaymates #mkultra #projectmonarch #mindcontrol #cia #mi7 #tavistock #newworldorder #nwo
2. Playboy is one of the weapons in NWO’s arsenal.…
3. Like Disney, it looks innocent, but it is far from it.
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We have reached the #tippingpoint. For the past year+, the visceral comments on @realDonaldTrump's tweets has been almost unbearable. In the past week, something has changed. Less Tavistock/Soros paid NPC bot's comments, & much more push back against those comments. #NinjaNews
Twitter is still doing their part by keeping the NPC comments at the top of the feed, but those comments are definitely less and getting a much different response. I will post some for you, so that you can see what I am saying is true.
This peach makes the common NPC statement in response to @realDonaldTrump's tweet this morning- using words like pathetic, immature, dumb and STFU. She even throws in a big ol FU.
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#Gender #Identity (FCO since 2009) Mathematical Analysis of @MoJGovUK stats 30 June 2018 wrt sexual offences (99.1% #Male) #Male-pattern Sexual Offending shared by #Transwomen, 60 is just under half of 128 #female from total population of 30M in #England & #Wales. @munkihanger
#Gender #Identity:
#Tavistock *Gender Identity* Clinic
#BAGIS #British Assn of *Gender Identity* Specialists
#GIRES *Gender Identity* #Research & #Education #Service &
@FCOHumanRights since 2009/10-ish!
Why does this #Lesbian of the #BritishEmpire know? 🤔
@faintlyfalling 😊😊😊
#Shoutout for @mrkhtake2 for patiently explaining that #Intersex people can ONLY be i) #female with Variant Sex Characteristics from typical #female sex characteristics presentation &... ii) #male with Variant Sex Characteristics from typical #male sex characteristics. @ClareCAIS
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