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This book is going to be cataclysmic for Gender Ideology, and the people that have been pushing it. As will the final #CassReport.

We must never forget who these bastards were, even as they desert the ship.

Thank you @hannahsbee.

It can't have been easy to write or get published, but it's already clear from the early excerpts that this is the book about the #Tavistock that we have been waiting for.

#WomensRightsAreHumanRights Image
97.5% of the children seeking 'sex changes' were either on the autistic spectrum, suffered with depression, or had other serious problems that were ignored at the Tavistock. Image
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@HadleyFreeman on @BBCWomansHour to tell us why she resigned after 22 years at @guardian.
I wonder what she’ll be talking about?
Must listen.
7 years ago Hadley says the Guardian became a conspiracy theorist.
Gender identity was the theory.
Hadley wanted to write a long piece about Susy Green and #Metmaids and the reasons kept changing.
Post Telegraph’s expose they refused to report.
@Emmabarnett pointed out that the Charity Commission is investigating #Mermaids.
@HadleyFreeman said she wished to write about #AlisonBailey, @MForstater cases etc.
They ran lots of articles on Trans people, but nothing about Trans sceptical women.
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Nov 2019 a document appears called "Only adults? Good practices in legal gender recognition for youth", authored by multiple orgs, prepared by Dentons:"the biggest law firm in the world when it merged with Dacheng in China & McKenna Long & Aldridge in US to create a behemoth" 1/
The document was reported by legal blog Roll On Friday
"Only adults? Good practices in legal gender recognition for youth advises campaigners to be secretive about the changes they are lobbying to put into law". We see you #Mermaids, @lgbtys @ScotGovFM 2/…
& Spectator "Based on contributions of trans groups from around the world (incl. 2 in UK, 1 of which is not named), it collects & shares 'best practice' in 'lobbying' to change the law so that parents no longer have say on their child’s legal gender" 3/…
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Short thread 🧵on #Mermaids, Aimee Challenor & Green Party. In 2016, Challenor, then prominent in our party, organised an open letter to attack Daily Mail for running a story questioning role of Mermaids in a dispute between parents on social transitioning of their child.
Here's story from Oct 2016: Parents in bitter battle over their child's gender: Father brands controversial transgender charity as ‘meddlers’ in yet ANOTHER case of a mother dressing her son, five, as a girl…
👉 Mother believes boy, five, should wear girl's uniform to school 

👉 She was backed on issue by Mermaids who leant on school

👉 Father says his son has simply been confused by his mother dressing him

👉 five-year-old has been dressed as a girl since he was two by mother
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THREAD We are absolutely appalled at this latest ineptitude from @educationgovuk. This is not a ‘political flashpoint’ or a ‘culture war’ this is (once again) a serious, national failing of #safeguarding. @kitmalthouse as education secretary you need……
to take a #safeguardingfirst approach. Not use highly vulnerable children as a political football using soundbites such as ‘common sense’. The @Conservatives have overseen the worst medical, child safeguarding & lobbying scandal, all rolled into one, this country has ever seen.
While this has unfolded before our eyes & members of the public have tirelessly done the job of @NSPCC, who have been in complete dereliction of duty, @UKLabour have also been missing in action & with notable exceptions such as @RosieDuffield1 & @ToniaAntoniazzi they have…
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1.We welcome the review/investigation into #Mermaids by the @TNLComFund & @ChtyCommission. There is evidence suggesting funding was previously awarded to them based partly on falsehoods relating to the Yogyakarta Principles (YP). #MermaidsInvestigation…
2. In 2019 a report was produced by TNLCF's Director for Scotland to assist in a review of the decision to award £500K over five years to #Mermaids after concerns were raised. The report claims that YP are legally binding & that all states must comply.… ImageImage
3. The YP are non-binding as confirmed by the UK Supreme Court. They do not represent 'international best practice'. They promote highly contested ideas such as making sex self ID the law & abolishing references to sex on a newborn child's birth certificate. Image
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I was recommended Mermaids when my eldest son was small. He loved dolls, wearing fairy dresses, wanted to be a princess, doll, and was often mistaken for a girl. As a feminist, I had resisted gendered toys and was happy with all of his behaviours, as it was clearly who he was.
#Mermaids was sold as a playgroup for gender non conforming kids. I thought it would be boys in frocks running around, girls digging holes & climbing, and some fairy princesses driving imaginary steam trains. Great!
Other parents to chat to, maybe have a moan about how people expect kids to behave a certain way, and normalise not being normal for the wee ones. It was only because one person warned me that I clocked on
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Getting ready for the #WomensRally in Edinburgh today. Lots of speakers. Lots of issues. Hoping for an eventful but peaceful morning
Some of the messages around the stage. Seems that there isn't any sort of counter-protest so far #WomensRally
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This is what Lisa Muggeridge was saying about #Mermaids four years ago!

And more

Lisa was not eating properly, due to poverty, when she made those videos. She is much better now 😊
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As we know, predators are looking for three things:
1) access
2) opportunity
3) social cover
If you’re running an organisation that provides any of these elements, predators will be trying to use you to get to kids #Mermaids
#safeguarding works if we disrupt these three ways that predators use organisations:
1) access: ensure adults don’t have unsupervised access to minors: no private one-to-ones, no use of unregulated chat services/platforms, no mingling of minor and adult services
2) opportunity
Are you making it clear that adults and minors aren’t mixing? Are you ensuring no adult is working/talking to individual/groups of minors without a second adult being present? Do you ensure that unsupervised contact with minors is impossible?
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As the Charity Commission investigates Mermaids for its approach to safeguarding, now is the time for schools to review their #PSHE and #RSE resources to ensure they are not promoting gender identity ideology.

@educationgovuk guidance states:
@educationgovuk 'You should not reinforce harmful stereotypes, for instance by suggesting that children might be a different gender based on their personality and interests or the clothes they prefer to wear.'
'Resources used in teaching about this topic must always be age-appropriate and evidence based. Materials which suggest that non-conformity to gender stereotypes should be seen as synonymous with having a different gender identity should not be used and...

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THREAD: Tory MP #JamieWallis, riddled with psych problems declares he "wants to be" "trans". Fake left media trips over itself to accommodate by using pluralised pronouns even tho he hasn't yet declared his preference.

Trans theory is not progressive. 1/…
It is the ultimate expression of patriarchal ideology, it is the notion that a gay or effeminate man cannot just exist that way and be accepted, they must actually be a woman trapped in a male body.
It was the Tories who first brought the concept of 'Self ID' to parliament. 2/
Then promptly abandoned it, but not b4 creating yet another divide amongst 'the left' which imploded arguing over the idea of allowing males to elbow their way into female spaces & provisions. Tories knew their voter base didn't care. Trans theory is a tool to divide the left. 3/
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THREAD: #ConversionTherapy is still around, but in the 21st century, it’s being rebranded as progressive. Today, Lesbians United is delving into the rampant medical abuse of #lesbian and #gay youth in the US. (1/10)
The science is clear: girls who are attracted to other girls are being targeted for medicalization. This is #ConversionTherapy, plain and simple. Src: #lesbianrights #SaveTheTomboys (2/10)
How are young lesbians being targeted? Through a DSM-V entry that treats non-conformity to stereotypes as a symptom of mental illness. Young #lesbians often fit this description. #SaveTheTomboys (3/10)
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#Mermaids are trending following new guidance from @educationgovuk making clear that mermaids are not suitable to train #teachers & #schools. All policies that they or organisations partnered with them have consulted on must now be reviewed.
Thread of threads on @MERMAlDS_GENDER
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And yet, this is under "parent resources" on the @Mermaids_Gender website. Tell me Kelly isn't all about gender stereotypes...

✅"no interest in traditional boys toys like cars and Dinosaurs"
✅ "loves bracelets"
✅"looks longingly at girls in dresses"

And it goes on
✅He likes Princess costumes
✅Wears sparkly pink dresses and tiaras
✅"I couldn't cope with this ⬆️ behaviour"
✅MAKE him be a boy with boys toys and clothes
✅He wants "girls aisle" toys and clothes
And so "Kelly" starts researching trans information online.

Remember: this is on the Mermaids website under "parents resources" but what message does this silly story send?

"from the age of 4 we started letting evie being girls clothes and toys into the house"
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We absolutely DO NOT support @Mermaids_Gender "guidance" for parents, which includes guff like "Family said I should try and make her be a boy, get her to play with boys’ toys & dress her in boys’ clothes..." cont...
"(at the) supermarket she would make a beeline for the dolls & girls toys & get very upset when I told her they weren’t for her." Why not question what made these things "girls" or "boys" to begin with? Why not give your child choice?
The sad truth is, companies like @Tesco who are proudly donating to #mermaids, are responsible for continuing the widespread use of gender marketing. Mermaids should be quesioning why they have stereotypical "for girls" and "for boys" ranges!
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The excuse that clients’ sensitive personal data was publicly available but was intended only for trustees is in itself a massive red flag.
The occasions which trustees need any such data are rare. #Mermaids…
Did clients sign consent forms agreeing that their personal sensitive data could be shared with trustees?
Why doesn’t the charity have/use a secure encrypted email service for sharing client data on the occasions this is necessary?
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