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@Oprah @ABC @NASA @netflix @OffsetYRN @ava @johnlegend @NBCNews @RonanFarrow @oprahmagazine @danwootton @TheSun @rupertmurdoch @piersmorgan @ZerlinaMaxwell @UN_Women @billboard @KeirSimmons @BritishVogue @vmas @nytimes @TVLine @usweekly @OfficialTCA @Trevornoah @POTUS44 @BarackObama @foxycar @IndieWire @OWNTV @amkwindsor @TheEllenShow @akstanwyck @Telegraph @CharlesMBlow @GayleKing @VanityFair @Patriots @thedailybeast @CEThomson @meghanpedia @JuddApatow @voxdotcom @MissyElliott @chrissyteigen @HBO @RAINN @dannywuyue @FBI @SquareOneMJ For those who haven't figured out why Duchess Meghan is in this thread, hoping you get it now. UK Media & other sections of Western media (particularly in Australia, New Zealand & w/ America sure to follow) have been trying to run the same racist game on Meghan as they did on MJ.
@Oprah @ABC @NASA @netflix @OffsetYRN @ava @johnlegend @NBCNews @RonanFarrow @oprahmagazine @danwootton @TheSun @rupertmurdoch @piersmorgan @ZerlinaMaxwell @UN_Women @billboard @KeirSimmons @BritishVogue @vmas @nytimes @TVLine @usweekly @OfficialTCA @Trevornoah @POTUS44 @BarackObama @foxycar @IndieWire @OWNTV @amkwindsor @TheEllenShow @akstanwyck @Telegraph @CharlesMBlow @GayleKing @VanityFair @Patriots @thedailybeast @CEThomson @meghanpedia @JuddApatow @voxdotcom @MissyElliott @chrissyteigen @HBO @RAINN @dannywuyue @FBI @SquareOneMJ In the same way Western media & others relentlessly made up BS about MJ because he was (and still is) so powerful & influential, UK media began immediately doing the same thing to Duchess Meghan cuz they knew she was a threat to the fragile & obvious myth called White Supremacy.
@Oprah @ABC @NASA @netflix @OffsetYRN @ava @johnlegend @NBCNews @RonanFarrow @oprahmagazine @danwootton @TheSun @rupertmurdoch @piersmorgan @ZerlinaMaxwell @UN_Women @billboard @KeirSimmons @BritishVogue @vmas @nytimes @TVLine @usweekly @OfficialTCA @Trevornoah @POTUS44 @BarackObama @foxycar @IndieWire @OWNTV @amkwindsor @TheEllenShow @akstanwyck @Telegraph @CharlesMBlow @GayleKing @VanityFair @Patriots @thedailybeast @CEThomson @meghanpedia @JuddApatow @voxdotcom @MissyElliott @chrissyteigen @HBO @RAINN @dannywuyue @FBI @SquareOneMJ UK Media thought it had an open field to negatively shape public's perception re Duchess Meghan right from the beginning because it had done so successfully with MJ & via its stereotypical characterizations of POC in general...but it did not factor in Prince Harry fighting back.
@Oprah @ABC @NASA @netflix @OffsetYRN @ava @johnlegend @NBCNews @RonanFarrow @oprahmagazine @danwootton @TheSun @rupertmurdoch @piersmorgan @ZerlinaMaxwell @UN_Women @billboard @KeirSimmons @BritishVogue @vmas @nytimes @TVLine @usweekly @OfficialTCA @Trevornoah @POTUS44 @BarackObama @foxycar @IndieWire @OWNTV @amkwindsor @TheEllenShow @akstanwyck @Telegraph @CharlesMBlow @GayleKing @VanityFair @Patriots @thedailybeast @CEThomson @meghanpedia @JuddApatow @voxdotcom @MissyElliott @chrissyteigen @HBO @RAINN @dannywuyue @FBI @DailyMail Unfortunately MJ didn't have Social Media when the Western Media first began its decades long campaign of lies, distortions & slander against him in the late 80s. Before SM, the Western Media's many lies and false narratives went unchallenged by the public...but not anymore 😎🍿
@Oprah @ABC @NASA @netflix @OffsetYRN @ava @johnlegend @NBCNews @RonanFarrow @oprahmagazine @danwootton @TheSun @rupertmurdoch @piersmorgan @ZerlinaMaxwell @UN_Women @billboard @KeirSimmons @BritishVogue @vmas @nytimes @TVLine @usweekly @OfficialTCA @Trevornoah @POTUS44 @BarackObama @foxycar @IndieWire @OWNTV @amkwindsor @TheEllenShow @akstanwyck @Telegraph @CharlesMBlow @GayleKing @VanityFair @Patriots @thedailybeast @CEThomson @meghanpedia @JuddApatow @voxdotcom @MissyElliott @chrissyteigen @HBO @RAINN @dannywuyue @FBI @DailyMail If Western Media had standards, ethics & integrity, Prince Harry would not have had to take the unprecedented step he is now taking against trash tabloids who relentlessly bullied his pregnant wife. Tho only few are named in his legal action, the entire Western Media is complicit