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Elizabeth Warren Partied Maskless With Actual Native Americans at Interior Secretary Deb Haaland’s Wedding

Attendees violated New Mexico's indoor mask mandate, putting lives at risk…

(1/13) Image
Secretary of @Interior Deb Haaland, the first Native American cabinet secretary in history, got married on Saturday in New Mexico. #MASEN @ewarren, who is best known for pretending to be Native American, was among the celebrities in attendance.…

Warren, @SecDebHaaland and other wedding guests partied indoors without masks in blatant violation of New Mexico's restrictions. On Aug. 17, #NMGOV @GovMLG issued an order reimposing an indoor mask mandate to prevent the spread of COVID-19.…

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There are more parallels to be drawn between the D prez primary this year and #VAGov D primary next year than there are between the latter and #MASEN -- McAuliffe is Biden.
McAuliffe, like Biden in the primary:

- Has most name recognition
- Moderate, "establishment" candidate
- Can only be stopped if he doesn't face a fractured field (which at the moment he looks like he will face)
- Possibly/probably oldest candidate in the field
We're quite a ways away from the 2021 #VAGov primaries, but where I am right now is that unless McClellan were to drop out and endorse Carroll Foy, McAuliffe very likely has the race in the bag.
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We're going to say one more thing about the #masen race because there are lots of non-MA people on here making lots of grand pronouncements.

Markey won with progressives, no doubt. But he also won in places that are commonly thought of liberal but progressive hotbeds...
...wealthy, highly-educated, and not particularly diverse. (In other words, communities like Newton, Brookline, the suburbs between Boston & Worcester). That's all fine, it was a good strategy for him.

But he was also uniquely qualified to succeed at that strategy. Why?
For one, he does truly have progressive bona fides. He was long one of the most liberal members of MA's House delegation & has a long record on issues like environment, etc. So he was v. authentic on those issues, meaning progressives didn't need to be converted to support him.
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MA Democratic Senator @EdMarkey on his #MASen primary win over Rep. Joe Kennedy: "I extended my respect & congratulations for a campaign that has been fierce at times,but always fueled by a shared commitment to the people of this great commonwealth."… @cspan Image
Markey (D-MA): "In this race, justice was on the ballot, health care justice. That's Medicare For All and universal health care."
Markey (D-MA): "Racial justice, so we can confront our history, make reparations, and rout out the systemic racism that keeps us from achieving the promise of liberty and justice for everyone. Today and every day, we say Black Lives Matter. Black voices matter."
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Current Ed Markey Wikipedia page... #mapoli #masen Image
No such wiki-vandalism on JKIII’s page…
To be clear, except for pages that are high profile enough to get locked, anyone can edit a Wikipedia page to say anything outlandish, at least temporarily. I did find it humorous that there’s some Kennedy fan out there so incensed by his loss that they attacked Markey’s page
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His only hope is a #MASEN special if Warren gets put in a Biden cabinet, IMO he’d lose to Baker in #MAGOV assuming Baker runs for a third term.
The keyword here is “best shot” – now that he’s the only Kennedy who’s ever lost in MA, he’s damaged in electability terms. But IMO he’d win a primary for #MASEN special, but Ayanna Pressley would be a big threat to his chances.
For a #MAGOV bid though, he’d have that in the bag. Pressley wouldn’t run against Baker. If there isn’t a #MASEN special though Kennedy doesn’t really have any other choice, unless perhaps he wants his old House seat back, which is unlikely.
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Massachusetts Democratic Senator Ed Markey, endorsed by Senate Minority Leader Schumer and NY Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, defeats his #MASen primary challenger Rep. Joe Kennedy III, who was backed by House Speaker Pelosi.
Markey will face #MASen GOP primary winner Kevin O'Connor in the fall election. The Massachusetts Democrat was first sworn into the US Senate in July 2013 and last won reelection in 2014 with 61.9% of the vote.
AOC who endorsed Markey on his #MASen Democratic primary win tonight.
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Ed Markey has won #MASen primary. Kennedy concedes.

This was about incumbency. But Markey looked out-of-it a year ago, so this is also a turnaround powered by AOC & by Markey's embrace of the party's left wing.

It's also the first MA loss for the Kennedy family.
Kennedy ended up explicitly leaning into the dynastic aspect, especially as he was more clearly trailing in the final weeks.…

And Markey did not hesitate to turn that around, most symbolically when he flipped JFK's quote:… Image
And this is just one slice of the race, but it's what I wrote about so up-ing: Markey said he strongly supported ending felony disenfranchisement, & extending voting rights to incarcerated people. (Kennedy backed it too.)

What his camp told me:… Image
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Whatever the outcome of tonight's #masen race is, we're just glad we'll no longer have to see the garbage hot takes about the Kennedys on this site anymore.
You can genuinely prefer Ed Markey without garbage Kennedy family hot takes! In fact, half of @CatholicDems HQ found reasons to vote for him that weren't "who do the Kennedys think they are?!" There are actual policy reasons to want Markey in the Senate.
You can even dislike for Joe Kennedy for reasons entirely unrelated to his family. I know that is a difficult thing to understand on Twitter but it's true!
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Polls are closing in 30 minutes in Massachusetts!

Besides #MASen & #MA01, some Gov. Baker allies face important challenges. This is the moment to familiarize yourself with the night's agenda, as two dozen races feature interesting ideological stakes. Image
My plan for the night!

1. I'll update on the latest as information comes in (so follow me if you want updates!).
2. Results on as they are called.
3. Likely end the night with a recap on my weekly live video stream.
And I'll add: I just moved out of Massachusetts just two days ago after living there for 2 years, so having this night follow so quickly feels bittersweet.
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The polls in Massachusetts close in 🚨 one hour 🚨!! I'll have live coverage of all the biggest races tonight on @businessinsider with election results from @DecisionDeskHQ, it'll all be in this thread starting here with our #MASen live results blog:…
Next up, our live results blog for the crowded 7-way Democratic primary to replace Joe Kennedy in #MA04:…
Here's our live results post for the Democratic primary race between @RepRichardNeal, the powerful chair of the House Ways and Means Committee, and Holyoke Mayor @AlexBMorse in Western Massachusetts-based #MA01…
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🗳🇺🇸1. ¡Hoy hay primarias en Massachusetts! Estaré siguiendo los resultados en este hilo de Twitter y a partir de las 7:30pm EST en, por si queréis ir cogiendo sitio.

Puede ser una GRAN noche para la izquierda en Nueva Inglaterra. Vamos a ver por qué. 👇🏼
🗳🇺🇸2. Lo más importante del día son las primarias senatoriales (#MASen). El progresista Ed Markey, en el Senado desde 2013, defiende escaño con la ayuda de su compañera Elizabeth Warren y de Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, con quien lanzó el #GreenNewDeal.
🗳🇺🇸3. Su rival es Joe Kennedy III, nieto de Bobby Kennedy, que quería aprovechar un año de elecciones tonto para arrebatarle el puesto a Markey sin ninguna razón demasiado específica.

Es más establishment que Markey en un estado cada vez más progresista.
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If you're in Massachusetts and you're voting today, vote for Ed Markey. #MASen
And I don't say this because I think there's a major difference. I say it because we should abhor political dynasty in the U.S.

Kennedy should have a better claim to the Senate seat than the fact that his name is Kennedy, and a better reason to run than he wants to.
And it bothers me that a Democratic Senate race that would have been safely Democratic swallowed millions of dollars and tons of time and energy that could have been expended in Alabama, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Texas, or Virginia, all for Kennedy's hubris.
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It’s Election Day in Massachusetts & @joekennedy is stopping at a polling place in Dorchester - one stop of many today as he tries to unseat @EdMarkey tonight. Image
Some takeaways from voters in this heavily African American precinct:

- Highly unscientific sample, most voters here breaking for Kennedy.
- “Social justice is in his blood,” one voter told me. Family history matters.
- Kennedy voters don’t dislike Markey, just want change.
One Markey voter told me she just doesn’t see a reason to fire him. “I think the Kennedy name brings some familiarity but I don’t believe in taking a job from someone who is doing it to the best of his ability.”
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It's primary election day in Massachusetts where Democratic Senator Ed Markey is being challenged by Rep. Joe Kennedy III.
16th term #MA01 Rep. Richard Neal, Ways & Means Chair & endorsed by Speaker Pelosi, faces Democratic primary challenger Alex Morse, supported by Ocasio-Cortez and progressive Justice Democrats who helped 3 Democratic primary opponents defeat Reps Clay, Engel & Lipinski this year.
It's open #MA04 House race today with Democratic Rep. Joe Kennedy III running for US Senate instead of a 5th House term.
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Campaigning in the time of COVID: @EdMarkey closes out his #MASEN campaign with a drive-in rally. Folks in cars can hear audio over the radio and watch him on the big screen. Honks = applause. Image
In his final pre-election event, @joekennedy takes the stage to Phil Collins banging out “In Air Tonight.” And it’s quite the stage, in the IBEW parking lot. Note the signage on the windmill. Image
Finishing with an old-fashioned photo line. Image
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Drove through downtown Lee, MA today, in the heart of rural Berkshire County in #MA01.

Saw 8 yard signs for @NealForCongress and 1 for @joekennedy.
Found about a half-dozen @AlexBMorse yard signs while driving around Berkshire County yesterday. Also one or two adverts for @NealForCongress, @EdMarkey, and @joekennedy.
Driving in and around Pittsfield, MA today, lots more interest in #MA01 than #MAsen ahead of Tuesday primaries.

@NealForCongress & @AlexBMorse signs galore in roughly equal numbers, with a smattering of @EdMarkey and @joekennedy signage.
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Pelosi doing this on the last day of the convention, hours before Biden’s speech, is a choice.
Imagine being as cool as Markey about this! I can’t!
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WHY I’M VOTING FOR #SHIVA4SENATE on SEPT 1, 2020 (or during early voting @ Aug 22-28)

1. Dr. SHIVA is the BEST qualified candidate to represent #Massachusetts in the #USSenate (4 degrees from MIT, including PhD in biological engineering; Fulbright Scholar; started 7 companies; Image
working scientist, inventor & entrepreneur).

2. Dr. SHIVA is a quintessential example of the American Dream. Modest immigrant family, no trust funds, no family connections in high places, just honest, merit-based hard work & ingenuity.

3. Dr. SHIVA has been educating people Image
about economy, politics, history, environment, science, medicine, incl. immune health, & other topics, doing incredible #publicservice distilling complex topics to empower us to take care of ourselves & think critically. He's been earning people’s trust & support through Image
Read 20 tweets's been a good while since I've done a good tweetstorm, but since it now appears that the #HEROESAct will soon be passed as the second stimulus package, it's time to talk about the #HazardPay section and how it may affect those of us #EssentialWorkers.

As far as publicity is concerned, #HazardPay has been the stepsister in the basement, at least compared to the rollicking debates over the stim checks and the $600/week fed UI extension.

But, it actually may be the most impacting for #essentialworkers down the line.

Until recently, it seems that not even the parties in DC now negotiating and fighting over the details of the stim package have given #HazardPay its due analysis. Nor has the media.

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I’m just getting to this now (school vacation week).

10 minutes in, @EdMarkey us wiping the floor with him. It isn’t close. #Masen #mapoli
@EdMarkey “Hey @joekennedy why are you running?” - “Reasons; me (I cant stress this enough: me); and TRUMP”
“Hey @EdMarkey why are you still there?” “I wrote the Green New Deal, & a million other things you take for granted. I’m saving the world out here —“
@jimbraude “keep it brief pal”
@EdMarkey @joekennedy @jimbraude Appreciate the @jimbraude q re: Weymouth compressor, but the conflict of interest framing has no juice at all - doesn’t go anywhere. The question is what leverage a US Senator can use to prevent this and future such projects.
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