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Naturally I condemn the actions of the Colleyville gunman, & all affected are in my prayers. Unfortunately this statement includes the claim he released the hostages & they "were not rescued."

Bad idea to say that. Law enforcement spent 12 hours rescuing them. Thank you 👮‍♀️.
The family's statement is otherwise constructive and well written. As tempting as it would be for a family to immediately say their deceased brother had thoughtfully released the hostages, they cannot know that. And they contradict their opening words "we can't say much now."
The paragraph condemning all religious bigotry motivated violence should not have specified a hypothetical Jewish attack on other faith groups. Like so many initial family statements, this one said too much, which ends up negating the whole statement.
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El 15 enero 1929 nacía Martin Luther King.

Luchó contra la segregación racial y el racismo.

Es muy importante conocer su historia, sus logros, los cambios q generó... y no olvidarlos.

Abro hilo!

#MartinLutherKing #MartinLutherKingJrDay #MLKDay #MLK #MLKDay2022 #racismo
Martin Luther King es recordado x su lucha no violenta a favor de los derechos de los afroamericanos, el fin de la segregación x razas, la desobediencia civil, activista contra la Guerra de Vietnam y la pobreza en general. Su verdadero nombre de nacimiento es Michael King Jr.
Cuando Martin Luther King llevó su campaña de derechos civiles a Chicago en 1966, arrancó una página de su libro alemán de homónimos y pegó sus demandas de vivienda en la puerta del ayuntamiento. Esa página pertenecía a una obra
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Jerry Kammer's op-ed in Thursday's @nytimes calling for restriction on immigration as a “liberal” is nothing but camouflaged white nationalism.

How could they fall for it? Well, Kammer is part of the #TantonNetwork and fooling people is what they do.…
That they fell for publishing this drivel days before the #WomensMarch and #MartinLutherKingJrDay shows how pervasively the white nationalist movement has infiltrated both our government and our immigration discourse.
The #TantonNetwork can't say they want to enhance inequality. So they camouflage, adopting arguments of economic justice (who will protect American workers?), environmental justice (we must have (certain) population(s) controlled), and the old go-to: appeals to law and order.
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I was so inspired on Friday listening to @MichaelEDyson speak about the vision created by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the determination we need to muster as a nation to protect it. The U.S. is only now starting to acknowledge the deep injustices of its racist past. #MLKDay Trudi and I meeting the ins...The inspiring Michael E. Dy...
As we spend #MLKDay honoring those who paved the way for us on a road that was not easy, a road that included police dogs, batons, church bombings and assassinations, we must realize that we are not yet in a post-racial America. We still have much more work to do. #getinvolved
We are not in a post-racial America. The wage gap still persists for blacks, incarceration still disproportionately impacts African Americans, and buying a house, a car, paying for tuition or starting a business is still difficult due to unjust credit availability practices.
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How small Trump and Pence are. They stop by the King Memorial on #MLKDay, say nothing about Dr King or his legacy of expanding America's promise of justice, equality & civil rights. They represent the opposite—fear, hate, cages, walls. So small next to the great Stone of Hope.
Showman Trump's photo-op visit to the King Memorial was just long enough for cameras to snap. He even thanked them. "Thank you for being here. I appreciate it" and left. Nothing about the great American he was supposed to be honoring #MartinLutherKingJrDay
Oh snap: Watch how brief Trump & Pence's visit to the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial in Washington DC was. Just long enough for cameras to snap. Also long enough to capture the combover swinging in the wind over the bald spot. #MartinLutherKingJrDay
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Want to tackle racial inequality? State level policies are a good place to start. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of some of legislation proposed in #Maine that will help level the playing field (thread) #mepolitics #MartinLutherKingJrDay
“An Act To Expand the Earned Income Tax Credit in Maine” (LR 163) would increase the size of the state EITC, which goes to low income families. Maine has some the highest poverty rates for POC in the nation, and the EITC is one of the most effective anti poverty programs
“An Act To Ensure Pay Transparency and Reduce Gender and Racial Inequities” (LR 942) would require disclosure of race and gender pay gaps for large companies. Black women in Maine make ~59¢ for every $1 made by a white man. More transparency will force corps to face inequities
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Over the last 10 years, I spent the first half working to make a difference through politics and the last half through technology. I’m excited to share the convergence of the two through Speak Up America. 🙌🏼🇺🇸 (Video and link in tweet below)
Speak Up America is an Alexa skill that connects you straight to your congressperson without the need of looking them up, finding contact info, or dialing — Speak Up America connects your phone straight to them. Download available:
The goal is to create the easiest way for you to become civically engaged and to make your voice heard. Please share with your friends! Looking forward to feedback and, if you have a moment, would appreciate your review on Amazon to help get the word out for Speak Up America.
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