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#Haitians #BorderCrisis
Covert #COVID War Against Patriotic Americans And Populists Worldwide EXPOSED…
#HaitianMigrants Overpower Staff and Take Over Bus on Way to #RioGrande Valley -- #Border Agents Injured (VIDEO)… via @gatewaypundit
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1/ It’s highly disturbing that the transnational narco-criminal terrorists known as Mexican cartels would hang a banner on the Juarez bridge threatening to shoot across the Rio Grande river -- into Texas -- at law enforcement agents.… #border #bordercrisis
2/ We now know these non-state, non-uniformed belligerents followed up on that threat in the El Paso sector. This constitutes an act of war, no different from what we see with Israel and Hamas.
3/ The question is, how shall we respond? If this blatant action goes without swift and immediate response, then the lack of consequences means an emboldened enemy.
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This is going to put a kink in @GovAbbott ‘s fake #BorderCrisis campaign. He’s been arresting migrants on misdemeanor trespassing charges, backlogging the courts, and then releasing them to create the illusion of a problem.…
I’ve noticed that @GovAbbott ‘s #BorderCrisis campaign has centered around the McAllen area in the RGV. He doesn’t have the resources to create this illusion in multiple cities… so he’s focused his efforts there. The real situation along the border is so much different…
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Yesterday in McAllen: @CBP overwhelmed. No room to process illegals inside, so have to wait outside under bridge. Just in 24 hrs in 2 stations, encountered over 3,400 (1700 MCS & 1300 RGVS). Currently holding over 7,000 illegals w/ some 5,000 waiting… #BorderCrisis (1/5)
…It’s over 100 degrees. The 2 stations have combined capacity of 620 – holding 7000! From Agent with over 2-1/2 decades of service -  “they are way past capacity – so aliens sit outside because where do you take them? …it’s a nightmare – people want to go to bathroom… (2/5)
…need to eat, women need to breast-feed, & the list goes on…  This has surpassed the point of sustainability – this is lunacy.”
Where are you, now, @AOC? The hypocrisy & double standard is undeniable. The difference? The Trump team was doing everything possible… (3/5)
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So today I went down to the border to check out the #BorderCrisis that @GovAbbott keeps telling us about. I’ll thread a few videos here with what I saw…
First report: on the border in Riudosa, TX. No wall here, easy place to cross…
Second Report on the #BorderCrisis@GovAbbott tells us this is a dire situation. I went from the border up through Pinto Canyon, the only navigable pass through the mountains in this area, expecting to see heavy border patrol presence… here’s what I saw…
Third report from the top of Pinto Canyon pass… it’s clear that this #BorderCrisis is a made up story to support @GovAbbott ‘s power grab. Let’s speak up. If you live near the border, please report on the situation where you are. Let’s dispel the notion that we’re in danger.
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.#MAGA[ts], this is how you get played.

@EliseStefanik (and @kayleighmcenany, of course) apparently thinks that #leadership is complaining and #lying and shrieking and NOT about proposing solutions.

But then, she's a #Republican. #Governing is NOT what the @GOP does.
.#MAGA[ts], so what's ACTUALLY going on.

@POTUS @JoeBiden spend some time with @FLOTUS because it was her birthday.

No one has a right to begrudge them that. If you have a problem with it, sit and spin. Not everything is about you nor is it always your business.
.#MAGA[ts], the deal with #gasprices, as has been explained, many times, is that we are seeing a seasonal rise in prices that were, for a time, aggravated by the recent #ColonialPipeline hack that resulted in the closing of the pipeline.
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BORDER: Watched at least 15 rafts loaded with illegal immigrants cross the Rio Grande during several hours in Roma, Texas, last night.
They heard to come to the U.S. and bring kids. #BorderCrisis
Another raft load: Most who crossed were from Honduras, but also a few from Guatemala, and a couple from Ecuador.
They said they came now because of Biden. #BorderCrisis
The smuggler said he had about 40 more people to bring across. Rafts can be seen crossing upstream and downstream from this location. #BorderCrisis
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Serious question:
Why do the migrants arriving at our Southern border look squeaky clean? Didn't they just walk THOUSANDS of miles? What did they eat/drink? Where did they sleep? Where did they receive medical care? Here is a comparison just to put it into perspective for you...
Many of these people are walking from Guatemala to our US southern border. That is equal to a little over 1,500 miles.
If I were to walk 1,500 miles North from Orlando Florida I would end up near Quebec, Canada!

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Locals are complaining; a friend received this (attached message) from a Source in the South.

Gohmert's information regarding migrant women & children is consistent, but we've likely had a #BorderCrisis for some time.

Message from source: Image
Source has been concerned for some time; witnesses declare decomposition smell in a sub-property. Even with a newborn child, Source has several months worth of documentation showing what Source believes to be a hub for illegal immigrants to attain housing..
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1/7 Our leaders were very concerned about the volume of drugs seized in Feb. @SenateGOP @HouseForeignGOP @GOPLeader @tedcruz, great news. Your data is misleading. Comparing last year's # to today is like comparing Biden's Apr '21 economy to Apr '20. Both or neither; you choose. Image
2/7 The data show clearly that drug seizures are not at never-before-seen highs, though I certainly empathize with @SteveDaines ' concerns about foreign product over-taking local. Personally, I'd like to see no hard drugs in my state, but that's just me. #bidenbordercrisis Image
3/7 Looking at the seizures in lbs/month, we see higher numbers in June 2020, which is surprising given the pandemic suppressed migrant travel. It's nearly as high as in 2019, the month we saw 144k border encounters. We saw 100k in Feb '21. #BidenBorderCrisis Image
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Despite border crisis driven by @POTUS promise of mass amnesty, House Democrats approved 2 bills yesterday that would grant amnesty to over 5 million illegal aliens. Adding millions mostly low-skilled, foreign workers while millions of Americans remain jobless during pandemic.
American Dream & Promise Act passed 228-197 w/9 Repubs joining Dems in support. Would grant amnesty to over 3 million illegal aliens who claim to have entered U.S before age 19 or received TPS or DED. Would soon be eligible for green cards & could sponsor adult family members.
House Repubs who voted to reward illegal immigration during #BorderCrisis & increase chain migration:

@RepDavidValadao, @MarioDB, @RepCarlos, @RepMariaSalazar, @RepFredUpton, @RepDonBacon, Rep. Chris Smith NJ (, 202.225.3765), @RepBrianFitz, @RepNewhouse
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Welcome to Joe Biden's New LATIN Amerika 😧🇺🇸 ImageImage
🇲🇽🇺🇸 Bienvenido 👍 Bienvenido👍 Bienvenido👍 Image
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2019 in Review📅Article by @charlottecuthbo (Thread👇)

#BorderCrisis Peak, #Mexico Cooperation, and Judicial Wrangling

The year began with President Trump declaring a #NationalEmergency at the southern #Border.…
The #BorderCrisis escalated, and in May, nearly 133,000 #IllegalAliens were apprehended by #BorderPatrol, with a further 11,000 presenting at ports of entry without legal documentation.

By the end of fiscal 2019, almost 1 million people had entered the US illegally.
Over 600,000 of them were either individuals within a family unit or unaccompanied minors—both vulnerable populations that often arrived sick and required more care than #BorderPatrol was set up to provide.
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🔴 PREMIERE TONIGHT: Michelle Malkin joins me on American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸

A sovereign country and unlimited immigration cannot coexist, says @michellemalkin who follows the money behind the push for open borders.

@michellemalkin 🔴PREMIERE 7:30pm ET:

“Abolish ICE, Antifa, & sanctuary anarchists—they believe there is no legitimate power that the govt should have to enforce our immigration laws on the interior. They don't believe in borders.”

I interview @michellemalkin on ATL 🇺🇸
@michellemalkin 🔴 LIVE: I interview Michelle Malkin on American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸

Americans can help defund the open borders machine by knowing where the money is, says @michellemalkin

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🔴 PREMIERE at 7pm EST:

#BorderCrisis: Cartels are "making hundreds of millions of dollars moving people, in addition to what they’re doing with narcotics.”

@RepChipRoy on American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸 at #WCS19 with @JanJekielek
@JanJekielek @RepChipRoy Watch:

“We're being so overwhelmed by numbers, by people who largely are not people who qualify for #asylum… God bless them… But we can’t do it that way. We have to have a system with the rule of law.”

@RepChipRoy on American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸
@JanJekielek @RepChipRoy Watch:

#BorderCrisis: “They know that if they have a child as their golden ticket, they can get in. Children are being recycled...”

@RepChipRoy on American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸
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#GoogleExposed: “They edit. They pick and choose. They intentionally set up algorithms to suppress conservative ideas...”

@RepLouieGohmert on American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸 with @JanJekielek
🔴 LIVE NOW: | @RepLouieGohmert on American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸 with @JanJekielek

#BorderCrisis: “This is actually country-ending stuff. When you don't secure your border, then you're not really a country. You're just a pass through.”

#Immigration: “No country allows as many people in legally as we do—over a million people a year...But it has to be legal or this little experiment in self-government is going to be over.”

@RepLouieGohmert on ATL 🇺🇸 with @JanJekielek
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The youngest child separated from his ASYLUM-SEEKING family, was 4 mos old, #Constantine

He was placed in foster care w/Bethany Christian Services in MI. They get $700+/child/night. They're associated w/ @BetsyDeVosED - of course

Bethany Christian Services - separated children are funneled to them, ensuring an influx of Govt funds. They're assoc w/ @BetsyDeVosED

Look what even THEY say about trauma - which THEY can then charge more for 🤬🤮


This isn't who we are 😭 🤬
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Thanks to @BPUnion for the ride along last night to understand the challenges they face 24 hours a day. #BorderCrisis #BorderPatrol ImageImage
Hearing from the port director about how the #BorderCrisis is affecting the Paso del Norte Port of Entry in El Paso. Image
Appreciate the opportunity to be briefed by the @CBP El Paso sector chief and tour a satellite processing center that temporarily houses families that apprehended crossing the border illegally between ports of entry. #BorderCrisis ImageImageImage
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𝐃𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐜 𝐏𝐫𝐨𝐩𝐚𝐠𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐚


Silicon Valley's "bi-partisan" lobbying group focused on amnesty for Dreamers and border security policy.

#PropagandaWars was founded by Zuckerberg's Harvard roommate Joe Green and supported by the Godfather of Silicon Valley Ron Conway in 2013.
They produce pro amnesty "stories" about tech executives with the goal of convincing viewers we are turning away top talent if we don't fix our immigration laws.
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@nytimes most recent report on the “broken border” is some of the worst reporting I’ve seen on this issue yet, full of unnamed experts, unquestioned government quotes, unsupported or untrue statements and a discourse that remains loyal to the DHS narrative. Where are the editors?
Really sloppy y’all.
When well-meaning reporters frame “the problem” as being one of too many people coming to request #Asylum and not the mismanagement of government resources in upholding our own laws and a DHS manufactured #BorderCrisis, then they are part of the actual problem.
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UN Human Rights commissioner regarding US immigration policies:

"The thought that any State would seek to deter parents by inflicting such abuse on children is unconscionable."

The @UNHumanRights spoke out early last year about Session, republican GOP and Trump's inhumane policy of separating families..
The Trump administration stopped cooperating with UN investigations into human rights violations in America…
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Democrats 🚫 #BorderWallFunding but take a look at how your tax dollars have been spent:
> $90,000,000 promoting US culture with nose flutists
> $392,000 NASA study on how humans will react to meeting space aliens
> $350,000,000 to build a rocket testing tower that won't be used
> $19,000,000 paid vacations for bureaucrats gone wild
> $387,000 for swedish massages for rabbits
> $856,000 for lion mountains on treadmills
> $124,300,000 OPM pays contractor to "flush" security clearance investigations
> $331,000 to study spouses stabbing vooodoo dolls
> $171,000 for scientists to study gambling monkeys
> $146,000,000 for sports stadium subsidies
> $10,000 for a "Zombie in Love" musical
> $10,000 to watch grass grow
> $371,026 to ask moms if they love dogs as much as kids
> $200,000 to fund a brewery in NY
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This just feeds Trump's border rhetoric-but the MX & US gov't ignoring these desperate people is the reason that it escalated. So cruel #Tijuana #BorderCrisis…
2/"TIJUANA, Mexico — U.S. authorities closed off the busiest port of entry along the U.S. border with Mexico on Sunday and fired tear gas at members of a Central American migrant caravan who had rushed the fencing that separates the countries.Although the number of of people in
3/"the caravan was relatively small, the unrest, with migrants attempting to climb fences and run through car lanes to reach the United States, and scenes of mothers and children choking on tear gas, represented a serious escalation of the caravan crisis.What had begun Sunday
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