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Toy need to watch David Janda from yesterday. There are many reasons. All good. #Comey “isolated” himself. JE released the memos to his Prof friend...whom Comey had given a job in the @FBI. 1/
Hid friends clearance allowed him to LEGALLY see the memos. So far, Comey has not committed a crime.

His friend released PARTS of the memos. Not all of them. ALL would be #GrossNegligence; which gets a penalty. Part is only #Negligence, which can be swept under the carpet. 2/
AND, so far, the one who can be prosecuted is the professor, not #Comey. There are much worse things @Comey has done. Be patient. This was the minnow. He is guilty of worse. /3
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So what we have is a children's charity not abiding by its own codes to protect children, being rude to concerned people on Twitter and calling them misogynistic slurs, and children being put at risk just so the charity can align with trendy gender ID @sherry_malik @PeterWanless
The chairman of the trustees was blocking people complaining, when the Twitter account saw we'd spotted articles they'd broken on their website they quickly took them down, they deleted tweets where they have equality law wrong, and showed
they have little understanding not only about safeguarding in schools, and the Equality Act 2010, but also showed zero concern over the impact of unisex toilets in schools, including period shaming, girls missing school, and not drinking water all day to not use them. #Negligence
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@RichieVeitch Ta! Wish I didn't have to campaign re #CroydonCrash but @TfL @MayorofLondon REFUSE to respond to my request for investigation why @RAIB @ORR @BTP @SNCLavalin didn't receive @FirstGroupplc TOL Fatigue Audit. @Heidi_LDN?… @CarolinePidgeon @KeithPrinceAM
@RichieVeitch @TfL @MayorofLondon @raib @orr @BTP @SNCLavalin @FirstGroupplc @Heidi_LDN @CarolinePidgeon @KeithPrinceAM It's not like @SadiqKhan doesn't know about it...he was Chair of 23 May TfL Board Meeting when @MLiebreich ask for #CroydonCrash #CoverUp to be investigated so that "lessons can be learned" "won't happen again" @ValShawcross was at the same meeting too.
@RichieVeitch @TfL @MayorofLondon @raib @orr @BTP @SNCLavalin @FirstGroupplc @Heidi_LDN @CarolinePidgeon @KeithPrinceAM @SadiqKhan @MLiebreich @ValShawcross . @LeonDaniels inspired me to look into #CroydonCrash #CoverUp by announcing to SSHR Panel YEAR GO TODAY "An audit of First Group’s fatigue management processes had taken place, these were found to be satisfactory & did not give rise to any concerns."…
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This is a pretty significant slam against Obama... considering the source is @politico ... I'm providing the source link so that others can read the full report as written (No, Im not a fan of politico, but in fairness, posting it)…
Obama officials defend their complicit actions of not pursuing Hezbollah aggressively by offering up 8 arrests of evidence that they did?

THAT is funny right there! Weren't there 19 people arrested in the #BundyRanch incident? Thats more than 2x the # of Hezbollah
OF COURSE!!!!! Obama Administration falls back on "... but but but... we can't just arrest major drug-smugglers / sex-traffickers / terrorists... what if MOSSAD had an inside lead?"

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