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States with Highest Crimes reported in 2020, acc. to @NCRBHQ:


West Bengal - 51
Uttar Pradesh - 30
Madhya Pradesh - 13
Kerala/Odisha - 11

#Crimes #UttarPradesh #WestBengal #NCRB
Rape (Sec. 376 IPC):

Rajasthan - 5310
Uttar Pradesh - 2769
Madhya Pradesh - 2339
Maharashtra - 2061
Assam - 1651

#Rape #Rajasthan #Maharashtra #UttarPradesh #WomenSafety #NCRB
Assault on Women with intent to Outrage her Modesty:

Odisha - 12,605
Maharashtra - 9965
Uttar Pradesh - 9864
Rajasthan - 8661
Madhya Pradesh - 5378

#WomenSafety #Assault #Odisha #UttarPradesh #NCRB
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The 1st resistance against #HindiImposition was started in #Bengal ,an erstwhile part of Bengal presidency, #Manbhum known as #Purulia now was placed under #Bihar state after the 1947 partition. #Bengalilanguagemovement
#Bengali officers were transferred to the other districts of Bihar.A ruling was issued to teach #Hindi from primary classes; #Bangla department was closed in the local district school. Hindi was made compulsory for notice boards in schools & businesses.
Hindi was declared the official language of Manbhum district.
Bengalis in Manbhum resisted #Hindiimposition On June 14, 1948, the Lok Sevak Sangha was established to protect Bangla language as well as to fight the state policy of forcible imposition of Hindi.
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What is the state of clean cooking #energyaccess in #India?

Based on #IRES2020, our study found that:
➡️Over 70% per cent of Indian households use #LPG as their primary cooking fuel
➡️85% have #LPG connections
➡️54% continue to use traditional solid fuels

Read more 👇 Image
How has #LPGPriceHike affected consumption?
84% of households using traditional #solidfuels with #LPG cited high prices of LPG refills as a reason for stacking fuels. LPG prices have risen by 40% over the last 1 year.
#PressRelease: Image
80% non-users cite the inability to afford #LPG – either bcz of connection cost or recurring expense on #fuel – as the reason for not having an #LPGconnection.
Using traditional solid fuels for cooking increases exposure to indoor #airpollution for such households.
#LPGPriceHike Image
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The list of Hindu, Jain, Buddhist temples that were destroyed to build M∆sjids in #Bihar.

Remember the list is based on primary survey, that means more m0slim monuments await examination.

Source: Hindu Temples: What happened to them by Sita Ram Goel, Vol-l.
I #Bhagalpur District

1 Bhagalpur
i D∆rgãh of Hazrat Shãhbãz (1502) Temple site
ii M•sjid of Mujahidpur (1511-15) Temple site
iii D∆rgãh of Makhdûm Shãh (1615) Temple site

2 Champanagar
i Several Mazãrs. On ruins of Jain temples.
ii Masjid (1491) Jain Temple site.
3 Sultanganj, M•sjid on the rock on the river bank. Temple site.

II #Gaya District

1 Amthua, M^sjid (1536) Temple site.

2 Gaya, Shãhî M°sjid in Nadirganj (1617) Temple site.

3 Kako, D∆rgãh of Bîbî Kamãlo. Temple site.
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#BombayHighCourt bench of Chief Justice Dipankar Datta and Justice Girish Kulkarni hearing an old PIL pertaining to rise in deaths of children, pregnant women and lactating mothers owing to malnutrition in tribal areas of #Maharashtra

Activist Burma appearing in person
Since the matter has come up for hearing after a few years, Burma apprises the bench of the issues involved in the PIL pertaining to malnutrition deaths.

Informs last order passed in 2018 by bench led by Justice Abhay Oka to check into crores of grants made by govt
Adv Neha Bhide for @CMOMaharashtra tells the bench that the Union govt has been seeking adjournments in this matter since 2018.

Burma: In months between May to June this year, 49 students have died. Over 11k children are underweight. No much progress in this issue.
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Critiquing constructively with a hope
Highlighting natural & human-induced challenges, & related problems of a region like North #Bihar, linking them with critical #drinkingwater & #sanitation schemes is with the intent of sustenance…
Moving from a rural piped-water coverage of 1.84% households (hhs) to 86.96% hhs in 2 years is DEFINITELY an accomplishment of the Govt. of Bihar. THEREFORE, must be TOLD, CELEBRATED, ITERATED all across.

However, should we NOT sensitively reflect for the sake of the future?
Big numbers convey a message of positivity,faith,advancement, AND importantly of hope&security, far more than mere 'pipe' & 'water'. The scheme's influence is beyond our imagination. Hence, we must visualize the impact when the scheme falls short due to reasons known & unknown.
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Across India lakhs of #Anaganwadi workers are complaining about faulty #smartphones and they are refusing to use latest application given by Women and Child Development Ministry - @smritiirani #PoshanTracker due to various issues. 1/-
Over a lakh #Ananganwadi workers in #Maharashtra have threatened to return their faulty & warranty expired #smartphones given by the government, they are not against digitisation but they need better smartphones and user friendly application instead of #PoshanTracker
On August 17 #Anganwadi workers in #Maharashtra have started mobile wapsi andolan. The Maharashtra government @AdvYashomatiINC has written to the central gov @smritiirani about the issue of #PoshanTracker app. No response from union gov.
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Benford's Law is very popular in catching up the wrongdoings in the numbers or finding the anomalies in the numbers.

Many developed countries used Benford's Law to find data fudging in Taxes, social media fake profile detection, finding digital frauds etc.


But did anyone try to run Benford's Law on the #Covid19 numbers of Indian States ?

I am not sure, but I tried to put these numbers together which i have collected online from various open-source sources. These are the combined numbers of 1st and 2nd wave.


I am not claiming if these numbers are real, because I have collected these numbers form open sources over internet.
Also, I am not claiming if #BenfordLaw is most accurate in finding the fraud.

I am just sharing the outcome of Benford's law.

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A survey of #onlineeducation status was conducted in the covid lock down period with a sample size of 1,158 parents across 488 teachers across private and govt schools in #Bihar #Chhattisgarh, #Jharkhand #Odisha and #UttarPradesh & the findings are not so shocking . Image
Over 75 % parents of children enrolled in govt schools said the absence of internet connectivity, inability to afford data connections & slow internet speed had created hurdles in #onlinelearning. Image
80 % teachers in these five states had received no orientation training for conducting online classes, with Bihar leading the chart where only 5 % teachers received training for delivering #digitaleducation. Image
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In Current #Bihar ????? 🙄

Are your mad ????? 🤣

Where the financial capital of India ? MUMBAI !!! Then ? 😅

📌 Thread #BettiahRaj
सन् 1990 दशहरा का दिन, जवाहरात खाना के आस पास दशहरा मेला के लिया लगे लाउड स्पीकर ।

दूसरे दिन करते दशहरा क्यूं ?
बिलकुल क्योंकि इतना धन चोरी करने में पूरे 10दिन लगे । 2 फीट की कंक्रीट, फिर 1 फीट की लोहे की चादर को काट कर ऊपर छत से गए थे चोर, जिनका कोई आता पता नही । Image
कितना मूल्य की चोरी हुई ?

कोई पुख्ता आकलन मौजूद नहीं ,अगर जितना बचा गया और जैसे आम लोग कहते है उसे ये पता लगता है की करीब 300- 500 करोड़ की वास्तु चोरी हुई, आज 2021 के हिसाब से 2800-3500 करोड़ का मूल्य बनाता है वो

ना जाने कितने हीरे से भरे ड्रम, सोना के सिक्के से भरे बक्शे । ImageImage
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#VaccinationUpdate: 7.18 lakhs till 11.00 AM. And for those, like me, keeping a keen eye on #MadhyaPradesh - it has crossed 1.4 lakhs already, #Maharashtra at 73 k and #UttarPradesh 50 k. Keep it up India. #VaccinationDrive
#VaccinationUpdate at 12 PM - All India 16.38 lakhs; #MadhyaPradesh 3.02 lakhs; #Maharashtra 1.67 lakhs. #VaccinationDrive #vaccination
#VaccinationUpdate at 1.00 PM - All India 26.52 lakhs, with #MadhyaPradesh (4.73 lakhs) and #Maharashtra (2.7 lakhs) leading the pack. #WestBengal (1.04 lakhs), #UttaPradesh (2.5 lakhs) #Assam (1.27 lakhs), #Gujarat (2.15 lakhs), #Rajasthan (1.5 lakhs) catching up. #vaccination
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#Vaccination reality check: Yesterday marked the highest number of jabs in a single day in India.… But as this shows, the peak seems artificial:…. Remains to be seen if supply constraints have been eased to maintain this pace. (1/n)
The pace of vaccination has definitely picked up but there are miles to go before targets are reached. Here is what, that remains to be done. (2/n) @the_hindu #Datapoint by @i_sumantsen and @nihalani_jasmin
Here's where we stand in terms of the estimated % of population that has been vaccinated so far, countrywide, and age-group wise. Only 3.7% of all Indians have been fully vaccinated & 17.2% have got atleast 1 dose (3/n) (See this tracker live on
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1/ An article from @TheEconomist claiming that India's true #covid19 mortality maybe 5-7 times than the reported numbers has really irked GoI so much so @MoHFW_INDIA has now published a rebuttal that is short on substance but abundant on rhetoric.
2/ After using words like "speculative", "misinformed", "unsound" etc. to describe the article, the rebuttal interestingly says "there is no peer-reviewed scientific data available" for some studies used in that report.

I'm glad GoI takes scientific peer review seriously.
3/ Then why has it made claims on the safety & effectiveness of Covaxin without backing up with peer-reviewed scientific data?

What was the peer-reviewed scientific data based on which #Coronil got Ayush Ministry certification?

Thi list is actually long. So, I'll stop.
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@DarbhangaLive @darbhanga_dm @sanjay_saraogi @gopaljeebjp @mangalpandeybjp @SanjayJhaBihar @NitishKumar @BiharHealthDept @BiharTakChannel
1/n: My uncle(mausa ji) died on 4 May in #IBSmriti Hospital while getting treatment for #Covid19 at #Darbhanga due to their sheer #negligience
2/n: He was admitted on 3 May when the SpO2 level fell in the 70s range. On oxygen cylinder support, it gradually increased to 91. #CTScan showed an infection score of 16/25 which the doctor said was critical but curable.
3/n: My cousin brother(his son) and mausi (his wife) were then asked to leave as there were no attendants allowed in the COVID ward. Mausa Ji was given a phone and then both of them left but kept checking on him throughout the day and night by visiting the hospital frequently.
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ओ भारत की भूमि वन्दिनी! ओ जंजीरोंवाली!
तेरी ही क्या कुक्षि फाड़ कर जन्मी थी वैशाली?

वैशाली! इतिहास-पृष्ठ पर अंकन अंगारों का,
वैशाली! अतीत गह्वर में गुंजन तलवारों का।

#thevaishalidialogues #vaishali #bihar #lordbuddha #lordmahavira #buddhism #jainism #dhamma #discourse #discuss
वैशाली! जन का प्रतिपालक, गण का आदि विधाता,
जिसे ढूँढता देश आज उस प्रजातंत्र की माता।

रुको, एक क्षण पथिक! यहाँ मिट्टी को शीश नवाओ,
राजसिद्धियों की समाधि पर फूल चढ़ाते जाओ।

डूबा है दिनमान, इसी खॅंडहर में डूबी राका,
छिपी हुई है यहीं कहीं धूलों में राजपताका।
ढूँढो उसे, जगाओ उनको जिनकी ध्वजा गिरी है;
जिनके सो जाने से सिर पर काली घटा घिरी है।

कहो, जगाती है उनको वन्दिनी बेड़ियोंवाली,
नहीं उठे वे तो न बसेगी किसी तरह वैशाली।

फिर आते जागरण-गीत टकरा अतीत-गह्वर से,
उठती है आवाज एक वैशाली के खॅंडहर से।
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The Vaishali Dialogues is an initiative by the youths of Vaishali to bring back its glory and make the golden historic hymns echo to this world.

#thevaishalidialogues #vaishali #bihar #lordbuddha #lordmahavira #buddhism #jainism #dhamma #discourse #discussion #dialogues
Vaishali, situated in Vaishali district in Bihar, is believed to be the world’s first republic and is currently an archaeological site in India. Vaishali derives its name from son of Ikshwaku queen Alambusha, King Vishala, whose heroic deeds find a reference in the Mahabharata.
Various references to Vaishali can be traced in texts of both Jainism and Buddhism. Vaishali was established in 6th century BCE as a republic, i.e., before the birth of Gautam Buddha, thereby making it the world’s first republic.
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#Fundraisers non Metro, Rural Projects #COVID19 #IndiaTogether
here is a list of fundraisers that are raising funds outside metros. Have a look at them, and see if you want to support them.
Do ping me if you want a Fundraiser to be added to this.
Covid Response For Remote Villages In Bihar, India
India COVID-19 Relief: Help #Dhanbad With O2 Concentrators #jharkhand…
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Spare 2 mins :- A thread 👇

People who think #BJP lost it badly & trolling, let me tell you. In all 4 states & #Puducherry, BJP only gained vote share, seats & victory as well. On a personal front, I am happy with the performance, but what makes me sad is only for #Bengal (1/8)
Not coz we lost it, but for the khela that's started & will happen in next 5 yrs. The life of karyakartas & #Hindus is at huge risk & will be lost, which already begun. Shudder to think what they are going through. All this in Hindustan. Hindus now forced to leave #Bengal (2/8)
Almost all #TMC guys celebrating the win, live in other states for their livelihood. Imagine what the goons would do across country where #BJP is not in power. Hindus will never unite. It will be foolish to think & speak on their unity. #Congress & others just want BJP not to win
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Back to reporting after ~4 weeks of battling the virus, being a caregiver to 3 in family, finding hospital beds, labs, struggling to seek info about hospitalised parents. All this in a small town. Was lucky though to have eventually found resources & recover. Many are not #Thread
The chaos, health infra in JSR, my hometown & a fairly developed city, has given a 1st hand experience of healthcare in small towns. Doesn't end at lack of infra. Sheer negligence & under-preparedness both by govt & ppl is beyond belief. Story same across tier 2&3 towns in India
#Covidcrisis has fiercely moved from big cities to small towns - those having limited experience of 1st wave, were complacent & poorly educated about the outbreak. Health infra broken, unable to take the load, processes are slowing. 2020 was just taken as a one-off historic event
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Based on S curve analysis of Indian cases, I conclude, mutations are reason for explosive 2nd wave. I model spread by dividing infections into 2 streams(original & mutations)=>The case spread curve is likely to flatten by 1st week of July at <22 mi cases.…
2/covid For S curve methodology and modeling framework developed by us, please see the @EgrowFoundation research paper,…
3/covid Please note that for the formal model of new/cumulated corona cases, I have used data on India from the Johns Hopkins University, Covid data set (rather than the ICMR data used in first half of the note on active cases), as this was the data used in earlier research.
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Friends, calling up your MPs and MLA's and getting them to help might be a good option. Here's the list of MLA's for UP and on clicking on the constituency, you can find their contact details as well:…
Trying to do this for other states too.
This for Maharashtra:… trying to find a better link for this.
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