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* * * * * * THE 13 TYPES OF NFTS * * * * * *
* * * * & Why They Matter to Investors * * *

1/ This is a summary of my looong video on the 13 types of NFTs with the main takeaways.

(Video here: )
#NFTCommunity #NFTinvesting #NFTs

... 13 circular images representing the thirteen types of NFTs.
2/ I divide the 13 NFT categories into:

#NFTs that already move significant amounts of $$$

#NFTs that are not moving much $$$ but show promise

... Diagram. At the top is written: 'NFT TYPES'. In the left col

Comprises #digitalart but also #jpegs of physical art (photographed canvases, illustrations...) sold as jpegs on NFT marketplaces

Due to megasales like @Beeple's this category got all the headlines during the 1st NFT Mania of Feb-Apr'21

Then focus moved to On the left sales page for a painting of Sean Jantzi on the
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Q1 on #SEOTalk ➡️ Why #SEO for #eCommerce matters? Aren't the other channels more #ROI driven?
Q2 on #SEOTalk ➡️ How to Develop an eCommerce #SEO Strategy? How does the checklist look like?
Q3 on #SEOTalk ➡️ How to do keyword research for an eCommerce website? Is it required to go beyond search intent?
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I lost my job in the first pandemic lockdown and was looking out for a source of income. And the easiest thing that one comes across is the #stockmarkets but what happened later made me almost think of killing myself. Contd…
Unfortunately this isn’t abt any #trading tip but an #alert for all you folks, especially those who believe money can make more money.
One day I approached the only bank that I deal with @KotakBankLtd for a loan on my car, as that was doing the rounds in this category and for someone like me, sounded apt
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Internet + Telco veteran & investor #BlackRock @KSenanu shared great piece from @BCG on agility in the context of #telco #Mobile . Worth a read given that many are struggling with the move @PeterNdegwa_ has made @SafaricomPLC. It does have its challenges BUT upside is great!
As agile has expanded beyond its origins in software development, telecommunications companies have actively explored taking agile ways of working beyond their software delivery teams.
Approximately 2/3 of telcos globally have run agile pilots or developed port­folios of agile teams. But only a few have made the transition to agile at scale—applying agile to the operations of a full business unit, to their network delivery, or to the enterprise as a whole.
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🚨WE HAVE NEWS 🚨 It’s safe to say that the #investor community on @reddit is not traditionally who we think of as our supporter base. But they definitely surprised and overwhelmed us over the weekend. A THREAD. @CNN @CNBC @business @WSJ
Our adoption program is one of our main grassroots fundraisers. In a typical weekend, we might get 20 new adoptions. This weekend, the numbers astonished us.…
On Saturday, a friend alerted us that a member of @Official_WSB subreddit had posted a symbolic adoption of our infant gorilla #Urungano , a reference to the #WSB motto: #apestogetherstrong . It caught on.
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This thread will follow Feb 5 2021 thread [India
#FarmersProtests Goes Vogue] exploring sudden #celebrity uptake - as gov't struggled to contain #resistance.

Here we can study #GlobalCitizen & structure/mechanisms of such NGOs, financed to serve corporate/imperial interests. ImageImageImageImage
#GlobalCitizen model: nurturing of #celebrity worship as a "pop & policy" model to harvest/exploit targeted youth demographic. Via partnerships w/ #Rihanna, celebrities, influencers, athletes, - it intends to become world's "leading international voice, educator, & influencer". ImageImageImageImage
#GlobalCitizen is the Global Poverty Project, Inc.
UK: "We are a sub recipient of funding from the #Gates Foundation (via Global Poverty Project Inc)."

2019: $8,445,887.00 "To mobilize global public support for the Sustainable Development Goals" #SDGs… ImageImageImageImage
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Nigerian Stock Market

The #equities market presents attractive opportunities for #investors in form of capital appreciation and dividend return given the low yield environment in the fixed income space.
#Nigerian stocks are currently undervalued and present an opportunity for growth in the short to medium term.
The current #ROI in the #equities market is positive with a YTD return at over 47.5% compared to the #inflation rate at 14.9%.
We believe #stocks in the #financial services (mostly #banks), ICT, and the #industrial sectors present strong prospects for growth given their resilience to the #economic recession.
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Share trading involves buying shares (stocks) of publicly traded companies and the hope the price would go up and you make profit.
But if you're new to investing, it's not as easy as it sounds.
Let's see some of the examples.
#invest #trading #shares… Image
1. Good deal. In 2006 Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion, fast forward to 2020 and taking into account that YT makes up about 10% of Alphabet Inc revenue, it would be worth around $100 billion now. That's staggering 6,000% ROI in just 14 years.
#alphabet #goodinvestment #ROI
2. Bad deal. On the other hand, in 2013, Yahoo acquired Tumblr for $1.1 billion, fast forward just 6 years, and in 2019, yahoo sold it to Automattic for $3 million.
Whether you buy a company or just shares, it's important to do your research.
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Someone asked me what could a company objectives be other than to declare profit and share dividends?

I laughed. Making money is different from declaring profit and sharing dividends.

Let me try to explain. #thread.

#Investing #DPS #ROI #ROE #ROCE #TSR #Returns #WO 1/16
It is the lack of understanding of this point that made several people to invest in some SPV companies that might never declare a profit.

The selected few are aware that such entities are not structured to declare profit.

#Investing #DPS #ROI #ROE #ROCE #TSR #Returns #WO 2/16
Yes, there are some companies that didn’t share a single Kobo as dividend for close to 20 years.

You have probably invested in some of them on the Nigerian Stock Exchange 🤣🤣🤣.

#Investing #DPS #ROI #ROE #ROCE #TSR #Returns #WO 3/16
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A political comedian once said ”If someone can make you laugh over what a mess everything is, then that person has not just earned your admiration but, on some level, has also earned your trust”

@KirkDBorne @schmarzo @Ronald_vanLoon @nigewillson @mvollmer1 @MikeQuindazzi
Over several tweets, we hope to do just that - build a bond with you as we bring a smile to your lips by talking about day to day issues in the #Analytics world.

Think about it - enterprises spend millions creating elaborate #BigData infrastructure and...
...then spend months aggregating the data they upload into these warehouses before handing it to business teams. The warehouse becomes the end goal and not the means to actionable #insights - a shiny object that everyone gets to see from far but never touch or put to any use.
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Ce fil documente, sur un travail de plusieurs mois, les liens qui unissent #LREM et le #FrontNational.

Le tableau dressé est effrayant : le macronisme pave la voie en ligne directe vers le fascisme. Le sourire aux lèvres.


Au menu :
➡ Liens de LREM et du FN avec la finance
➡ Obsession des réfugiés
➡ Reprise du programme
➡ Reprise du vocabulaire
➡ Liens entres élus
➡ Défense des violences policières
➡ Fascination pour les armes, les barbouzes et l'armée
➡ Débat sur l'immigration

Bien avant la présidence Macron, ce sont tous les groupes d'où seront issus les membres de #LREM, cad le PS, le Modem et LR, qui votent aux côtés du FN, le secret des affaires.

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Rant incoming.

Anyone can do #marketing.

This is a true statement. Anyone can do marketing. Other true statements.

Anyone can cook.
Anyone can draw.
Anyone can plumb a bathroom.

But would you rather spend the time learning to do it properly or pay someone who knows what
they are doing so you can concentrate on what you know how to do best?

#marketing is a skill that a lot of people claim to have but few people actually master. Most of marketing is actually planning. I find more actual marketers are project managing campaigns than they are
rather than posting things to social media.

#marketing is not selling, but it does touch on some of the same skills. A good marketer will show your product or service in a way that gets people interested, making the job of your sales team that much easier.

Any can make a sale.
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Is #ROI a fallacy of AEC tech? For example - Can someone point me to a well-researched study with documented data collection and calculation methods and data excerpts that shows return on investment related to #BIM tech adoption in #AEC as an industry?
The top search result on Google is an @autodesk white paper where #ROI of #BIM is framed through a "customer perception study" - so it's valuable if customers think they're getting value? Not a single dollar figure is cited in this paper. Laughable.…
More results are case-study driven and not easily extrapolated to indicate a larger #ROI rule or trend (imo) - note in this 2011 example that they frame it as "potential savings". Also note that #BIM and "pre-BIM" are not fully defined or qualified…
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Mit Daniel #Roi von der #AfD soll heute der Vorsitzende der Enquetekommission „Linksextremismus“ des #ltlsa abberufen werden. Präsidentin @brakebusch1 führt aus, dass dies die erste Abberufung seit 20 Jahren ist. Muss dieses #AfDwirkt sein.
Roi bleibt im #ltlsa dabei, er brauche sich nicht rechtfertigen, das bisschen Nazidemo. Gleich wieder die Verschwörungslegende, der Zwischenbericht der Enquetekommission bliebe unter Verschluss. Real ist das Problem, dass die AfD an rechtlichen Hürden für den Bericht scheitert.
Für die CDU führt Andreas Schumann im #ltlsa aus, dass #Roi nicht tragbar sei, weil nicht auf dem Boden des Grundgesetzes unterwegs sei. Aus der AfD schreit es „Mit Striegel [Grüne] im Bett!“. Bemerkenswert, Schumann beantwortet keine Fragen der extrem Rechten.
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Yine raporlar okundu, makaleler sular seller 🤦‍♀️ #Teknoloji konusunda önümüzdeki dönemde en fazla #yatırım hangi alanlara yapılacak? 2020 yılında yine burada hangi konuları konuşuyor olacağız? Yuvarlak cevapları bir kenera bırakalım ve nokta atışı gidelim hadi 🔥 #tech #trends
1/ Yapay zeka ve kişiselleştirilen süreçler @Adobe 2019 Trendler Anketi'nde yine ilk sıraya yerleşti 🧠 Markaların yönlendirmeleri ile kullanıcı deneyimini geliştirmenin en sağlıklı yönteminin #AI tabanlı veri yönetimi olarak değerlendirildiğini görüyoruz!
2/ @IDC (Uluslarası Veri Kurumu) raporuna göre şirketler henüz sonuç alamadıkları #blockchain'e milyonlar harcamaya devam etmeye istekli 💸 2019 yılında $2.9M'u bulması beklenen harcama 2022'ye geldiğimizde $11.7M'u bulacak 🙆‍♀️ #cryptocurrency #technology…
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Qqs grands moments de la discussion autour de l'ouvrage «Une histoire populaire de la France, de la guerre de 100 ans à nos jours», en présence de son auteur @GerardNoiriel, de @LarrereMathilde, spécialiste des mvts sociaux du 19e siècle et @UsulduFutur, vidéaste @OLGuillemets.
Cet événement était organisé par la section « Le Vent se lève » de @ScPoLyon. Ces tweets veulent restituer différents axes de réflexion soulevés par la discussion autour de l'ouvrage. Ils sont avant tout introductifs et invitent à une lecture attentive & approfondie de l'ouvrage.
@GerardNoiriel revient d'abord sur sa posture de chercheur : il ne pense pas son ouvrage comme « politique » : il dit défendre une « autonomie de la recherche » par rapport au politique et à la politique, tout en se définissant comme un « historien engagé ».
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Checkout flow have 5-7 screens starting from Cart to Payment Gateway. Imagine the first screen as a Card. These Cards slide down as we press Next. A new card adds at the top with the next set of info. Next & Back arrow at the top of the new card. That way all the information
will be on one page at all point of time throughout the process. Slide down & Review any info at any point of time just before moving into Payment Gateway.

#Quantitative #Analytics #DigitalMarketing #Digital #CreativeCommon #patent #DesignPatent #Wallmart #Mart #Shopify #Magento
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Is there a #Banking #Chatbot to answer the following frequently asked questions? #CX #helpdesk #CustomerSupport #Insurance #Finance #Loan #mortgage #UserExperience #UX #Startup

Number of free ATM Transaction in a Month
Charge per ATM Transaction after the free limit is over
Maximum limit of ATM Transaction in a Day
Maximum limit of Cash Withdrawal in a Day
Maximum limit of Cash Withdrawal from the ATM in one Transaction
NEFT Transaction Charges
IMPS Transaction Charges
RTGS Transaction Charges
NEFT adding New Beneficiary Time
IMPS adding New Beneficiary Time
RTGS adding New Beneficiary Time
Maximum Transaction limit for first 24 hours
Maximum Transaction limit after 24 hours
New Checkbook issue Charges

#Zendesk #freshdesk #GrooveHQ #happyfox #Salesforce #CustomerExperience #CoreBanking #AI #Forum
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1/ Looking for #Infographic related to the following #content. In a typical #Corporate setting where #ROI of each individual is important. In today's world, Where do we see.. UX vocational boundaries fades off and progressed to Analytics & Data Scientist? #UX vocational
2/ boundaries fades off and progressed to Business Analysis? UX vocational boundaries fades off and progressed to Marketing? UX vocational boundaries fades off and progressed to a full time Design Thinker Coach? #Leadership #ProductManagement #UXJobs #UXHiring #Hiring #Jobs
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Heute vor zwei Jahren erhielt die #AfD- bei den Landtagswahlen in Sachsen-Anhalt mit 24,3% ihr bundesweit bisher stärkstes Ergebnis. In diesen zwei Jahren hat sie einen weiteren Radikalisierungsschub durchlaufen und die politische Kultur im Landtag grundlegend verändert (Thread)
Rückblick 2015: Bernd #Höcke und André #Poggenburg initiieren mit der "Erfurter Resolution" sowohl die Gründung der völkisch-nationalistischen Strömung "Der Flügel" als auch den Sturz des Lagers rund um Lucke und Henkel beim Parteitag in #Essen. Ich nenne das die 1. Häutung (1)
#Lucke scheitert mit seinem "Weckruf 2015", verlässt die Partei und gründet die bedeutungslose Partei #ALFA. Frauke #Petry wird neue Parteivorsitzende. Wichtig: Die "Erfurter Resolution" wurde von allen relevanten Kadern in Sachsen-Anhalt unterschrieben und unterstützt (2)
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