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[#violencessexuelles & #troublesalimentaires]
🔶 En janvier 2022, des chercheurs français ont établi un lien entre les désordres du comportement alimentaire et les violences sexuelles ayant eu lieu dans l’enfance
#tca #trauma #traumatisme #viol #MeTooInceste #inceste #medecine
[#violencessexuelles & #troublesalimentaires]
🔶 @KarasMalet, Delphine Bernard et Eric Bertin ont analysé 12600 témoignages de personnes agressées sexuellement, recueillis par @Violsfemmesinfo. 4,3% des victimes évoquaient des troubles alimentaires.
#nutrition #neurosciences
[#violencessexuelles & #troublesalimentaires]
🔶 Les victimes avaient souvent :
- subi des violences sexuelles très jeunes (13 ans en moyenne)
- été agressées par une personne du cercle familial (inceste)
- accumulé des troubles supplémentaires : anxiété, TOC, dépression, TS..
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My last live session (still tons of on demand to go)! We'll be looking at the role of #nutrition and #epigenetics in health and disease. #Nutrition2022 #NutritionLiveOnline
Starting the talks with some unpublished work from USDA and Baylor. #Nutrition2022 #NutritionLiveOnline
What is epigenetics? It's alterations of the genome that support or silence gene expression. #Nutrition2022 #NutritionLiveOnline
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Join us at this session to inform @nutritionorg's recommendations for the @WhiteHouse Conference on #Hunger, #Nutrition, & #Health. Let's get ready to influence #policy! See you in 5️⃣. 🤓 #Nutrition2022 #NutritionLiveOnline
Now!!! ⏰
You can also submit individual recommendations for the upcoming White House nutrition conference. #Nutrition2022 #NutritionLiveOnline
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The 2022 Atwater Lecture, "#Nutrition Misinformation: Who's Right? Who Gets to Decide," is from Alice Lichtenstein, DSc, a fatty acid expert and researcher working in #cardiovascular disease, including uncovering the dangers of trans fat. #Nutrition2022 #NutritionLiveOnline Image
What's the purpose of #nutrition information? This one, we all seem to agree on...
#Nutrition2022 #NutritionLiveOnline Image
Despite three recent updates to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, #diet quality has not improved. We're not moving the needle for the average American. #Nutrition2022 #NutritionLiveOnline Image
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Good morning! Starting day 2 with another of my favorite #nutrition topics: the food matrix. What does that mean for #health? Food is not simply the sum of its parts. 🤓
#Nutrition2022 #NutritionLiveOnline Image
First up, one of my colleagues in nutrition and the #gut #microbiome, @HolscherLab. Let's #science!
#Nutrition2022 #NutritionLiveOnline Image
The matrix of foods affects the bioaccessibility of nutrients.
#Nutrition2022 #NutritionLiveOnline Image
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It's happening now! #GreatDebates in #Nutrition on ultra-processed foods and the Dietary Guidelines. 🤓 #Nutrition2022 #NutritionLiveOnline Image
Ultra processed foods are an emerging interest in #nutrition #science. They have been linked to numerous negative #health outcomes. Image
This #GreatDebate will attempt to tackle the role of ultra processed foods in health/disease, confounding, etc.
#Nutrition2022 #NutritionLiveOnline Image
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Kicking off #Nutrition2022 with the Presidential Symposium, "#Precision #Nutrition: New Scientific Horizons."
#NutritionLiveOnline Image
Quite the lineup for the opening session! Image
The #nutrition for #precision #health is an initiative from @NIH via the @AllofUsResearch Research Program. Image
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What is a spontaneous spinal CSF leak?

It’s so much more than a headache. It’s extremely debilitating.

When I experienced a CSF leak in 2014, I had to lie down all day every day for several months.

#leakweek2022 #csfleak #spinalCSFleak #SIH #headache…
Sometimes people are wrongly diagnosed with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome #POTS when it’s actually a spinal CSF leak.

I gave a short talk at the PoTS UK London Masterclass in December 2019

#leakweek2022 #CSFleak #spinalCSFleak #SIH #headache

I was interviewed for the National Migraine Centre HeadsUp Podcast about my experiences with a spontaneous spinal CSF leak (Series 2, Ep 6) to help educate healthcare professionals & patients

Sometimes a #CSFleak is misdiagnosed as chronic #migraine

#headache #SIH #leakweek2022
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𝐑𝐞𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐝 #vitaminD paper.
"The originally-published data are inaccurate and a complete set of corrected data is not available."

Here's a thread to outline the worrying data irregularities that led to this retraction.
#exercise #science #nutrition #research 🧵1/13
First and foremost, you can read here the full EIC retraction notice: ♾…

♾And my "Letter to The Editor" in which I describe in more detail the most serious/perplexing issues:
I learned about this study after Dr. Rhonda Patrick (Ph.D. in biomedical science) shared it among her nearly 400,000 Twitter followers who, in turn, retweeted it more than 500 times. 🧵3/13
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Diet news that presents ever-changing and sometimes contradictory advice creates the impression that #nutrition scientists constantly change their minds.

How can newsreaders better navigate the difficult landscape of #diet news? Here are five useful steps and resources.👇 1/7
Check out these 10 red flags to identify misleading diet claims by @ColoradoStateU, including:

- non-scientific testimonials
- lists of “good” & “bad” #foods
- recommendations based on one study
- simplistic conclusions drawn from a complex study

➡️… Image
A @HarvardChanSPH guide encourages readers to put #HealthNews into context by asking 7 questions, including:

- How does the study fit into the body of evidence on a topic?
- How large was its sample size?
- Was it done on #animals or humans?

➡️… Image
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This is a good time to redirect frustration and pain onto creative outlets and prayer.

By all means, do your online activism.

But balance that out with self-care Address your mental, spiritual and emotional needs.

Self-neglect will not solve the problem.

Some Tips ⬇️

Look for signs of burnout (use Google) and assess yourself honestly

Whilst your voice matters, so too does your spirit.

Take a break from Twitter to recharge for a few days.

You can continue supporting your cause in other ways.
Redirect the brain to different activities for a change. Art, games on your phone, deep breathing, music.

This isn't escapism. Some of the best ideas come when we're in the middle of doing something unrelated. (Like Archimedes shouting EUREKA! In his bathtub)
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My top 7 tips for optimal #nutrition for endurance athletes:

A brief thread 👇
1/ Just like training, be boring and build a consistent routine.

Food is fuel. Food is not entertainment. Athletes who develop consistent meal patterns are better able to monitor and control their nutrition to optimally match their training.
2/ Vary your nutrition in accordance with your training.

Going along with the above, set up 3 simple menus/nutrition plans for each level of current volume:

1 - Recovery day nutrition
2 - Loading day nutrition
3 - BIG day nutrition…
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#Vitamin A, or retinol, is an essential fat-soluble vitamin that plays numerous roles in vision, cellular differentiation, gene expression, growth, the immune system, bone development, and reproduction.
#Ayurveda #health #nutrition #HealthyEating #cure #body #tips Image
Vitamin A is found primarily in animal products. Fruits and vegetables are a source of provitaminA carotenoids that can be converted to retinol in the body at a lesser amount. The RDA for #vitamin A for adults is 900mcg/day 
#Ayurveda #health #nutrition #HealthyEating #cure #body…
#Ayurveda #health #nutrition #body
#cure #HealthyEating
#vitamin A is found in foods from animal sources, including dairy products, eggs, fish, and organ meats
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🌬️ Breath testing for #SIBO: everything you need to know! 🎈 😮‍💨 💩 🦠 🐄 📈

#MedTwitter #medicine #science #GITwitter #GI #microbiome #IBS #diet #nutrition…
To kick things off: how do you diagnose #SIBO?
#SIBO is a disorder characterized by excessive colonization of the small intestine by organisms usually found in the colon, especially Gram-negative bacteria.

(NB: the more we learn, it seems the *type* of bacteria is more important than the *number!*)
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While #science thought us that we can even cut and paste #genes with #CRISPR technology…even with that we only influence 3% to 5% of #chronicillness. The rest depends on #how you #live your #life!!! So how do we #SelfRegulate our #body?
1. Good #sleep is more important than most think! What happens during sleep? The fluctuation of consciousness…that we call the waking state. But in many wisdom traditions of the world, the waking state is merely a lucid dream that consciousness is having…
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This one suggests that conventional daily caffeine intake does not provide sufficient time for the elimination of caffeine and paraxanthine. Image
- Worse still, even though the salivary caffeine nearly reaches a clear state, the caffeine-associated brain responses seem to require a longer time to be fully restored.
"The concurrence of a reduced hippocampal GM intensity and an incomplete caffeine elimination, together with a GM recovery after being deprived of caffeine, underscore the importance of a sufficient cessation period...
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This systematic review and meta-analysis aimed to investigate the efficacy of increasing dietary protein ingestion to improve lean body mass gain, skeletal muscle strength, and physical function in healthy subjects.
- Additional protein ingestion together with resistance training leads to small additional lean body mass and lower body strength.
- This effect seems to be more prominent in younger subjects ingesting ≥1.6 g/kg/day.
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In this prospective analysis of the PREDIMED-Plus trial, higher increases of vitamin K dietary intake were associated with a better cognitive function, as assessed by the MMSE test in an adult high cardiovascular risk population followed for 2 years.
- Participants were men aged 55-75 years and women aged 60-75 years, with overweight or obesity, who at baseline met at least three components of the metabolic syndrome.
- This association was not found in the other considered cognitive function tests, with the exception of the semantic verbal fluency test.
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Here, co-ingestion of cluster dextrin with meat protein hydrolysate did not augment postprandial amino acid availability or myofibrillar FSR as compared to co-ingestion of glucose during recovery from a whole-body resistance exercise despite increased intramuscular signaling.
- Cluster dextrin is a branched carbohydrate produced from waxy maize starch by the cyclization of a branching enzyme.
It has been shown to increase the rate of gastric emptying compared to glucose and standard dextrin due to a lower osmotic pressure.
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This one found an inverse dose–response relationship between diet quality and prevalence of both physical and comprehensive frailty in adults aged ≥ 65 years living in Kameoka City, Japan.
- Higher adherence scores signified a higher intake of vitamin C, vegetables, dairy products, and fruits.
- Higher scores of adherence to vegetable dishes and milk intake were inversely associated with both physical and comprehensive frailty.
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Interestingly enough, this study suggests that residual confounding is likely to account for much, if not all, of the observed associations between the beneficial associations it found between higher intakes of raw vegetables and CVD risk.
- When assessing the independent effect of raw and cooked vegetable intake, only raw vegetable intake showed inverse associations with CVD outcomes, whereas cooked vegetables showed no association.
- For models of CVD incidence and raw vegetable intake, covariate adjustment attenuated HR from 0.79 to 0.88, with the LR chi-squared statistic declining by 81.9%.
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This one suggests that consuming protein (8g) in close proximity (20 min) to consuming an energy dense ultra-processed food may slightly reduce caloric intake (by ~60 kcal).
- 60% of participants (30/50 participants) mounted a response to a high-protein preload with an acute decrease in intake of an HSFLP ultra-processed food, (vanilla ice cream).
- The intake after a high-protein (8g) preload, but not a low-protein preload (1.2g), was significantly, and negatively, correlated with habitual physical activity.
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This one does not support the notion that selecting foods with a low glycemic index has a major impact on insulin sensitivity or β-cell function in individuals with prediabetes, at least in the short term.
- Using a controlled feeding study, the authors compared the effects of a high vs. low glycemic index diet in the setting of relative weight stability on insulin sensitivity and β-cell function in adults with prediabetes.
- Glucose responses to a test meal were dependent on the GI of the meal, with lower glucose and insulin secretion observed on the low glycemix index diet.
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In the 2-year POUNDS lost weight-loss intervention trial, higher blood DNA methylation level at TXNIP was related to lower fasting glucose, HbA1c, and HOMA IR, and such individuals benefited more in improvements in glycemic control from an average-protein weight-loss diet.
- Higher regional DNA methylation level at TXNIP was associated with lower fasting glucose, HbA1c, and HOMA-IR among participants who were overweight or obese.
- Dietary protein intakes significantly modified the relation between regional DNA methylation level at TXNIP and changes in insulin and HOMA-IR at 6 months, independent of weight loss.
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