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Do you feel that despite the huge amount of work that you put, you still are losing a lot of time and don't feel productive ?

Here's a morning route that which if followed can guarantee to save atleast 15 hours per week.

Thread below.🧵👇
// Meaningful productivity

Your best thinking  will actually happen while you’re away from your work, “recovering.” By taking your mind off work and actually recovering, you’ll get creative breakthroughs related to your work.
// The first 3 hours of your day

The first 3 hours of your day are the most precious ones where you'll have the potential to be highly productive.

Your brain is most attuned to the first thing in morning alongside high energy levels.
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#Persuasion is the heart of all marketing.

🧠 Dr. Robert Cialdini coined 7 Principles of Persuasion, science-backed and rooted in #Psychology.

In this thread, I’ll cover each principle and show how to apply them in business 👇
1. Reciprocity Principle

🤝 You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.

You give someone something and they’ll feel like they have to return the favor.

Example: Wikipedia is completely free to use, but they guilt people into donations to stay afloat Image
How to Use Reciprocity in Marketing

• Give First: Put the customer into a position where they feel indebted to the brand
• Limit Who Gets It: Exclusivity breeds brand ambassadors.
• Make Them Feel Special: Talking to customers 1 on 1 goes a long way
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1. In Nov 2016 my mom was diagnosed w/#Dementia w/#AuditoryHallucinations. As she left our house at 12AM & wandered around our neighborhood, we had to put her in a #NursingHome. She was a very limited #EnglishSpeaker & very few of her caregivers spoke #Portuguese. She wasn’t used
2. to #AmericanFood. Throughout her life she cooked the food she started cooking at 7 in #Portugal. For these & so many other reasons, I visited my mom every day. I brought dinner for both of us & spent several hrs w/her. She had gotten used to the #Routine we had established...
3. in the 3 yrs she was in the NH. In her stage of #Dementia she was still aware of time & if I didn’t show up on time, she would become upset. The voices in her mind might tell her that I wasn’t w/her bc I had been murdered by my imaginary stalker. This was just one of many.....
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/26/2020…
The misunderstood limits of folk science: an illusion of explanatory depth…

#folk #science #stories
Provably exact artificial intelligence for nuclear and particle physics…

#physics #particle
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This poster child photo of @Uighurpropaganda is also fake. All #pertaining trending photos are fake.

This is a #routine transfer of prisoners of #felonies. Precautions are taken to prevent incidents. CPC never lets dangerous criminals escape into the large even during Pandemic
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Follow along an #OTperspective with GERAS Post-Doc Dr. Hewston (@p_hewston) on how to maintain #SelfCare during #COVID19

Strategy1of5: Try to maintain #routine and #structure in your day— eg. starting your day with #coffee in your fav mug ☕️ & eating breakfast at the table 🍳
Strategy2of5: To help maintain structure while at home - set daily #goals - try using a #kanban board to visualize your progress and #celebrate your accomplishments🌟
Stragety3of5: Try the 5 #moments of #mindfulness [5M&Ms] grounding technique to focus on the here-and-now & relax🧘🏼‍♀️

Describe 5️⃣ things you see 👁
Describe 4️⃣ things you feel 🖐
Describe 3️⃣ things you hear 👂
Describe 2️⃣ things you smell 👃
Describe 1️⃣ thing your thankful for Image
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