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If you ONLY show up in my comment section to COMPLAIN, this is about YOU.

Bro, I just want to get my community exercising, being healthy and utilizing ALL options around to see what brings them optimum health.

THATS why from now until July 31st.. (cont)
you can go to @tigerfitness site ( and use the code “Solutionary” to get 10% off your ENTIRE purchase.

Does this mean I’m dissing meat eaters? No.
Does this mean I’m going vegan? No.
Does this mean you can’t enjoy whatever YOU like? No. (Cont.)
Hopping in my comments because you’re triggered because I said I’m currently enjoying TF outta the #AmbrosiaCollective’s #plantbased #protein is a waste of time my man.
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Thread on #Magnesium and why it is fundamental for our #health. #micronutrients
..many people debate the various ratios of #macronutrients like #protein, #fat, and #carbohydrates in their diet to find their optimal health. Which is great as we are #bioindividuals but most miss out on #micronutrients like #vitamins and #minerals.
The way our bodies are able to use the #macronutrients is fully dependent on how our #enzymatic pathways are influenced by various #micronutrients. One of the most important amongst is #magnesium.
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1) Welcome to our new #accredited #tweetorial on the Pathophysiology of #DKD in #T2D: Traditional Teaching and New Insights. Our expert author is Hans-Joachim Anders, MD, @hjanders_hans from @LMU_Uniklinikum of @LMU_Muenchen
2) This #accredited #tweetorial series on the foundations of #kidneydisease #DKD through the lens of #T2D is supported by an independent educational grant from the Boehringer Ingelheim/Lilly Alliance and is intended for healthcare providers.
3) This activity is accredited for #physicians #physicianassociates #nurses #NPs #pharmacists 🇺🇸🇪🇺🇬🇧🇨🇦. Past programs still eligible for credit are at Faculty disclosures are at FOLLOW US for regular programs by expert faculty!
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Last week, @IPESfood published a report exploring widespread #protein claims.

The report discussed 8 claims, but media coverage focused on criticizing meat alternatives as an ineffective climate solution—a claim also pushed by #livestock groups.👇 1/10
🚫An expert panel warns that fake #meat will not save the planet, @KatyAskew1 reports via @FoodNavigator.

According to the article, the report shows that "alternative proteins aren’t necessarily the silver bullet solution they have been billed as." 2/10…
🔍According to the latest @IPCC report, cultured meat and #PlantBased alternatives to animal products "can bring substantial reduction in direct #GHG emissions from food production."

Eloise Gibson reports on the 2022 #IPCC report via @NZStuff. 3/10…
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Here's the story of our POLITICS OF PROTEIN report out today. A thread 🧵

For decades, governments & corporations expanded factory farming - claiming more protein was needed for #foodsecurity.

Now they're confronted with the consequences... /1
Devastating deforestation, immense land use, pollution, impacts on health, climate & animals from intensive factory farming are clear for all to see.

Thankfully momentum for change is growing. /2 ImageImage
But those same actors (and some new philanthropists & venture capital) are now pushing a number of techno-fix solutions. These are many of the same firms that already dominate sales of conventional (factory-farmed) products. /3 ImageImage
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#Cefa'sini (#Oruc-Cile) cekmedigin hayatin
#Sefa'sini (#Bayram-#Cennet) süremezsin..

ince detayina (ÖZ) dek bilene
#ElAlim denir..
Yasanan-Yasanacak olan
her seyin ilmini-bilimini bilendir O

#ilim-#Bilim olmadan;
#ALLAH'a ulasmaniz imkansizdir

ALLAH'in evrensel kanunlaridir..#Sünnettullah

Allah'in ilmi sasar mi?

ALLAH'in sasmaz kanunlarindandir..
Fizik Kanunlari
Evreni kusatan ilahi yasalardir

#Din-#ilim-#Bilim-#AKIL-#Mantik-#islam hakikatinda;
#MAAS icin ibadet eden #iMAM'in
arkasinda #NAMAZ kilinmaz

Hakikat budur..

#AY dönümlerine göre tutulur

iki #YeniAY arasinda tutulan oruc makbuldur..#SebebiVardir
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A co-worker of mine said to me the other day “I’m vegan man, I need to be careful about my #Protein” This in the context of wanting to get some #pipes. Got me thinking about how #vegan & #plantbased compare with omnivorous diets for building muscle/strength.

A paper published in 2021, by Victoria Hevia-Larrain and Hamilton Roschel. Here they sought out to assess the effect of dietary protein source on changes in muscle mass/strength.

They took 19 habitual vegan men and 19 habitual omnivores. They did a 12wk, twice wkly, resistance program. Habitual protein intake assessed and adjusted to 1.6g/kg per day with supp (Soy v Whey).

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Victorian biomedical science and innovation come of age. #mRNA #Protein #Vaccine

A somewhat long thread:

Our #mRNA vaccine was conceptualised, invented, developed and manufactured (mostly) right here in #Australia. And has now reached #clinical trials.…
2/ To say the least: It has been a thrilling journey.

All I want is to say a few words about innovating a new class of medicine and mention some of the important people and events related to the #mRNA vaccine.

This is my short and personal tribute to them and the events
To translate a product from bench to clinic in two years is not easy- but to do that with a completely new entity that has never been manufactured or developed in the history of Australia - mRNA vaccines- is even more challenging. But our team was up to the challenge.
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This systematic review and meta-analysis aimed to investigate the efficacy of increasing dietary protein ingestion to improve lean body mass gain, skeletal muscle strength, and physical function in healthy subjects.
- Additional protein ingestion together with resistance training leads to small additional lean body mass and lower body strength.
- This effect seems to be more prominent in younger subjects ingesting ≥1.6 g/kg/day.
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This one suggests that consuming protein (8g) in close proximity (20 min) to consuming an energy dense ultra-processed food may slightly reduce caloric intake (by ~60 kcal).
- 60% of participants (30/50 participants) mounted a response to a high-protein preload with an acute decrease in intake of an HSFLP ultra-processed food, (vanilla ice cream).
- The intake after a high-protein (8g) preload, but not a low-protein preload (1.2g), was significantly, and negatively, correlated with habitual physical activity.
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In the PREVIEW RCT analysis, no differences in weight change between participants in the lower carbohydrate, higher protein and moderate carbohydrate, moderate protein diet groups were found.
So the group decided to adjusted for several dietary components, especially protein intake, that may affect the results and found a positive association between total carbohydrate and weight regain.
In participants with moderate total carbohydrate and dietary fiber intake, with low to moderate GI, total carbohydrate and GL were positively associated with increases in hunger, desire to eat, desire to eat something sweet, and weight regain.
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A few thoughts on trees and farming.

I'm certainly no expert, but have been looking into it quiet a bit this last two years.

I said earlier in the week (aside from out hedgerows) trees have been pushed to the very fringes of the Irish landscape.

It's time to bring them back!
So, how do we do this in relation to farms?

Well first things first - instead of seeing trees as some kind of onerous obligation, I would like farmers to see them for what they are-an opportunity.

(I appreciate not easy given Irelands current forestry system mess)
On the face of it,there would appear to be fundamental contradiction in growing food and growing trees. Both require the suns energy, if one is to thrive the other must struggle?

Actually when you dig down into it, there are many ways they can coexist & even support one another
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In the endothelium,selective impairment of insulin-mediated NO production may contribute to the development of #hypertension, endothelial dysfunction, atherogenesis, insulin resistance. NO induces vasodilation and inhibits platelet aggregation, vascular smooth muscle cell growth
Angiotensin #Ang2 inhibits insulin-mediated PI3K pathway activation, thereby impairing endothelial NO production and Glut-4 translocation in insulin-sensitive tissues, which results in vascular and systemic insulin resistance, respectively.
On the other hand, Ang II enhances insulin-mediated activation of the mitogen-activated protein kinase (#MAPK) pathway, which leads to vasoconstriction and pathologic vascular cellular growth.
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Friday Poll Part 1! - Macros

For those who are low-carb, what way of eating has provided you the best health results overall?

Note 1: If more than one applies, choose the most "restrictive" option that applies

Note 2: Poll does not account for TRE

Cr @hormonedietdoc
Friday Poll Part 2! - Food source

For those who are low-carb, what way of eating has provided you the best health results overall?
Friday Poll Part 3! - Meal timing

For those who are low-carb, what way of eating has provided you the best health results overall?
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1/ Another in my biology series of How it Works. This time... How Does You Body Get Rid of Excess Nitrogen? #Protein

The short answer is that it transforms the nitogenous group (amino group) into urea, and it gets peed out. But let's dig in a bit...
2/ The first step is to get the Nitrogen-containing amino group off of the donor amino acid. This is done by a "transamination reaction" in which transaminase enzymes effectively shuffle the amino group, transfering it from one donor amino acid to an acceptor alpha keto acid...
3/ Again, just a simple shuffling. In the example shown Alanine is the donor amino acid, and it's amino group is transfered to alpha-ketoglutarate to make their respective alpha keto acid and amino acid pairs: Pyruvate & Glutamate...
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#location location location: thrilled to share our work @CellCellPress! #interferons dictate #COVID19 severity! Specific #IFNs are produced along the #airways in response to #SARSCoV2 and drive protective or detrimental #transcriptional programs! 1/7…
IFNs are driven by high #viral #loads, suggesting that viral recognition is only achieved when #SARSCoV2 reaches a certain threshold! Efficient induction of protective IFNs is preferentially achieved by younger patients, further explaining susceptibility of elders to #COVID19 2/7
#IFNL1 & #IFNL3 characterize mild illness & drive potent anti-#SARSCoV2 #ISGs in the upper #airways. Severe patients show #typeI IFN & #IFNL2 along the respiratory tract but lack ISGs, dampen cell proliferation programs associated to #repair and boost #apoptotic #p53 pathways 3/7
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Polysorbate 80, also present in Moderna C19 vac.
PS80 delays the inhibition of thermal aggregation process of insulin. Addition of PS80 leads to an increase in beta-sheet structure and concomitant altered morphology and ...
enhanced stability of the formed spherulites. This may impact safety and efficacy of the protein drugs product.
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This twirling work of science is special ✨

AFAIK, it's the first crystal structure of a functional #protein fully designed by #AI

A milestone in our quest to use language models to generate proteins that are unseen in nature & can function well in the real-world. Read below👇
Proteins do everything in life. They're complex molecules and the workhorses for almost all of biology.

Nature has evolved proteins over billions of years. But instead of relying on natural evolution, what if we could take control and design proteins ourselves from scratch?
We look to artificial intelligence (AI) for help. In particular, we've seen the usage of language models to controllably generate realistic text in #NLProc.

In our work, we've developed some powerful language models to learn from evolution to generate protein sequences.
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Das #Spike #Protein gelangt also nachweislich sehr wohl ins Blut!

Das straft einen @WolfgangMueckst 🔴 der Unwissenheit, wie es auch d.@roteskreuzat bez #Blutspenden vor Probleme stellt.

#Covid19 #Impfung
Wieso das Gerücht einer "Biowaffe" beim #Covid19 #Virus hw. nur eine weitere #Medien Ablenkung ist. #Bioweapons sind nicht gut fürs Geschäft.

Was, wenn (wie das #FS3 bereits vor 1 Jahr vermutete) die #Impfung im Design schon VORHER da war.

In einfachen Worten (an unsere Politiker) wurde Forschung an #Corona-#Viren dahingehend betrieben, dass einerseits ihr Tropismus (#Infektiösität) mittels #GenSplicing(#Furin!) "untersucht" wurde, anderseits d.Möglichkeit durch "Dämpfung", sie zur #Impfstoff Erzeugung z.verwenden.
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In the latest issue! Be sure to explore this exciting research about #SARSCoV2 variants and their #escape from #immune response

For all @CellPressNews #coronavirus research and commentary, visit
Mutations in the #SARSCoV2 spike #protein result in tighter binding to the #ACE2 receptor and allow escape from monoclonal #antibody neutralization. Online now! @UniofOxford
The 501Y.V2 #variant of #SARSCoV2 exhibits resistance to neutralization from monoclonal #antibodies and sera from convalescent as well as #immunized individuals
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🚨New in @PNASNews! We demonstrate that aquatic #biodiversity directly benefits humanity via nutritional benefits of #seafood.
I’m thrilled to share this: it's a BIG one for me, it’s the product of > 7 years (!) of developing ideas & collecting data.
@mioconnor and I bridge the gap between #biodiversity science and human nutrition science & demonstrate mechanistic links between aquatic #biodiversity and human nutritional well-being in the context of #AquaticFoods. Photo of seafood at at market in Papua New Guinea,  courtesy
We answer one of the most pressing questions in ecology:

Does biodiversity per se (species richness and ecological functional diversity), distinct from the identities and abundance of species enhance human well-being?

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In this one, animal-based food sources elicited greater anabolic responses than plant-based food sources, due to the simultaneous stimulation of whole-body protein synthesis and suppression of protein breakdown.

The magnitude of anabolic response was related to the EAA content. ImageImageImageImage
Metabolic Evaluation of the Dietary Guidelines’ Ounce Equivalents of Protein Food Sources in Young Adults: A Randomized Controlled Trial (open access)…

#nutrition #diet #protein #exercise #muscle #strength #lift #GetStrong #hypertrophy #gainz #gains
- "This finding is consistent with other studies indicating that an equivalent amount of EAA intake, regardless of source, induces similar anabolic responses...
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 01/28/2021…
For the past three weeks, a group of Trump supporters and QAnon believers met online, swapped theories and eagerly awaited the conspiracy’s violent climax. I was listening in. This is what they sounded like.…

#ConspiracyTheories #insurrection
Alex Mesoudi on Twitter


#culture #evolution #variation #theory
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/05/2020…
Study: Countering hate on social media | Santa Fe Institute…

#SocialMedia #hate
Comparative host-coronavirus protein interaction networks reveal pan-viral disease mechanisms | Science…

#comparative #disease #networks #interaction #protein #science
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