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In this one, the authors report the development and validation of the Essential Amino Acid-9 (EAA-9) score, an innovative, nutrient-based protein quality scoring framework, which allows for personalization of essential amino acid needs based on age or metabolic conditions. Image
- Currently, recognition of essential amino acid requirements is embedded within a generalized measure of protein quality known as PDCAAS (Protein Digestibility-Corrected Amino Acid Score).
- Calculating PDCAAS includes the FAO/WHO/UNU amino acid score (AAS), which is based on the limiting amino acid in a food, that is, the single amino acid with the lowest concentration compared to the reference standard.
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Here, one year of protein supplementation in comparison to an isocaloric-control supplement appeared to affect neither the muscle protein synthesis rate at basal or postprandial state nor the skeletal muscle metabolomein healthy older Danes. Image
- The skeletal muscle mass decreases with age and the responsiveness of aging muscles protein synthesis rate to protein intake seems to deteriorate.
- This study investigated the impact of 12 months of protein supplementation with or without physical exercise training on the basal and postprandial muscle protein synthesis and the skeletal muscle metabolome of healthy older Danes (> 65 years, 29 females/37 males).
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This systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials suggests that exercise combined with dietary advice is likely to be a more effective approach for old cancer survivors to improve physical functioning compared with exercise alone. Image
- This study aimed to evaluate the effect of exercise with or without dietary advice on muscle mass, muscle strength and physical functioning (including perceived physical functioning and physical performance) in old cancer survivors.
- Data from 21 trials were included in this study, including 16 exercise trials and 5 exercise + dietary advice studies.
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In this one, after primary treatment for ovarian cancer, those who met or exceeded protein intake recommendations for cancer survivors in general (i.e., >1g/kg) had better progression-free survival than those with lower intake levels.
- This study aimed to investigate whether intake of protein and protein food sources following primary treatment for ovarian cancer is associated with recurrence and survival.
- Those who met or exceeded protein intake recommendations for cancer survivors in general (i.e., >1g/kg) were more likely to have better progression-free survival than those with lower intake levels.
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This one found higher dietary intakes of total aromatic amino acids (tyrosine, phenylalanine, tryptophan) to be associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality in US adults. Image
- After multivariate adjustment, a higher dietary intake of aromatic amino acids (tyrosine, phenylalanine and tryptophan, or total intake) was associated with a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease mortality.
- When assessed as a continuous variable, each 1 SD increase in the dietary total aromatic amino acids, tyrosine, phenylalanine, or tryptophan intake was associated with a 15%, 15%, 16%, and 15% decrease, respectively, in the risk of cardiovascular disease mortality.
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In this one, a greater whole-body protein net balance was observed when protein was evenly distributed between breakfast, lunch and dinner, compared with a skewed protein intake distribution in healthy older adults.
- A greater whole-body protein net balance was observed when protein was evenly distributed between breakfast, lunch and dinner (1/3 of the total daily intake at breakfast, lunch, and dinner)...
...compared with a skewed protein intake distribution (1/6 at breakfast and lunch, and 4/6 of the total daily protein intake at dinner).
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1) Welcome to Part 1 of a new #accredited #tweetorial in our series of educational programs on #hypertrophic #cardiomyopathy #HCM. Previous programs, still available for 🆓CE/#CME, are at
Now you can earn another 1.5hr credit by following ALL of this 🧵!
2) Our expert author is Sergio Kaiser MD PhD FACC FESC 🇧🇷🇮🇱 @pabeda1, cardiologist 🫀, Professor 🎓 of #InternalMedicine, Rio de Janeiro State University. He brings the general cardiologist's perspective to our #HCM discussions. Read and learn!
#FOAMed #CardioTwitter
3) This program is supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Bristol Myers Squibb. Statement of accreditation and faculty disclosures at Credit for #physicians #nursepractitioners #physicianassociates #nurses #pharmacists from @academiccme.
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1/50 #Science is an ongoing process that serves to investigate phenomena, gain new insights or "correct prior knowledge" and this only works in #discourse. This includes diversity of #Opinion, #tolerance and a broad debate space. This is a large thread.
2/50 "#trust the science" is in my view the most #antiscience statement ever. #Questioning science is how you do #Science. This thread gives some examples and further questions.…
3/50 What about good ##scientific #Practice? I found a glaring example here (of all things, in what I consider to be a rush to #vaccine #approval). #blotgate…
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This one found no differences in the postprandial rise in muscle protein synthesis rates following ingestion of 30g protein provided either as cheese or as milk protein at rest or during recovery from exercise in healthy, young males.
- The study compared the impact of ingesting 30g protein provided in the form of cheese or milk protein concentrate on postprandial muscle protein synthesis rates in vivo in 20 healthy, young males.
- An increase in circulating amino acid concentrations following the ingestion of 30g protein provided either as cheese or milk protein was observed.
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This study sheds doubt on the impact of the food matrix on anabolism, as it found that eating salmon as a whole-food matrix is similarly anabolic compared to ingesting the same nutrients as an isolated mixture of crystalline amino acids and fish oil following resistance exercise.
- The study tried to assess the effects of eating salmon versus ingesting the same nutrients as an isolated mixture of crystalline amino acids and fish oil on the stimulation of post-exercise myofibrillar protein synthesis and whole-body leucine oxidation rates.
- Ten recreationally active adults performed an acute bout of resistance exercise followed by the ingestion of salmon or the isolated mixture in a crossover fashion.
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How much #protein do you need?
#WHO says 10-15%, #USDA 10-35% (as most in US consume meat in every meal) and experts like Colin Campbell says 8-10% of your diet should be protein unless child, pregnant or athlete/ lifting weight. Your body is quite good is recycling protein (1/n)
Where to get these proteins from? 70-80% of your protein should be plant based. Plant proteins are packed with rich complex carbohydrates (incl. fibers), healthy fats and antioxidants essential for healthy life.
Below are some of the plant based foods to get your proteins from: Image
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Our new paper:
Pre-sleep Protein Ingestion Increases Mitochondrial Protein Synthesis Rates During Overnight Recovery from Endurance Exercise: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Open access link:…

A thread 🧵👇

#protein #casein #whey Image
We have previously shown that pre-sleep protein ingestion improves overnight myofibrillar protein synthesis.

In addition, we have shown that long-term pre-sleep protein supplementation improves muscle mass and strength gains.

2/ Image
Our new study had several study novelties:

- endurance exercise was performed
- mitochondrial protein synthesis was assessed
- whey and casein protein were compared

3/ Image
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Its not so #cool as it sounds... because of the following,

#Eating #redmeat has been associated with various #health problems, including:
#Cardiovascular disease: High consumption of red meat has been linked to an increased risk of #heart disease due to

the high levels of saturated fat and #cholesterol found in red meat.
#Cancer: Several studies have suggested that high consumption of red meat, particularly processed #meat, can increase the risk of certain cancers, such as colon cancer.
Type 2 #diabetes: Red meat consumption has been linked to an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes, potentially due to the high fat content.
#Obesity: High consumption of red meat has been linked to an increased risk of obesity due to its high #calorie and fat content.
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Dear Parents: What type of #protein do you feed your young children?

Some may argue that meat, milk, and beans are among the foods you feed your children.

I want to share with you 10 importance of feeding your children egg in Rwanda.

Pass through this #Threads to learn more.
1. Protein Source.

Eggs are an excellent source of high-quality protein, which is essential for children's growth and development.

In Rwanda, where malnutrition remains a significant problem, eggs can provide children with the nutrients they need to thrive.
2. Nutrient-rich.

Eggs are also rich in essential nutrients such as vitamins A, D, and E, as well as calcium, iron, and zinc, which are vital for building strong bones, boosting the immune system, and supporting brain development.
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Teil 10. Thema heute: Proteine. Über kaum ein Thema wird mit Veganern so häufig diskutiert wie über Proteine. "Wo bekommst du denn deine Proteine her?" "Der Mensch braucht tierisches Protein". Immer wieder werden wir mit solchen Aussagen konfrontiert. Doch stimmt das wirklich?
Zunächst zur Theorie: Proteine sind komplexe Moleküle und bestehen aus Aminosäuren. Es gibt 20 Aminosäuren. Ein Teil dieser AS ist essentiell und muss mit der Nahrung aufgenommen werden. Um die Qualität der Proteinversorgung zu beschreiben, benutzt man die biologische Wertigkeit.
Diese BW gibt an, wie gut ein Protein vom Körper verwertet und in körpereigenes Protein umgewandelt werden kann. Grundsätzlich gilt: Je mehr essentielle AS ein Protein enthält, desto höher ist die BW. Als Referenz der BW benutzt man das Hühnerei. Dieses hat eine BW von 100.
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The findings of this one suggest that a high adherence to a diet that is rich in protein and unsaturated fatty acids may have beneficial long-term effects on liver fat and lipid metabolism in older subjects.
- An increased intake of protein, total fat, MUFA, PUFA and fiber as well as a decreased consumption of SFAs was achieved in the intervention group.
- Adjusted for baseline intrahepatic lipids, age, sex and BMI change, a reduction of intrahepatic lipids by 33.3% was seen in the intervention group, but the median reduction was not statistically significantly compared to the control group.
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2/5 "But, as the researchers expected, the brains of #Alzheimer’s patients had higher amounts of #insoluble #Aβ #fibrils, the form of #amyloid #protein that aggregates to form the telltale “#plaques” seen in the #disease,..."
3/5 "... higher levels of #fibrillary #amyloid appear to be a better indicator of #poorer #brain #health."
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2/5 "#Uncanny #similarities with #amyloid-#disease associated #blood #coagulation and #fibrinolytic #disturbances together with #neurologic and #cardiac problems led us to investigate the #amyloidogenicity of the #SARSCoV2 #spike #protein (#S-protein)."
3/5 "#Amyloid #fibril #assays of peptide library mixtures and theoretical predictions identified seven #amyloidogenic #sequences within the S-protein."
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1/4 "Using #PEPMatch, a newly developed #bioinformatics package which predicts #peptide similarity within specific #amino #acid mismatching parameters consistent with published #MHC binding capacity,..."…
2/4 "... we discovered that #nucleocapsid #protein shares significant overlap with 22 #multiple #sclerosis (#MS)-associated proteins, including #myelin #proteolipid #protein (#PLP). 

3/4 "Further computational evaluation demonstrated that this #overlap may have #critical #implications for #Tcell responses in #multiple #sclerosis (#MS) patients and is likely unique to #SARSCoV2 among the major #human #coronaviruses."
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23 Global Developments to Watch Over The Next Five Years.

(See Thread).… Image
#1 - DEI gives way to DEI 2.0 which focuses on Diversity (of perspective), Equality (of opportunity), and Incentives (to do well). Image
#2 - As education and incomes rise, birth rates plunge. Demographers increasingly worry about an underpopulated planet instead of an overpopulated one.
@JohnIbbitson @darrellbricker Image
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This one suggests that intermittent fasting with higher-quality, nutrient-dense meals that are evenly spaced throughout the day and provide 20-40g of protein may be superior to a heart-healthy caloric restriction diet in terms of body composition outcomes.
- The IF approach used is a modified IF regimen, which allows consumption of 20% to 25% of energy needs on scheduled fasting days (36-60hrs/wk).
For the rest 5 or 6 days of the week, a meal plan with a macronutrient distribution targeting 35% protein, 35% carbohydrate, and 30% fat was delivered.
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🧵#Bioinformatics in #drug #discovery and development, a THREAD🧵🧵:
#Bioinformatics is playing an increasingly important role in the discovery and development of new #drugs. In this thread, we'll explore how #bioinformatics is being used to identify new targets for drug intervention and optimize drug design.
One key aspect of #bioinformatics in drug discovery is the identification of potential #drug #targets.
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🧵#Bioinformatics and its impact on #healthcare, a THREAD🧵🧵:
#Bioinformatics is the application of #computational techniques to the analysis of #biological data, such as #DNA sequences and #protein #structures.
In #healthcare, #bioinformatics is used to gain insights into the #genetic basis of diseases, and to develop new #diagnostic tests and #treatments.
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🧵🧵 THREAD: #Bioinformatics and #AlphaFold 🧵🧵
1. #AlphaFold is a deep learning system developed by #DeepMind, to predict the 3D #structure of #proteins from their #aminoacid sequence.
2. #AlphaFold has been applied and tested extensively in the biennial #CASP (Critical Assessment of protein Structure Prediction) experiment, and has achieved state-of-the-art performance.
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