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Grateful that @UN_HRC expert on occupied #Palestinian territory, Dr. @FranceskAlbs raised the question of self defense claimed by an occupying power, #Israel. My own thoughts follow: Image
Self defense is understood as the inherent right of a State to use of force in response to an armed attack on it. It is one of the exceptions to the prohibition against use of force under article 2(4) of the @UN Charter and customary international law.
#Israeli claims of measures in self- defense, are disconcerting. There is no controversy about the prohibition breached by deliberate or indiscriminate attacks against civilians in Israel, but that does not absolve it from observing distinction, proportionality, and precaution.
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Sum. of Dr.@Susanrosepower’s comments (Head of Research @alhaq_org) on the consequences of ICJ advisory opinion & #state_responsibility, during our webinar:On the Table of the ICJ: The Legality/Illegality of #Israeli_Occupation &the Subsequent Int’l Responsibility
Article 14 of the Draft articles on Responsibility of States for Internationally Wrongful Acts state that the international #obligations on a state committing a continuing crime arise only for the period during which the act continues.
According to IL Commission, an example of continuing unlawful act is unlawful occupation . Therefore, #Israel is responsible for the consequences of the #occupation as long as it continues, even if it was deemed to be an act of self-defence initially.
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#Israel has passed a bill allowing revoking of citizenship/residency targeting its Palestinian citizens & #OPT's Palestinians citing ‘anti-terror.’
L4P's @Hassan_Imran had prev. called it out in @MiddleEastEye’s @Ray_Uddin's article:
In 2008, #Israeli_law was amended to allow the interior minister to revoke citizenship based on loyalty. The first incident was in 2017 when an Israeli court approved revoking the citizenship of a Palestinian citizen of #Israel on the basis of loyalty.
The decision was rejected by the Israeli high court but for procedural reasons, not substantive.
Lately, French-Palestinian rights lawyer Salah Hamouri was deported from Jerusalem to France on that basis.Why would a Palestinian be obliged to be loyal to the Occupying Power!?
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.@Palestine_UN tables a #UNGA77 resolution calling for an @CIJ_ICJ advisory opinion on the legal consequences arising from #Israel’s ongoing violation of the right of #Palestinian self-determination, its prolonged occupation, and annexation of Palestinian territory. Text follows:
Decides, in accordance with Article 96 of the Charter of the United Nations, to request the @CIJ_ICJ pursuant to Article 65 of the Statute of the Court, to urgently render an advisory opinion, on the following questions, considering the rules and principles of international law,
including the Charter of the @UN, international humanitarian law, international human rights law, relevant Security Council, General Assembly and @UN_HRC resolutions, and the advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice of 9 July 2004:
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Wait list for employment-based green cards is so lopsidedly Indian that per-country caps, designed to prevent a single country from taking over the whole immigration flow, mean USCIS can't give out all the extra slots freed up by drop in family immigration…
"The agency estimated that 95,000 Indian citizens received an employment-based green card this year, which is more than four times the typical number before the pandemic."
There is no "backlog" in job-based green cards -- but there is a *wait list*, because the category is numerically limited, for good reason, but tech firms importing cheap labor thru the F1 --> #OPT --> #H1B pipeline use green cards as bait, knowing that there's a long line.
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🎉 The last few weeks have seen the release of #StableDiffusion, #OPT, and other large models.

⚠️ But should we be concerned about an irreversible influx of AI content on the internet?

⚙️ Will this make it harder to collect clean training data for future AI models?

🧵👇 1/6
(thread based on recent work…)

Q: So what’s the root issue?

A: Biases in AI models will be represented in their outputs, which become *training data* for future models! (if we’re not careful).

These feedback cycles have the potential to get nasty.

A concrete example -

Generating from a language model with beam search is known to be repetitive/disfluent.

Under feedback (where a model is re-trained on its outputs), this problem very quickly magnifies by 2-3x!

Nucleus sampling, OTOH, is surprisingly stable.

3/6 Image
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Without prejudice to the existence or subsequent emergence of other peremptory norms of general international law (jus cogens), a non-exhaustive list of
norms that the International Law Commission has previously referred to as having
that status is:
The prohibition of aggression;

The basic rules of international humanitarian law;
The prohibition of racial discrimination and #apartheid; The right of self-determination.
Peremptory norms of general international law (jus cogens) reflect and
protect fundamental values of the international community, are hierarchically
superior to other rules of international law and are universally applicable.
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Für das Projekt @GesundeP
von @bvmd_de
, @BlaupauseGesund
, @bphd_ev
haben wir uns mit den Antworten der #Parteien zum Thema #Digitalisierung befasst und diese eingeordnet.

Hier der Link…
die Einordnung findet ihr im Thread!
Let's go!
Als erstes eine gute Nachricht: alle Parteien sehen die #Digitalisierung des #Gesundheitssystems als wichtig und nötig an.
#CDU und #SPD weisen beide zurecht darauf hin dass in den letzten 4 Jahren in Deutschland einiges zugunsten der Digitalisierung geändert hat. Politischer Wille ist unserer Meinung nach deutlich erkennbar,jedoch finden wir auch, das bislang nur wenig in der #Praxis angekommen ist
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#Work #Visa/#EAD (F1 #OPT/CPT, #H1B, #H4EAD, #J1, #L1B, etc) & declining #American #LaborParticipationRate (LBR; peaked 1999) thread @SenSanders.

Seems obvious there is #NoLaborShortage @SenToomey @SenBobCasey @RepMeuser. Image
1. #H1B enacted 1990, slight dip in #LaborParticipationRate; 1998's ACIWA raises #H1Bvisas to 115,000 - LBR dips again;
2001 AC21 Act raises #H1Bvisa limit to 195,000 - LBR continues dropping @USCongress @BizRoundtable @USDOL. Image
2. 2001 AC21 Act also adds #H1B Cap Exempt Category for non-profit #Education/#Research organizations, further fueling #LaborParticipationRate drop (& growing #GreenCardBacklog) @HouseDemocrats @HouseGOP @SenateDems @SenateGOP.… Image
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#AmericanWorkers & #UnMatchedMD #MedicalGrads displaced by F1 #OPT/CPT #H1B, #H4EAD, #J1, #L1B, et al need #BernieSandersForLabor.

Bernie Sanders confirms interest in becoming Biden's Labor secretary…
1. #BernieSandersForLabor:
Would @SenSanders continue his #H1B opposition as Secretary Of Labor? Or will he conform to @JoeBiden/@KamalaHarris' anti-#AmericanWorkers/pro-#H1Bvisa platform?…
2. #BernieSandersForLabor:
2015: @SenSanders 'wants to reform the #H1B program, in part, by "substantially" raising prevailing wages.'

Does @BernieSanders now support current @USDOL/@DHSgov #H1Bvisa #wages Interim Final Rule?…
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1/ THREAD and ALERT on OPT! This morning, members of the @HouseGOP received an email from @FAIRImmigration, pressuring members not to support the continuation of the #OPT program. Image
2/ In @FAIRImmigration‘s email on OPT to the @HouseGOP, they threaten: “If your boss signs on, we will highlight this accordingly to our members. Further, all signatories can expect the attention of conservative media.” They link to this clip:
3/ This @TuckerCarlson clip attacks nine prominent GOP senators who urged the president not to restrict visas that can help the economic recovery…
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A new report outlines 20 actions the president could take immediately to reduce the number of temporary foreign workers.…
1: Rescind approval of all labor certifications for pending employment-based immigrant visas and green card/adjustments of status, and require applicants to submit new certification requests for re-adjudication under current labor market conditions.
2: Rescind approval of all labor condition attestations (LCAs) for pending employment-based non-immigrant visa applications and require applicants to submit new attestations for re-adjudication under current labor market conditions.
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Starting a thread of messages from American workers to @realdonaldtrump about the need for a real & TOTAL #immigrationban - add your voice or video message in replies & help stop #OpenBordersInc from sabotaging executive order. #AmericaFirst @presssec @MarkMeadows
2/ Here is @4US_Workers attorney Sara Blackwell speaking up defense of American IT workers ==>
3/ American IT worker Michael Emmons @Troup1998 talks to #AmericaFirst DE Sen. candidate @WitzkeforDE about being forced to train Indian H1B replacements at Siemens==>
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Thanks to the Optional Practice Training (#OPT) program, the overall number of international students hit an all-time high.

That's crazy.
Read more about the history and cost of the #OPT program below:…
Related: Three Non-DHS Entities find widespread #OPT fraud scheme to provide legal-looking status to 5,000 or more one-time foreign students from China — something the Department of Homeland Security should have uncovered for itself.…
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