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WHO's mission is to
promote health,
keep the 🌍 safe,
serve the vulnerable.

By 2023 we aim for:

1B more people benefiting from #HealthForAll

1B more people better protected from health emergencies

1B more people living with better health & well-being.

To achieve 1B more people benefiting from #HealthForAll:
WHO welcomes:
- #UNGA 2019 political declaration on Universal Health Coverage
-@IPUparliament Resolution on UHC
WHO Results Report 2018-2019:

Although access to health services has expanded, the 🌍 is still far short of the 1B target & financial protection has weakened.
SO WHO has created a special programme on primary health care to provide more broad-based support to countries.
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"The sooner #China was included into the international community, the earlier it would learn to play along with international norms, the argument went. But, China’s current measures indicate otherwise. International norms are the ones being played."…
"China’s attempts to make the @UN a tool for achieving its hegemonic ambition would erode the institution’s trustworthiness from within and render international cooperation parochial."
"China’s approach to international cooperation would defeat the UN’s purpose to settle distributional conflicts since, very soon, other stakeholders would realize that cooperation is a cloak for advancing China’s national interests."
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"Today’s Kinshasa Commitment on Universal Health Coverage & the presentation of the national strategy, represent profound and practical steps towards achieving #HealthForAll.
President Tshisekedi & WHO have walked a long road together for promoting & protecting health"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros @WHOAFRO @OMSRDCONGO @Presidence_RDC "Many of you might not know that the path we are taking today started in July 2019 when the President told me during a meeting in Abuja about his determination to ensure universal health coverage in #DRC"-@DrTedros #HealthForAll

@DrTedros @WHOAFRO @OMSRDCONGO @Presidence_RDC "Our road continued to New York, last September, during the #UNGA, when world leaders adopted the first political declaration on universal health coverage"-@DrTedros #HealthForAll
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Live: Opening of the #EB146 with @DrTedros…
@DrTedros "Thank you for your moving tributes to our late friend & colleague, Dr Peter Salama. The expressions of sorrow over the past week & of admiration for everything Pete did & everything he was say it all. We miss Pete now & we will always miss him"-@DrTedros #EB146
@DrTedros @WHOWPRO @pahowho @WHO_Europe @WHOEMRO @WHOSEARO @WHOAFRO "2019 was a very rewarding year, and a very tough year, as we pushed hard to finalize the design phase of transformation, while fighting emergencies, launching new initiatives and striving towards the “triple billion” targets"-@DrTedros at #EB146 #HealthForAll
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OK. Here we go. #ICJ Provisional Measures Order #TheGambia v #Myanmar #Rohingya #Genocideconvention Judge Sebutinde - not on the bench.
- Background of application - omitting procedural history etc.
Reference to #Rohingya group that self-identifies as Rohingya; prima facie jurisdiction need not be definitive as to merits of the case - art 36(1) ICJ Statute & Art 9 Genocide Convention - this needs to be satisfied first
Parties to GC - no reservation to art 9 by Myanmar but to art 6 & 8; no reservations of Gambia; “dispute” exists where hold “clearly opposite views” re performance/non-performance of obligations;one party maintains dispute, other denies it. Therefore compromissory clause comes in
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It’s that time of the year when we look back on how India charted new pathways in #Diplomacy and left an imprint on the global agenda.
The year began with the 10th #IndiaJapan Strategic Dialogue, which provided a platform for blossoming of deep rooted ties into a special strategic & global partnership
The then Japanese Foreign Minister @konotaromp attended the summit along with the former EAM Smt. Sushma Swaraj
@konotaromp @MofaJapan_en @IndianEmbTokyo @PIB_India A World Reorder: New Geometries; Fluid Partnerships; Uncertain Outcomes.
The 4th edition of @raisinadialogue, a flagship annual geopolitical and geostrategic conference, was organised by @orfonline and @MEAIndia

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Semana passada, o @ItamaratyGovBr quebrou uma tradição de 45 anos do 🇧🇷. Retomando posição da DITADURA, foi o único país da América Latina a se abster na votação da resolução da ONU para "Implementação da Declaração sobre Concessão de Independência a Países e Povos Coloniais". 👇
O texto é votado pela #UNGA desde 1961. Esse tem sido o padrão de votação do 🇧🇷:

Jango - Sim

Castelo - Abstenção
Costa e Silva - Sem voto publicado
Médici - Abstenção
Geisel e Figueiredo - Sim

Sarney, Collor, Itamar, FHC, Lula, Dilma e Temer - Sim.

@jairbolsonaro - Abstenção.
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Bad news

#Switzerland #Bern #UNRWA

#Switzerland is paying again to the (#UNRWA United Nations #Palestinian Relief Fund.
Because the @UN #Palestinian aid agency was criticized for #mismanagement,and #Antisemitism #Switzerland stopped paying in #July. Now it has lifted the payment freeze, but #Switzerland has resumed #payments to #UNRWA at around CHF 25 million (€ 23 million).
the Directorate for Development and Cooperation (#Deza) decided on December 12 to end the payment freeze. In view of the measures initiated and the confirmation by the Secretary General of the United Nations that no #donor #money has been misappropriated,
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Live with @DrTedros and @AUC_MoussaFaki - signing the Memorandum of Understanding between WHO and @_AfricanUnion.…
@DrTedros @AUC_MoussaFaki @_AfricanUnion WHO and the @_AfricanUnion have committed to working together
1⃣ to support the African Medicines Agency
2⃣ to strengthen collaboration between the @AfricaCDC and WHO, focusing on emergency preparedness
3⃣ to implement the Addis Ababa Call to Action on #HealthForAll
@DrTedros @AUC_MoussaFaki @_AfricanUnion @AfricaCDC @WHOAFRO @WHOEMRO "The Memorandum of Understanding we have signed today is an important step towards formalizing the cooperation between WHO and the @_AfricanUnion, and to implementing the Addis Ababa Call to Action."
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Here a list of all #UNGA resolutions against #Israel. (beginning 1948 and not 1947)

-Resolution 194
-Resolution 273
-Resolution 303 (IV)
-Resolution 356
-Resolution 468
-Resolution 512
-Resolution 619
-Resolution 997
-Resolution 998
-Resolution 999
-Resolution 1000
-Resolution 1001
-Resolution 1002
-Resolution 1003
-Resolution 1120
-Resolution 1121
-Resolution 1122
-Resolution 1089
-Resolution 1123
-Resolution 1124
-Resolution 1125
-Resolution 1126
-Resolution 1090
-Resolution 1151
-Resolution 1237
-Resolution 1263
-Resolution 1337
-Resolution 1441
-Resolution 1442
-Resolution 1575
-Resolution 1733
-Resolution 1864
-Resolution 1874
-Resolution 1875
-Resolution 1983
-Resolution 2115
-Resolution 2194
-Resolution 2252
-Resolution 2253
-Resolution 2254
-Resolution 2256
-Resolution 2257
-Resolution 2304
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#OnThisDay 30 years ago, Margaret Thatcher became the first leader of any major nation to call for a #UnitedNations treaty on #climate change
You can watch the speech here or read it here - it remains IMHO one of the best speeches ever given on the subject, especially given the year and the context
Unusually for any leader's #UNGA speech, she devoted the entire thing to a single issue - '...the threat to our global environment'
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U.S. Imposes Sanctions on Member of Iran’s 1988 Massacre ‘Death Commission’
#1988Massacre #NoImpunity4Mullahs @Europarl_EN @UNGeneva @CZmissionGeneva…
@Europarl_EN @UNGeneva @CZmissionGeneva Hear Iranian People’s Call for Justice
In summer of 1988, over 30,000 political prisoners were summarily executed throughout Iran, based on a Fatwa (religious decree) issued by Khomeini.
#1988Massacre #NoImpunity4Mullahs @CZmissionGeneva @UNGeneva…
The Fatwa reads, “it is decreed that those who are in prisons throughout the country and remain steadfast in their support for the Monafeqin [Mojahedin #MEK/#PMOI] are waging war on God and are condemned to execution.”
#1988Massacre #NoImpunity4Mullahs @CZmissionGeneva @CanadaFP
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Can’t wait till this Fake Molvi show ends so I can start my own Azadi Campaign 😇 #Islamabad
The previous tweet was purely out of sarcasm, but after much thought, I realised that the joke’s on me. It was always on me. I tried following the procedure, and I’m tired of asking other’s for help. My faith in Allah is enough. If this is a democracy, then my words will be heard
Dear Prime Minister @ImranKhanPTI , I know it’s a tough time for the Government. Peace talks, the Kashmir Situation, Economic challenges and above all, this Azadi March. I have no affiliation with any political party, I am a Pakistani. I hope you’ll take notice of my request
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New: U.S. jury convicts Honduran congressman Antonio "Tony" Hernández of a drug trafficking scheme implicating his brother, that country's president.

Trial painted a portrait of a virtual narco-state.

USAO statement.

From closing args, @CourthouseNews:…
@CourthouseNews The president of Honduras, who compared claims that received bribes from El Chapo to something out of "Alice in Wonderland," has not been charged with wrongdoing.

During #UNGA recently, Trump reached a deal with him that would trap asylum-seekers in the Honduras they fled.
@CourthouseNews A New York jury's verdict today could cause political shockwaves in Honduras and complicate Trump's deal stranding asylum-seekers in a country U.S. prosecutors depicted as a violent narcostate.

My developing roundup, for @CourthouseNews.…
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Live from Belgrade, 🇷🇸: Adoption of the @IPUParliament’s resolution on #HealthForAll with @DrTedros…
"At #UNGA, the 🌍 has unified around a common vision of a world in all people can access the health services they need, without suffering 💰 hardship. You have a crucial role to play in translating that political commitment into real results in the lives of people"-@DrTedros
"Our latest data shows we have a lot of work to do. On current trends, up to 5 billion people will lack access to essential health services by 2030 – unless we act now"-@DrTedros at #IPU141 🇷🇸
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Universal Health Coverage Passes Key Global Milestone:
WHO welcomes @IPUparliament's Resolution on #HealthForAll 👉
Universal Health Coverage is increasingly regarded as a cornerstone for sustainable global development as leaders and communities acknowledge that health is both a human right and essential to economic growth. #IPU141 #HealthForAll
“Universal health coverage is a political choice. Last month at #UNGA, the world’s leaders signalled their readiness to make that choice. Now it’s time to turn those commitments into health results”-@DrTedros #IPU141
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Coming up:

@CHarlandICRC (Deputy Permanent Observer & Legal Adviser, @ICRC_NYC) will deliver a statement to #UNGA 6th Committee on "Measures to eliminate international #terrorism"

Watch live:…
@CHarlandICRC #Terrorism negates the fundamental principle of humanity. It is contrary to many underlying principles & core objectives of int'l humanitarian law (#IHL).

The @ICRC condemns acts of terrorism & is deeply distressed by the devastating impact of these acts
@CHarlandICRC @ICRC Member States must be clear and firm about the need for counter-terrorism activities to be conducted with full respect for the protections afforded to all individuals by international law, in particular #IHL and #HumanRights law

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Coverage of Tuesday’s session of the #UNGA 4th Committee:…

#Gibraltar was one #NSGT covered on Tuesday, as was #Anguilla and French Polynesia
The @GovAnguillaUK representative argued that the relationship between the UK and #Anguilla is “... not a modern relationship, nor is it one that offers respect to our citizens.”
The @GovAnguillaUK representative also made this interesting point at the #UNGA 4th Committee on Tuesday: “The United Kingdom’s bundling of Territories together for administrative reasons means that only the agendas of the most dominant members of such a forum receive attention.”
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Seguimos avanzando en la consolidación de más apoyos por una #VenezuelaLibre. Hoy junto a nuestra diáspora venezolana en Sur de la #Florida recibimos el respaldo de las autoridades del Congreso de #EEUU @SpeakerPelosi @RepShalala @RepDMP @RepSires @RepDWStweets a nuestra lucha.
En el gobierno del Pdte. (e) @jguaido contamos con el contundente y sólido respaldo de la administración del Presidente @realDonaldTrump y del Congreso de #EEUU para maximizar la presión que permita lograr la salida de la dictadura criminal de Nicolás Maduro de #Venezuela.
El apoyo de los senadores @marcorubio @SenRickScott @SenatorMenendez y del representante @MarioDB ha sido clave. Con sus pares dentro del Congreso y el Senado mantienen el foco y la atención de #EEUU sobre la lucha libertaria que libramos millones de venezolanos.
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1 to 24 - Attempted coup in Venezuela with support from the US - 2019🤨👇🏼…
25 - Attempted coup in Venezuela with support from the US - 2019 🤨👇🏼…
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Imran was not making an appeal to the world, he was issuing a call to fellow Jihadis, may they be in any country, to come to his support. Imran is staking a claim to the moral leadership of the Ummah.

Now, listen to his speech again, this will become obvious to you.
Imran knows that the world will not be sympathetic to his pleas for a long time. He is just using the UN platform to amplify his message to the Islamists countries as well as individuals.
Lessons of the ISIS experiment will help it create ISIS 2.0. A pan-global militant organization well aligned with a military built along modern lines.
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My take from Imran Khan’s speech at #UNGA

~We beseech the UN to instruct India to accept our terrorist attacks.
We have been doing this since nearly three decades & more.

I want to know why have they made Kashmir inaccessible to us ?
They have no right to deprive us of our killing fields.

We miss the Congress so much!
They never complained or retaliated.
We simply exchanged dossiers ....

They understood our blood lust.

That’s why we were plugging for Rahul during their elections.
We are true soul mates - coke, weed & all. But that story is for another day.....
50 mins ticktock ticktock*

However, these Hindutva & RSS sort are most intolerant !! Bloody fascists, Nazis !

They won’t accept a few soldiers killed here & there !
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😂🤣😂🤣🤣One Day We shall speak on the evolution of a single client law firm that suddenly became a megalomaniac overnight. ‘Proxies’ happeneth to them all. Nothing is hidden under heaven. He who loves untruths will soon be lost in the labyrinth of his lithany of lies. ⏰
Let me say this categorically for it has to be said and someone has to make it clear. There is no connection or semblance of association of the word INTEGRITY with @ProfOsinbajo & @MBuhari. You say what you can’t put into action. The only consistent thing is your love for lies.
Only the brain damaged will sing the praises of economic gormandizers and rule of law subjugators, abusing the power of the state to perpetuate themselves in office. The blatant show of irresponsibility & lack of accountability prove they are the most corrupt duo in our history!
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#UNGA #India's hard hitting Right to Reply against war mongering #Terroristan will continue to haunt @ImranKhanPTI in all the years to come, here's the excerpt of sixer hit by Vidisha Maitra first secretary, MEA on body line bowled by #ImranKhan


Right of Reply
27 September 2019
Threat of unleashing nuclear devastation qualifies as brinksmanship, not statesmanship
Mr. President,
I take the floor to exercise India’s right of reply to the statement made by the Prime
Minister of Pakistan.

2. Every word spoken from the podium of this august Assembly, it is believed, carries the
weight of history. Unfortunately, what we heard today from Prime Minister Imran Khan of
Pakistan was a callous portrayal of the world in binary terms.

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