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As a member of the @UN Permanent Forum on People of African Descent, it has been a privilege to participate in the second session this week in New York. Here is a🧵of key points I heard made (note: this is NOT the forum’s official report)
#PFPAD #UN #HumanRights #AfricanDescent
1/ An insistence on robust civil society participation and a call for the removal of structural and bureaucratic barriers to those attending annual sessions, including accommodations for language, disability, and event capacity
2/ assertions that while many UN mandates are well-funded, organizations supporting people of African descent often lack adequate support. The costs or access issues should not be onto individual participants
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@DrTedros "As you know, just under three weeks ago I declared an end to #COVID19 as a public health emergency of international concern.

It was a moment of relief and reflection.

It’s encouraging to see life return to normal – to be able to hug a friend, to travel freely, and to meet…… Image
@DrTedros "But at the same time, many of us continue to carry grief in our hearts – grief over those we have lost, grief at the terrible toll the pandemic has taken on families, communities, societies and economies, and grief that it didn’t need to be this way"-@DrTedros #WHA76
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Today is a BIG day for #ClimateJustice with not one but two critical developments at international institutions advancing efforts to clarify & enforce States’ #HumanRights obligations in the face of #ClimateChange.

Our reaction:…

A thread🧵👇
The 1⃣ critical development is the first-ever public hearings at the @ECHR_CEDH on climate cases addressing the duty of states to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including a case brought by the @KlimaSeniorin against Switzerland.

The2⃣ development is the historic adoption by the #UNGA of a resolution calling upon the world’s highest court, @CIJ_ICJ, to issue an opinion on State legal responsibilities to protect the climate system for present & future generations & the consequences of failing to do so.
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LIVE: Media briefing on global health issues with @DrTedros…
"On Tuesday, #Tanzania confirmed its first known cases of #Marburg virus disease. So far, 8 cases have been confirmed, including 5 deaths. More than 160 contacts have been identified and are being monitored"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros "National responders trained jointly by WHO and the @CDCgov have been deployed to the affected region to carry out further investigations, monitor contacts and provide clinical care"-@DrTedros #Tanzania #Marburg
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Sum. of Dr.@Susanrosepower’s comments (Head of Research @alhaq_org) on the consequences of ICJ advisory opinion & #state_responsibility, during our webinar:On the Table of the ICJ: The Legality/Illegality of #Israeli_Occupation &the Subsequent Int’l Responsibility
Article 14 of the Draft articles on Responsibility of States for Internationally Wrongful Acts state that the international #obligations on a state committing a continuing crime arise only for the period during which the act continues.
According to IL Commission, an example of continuing unlawful act is unlawful occupation . Therefore, #Israel is responsible for the consequences of the #occupation as long as it continues, even if it was deemed to be an act of self-defence initially.
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The fossil fuel industry is not going to design its own demise. Instead, they seem to have no problem enabling the production of the biggest driver of our climate crisis.

Why @antonioguterres speech to #UNGA this morning is so important. A thread 🧵
Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Exxon & Shell all reported record profits for 2022, a year in which Russia's war on Ukraine collided with the post-pandemic economic recovery to drive oil prices to their highest levels in history.…
Together, the four companies saw $1 TRILLION in sales last year. TotalEnergies and BP are still due to report their 2022 financial results next week. These obscene profits of the fossil fuel industry are jarring when set two broader contexts...
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Topic 1: norms, rules, and principles derived from existing legal and normative frameworks

#Mexico emphasizes principles in Article 1 of the #OST.

#PAROS and primacy of peaceful use are key. Rejects placement of weapons in outer space and celestial bodies. esp. those with indiscriminate effects.
#Mexico supports giving legal principles greater precision, and the adoption of norms as interim step to legal instrument to ban weapons in space and use of force and prohibit war

#IHL. Public exchange of info. Supports DA ASAT test moratorium as interim step to legal agreement.
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See my latest report to get caught up on key points of discussion from the second session last September.…
Session Chair @Tumlleh opens with a call to shoulder our collective responsibility with awareness of urgency to address threats to space systems. #SpaceThreatsOEWG
The Chair notes that there can be no progress if we see this as a struggle b/w different groups and interests. Our discussion is not about opposition, but a GLOBAL issue that affects all countries and persons. #SpaceThreatsOEWG
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#Belarus The sudden visit of the Russian MoD Sergei Shoigu caused another round of threads about Russia's immense pressure on Lukashenka who refuses to obey. I’ll be boring and stick to facts because there is little evidence of such pressure. Instead, we see an opposite trend ⬇️ ImageImage
First, Putin and Lukashenka hold regular & quite friendly meetings. They are very important for Lukashenka to show his elites that he has Putin’s support. Putin doesn’t seem to refuse a chance to meet.

Second, Russia supports Belarus financially & by providing various benefits. ImageImageImage
Recently, the Russian Duma approved the bill law allowing Belarus to postpone debt payments for $1.4 billion. Russia also issued a new $1.74 billion loan. Belarus has access to the Russian market, infrastructure and especially ports, which is crucial because of Western sanctions.
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Interested in what has been happening in the #AU & #EU partnerships since their Feb Summit 9 months ago? Early this week, they met again. Has this brought new life into the partnership, or has any progress been made? A thread 👇
@ECDPM @ettg_eu
1. On peace and security

EU reiterated €600m commitment to AU and Africa-led peace support operations for 2022-2024. But concerns over the sustainability of the EPF are there. 55% of its budget for 2021-2027 has already been pledged to Ukraine.

2. On a positive note the EU announced its support for the AU Human Rights Compliance Framework as part of the EU-AU-UN tripartite cooperation launched in November.

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At 801 First Ave, as others stream in, UN Security told me, You are banned.
I asked, On what basis?
Guard: The decision will not be changed.
I am still in front of 801 1st Av. I have emailed, explaining this to @KubiakPG and @MelissaFleming and requesting action / explanation
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1. The UN General Assembly on Wednesday adopted its first resolution to commemorate Nakba Day, the “day of catastrophe”, when Palestinians were driven from their homes in 1948 following the foundation of Israel. #Nakba #UNGA #PalestineWillBeFree Image
2. A total of 90 states voted in favour of the resolution, while 30 were against, including the US, the UK, Germany and Canada. Forty-seven countries abstained.
#Nakba #PalestineWillBeFree #UnitedNations #UNGA77
3. “Our people deserve recognition of their plight, justice for the victims, reparation for their loss and fulfilment of their rights.”, said Palestinian UN envoy Riyad Mansour to UN Assembly.
Israel Ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, called the resolution ‘’ baseless ‘’. #UN
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⚖🌐 Is #climatechange on its way to the world's highest court?

A 🧵 on one of the most important pieces of #strategiclitigation one one of the world's most pressing issues.

#internationallaw #internationalaffairs #climatechange #InternationalCourtofJustice #negotiation
This week, Vanuatu and fifteen other nations circulated a draft #UnitedNations #GeneralAssembly #UNGA resolution requesting an advisory opinion from the International Court of Justice relating to the obligations of States in respect of climate change.
This is an important development in a process that I've written about before:…

A few key points of note in the draft resolution:
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I am rubbing my eyes at the number of conspiracy theories caused by FM Uladzimir Makei’s death. Of course, any sudden death, especially of an important official in a dictatorship provokes interest. The independent outlet @nashaniva wrote about heart attack, citing its own sources
In this particular case, I'd believe they indeed have their own sources. Though we can't exclude anything, for now, no other evidence exists.

I wanted to share other points that I’ve read since yesterday. First, about his alleged pro-Western views. It was the result of balancing
between Russia and the West. His influence between 2015 and 2019 was naturally higher. There was even some progress. But back then, Makei was not acting against Lukashenka - the latter was balancing himself. In 2020, the "multi-vector" politics vanished. So the question is:
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LIVE: @DrTedros remarks at 3rd Global High-Level Ministerial Conference on #AntimicrobialResistance…
@DrTedros "#AntimicrobialResistance is one of the most urgent & complex challenges of our time, & yet perhaps because it is not as dramatic as a pandemic, a war or a humanitarian emergency, it doesn’t attract the same attention from governments, donors or the media"-@DrTedros #AMROman2022
@DrTedros "The scale of the problem – and its consequences – cannot be ignored. #AntimicrobialResistance is estimated to lead to 5 million deaths every year. It threatens health, food security, and economic development"-@DrTedros #AMROman2022
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In monumental achievement for climate justice & G77 led by 🇵🇰. #COP27 has successfully concluded with loss & damage as part of the agenda. including a fund & financial arrangements to address this issue. I congratulate FM Shoukry, President @COP27P hosting a historic COP 1/5
Having experienced first hand the scale and devastation of Pakistan floods we travelled to the #UNGA to advocate for climate justice. when I chaired Group of 77 at the UN Pakistans proposal was unanimously adopted to demand loss and damage be part of COP77 agenda. 2/5
In 🇪🇬 we were happy to report that Pakistans proposal as chair G77 to include language on loss and damage on the agenda had achieved consensus. Upon conclusion of negotiations we’ve sustained that consensus & also included necessary language on fund & financial arrangement. 3/5
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#UNGA overwhelmingly voted (152-5) for #KhazarianMafia's rogue state #Israel to get rid of ALL #nuclearweapons and allow @iaeaorg access to all its nuke sites. Unlike NPT member #Iran (0 nukes), #ApartheidIsrael is the only country in #MiddleEast that has nukes. 90+ illegal ones! #UNGA overwhelmingly voted ...
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On 28 Oct. 1993 Mr. Ariel Karem, Israel's 1st AMB to #Eritrea presented his credentials to Pres. Isaias. Israel sent a rep (befor Eritrea's official indp), Mr. Menashe Zipori on Feb 24, 1993 following the meeting between Pres. Isaias & PM Rabin on Feb 15, 1993 in #Israel. 1/11
#Eritrea & #Israel
#Jews first settled in Eritrea in the late 19th century, emigrating from #Yemen in search of econ & com opportunities. In 1905, #Asmara #Hebrew Congregation was formed. During the 1930s, many Jews arrived in Eritrea fleeing Nazi persecution in #Europe. 2/11
#Eritrea & #Israel
On June 26, 1943 #GreatBritain proposed the creation of Jewish colonies in #Eritrea as the extension #Jewish settlement in #Palestine. But this proposal did not materialize. 3/11
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🚨 Breaking 🚨 The European Parliament just called for nation-states to “work on developing a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty” in its formal #COP27 resolution.

This is a major development in the global push for a #FossilFuelTreaty.

More at or in 🧵
Just 3 weeks ago, H.E. President Nikenike Vurobaravu, President of Vanuatu, invited governments to join them in developing a #FossilFuelTreaty at #UNGA – sparking a wave of diplomatic support for the proposal, including now in the European Parliament.
In recent weeks we have seen displays of public support for a #FossilFuelTreaty from the:
🇻🇺 President of Vanuatu
🇹🇱 President of Timor-Leste @JoseRamosHorta1
🇹🇻 Tuvalu Foreign Minister @Simon_Kofe
🇳🇿 NZ Climate Minister @jamespeshaw
🇻🇦 Vatican
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Yes, millions of #Russians will die, alas, but the world as a whole will be saved.

Next, all of #NATO's conventional power would come crashing down on Russia.

Carpet bombing of army positions, Global Prompt Strike on decision-making centers, anti-radar long-range missiles Image
on air defense.

The Russian #AirForce will be destroyed in the first minutes for the most part, and those fleets that get in the air will be destroyed by F-22s and F-35s.

The B2s will fly to the #Urals and launch bunker strikes on #Yamantau and other safe havens.
All Russian #leadership bunkers will be destroyed in the first 5 hours.

Next, the B52s will carpet bomb the Russian army in #Ukraine and #Russia. Hundreds of thousands of bombs will scorch the entire Russian army left unprotected by air defense and air forces.
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Distinguished global citizens, all protocols observed 😄

A close friend and colleague was surprised by my tweet & asked why - I don’t blame her at all and let me explain:

Earlier in 2022, I missed a meeting in London because my visa was delayed for over a month

In September, I almost missed UNGA; my visa appointment for US Embassy in Kenya was April 2024! We had to beg 🙏

A deputy minister of a country in Africa had to use their foreign passport; they couldn’t get a visa on their national passport 😞

Lucky they had dual citizenship
5 of my colleagues from @Amref_Worldwide & many others could not make it to #UNGA an important meeting on global health to seek solutions for the lagging #SDG targets which are lagging largely in, guess? Africa! Why? visa appointments a year after their desired date of travel
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President #Biden's remarks on #Pakistan

Apparently casual remarks on #Pakistan by President #Biden at a Democratic Party event have been highlighted in 🇵🇰 media. Ousted ex-PM #ImranKhan is trying to use them to destabilize the Govt; promote anti-Americanism.

Some facts. /1
President #Biden's remarks came while talking about his relationship with President #XiJinping and #Russia when he made two references to #Pakistan, one in the context of China's ties to #India + 🇵🇰, and a remark on Pakistan's stability and the safety of its nuclear weapons. /2
#Pakistan is not taking #Biden's remarks out of context, recognizing this was not a policy statement, and has given the #US Amb Donald Blome in #Islamabad a chance to explain the context and position of Biden Admin while denying the perception of instability of the state. /3
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🧵@MFAThai's explanation for their disgraceful abstention on the #UNGA vote on #Ukraine lays bare the ethical vacuum within which Thai foreign policy is made. Lacking a moral compass, @MFAThai tie themselves in knots with this entirely bogus justification. 1/6
Para 1, Thailand restates its "longstanding" & unequivocal commitment to state sovereignty & territorial integrity. Para 2, they throw all that away to not upset Russia in this "volatile & emotionally charged" situation - which is entirely of Russia's making. 2/6
Also, does @MFAThai know of a time when the principles of state sovereignty and territorial integrity have been challenged that weren't "volatile and emotionally charged"? 3/6
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A clarification is necessary and an explanation is essential for the public to understand why the right of self-determination does not apply to the inhabitants of the #Malvinas Islands, although they make great efforts to sell otherwise. International law is clear. Let see. 🧵
The principle of peoples to self-determination is a fundamental principle of international law. Thanks to this, numerous oppressed peoples were able to create their own independent States during the process of decolonisation that took place in the second half of the 20th century.
For a number of years, UK denied the legal nature of the principle and only recognised the importance of this right in the '70s, when the independence process of their ex-colonies was essentially over & had the aim of justifying its position with respect to Malvinas & Gibraltar.
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