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Hello, I have just arrived at Normandale Park, where a small contingent of protesters is relaxing in this glorious summer evening air

Let's see what tonight has in store

#blacklivesmatter #protest #pdx #BLM #acab #PortlandProtests #PDXprotests #PortlandStrong #DefendPDX
An activist acknowledges that everyone is tired. That it's already been a hard day. Encourages everyone to take care of each other and stay tight

Chant: "All Cops are Cowards!"
Currently chilling with @OccupiedSeattle who just gave me a gas mask. It's Christmas in August and they are some kind of angel/Santa hybrid

They also dispense excellent protest wisdom on Twitter, for what it's worth
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Hello, coming to you live at this horrible hour at the Justice Center, where a handful of far-right demonstrators have already assembled

#PortlandProtest #portlandstrong #DefendPDX
It is exceedingly surreal to be walking through downtown Portland in body armor at 11 in the goddamn morning. I did not intend to ever wear body armor again but here we are

HUGE thank you to @JFlorencePDX for loaning me this body armor and flak helmet
We've got one counter protester who is really letting the guy with the Gadsden Flag have it. Gadsden Flag holder remaining very calm, flashing the peace sign
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#PDXProtestPlotPoints, a summary {with references, even}:

- LE has been shifting gears to focus on targeted arrests for a while, which we've seen {can't find source but they may have stated}

- LE wants us to know they're watching streams, which has already caused some dissent
- Copaganda has been STRONG lately {shields portrayed as violent, some sus af "recovered" weapons, etc}

- Feds don't want us picking up munitions more than ever

- Increase in severity of reactions to gas, new symptoms, new chemical smells, plant damage, new munitions
- LE are ALSO hostile towards press again following an injunction protecting them {& also more headshots, attacks on injured protesters}

- DHS memo condemns aid efforts, frequent raids on food & medical supplies, LE showing up to medics' houses

- PPB also interfering w/ aid
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Here’s a breakdown of how you can prepare for federal intervention in your city and how you can you support Portland right now. (1/3) ImageImageImageImage
(2/3) ImageImageImageImage
(3/3) ImageImage
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What do you think happens the first time an unmarked officer in a rented van tries to abduct someone who's armed and has the right to defend themselves?

These FPS guys aren't even federal employees. They're basically mercenaries.

So some overzealous cosplay federal security guard fresh off a twelve week training course ends up in a standoff against someone actually willing to use the second amendment to defend the first?

Then what? Someone is getting shot.

What side are conservatives on? Liberals? Local law enforcement? Federal law enforcement? How many fault lines will this inevitable scenario draw through otherwise unified blocs?

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▶️No #TrumpGestapo without Bush.

▶️No Bush legacy without Obama, Pelosi, and establishment Dems.

(Centrists, ignore this thread if you hate uncomfortable facts.)

#PortlandProtests #SecretPolice #Fascism

1. Cheney, Yoo, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Bolton... familiar names to those of us who were anti-war activists during the Bush years.

2. Bush and his neocon buddies launched a brutal war based on lies and established a torture regime.

3. With the help of specious legal "justifications" from Yale lawyer John Yoo, Bush and his cronies launched an assault on civil liberties and basic human rights.

4. Today, that same Yoo is assisting Trump.…
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IMO 45 is planning to be sooo outrageous in these “ briefings” in an attempt to distract from his attempt to overthrow the American cities.
@JoyceWhiteVance @glennkirschner2 @JoyAnnReid @esglaude @K_JeanPierre @JenniferADevon
He already said where he’s going next.
Chicago. New York. Oakland
In other words he is trying to establish a presence in advance of when and WHY he REALLY plans to use them.

Remember... he always says the quiet part out loud.
His end game is Martial Law. All of #tRumpsTroopers are committing treason. They are staging a coup against the United States 🇺🇸 from the inside.
@DrJasonJohnson @RawStory @maddow @BarackObama @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris @SpeakerPelosi
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“I worked in & out of Baghdad for a period of over 10 years & going out to snatch targets that you have suspicion of is precisely what we would do when we wanted to rendition or take down terrorist cell leaders.

Who in their right mind thought this up?”
“It’s not intelligence based. It’s essentially law enforcement agencies being cobbled together as a thugocracy to create a secret police force that the president & attorney general can direct against American citizens... it’s unprecedented.”
“There are right wing extremist groups out there like oath keepers...who swear their loyalty to their little bands that US govt forces & law enforcement shouldnt participate in actions against citizens but voila they are great supporters of #TrumpSecretPolice.”
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Hello, @1misanthrophile here coming at you from the Justice Center, where all the people who aren't taking it to the cops up north are taking it to the sexiest fence I have ever seen

#portlandprotest #pdxprotest #blacklivesmatter #police #acab #PortlandKidnappings #Portland
All fences must die

So much work this morning and all for nothing. Look upon the fed's works, ye mighty, and despair

A line forms before the district courthouse as more and more fence falls to the talented hands of the enterprising protesters

Chant: "leave our kids alone!"

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Deputy Secretary of DHS Ken Cuccinelli tells NPR not only are they not stopping the Portland tactics they're going to take them nationwide. #PortlandKidnappings…

2015: DHS intelligence report warns of domestic right-wing terror threat.
2018: Trump disbands DHS branch of its intelligence office that focused on domestic terrorism.
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#PortlandKidnappings A hashtag made by socialist agitators in Portland, trending because of people who haven't been to Portland-that blindly assume it's like it was 20 yrs ago, or as it's portrayed on the news or Portlandia. "Protestors" have been waging/training others for war
down there for years. They don't call them Kate Brown's Brown shirts for nothing. Her party has used them to manipulate, instill fear and promote their policies. They had to ban their Iron Front banners at Timber games.…
Don't worry though OPB was proud to report that the ban was lifted when major league soccer found out the majority of people who hate America, love globalist soccer. Money talks and they can't change the socialist marketing now.
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THREAD on why we must PROTEST Federal Crackdown on Portland!
TRUMP/PENCE OUT NOW! #PortlandKidnappings #TrumpPenceOutNow 1/ 14
This week, in an ominous escalation of fascism, the Trump/Pence regime sent federal troops from multiple agencies to storm the streets of Portland, Oregon and crush ongoing protests. #PortlandKidnappings 2/14
Dressed in camouflage with no identifying insignia, agents rolled up in unmarked vans, arrested people without telling them where they were going or why they were being taken into custody, deployed tear gas & shot 1 non-violent protester in the face.#PortlandKidnappings 3/14
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Down at the candlelight vigil at the Justice Center. Pretty sizable crowd that is hard to capture due to the parks being fenced. The crowd is not enthused to diss Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler. This crowd likes ol’ silver as we call him. No one calls him that but me.
Love this person with a gallon of water carabiner’d to their backpack. Here for a long haul.
Oregon Health & Science University table is out, they’ve posted up on the SW corner of SW 4th and Salmon. Their banner reads “Racism is a public health crisis.”
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