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A short thread on the ICE protest last night in front of the ICE detention facility in SW Portland. Around 30 protesters gathered on Dec 19th to protest treatment on undocumented migrants in the US. #PortlandProtests #PDXprotests #ICEprotest
Dec 19th 9:22PM: DHS agents from the Federal Protective Service came out of the building twice and arrested 2 protesters, this is the first. #PortlandProtests #PDXprotests #ICEprotest
One protester sang disparaging songs at responding DHS agents and played the ukelele. #PortlandProtests #PDXprotests #ICEprotest
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9/26 Press Thread:

Went to Peninsula. Then went to Delta. Now leaving Delta. @Conundrum9999 is my navigator.

#PDXprotests #PortlandProtest #BlackLivesMatter #BlackTransLivesMatter #DisabilityRights
The crowd at Irving* calls out for Black Women to be put on the mic.

The man speaking responds, "well, I can turn off the mic and you can use your megaphone. How about that?"
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At Delta Park in Portland Oregon, the Proud Boys haveing been planning a rally here for weeks. An Antifascist rally is happening at Peninsula Park. #ProudBoys #Portland #deltapark #antifa #PortlandOregon
Lots of riot cops and state troopers in the surrounding area where the Proud Boys are and another counter rally near Vanport. #ProudBoys #Portland #deltapark #antifa #PortlandOregon
At the north entrance of Delta Park. Portland Police are staged there, across the way from the Proud Boys. #ProudBoys #Portland #deltapark #antifa #PortlandOregon
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#PORTLAND: police just bull rushed through downtown to make mass arrests. Tear gas deployed too. #PortlandProtests #PDXprotests
After standing off with protesters on 3rd and Main in #Portland, police jumped on a van and drove away as some protesters threw water bottles at them. #PortlandProtests #PDXprotests
#PORTLAND: someone just threw a Molotov at Portland Police as officers moved in and declared the event an riot. #PortlandProtests #pdxprotest
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The following thread summarizes testimony regarding brutality & violence by the Portland police (& DHS) trying to intimidate & stop Black Lives Matter protests.

Testimony from people who've directly suffered that violence, & by experts.
#PDXprotests #PoliceViolenceHappensHere
This was an extremely informative & well-run panel. I commend the participants and organizers for their thoughtful approach and ability to discuss the complex impacts & effects of state-sanctioned police brutality & abuse of citizens in Portland & emerging authoritarian regimes.
I'd just like to pull out one powerful piece of information shared by psychologist Dr. Maureen Katz, who's worked for decades with individual victims of state terror.

From a psychological POV, bystanders are the worst off. Take action everywhere you can.

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There are cops everywhere. Why are these vehicles allowed ON THE ROAD WITH MASKED LICENSE PLATES? #PDXprotests #BLM #ProudBoys
Driving with a masked license plate in OR is a Class B traffic violation (currently $265) #PDXprotests #BLM #ProudBoys Image
In case we needed more evidence that cops side with the #proudboys crowd ... in Salem they had just rushed the #BLM protesters ... and had attacked at least one person.

But cops "pleaded with them"?

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Hi there, arriving late to Ventura Park and trying to adjust my eyes to the total darkness. The park lights are all out

A coincidence I'm sure

#BlackLivesMatter #PortlandProtesters #PDXprotests #PoliceViolence #PoliceBrutality #AbolishThePolice #DefendPDX
I can't tell exactly how big the crowd is because almost no light but it looks massive. High hundreds

A performer whose name I should really, really know by now is performing an a capella rap he wrote especially for this occasion
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Hi there, I'm at Woodstock Park with a small but growing group of protesters. Let's see what tonight has in store

#PortlandProtest #PortlandRiots #PDXprotests #BlackLivesMatter #PoliceViolence #ACAB
Maybe 100 people here now, more coming all the time. I have a brief conversation with @hungrybowtie about soup. As you do

Strains of "Guillotine" by the Coup on the breeze
I keep reaching for my press pass: talisman against harm. With the State Police deputized as federal agents, it's a talisman whose time has come and gone

I've got IV plates and a good helmet: far more useful things tonight
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As if @realDonaldTrump has any real information about who shot Jay Bishop in the #PDXprotests.... Image
#Journalists report another man as the one shot in #PDXprotests. Image
@ReutersUS goes "res ipsa loquitur" on the identification
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Hi there, I'm coming at you live from Clackamas Town Center, where I think it's safe to say I've found the Trump caravan event

I'm not good at number estimates but this is a VERY full parking lot and more people arriving every second

#PortlandProtest #PDXprotests
It looks like the caravan has started to slowly, inefficiently move out. It'll probably take a while for everyone to figure out how to get out of here in an orderly fashion

Meanwhile here are some pictures I guess ImageImageImage
This red truck with the trump-as-rambo flag keeps doing this

Look even if you don't believe in climate change gas is really expensive, I don't understand
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Hi there, coming at you from Arbor Lodge in North Portland, where protesters have gathered in preparation for tonight's action

Let's see how it goes

#blacklivesmatter #protest #pdx #Oregon #BLM #acab #PortlandProtests #PDXprotests #PortlandStrong #WallOfDads #DefendPDX
Protesters waiting and gathering. A medic tent distributes water, ear plugs, masks, snacks, and more

Nearby, a couple activists have set up a zine station. Very cool Image
The protest begins to march

"Hey! Make a hole so the cars can pass!" The protest immediately parts

As the cars pass, they chant: "Say his name: Jacob Blake"
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Video thread from Saturday's far right rally. Strap in, there's a lot!

We start the program with a thrown water bottle and a polite police announcement asking people not to do crimes, please

#Portland #ProudBoys #fedsoutofportland #PortlandProtest #BlackLivesMatter #DefendPDX
The far-right protesters bravely mace a woman directly in the face

(I should mention this whole thread is in chronological order: this is the first macing of the day)

#Portland #PortlandProtest #PDXprotests #ProudBoy #fedsoutofportland #BlackLivesMatter
Here we have a far-right protester escalating the situation by responding to some thrown water bottles with paintball rounds

#Portland #PortlandProtest #PDXprotests #ProudBoy #fedsoutofportland #BlackLivesMatter
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Tonight, PPB declared an unlawful assembly at the MCSO, citing paintballs and other projectiles were being thrown at the building. The comparison in police response to earlier today has protester wondering if PPB has a bias that favors far-right groups.

#PortlandPolice #pdx
I think that PPB has some sort of B-team of officers called "Delta". They were all over the place tonight. One of them can be seen here, running away from his line.

#PortlandPolice #PortlandProtests #PortlandOregon #jv2 #juniorvarsity
Another clip of team "Delta", giving conflicting orders. Some of them confront press, while another say to let press through.

#PortlandPolice #PortlandOregon #PortlandProtests #Delta
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Hello, I have just arrived at Normandale Park, where a small contingent of protesters is relaxing in this glorious summer evening air

Let's see what tonight has in store

#blacklivesmatter #protest #pdx #BLM #acab #PortlandProtests #PDXprotests #PortlandStrong #DefendPDX
An activist acknowledges that everyone is tired. That it's already been a hard day. Encourages everyone to take care of each other and stay tight

Chant: "All Cops are Cowards!"
Currently chilling with @OccupiedSeattle who just gave me a gas mask. It's Christmas in August and they are some kind of angel/Santa hybrid

They also dispense excellent protest wisdom on Twitter, for what it's worth
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Hello, coming to you live at this horrible hour at the Justice Center, where a handful of far-right demonstrators have already assembled

#PortlandProtest #portlandstrong #DefendPDX
It is exceedingly surreal to be walking through downtown Portland in body armor at 11 in the goddamn morning. I did not intend to ever wear body armor again but here we are

HUGE thank you to @JFlorencePDX for loaning me this body armor and flak helmet
We've got one counter protester who is really letting the guy with the Gadsden Flag have it. Gadsden Flag holder remaining very calm, flashing the peace sign
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I arrived at Irving Park just in time to hear “stay together stay tight! And the beginning of the “FUCK 12” chants, as a crowd of a few hundred moves into the street. I think we’re at night 86 of #blm and protests against racist policing in Portland. #PDXprotests Image
And for the first time since they started, I see umbrellas being used for keeping rain, rather than projectiles, off people’s heads. Weird.
“Out of your house and into the streets!” Chants the crowd. Before the gentrification of NE Portland, Irving Park was a major hub of protests in the 60s and 70s. And a bunch of those were, likewise, against racist policing. ImageImage
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No ppb here but it’s being boarded up still ImageImage
Some new flood lights have been added ImageImageImage
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A new taste of injustice tonight.

Chinga la migra

@switchinbloc these are everything Image
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Yesterday I had a 40-minute one-on-one phone call with Robert King, former PPA president and current senior policy advisor to Mayor Ted Wheeler.

I’m just a database developer. This is not how I thought I’d be spending my afternoon when I woke up.


So a couple of days ago, @Mikepkes shared this great quick website he built to share text message histories he received via a FOIA request. There’s a ton of interesting stuff here, and @jakedockter’s TL has some great highlights.…

At the very end of one of the conversations, an unidentified number sends a Twitter link to a number of folks on Wheeler’s team, including the Mayor himself with no further comment. This link is the following tweet from Andy Ngo, where Ngo makes some claims regarding antifa.

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Hello, coming to you for the first time from Colonel Summers park, where protesters are preparing to march. Let's see what happens!

#PortlandProtest #BlackLivesMatter #PDXprotests #DefendPDX #DefundThePolice #PortlandProtesters #Police #acab
A speaker addresses the growing crowd and discusses the slogan "no justice, no peace!"

It means that until there's justice we will not stop marching, yes

But it also means that until there is justice, any notion of peace within society is a facade and a lie
Pretty average crowd for a Tuesday event--maybe 150-200. Solid and determined. It sets out from the park to...well, you can probably guess

I'm hearing strains of "Bella Ciao"
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This is the closest I can get to facts of what went down with the driver who was beaten in downtown Portland, culled from multiple videos and tweets. 1.) A white truck with the license plates removed starts weaving through the crowd, reportedly trying to hit people. #PDXprotests
2.) Some folks surround the vehicle, and the driver gets out willingly. He takes a few blows, and is on his knees, holding his cell phone. 3.) People get more aggressive with the blows, until he takes one to the dome and is knocked out.
4.) A woman on video was a passenger in the truck, and is sobbing hysterically. A man helps lead her away from the vehicle, and tells her that he was trying to hit people, and he got beat up. She doesn’t dispute this summary of events at all, but asks that they not rob his truck.
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Hi there, coming at you live, once again, from the Justice Center, where about 40 people are hanging out in this oppressive heat and waiting to hear Letha Winston speak

#DefendPDX #Portland #PortlandProtests #PortlandRiots #PoliceBrutality #ACAB #PDXprotests #BlackLivesMatter
It is hot and breathless. The air feels heavy and humid in a way it seldom does out here in Portland

Dog days. One could go mad from this heat

I suppose, in that sense, it's perfect for this particular time in history
The stage where Letha Winston will speak shortly. Just off-camera, Winston speaks with Demetria Hester Image
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Currently in the park where the pipe bombs got thrown at us the first time. Let’s see what tonight has in store for us #Portland #PortlandProtests
Very decent sized crowd. At least 250-300 here. It’s hot! Ppb shining extremely bright lights for added warmth Image
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Oh boy, I'm paying a price for my chronic lateness. Coming at you as I sprint towards Interstate and Ainsworth, where riot cops have decided to intercept tonight's march
Just talked to @PDocumentarians. Apparently the police did not declare an unlawful assembly or say much of anything. They simply blocked the road and said the march was blocking the road

The march has turned around and is now going Elsewhere
Big crowd tonight. A strong shield wall. Tons of other journos out tonight! Fellow @defendpdx journos @R3volutionDaddy and @bogwitchenergy are here, along with:
@666hotdogs666 @PhrenologyPhun @Cascadianphotog
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