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1. We had gone to #Nantucket for a family August vacation. Our boys were about 3 and 4. When we left, we detoured through #Boston to take them to a #RedSox game. The plane was a "puddle-jumper" small twin-turbo-prop aircraft. The flight to Boston was bumpy.
2. As the plane was violently bouncing around people on it were clutching their armrests for dear-life while my oldest boy was standing up taking the whole thing in like he was on an amusement park ride. Then, out of the blue he shouted, "Mayday Mayday Mayday, We're going in!"
3. A man seated behind us who made for possibly a WWII or Korea era vet looked like he'd touched a live wire and shouted, "Will you shut that f*cking kid up?" And then, without any input from me, my son sat back
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I've gotten a couple of Qs about the increasing deaths in #Israel w/ #Omicron & reports that the majority of their deaths are in vaccinated folks. Anti-vax antennae are activated. What's happening?

TL/DR: Vaccines work and be careful with headlines.

Let's break it down
1st point: Vaccination in Israel is not as great among the developed world as it seems. This was a surprise to me. The constant barrage of vaccine headlines make it seem they lead the world. They do not.

66% of the population is fully vaccinated. Pretty close to the US 64.4%
In that context, it's not surprising that their death rate per million is in line with the US. And-just like in the US-you see a dramatic rise with #Omicron ripping through the population.

So what about this part about the majority of deaths are vaccinated people?
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Joe West's first two ejections, September 8, 1977 of Steve Henderson & Joe Torre. (NYDN 9/9/77). #MLB #Mets
Joe [expletive deleted] West's third and fourth ejections, also of the Mets, Joe Torre and Bobby Valentine on July 27, 1978. (NYDN, 7/28/78) #MLB #Mets
Herman Franks was the victim of Joe West's fifth ejection on August 7, 1978. #Cubs #MLB
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BREAKING: Boston #RedSox release new yellow jersey as Nike and MLB launch their new "City Connect" uniform series

Pics, details, and my chat with Nike and the Red Sox about it right here:…
"We wanted to do something bold and different. This presented an opportunity to do something that we had never done before"

#RedSox first to unveil new #Nike #MLB CityConnect series uniform.

Read my chat with the team and Nike, and a bunch of pics here:…
Seven teams will be unveiling #Nike #MLB City Connect series uniforms in 2021, to be worn multiple times a year across three seasons.

Red Sox, Marlins, White Sox, Cubs, Diamondbacks, Giants, and Dodgers

More details here:…
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is a reason why the @Padres won't want schedule the #RedSox for a few years.
Because that was a career ending injury. Yeah, avoid #Fenway .
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Time for the first #realtalk thread of the night! Let's talk #lesslethalweapons. ~16 years ago these were often referred to as #nonlethal, before #victoriasnelgrove was shot in the eye and killed during celebrations after #redsox won game 7 in 2004.…
#lesslethalweapons have been around for a long time, but surprising as it may be, they weren't used first in the United States, but most notably in Northern Ireland to quell "nationalist riots" during #thetroubles…
it wasn't until after the LA Riots in 1992 that #rubberbullets were more widely used in the US, quickly becoming common. So-called "knee-knockers" were used during 3 events in LA over the last half of 1992… #lesslethalweapons #pdxprotest #blacklivesmatter
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At the 10:50 mark, Karl Ravech drops a HUGE bombshell: Joe Torre met with Hinch, Luhnow, Dombrowski, and Cora before the ALCS and said that if they got away with anything or were doing anything to violate the rules, players or FO people that go to other teams might rat them out.
Buster Olney followed up by saying that he hadn’t heard that story before.

So, MLB was aware of the cheating and still did NOTHING until Mike Fiers blew the whistle? How much worse is this cheating scandal going to get????????
Also, before Karl Ravech dropped the bombshell, Buster Onley mentioned that investigators “found something” in the #RedSox investigation and that’s why MLB hasn’t issued anything yet.
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2020 coming at me like it’s personal.
I’m a huge Red Sox fan and I am so excited about their sub-luxury-tax payroll moves and cost-conscious roster construction! That’s why we’re in this, fans! Amazing job by them. Gonna buy a jersey that says “LuxTaxReset” on the back.
Fenway Sports is only worth seven billion dollars so you can understand them not wanting to pay an extra twelve million to have the best all-around player and most enjoyable personality they’ve ever had on the team for another year.
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(1/6) One of the reasons why I have such contempt for the phrase "respect the office of the President" is that, in practice, it means just do everything they want you to do no matter how you feel. SO when the President invites you for a visit, people assume respecting...
(2/6) the office means going even if you don't want to go or don't like the person. That, my friends and enemies, is ridiculous. It's a comical standard. So when someone says "no, I'm good", stuffy folks lose it as the individual doesn't respect the office. Huh?!
(3/6) It is much more disrespectful to everyone involved if you show up to a place you don't want to go because you really don't like or respect the person occupying the place and either quietly take up space or try to remain aloof to the entire process. How is that respectful?
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Pour avoir lu sur #Bolsonaro et scruté #Trump, il me semble que la comparaison de l'1 à l'autre "écrase" les singularités du Brésilien:
1) la revendication d'1 militarisation à venir du régime politique
2) 1 probable élection majoritaire massive au suffrage universel direct.RT+
2) Qu'on le veuille ou non, et sans présumer des évolutions futures, #Trump s'est toujours plié à l'ordre constitutionnel US, et son administration est contrainte d'obéir aux normes de droit public (cf. le Travel Ban retoqué et finalement amendé)...
3) ces #midterms2018, comme toutes les élections partielles depuis 2016, se sont déroulées dans des conditions équitables et transparentes pour l'opposition démocrate à #Trump qui a remporté d'ailleurs de nombreuses partielles. #Bolsonaro n'a pas du tout le même projet
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