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1/ Fascinating new🧠#COVID study published in @ScienceAdvances

Haven't done a 🧵 like this in a while, but let’s break down what it does and doesn’t say

#SARSCoV2 infection & viral fusogens cause neuronal & glial fusion that compromises neuronal activity… Abstract Numerous viruses u...
2/ The authors pose the question regarding potential neuropathological mechanisms other than neuronal cell death that help viruses spread infection within the host that then leads to brain dysfunction

⚠️Brain damage can be caused without infecting neurons…
3/ What they found is VERY intriguing.

Instead of multiplying inside the cell and requiring the cell to burst & die in order to spread virions, the virus actually keeps the cell alive & uses it like a little trojan horse that docks on other similar neurons & fuses with them to
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#Shi & her 2022 #China Patent: BALB/c mouse adapted strain of #SARS related coronavirus WIV1-RsSHC014S and application thereof..
Inventors: Shi Zhengli, Lin Haofeng, Liu Meiqin, Jiang Rendi
Zhou Peng. #WIV1 #RsSHC014S Image
The invention relates to the technical field of coronavirus, in particular to a BALB/c mouse adapted strain of SARS-related coronavirus WIV1-RsSHC 014S. Image
The SARS-associated coronavirus #RsSHC014 can effectively replicate and propagate in a corresponding cell line and a transgenic mouse by using #hACE2 as a receptor, Image
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Pronto saldrán noticias sobre el estudio de ganancia de función (GoF) en #SARSCoV2 de la Boston University.
No voy a entrar en la parte ética y de permisos del estudio, pero voy a comentar la parte técnica y por qué quizás no habría que considerarlo GoF.
#abroHilo 🧵
Lo que hacen los autores es introducir el gen de la proteína Spike de omicron BA.1 en el genoma de la variante original (denominada WT, de Wild Type) de Wuhan .
El resultados es producto de la ingeniería genética y sí es un virus creado en laboratorio. Lo han llamado OMI-S.
También usan la variante Omicron BA.1 (con su genoma completo) en la comparación. Así que una representación esquemática del genoma de los tres tipos de #SARSCoV2 probados sería esta:
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Textual en una TV de #Argentina. Dice dice el presentador: si el Ministerio de #Sanidad dice que no tiene aislado el #Sarcov2, contra qué están inoculando? 😂 #Plandemia #España #Covid #COVID19 #coronavirus
Un médico en #España dice claramente y textualmente que NO llevaría a sus hijos a vacunarse. #Plandemia #VacunateContraLaCovid #COVID19 #coronavirus #España
DEP este guerrero español , despierto y amante de la libertad que contribuyó en la causa contra la farsa de la #plandemia. #España #covid
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Pagos a hospitales por casos #COVIDー19.Esto cierra el círculo de la #Plandemia y explica por qué no hay gripe, por qué hay tantos casos de #COVID19. Es muy fácil de entender, si se quiere pensar. #España Image
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Any debate about use of rapid antigen tests for screening well asymptomatic individuals for #SARCoV2 needs to acknowledge:

PCR may be more sensitive than LFTs BUT:

1. PCR is costly so not feasible for frequent testing of well asymptomatic except in wealthiest of settings

2. Inevitable delay in receiving PCR result means infected pass on virus in interim

3. Superior sensitivity of PCR is a disadvantage when detects low levels of virus that aren't transmissible or non-viable virus long after infection

Rapid antigen tests might miss some cases BUT

4. Lateral flow tests are sufficiently cheap to enable large proportion of the population to be screened frequently (even daily)

5. LFT result within minutes means infectious do not spread virus whilst waiting for result

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Ante la identificación de una nueva variante de distinto linaje filogenético del #SARSCoV2 en Reino Unido es prudente decir: (1/n)
Es una modificación genómica 🧬 de las cepas circulantes en el mundo desde su aislamiento en Wuhan, #China . La razón de dicha variante es presión evolutiva, un fenómeno normal en los virus y más en este de #ARN que tienden a mutar con frecuencia (2/n)
En RD nuestro equipo había caracterizado que las variantes circulantes correspondían a la G614 misma que se expandió por toda Europa y llegó al país en Marzo pasado.… (3/n)
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There are many, many #SARSCoV2 #COVID19 variants out there! A few have caught the attention of scientists in Europe - we're trying to monitor them!

I'll be maintaining updated information here:…


This site includes a bit about what we know about specific mutations/clusters, including counts of sequences, some graphs, and links to dedicated @nextstrain runs (maintained by @richardneher Lab & myself) focused on each mutation

You can also check out graphs of the prevalence of the clusters in various countries:

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A genomic deletion of #SARCoV2 associated with mild infections, new @TheLancet… Δ382, in OFR8, a hotspot, w/ less pro-inflammatory response, a 93% reduction in need for supplemental oxygen, risk adjusted. ImageImageImageImage
The difference of wild-type vs the deletion Δ382 ORF on immune mediators ImageImageImage
The have been other ORF8 deletion mutations during the pandemic: Australia 138 nucleotides , Bangladesh 345 nt, Spain 62 nt. But no clinical data available
and this: Image
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The @HumanVaccineProject lab mtg is today is Shane Crotty from La Jolla Institute is speaking on T cell immunity for COVID. 100% of survivors make CD4 resps., 70% CD8 against broad viral antigens. And never-infected make CD4 reaps based on Common Cold histories.
Here's my take on this:
- the immune response to #COVID19 involves both antibodies & the T cellular arm of the system;
- blood samples from pre-COVID 2015 show high levels of reacting T cells (CD4 & CD8): Why?
- it's likely T-cell reactions to common cold viruses, not COVID
Are the high reactions anti-common cold good news or bad for #COVID19 vaccines & long term immunity for survivors? Well, it's clear an effective #vaccine will need to trigger BOTH antibody & T cell resps.
BUT common colds circulate all the time, and despite having had..
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Elegant, extensive #3D structural biology of #SARCoV2's polymerase, cryo-EM mapping its replication machinery, and remdesivir binding, published @CellCellPress today…
This work follows on unparalleled velocity of high quality structural biology of #SARSCoV2 and neutralizing antibodies (from patients). It will help in drug, antibody and vaccine devp't. If you can't keep all the "NSPx's straight, the @NEJM figure might help!
Yet another paper @nature today… on the #SARSCoV2 polymerase!
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With the recent approval of an antigen test, there are now 3 categories of #SARCoV2 testing. This is a very good infographic in today's @sdut
by @JonathanWosen @ms_gilchrist
Instead of the usual Test, Test, Test
the @washingtonpost highlights it 624 times with outstanding essays by @fotoole @IrishTimes and @ATabarrok @pujalight
"Our Only Hope"……
There's even more to this story
What if there was a saliva test which accurately detected transmissibility w/ a 1-minute turnaround?
I discussed this a bit @scifri this week:…
And it helped to guide reopening at stores, restaurants, shopping malls & the workplace
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THREAD --> In this time of #COVID19, I figured it might be handy to share some basics with other reporters who might be new to the health beat. What's an 'antibody'? What is 'viral load'? Here's a list of some things reporters might want to know. I'm adding to it slowly.
First off. A lot of the tests being discussed are looking for 'antibodies'. What the heck are those? In a nutshell, proteins made by certain immune cells that bind to particles in the body (usually foreign) that we call 'antigens'. Here's a 3:28min primer:
What's that? You're a reporter too busy to watch a 3:28min video? I understand. Here's a picture capturing pretty much the same thing 3/n (source:
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1/3 Why the US was slow on #COVID19 testing:
1) CDC test kits were inaccurate: results came back negative or inconclusive due to failure of the negative control
#SARCoV2 #Coronavirus
@drjoshs @scottjbecker @MichelleM_Mello
2/3 Why the US was slow on #COVID19 testing:
2) CDC initially limited testing to a narrow group of people with known #COVID19 exposure
#SARCoV2 #Coronavirus
@drjoshs @scottjbecker @MichelleM_Mello
3/3 Why the US was slow on #COVID19 testing:
3) Existing FDA policy required authorization of independent lab-developed testing, requirements that have since been loosened
#SARCoV2 #Coronavirus
@drjoshs @scottjbecker @MichelleM_Mello
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