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📣 THREAD: As I'm typing this, the U.S. House is debating #HR1425, aka the House #ACA2.0 bill (#ACEA). What does it include? LET'S DIVE IN! 1/
Here's my deep dive into #HR1425, the Patient Protection & Affordable Care *Enhancement* Act (#ACEA), which I've dubbed simply "#ACA2.0": 2/…
#HR1425 (#ACEA) has 30 provisions; some minor, some HUGE:
--Title I: 16 sections to protect, repair & strengthen the #ACA individual market.
--Title II: 11 sections to expand & improve Medicaid
--Title III: 3 sections to dramatically reduce prescription drug prices 3/
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📣 HEADS UP: House @EnergyCommerce Committee to grill @SeemaCMS on #ACASabotage this morning starting at 10am:…
Here we go: Opening statement by @RepDianaDeGette; overview of Trump Admin actions attempting to sabotage the #ACA. Ironically, it sounds like she might have a bit of a cold herself.
Opening statement by GOP ranking member @RepGuthrie; needless to say he's gushing with praise for Verma. As I explained yesterday, the "4% drop in premiums" for 2020 is a) misleading and b) is basically just a correction of carriers overestimating costs in 2017 & 2018.
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📣 This morning the Trump Admin issued a press release crowing about #ACA premiums dropping 4% thanks to their supposedly brilliant management.

I need to clear up a few things about this. 1/
First of all, it’s important to note that the 4% drop refers specifically to *benchmark Silver plans* only, and only includes 39 states. It also only includes exchange-based enrollment. These factors limit it to < 40% of total #ACA-compliant individual market enrollment. 2/
When you include *all* metal levels for *all* states both on & off-exchange, the weighted avg is ⬆️ 0.1% instead of ⬇️ 4.0%.

Obviously that’s still far better than double-digit increases, but it’s important to be as comprehensive & accurate as possible.…
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It took me all day to write this up, but here’s the short version: *subsidized* #ACA enrollment is *up* 1.7% since 2016, but *unsubsidized* is *down* 40%. #KillTheCliff #HR1868 cc: @LaurenUnderwood…
See how the big manilla section in the middle has shrunk? Those are the 2.25 million unsubsidized enrollees (+250K unsubsidized on-exchange) who've dropped out of #ACA plans over the past 2 years as premiums have shot up. 2/
Avg. premiums jumped around 23% in 2017 & nearly 28% in 2018. The 2017 hikes were largely due to the federal #ACA reinsurance program sunsetting (it's since been reinstated in nearly a dozen states), but the 2018 hikes are mostly due *directly* to Trump Admin policies. 3/
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(sigh) I’m not happy about this but I can’t argue with the judge’s reasoning too much. #ShortAssPlans *should* have been specifically restricted within the #ACA itself, but…they weren’t. That happened via an Obama XO a few years later, which is how Trump was able to reverse it.
Then bigger problem is that they’re being expanded in an environment in which there’s no longer any financial penalty for enrolling in them vs an ACA compliant plan.
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“Nurse and freshman member of Congress introduces important bill to significantly improve ACA until universal coverage can be passed in the future”

#ACA2 isn’t an *alternative* to MFA, it’s an important stopgap to improve things in the short term.
#ACA2 is desperately needed for the next few years REGARDLESS of whether we eventually move to MFA, Med4Am or some other universal coverage program.
ACA2 could be fully implemented pretty much immediately, possibly even retroactively for some provisions. MFA or even Med4Am (which I support) will take several years to ramp up, so at least some ACA2 provisions would still be needed in the meantime.
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🗣 THREAD: A Kinda, Sorta Deep Dive into the 2020 NBPP!…
The #NBPP2020 is a long, wonky document from CMS which basically lays out the rules for the 2020 #ACA Open Enrollment period. Most of it is basic stuff like setting the dates (Nov. 1 - Dec. 15th) and the like, but it also makes some tweaks to the subsidy formula and so forth. 1/
As you can imagine, some of these changes are pretty benign, but others will have big implications for #ACA enrollees in 2020. There's a total of 17 items on the list, a few of which I actually don't understand well enough to comment on, but let's take a look at the rest! 2/
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⚠️ THREAD: When the dust settles on the 2019 Open Enrollment Period, total enrollments will likely be ~11.4M on exchange, plus perhaps 3M off-exchange. Of the 14.4M total, around 13M (90%) will actually pay their premiums. 1/
Of those 13M people, around 4.2 million will be unsubsidized & have to pay full price...and that full price will average around $49/month higher in 2019 than it would have been if Trump & the GOP hadn't repealed the individual mandate & opened the floodgates on #ShortAssPlans. 2/
This is the case even in states where 2019 premiums are *dropping* in 2019 (or staying flat)...they would have gone down *even more* without those changes. Many of the carriers have stated this specifically in rate filings, w/many including actuarial data to support it. 3/
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THREAD: This morning, Trump's CMS Administrator, Seema Verma, posted a press release claiming that Trump Admin actions have "caused rates to drop for the first time." This is...stretching things, to put it mildly. 1/…
2/ FIRST, the "1.5% drop" @SeemaCMS refers to only applies to on-exchange plans, only includes 39 states, and only applies to the benchmark plans. When you include all 50 states, all plans at all metal levels and off-exchange enrollees, it's +3.1%.
3/ SECOND, it's true that even +3.1% is still a lot smaller than prior years...which is why you have to look at WHY premiums increased so much for 2018 LAST year. About 60% of that ~27% increase was due SPECIFICALLY to Trump Admin actions: CSR cut-off + other assorted factors:
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Do you remember “Harry & Louise”?

Here’s a reminder. Watch both commercials, but especially the second one. There’s a LOT going on here:

2/ First of all, notice how in 1993, “community rating” (i.e., not being allowed to charge people more based on their health status) was considered a HORRIBLE thing.
3/ Cut to 2018: 8 yrs after the Affordable Care Act was signed into law, 89% of the public thinks it’s important NOT to charge people more for their health insurance based on their health status. EIGHTY-NINE PERCENT. This is the real legacy of the #ACA.…
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How Much More Will #ACASabotage Cost Unsubsidized Enrollees in YOUR Congressional District???
1/ Last year, I posted state-by-state infographics which broke out the estimated number of Americans who would lose healthcare coverage if each of the various #ACA repeal bills form the GOP were to become law.
2/ At first I used my own estimates, but then @EmilyG_DC and her colleagues from the Center for American Progress (@amprog) stepped up and started compiling their own projections. Their methodology was different but our estimates were generally in the same range.
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ALABAMA: Unsubsidized #ACA enrollees will have to pay up to $1,200 more apiece next year due *specifically* to #ACASabotage then they would otherwise have to:…
For those confused (since AL carriers are actually *dropping* rates 2%), here’s why: They both clarify that rates would drop significantly *more* without #MandateRepeal & #ShortAssPlans. Note: I’m actually assuming 1/3 *less* of an impact than the @UrbanInstitute did in March.
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⚠️⚠️ THREAD: Trump/GOP #ACASabotage is costing #ACA enrollees even more than you thought. Here’s why (warning: graphs ahead!)
1/ Every year during the off season, I spend countless hours digging into hundreds of wonky insurance carrier rate filing forms to analyze the weighted average rate increases for the following year.
2/ I then compile a table which breaks these averages out on a state-by-state basis, and I have a pretty damned good track record of accuracy, if I say so myself.
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⚠️ THREAD: According to the HHS Dept., appx. 130 MILLION non-elderly Americans have pre-existing conditions which would likely get them either denied coverage or charged so much for coverage they’d be effectively priced out of the market. 1/
Last year, @EmilyG_DC of @amprog broke these out by Congressional District:… 2/
I then took that data and recompiled it into individual states infographics:… 3/
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THREAD: For anyone who doesn’t believe the latest batch of #ACASabotage by Trump isn’t gonna jack rates up next year, I’ve already got receipts out of Virginia.
1/ As I noted earlier today, Virginia insurance carriers have already submitted their *preliminary* 2019 premium rate filings. While these may be revised/change over the summer/fall, the initial statewide average is around 15.1%.…
2/ The averages range from a 5% *drop* (Optima Health) to as high as a 64% *increase* (GHMSI). That much is pretty clear. What’s less clear is *how much* of these increases is due specifically to #ACASabotage, as opposed to normal inflation/etc. HOWEVER…
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Cigna says 15% total hike in VA. Lists both mandate repeal and #ShortAssPlans among the causes.
Meanwhile, CareFirst is starting with a heart stopping 64% hike...but Optima is asking dor a 5% DROP? Huh.
since this tweet is getting attention (I’m was an offhand tweet w/filing screenshots taken while my kid was having his viola lesson), I’d like folks to keep in mind that ~17% of THIS year’s rate hikes are due to GOP sabotage already.…
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1/ THREAD: Trump’s signing his EO tomorrow. Here’s how it can destroy the Individual Market:… #ACASabotage
2/ Here’s the breakout of how healthcare spending is concentrated nationally, according to @KaiserFamFound :
3/ As you can see, 1% of the population accounts for 23% of all healthcare spending. Think cancer patients undergoing chemo, etc.
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