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TRÅD #tyskvalg🇩🇪er nu mere åbent, men det skal gå meget galt for De Grønne, for at partiet ikke kommer i regering. Hvis du vil ha' et sneak preview, så læs tråd om udkast til valgprogram. Teaser: partiet støtter føderalistisk europæisk republik #eudk 1/12
Ikke overraskende satser De Grønne massivt på klima. Så ja til europæisk co2-afgift, co2-grænseudligningsafgift og en ambitiøs ETS-reform. Klima skal konsekvent bygges ind i handelsaftaler. Alle biler skal være co2-neutrale i 2030 2/12 #dkgreen @jarlkrausing @A_H_Simonsen
De Grønne vil styrke regulering af "tech-giganter". Der skal oprettes et europæisk kartelagentur og indføres en #digitalskat. Skat skal fremover vedtages ved flertalsafgørelser. Europa skal udvikle en fælles europæisk cloud infrastruktur @KlyngeC #dkbiz #digidk @thinkeuropa 3/12
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A lack of understanding of EU politics. Failure to take responsibility for mistakes. Siloed thinking.

These were all things people in Germany (like @jonworth) said about VDL when she was forced upon Brussels by Macron & Merkel in 2019.…
It's no secret VDL was not Brussels' preferred candidate for Commission President. She wasn't even a candidate at all.

EU Parliament still resents her for being forced upon them by national governments who rejected #spitzenkandidat process. Is now the time they take revenge?
VDL is secure. EU parliament can remove her, but there isn't public support for that. These frustrations remain a Brussels bubble preoccupation.

Article 16 scandal hasn't registered with people in continental Europe, who support measures to give them vaccines they were promised.
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🔥Today, @Europarl_EN's Committee on Constitutional Affairs (#AFCO) will discuss #transnationallists. Here is why they may not be the good idea we think they are. A thread 👇 1/25
@EPInstitutional @Antonio_Tajani @guyverhofstadt @sandrogozi @d_boeselager @daniel_freund @inside_ep
Many have endorsed TNLs as the way to make our elections more #European, from pro-#EU groups (@federalists, @EMInternational), to politicians (@EmmanuelMacron, @vonderleyen) & advocates (@jonworth, @alemannoEU, @AndrewDuffEU). They argue TNLs will bring a European dimension. 2/25
To be clear, the point of this thread is *not* to argue that TNLs will make our common election less European, simply that they will not remedy the election's core deficiency (that national parties are in control) and that, therefore, they are not the right way forward. 3/25
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Interesting report by @EPInstitutional & @PDurandOfficiel on #EP2019 elections, in particular on the need for more #genderbalance, reform of @EUCouncil and of the #spitzenkandidat system, and the role of #Europeanparties.
BUT.... a short thread 👇 1/9…
#Genderbalance is essential and political parties must be required to submit *gender-alternate* lists, where no two consecutive candidates can be of the same gender. This is one more reason to harmonise voting modalities at the EU level and not leave them up to Member States. 2/9
Our voting system must be reformed to ensure not only proportionality, but also a close link between citizens and MEPs. Lists of 30, 40 or 90 candidates are the best way for citizens to have no information about MEPs beyond their party affiliation. 3/9…
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End of January, Member States discuss the Conference on the #FutureofEurope at @EUCouncil. Their proposal? "Priority should be given to implementing the 2019-24 Strategic Agenda agreed last June."
So citizens meet to agree on a year-old document, really?!…
To note: "The conference should contribute to the development of EU policies in the medium and longer term".
Not a single word on reforming or improving EU institutions and strengthening our #EuropeanDemocracy. @EUCouncil #FutureofEurope
Thank god, the @EUCouncil wants to "build on the success of the citizens’ dialogues that have taken place over the past two years".
Can someone remind me what exactly those successful dialogues have led to? Strengthening the #spitzenkandidat? Writing the 2019-24 Strategic Agenda?
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Interesting read about #EmmanuelMacron's vision for Europe and concept of European power, by @RymMomtaz via @POLITICOEurope.
A few comments in this thread👇 #IamEuropean 🇪🇺…
"The idea was to create a strategy of influence, which means we can [...] write papers with other countries." Then why don't you? Why the total opposition to #Spitzenkandidat and not reform it? Why the solo position on #NorthMacedonia? Or the solo tribune before #EUelections?
"[Macron] established the @RenewEurope group in the European Parliament; positioned close allies at the helm of the ECB and European Council." But where is #France in the Directorate-Generals? Or as "DirCab"? Where is all the middle management that Germany has groomed patiently?
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The Franco-German plan for the Conference on the #FutureofEurope focuses exclusively on #transnationallists and #spitzenkandidat, to the exclusion of the reform of #EuropeanParties and of the European #ElectoralLaw. It's missing the most important part.…
#Transnationallists are, at best, a symbol; but they keep elections in the hands of national parties talking only to national electorates. A real federal Europe needs MEPs elected close to the citizens. And it needs real #EuropeanParties that talk directly to citizens. #toFedEU
Not to say "I told you so", but I did warn the @federalists that there would be little appetite for reform beyond #transnationallists from France/Germany. Now is the time to broaden the debate and ask for a more thorough reform! #toFedEU
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The #Spitzenkandidat process is in its death throes, after the other big groups in the European Parliament declined to endorse the EPP's Manfred Weber, & leaders at last week's #EUCO European Council (apart from Merkel) discarded it.

This is a Good Thing. 1/20
The Spitzenkandidaten idea was: voters elect President of European Commission by proxy, with European Parliament a sort of electoral college counting the votes for pan-EU political parties; this would democratise the system and bring voters closer to EU's leadership. 2/20
In fact, it hasn't worked out like that. Here's why. 3/20
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Thread on #EUtopjobs. There was a lot of frustration at not having sorted out the top jobs on Thursday/Friday. But Merkel was right to be sanguine. The chart below demonstrates the sheer complexity of trade-offs that the leaders are having to contend with. #EUCO
This simply demonstrates the minimum requirements for each category, at least in theory. It doesn't mean the @EPP has to provide two women candidates or that @TheProgressives' candidate has to come from a small member state.
For comparison, here's how EU leaders resolved these competing priorities in 2014. But that was somewhat less complex than now. For one, @RenewEurope didn't have the same strength and weren't in a position to expect a role. Second, the gender issue was less salient.
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The democratic swindle of the #spitzenkandidat .
(expanded version).
#democracy #EUelections2019…
"Legally, the European Council makes the proposal, and the Parliament votes on it. The Treaty does NOT say that the European Council may propose only candidates who have been presented before as spitzenkandidat. Such process would illegally limit the European Council’s power.
The European Parliament cannot claim simultaneously that it imposes the parameters applied to choose the candidates and then votes on them. There must be a balance between the two institutions and the Spitzenkandidat system does not respect it."
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By the end of this month you will have to take a crucial decision about the very soul of Europe.

👉 People in Europe want to go forward not backward

👉 They want equality

👉 They want cooperation

👉 They want sustainability

✊ We need to be on their side ✊
Our middle classes are suffering and shrinking.

We need to fix this by creating responsible fiscal systems.

We need major corporations to pay fair taxes.

And we need to increase wages for the middle classes.
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