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Why is having an EU passport so great? 🇪🇺
A thread. #FBPE #RejoinEU #IAmEuropean

In March 2019 I moved to #Belgium.

The process involved:

No visa
No 90 day limit
No employment contract
No criminal record check
No min. income
No travel insurance
No arduous bureaucracy
I stayed in Brussels for the summer, but I didn't feel totally at home.

Then a friend suggested that I might prefer Lisbon...

So I left Brussels and moved to #Lisbon in early 2020.

With an EU passport, country-hopping like that was easy. No major planning needed.
Becoming resident in #Portugal was so simple.

I just turned up at the local municipality office and declared my wish to do so.

Oh yes, and paid the giant sum of €15 for my residency certificate.

BOOM, five years temporary residency! ✅
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.@vonderleyen poised to interview @MaireadMcGMEP & @AMcDowell early this week. For which job? Unclear! Maybe @dreynders gets trade portfolio... or sth else in case of reshuffle!
Such is the absurdity of the “1 country-1 commissioner” rule. #IamEuropean…
Of course, "the @EU_Commission shall be completely independent" and "the members of the Commission shall neither seek nor take instructions from any Government". (Art. 17.3 TEU #LisbonTreaty). So there should be no need for #1country1commissioner rule. #IamEuropean 🇪🇺
Furthermore, "As from 1/11/2014, the @EU_Commission shall consist of a number of members [equal to] two thirds of the number of Member States" (Art. 17.5 TEU #LisbonTreaty)..... "unless the @EUCouncil [...] decides to alter this number". Which it did right away. #IamEuropean 🇪🇺
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While not perfect, a deal of this size remains good news, no doubt about it. The details will have to be reviewed, but the cuts of #HorizonEurope & #health expenditure in times of #COVID19 show the limited foresight and worrying priorities of some leaders.…
More worrying than the result, however, is the process. It should not take a 90h marathon for 27 leaders busy w/ a pandemic, months into a crisis, to agree on a watered-down version of a #RecoveryFund w/ threats and vetoes. This is not an efficient & democratic process. #EUCO
This #EUCO makes ever more imperatives the reforms @VoltEuropa and others have been calling for: create a #fiscalunion and #politicalunion, empower the @Europarl_EN, replace the @EUCouncil w/ an elected senate, allow true #Europeanparties and create a #federalEurope. #IamEuropean
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Welcome push by MEP @DomenecD on the reform of #EuropeanParties during #AFCO discussion with Commissioner @VeraJourova.
A true #EuropeanDemocracy needs true pan-European parties offering a consistent political offer to citizens across the EU. 🇪🇺 Image
Welcome push by @PDurandOfficiel on EU #ElectoralLaw reform during #AFCO discussion with Commissioner @VeraJourova.
The equality of EU citizens implies equality before the vote, and our electoral system must engage citizens and make our elections more European. 🇪🇺 #IamEuropean Image
.@VeraJourova's careful words on #EU #ElectoralLaw reform are welcome. Transnational lists are not the only (nor the best) way for a truly #European election. Better results can be achieved w/ #bestpractices in federal systems, #Bundestag first of all. #IamEuropean 🇪🇺 @VoltEuropa Image
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Twitter major shareholder is Jack Dorsey (o.a. foto Soros, VdLeyen en Berggruen)
Dorsey is also a board member of the Berggruen Institute's Governance Center.……
ADL is watching you 🤣😂
'Managing democracy in the digital age'
Meaning, we are pushed left/right 😉
Nicolas Berggruen "The meeting (2016) was an important moment marking the starting point of a two year effort to develop a tool kit for managing democracy in the digital age"…
De voorzitster vh EU Parlement zit dus lekker te smoezen met Soros en Berggruen over hoe onze democratiën digitaal gemanaged kunnen worden. Kortgezegd, de mond snoeren.
Mind you, de EU & Soros sponsoren ook #KOZP
Opa zei "dat is tuig jongen" 🤓…
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Interesting read about #EmmanuelMacron's vision for Europe and concept of European power, by @RymMomtaz via @POLITICOEurope.
A few comments in this thread👇 #IamEuropean 🇪🇺…
"The idea was to create a strategy of influence, which means we can [...] write papers with other countries." Then why don't you? Why the total opposition to #Spitzenkandidat and not reform it? Why the solo position on #NorthMacedonia? Or the solo tribune before #EUelections?
"[Macron] established the @RenewEurope group in the European Parliament; positioned close allies at the helm of the ECB and European Council." But where is #France in the Directorate-Generals? Or as "DirCab"? Where is all the middle management that Germany has groomed patiently?
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.@VMalingre notes (via @lemondefr) that 3 #EU States have #French as official language, but only 2 have #English (post #Brexit). Should French replace English as the default language in EU institutions? 🇪🇺 Quick thread on voting systems👇 #IamEuropean…
A simple first-past-the-post vote in the @EUCouncil on which language to use would probably see each country voting for its own language. 3 would vote for French 🇫🇷, 2 for English 🇬🇧. French wins. But, can we really expect this decision to be consensual and accepted?
In the @EU_Commission, 85% of documents are first drafted in English 🇬🇧 and only 4% in French 🇫🇷, compared to 40% in 1997 (source: @lemondefr). @EUCouncil meetings now also commonly take place in English, attesting of participants' preference of English.
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🔥Thread for those not well-versed in #EU topics.
"The EU" (@EU_Commission) proposes a #GreenDeal to make the EU carbon-neutral by 2050, and "the EU" (@Europarl_EN) seems to support it. Now, "countries" (@EUCouncil) need to support it. #IamEuropean…
So, let's be clear: if this #GreenDeal fails, or passes in a watered-down version that empties it from its substance, it will not be "the EU"'s fault; it will be on "the countries". National leaders, currently attending a Council meeting, are the make-or-break force. #IamEuropean
As often, the #unanimity rule on the @EUCouncil means that any country has the power to oppose a major proposal supported by everyone else — or at least remove key parts of it. This is not #democracy and is not sustainable. We need #EUreform and majority decisions. #IamEuropean
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Current discussions on the #EUbudget exemplify the EU's core problem. Instead of thinking about goals and what #EU citizens need from the Union, each Member State's executive looks at its own balance sheet, its net contribution, and what it pays in and receives. #IamEuropean
#EUbudget discussions should go the other way around. First, identify what the #EU should do for citizens, where it is needed, what it can bring. And only then work out how much this costs us all together. A discussion centred on 1% and 1.14% serves State budgets, not #citizens.
Timely follow-up on this thread, thanks to @clotilde_armand and @POLITICOEurope.…
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" 'No treaty changes' was supported by almost everyone, except France and Germany" at EU ambassadors' meeting.
Because of course Member States oppose #treatychange which would undoubtedly shift power to #EUParliament. Such short-sightedness! #IamEuropean…
EU ambassadors also expressed the fear that "the whole process [would] be hijacked by the European Parliament". Yes, god forbid that the people's representatives (recently elected during our only #European election) lead a process on European affairs! #IamEuropean
"Some argued that it would only make sense for the #EUCouncil to have a leading role". This is why we need #treatychange: because the Council, crippled by unanimity, still tries to lead everywhere. A #europeandemocracy needs a #EuropeanConstitution and the Parliament at its core.
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It's official, the Head of State of 13% of the EU population (with a 33% approval rate at home) can successfully block the remaining 87%. This is not a win for #France, this is a cruel loss for #Europe and #democracy.
#NorthMacedonia #Albania #Macron…
This lack of #democracy and efficiency is everything citizens came to hate about the #EU: it takes all to agree, but only one to block. *National* leaders, thinking of their *national* electorate and taking *European* decisions.
#NorthMacedonia #Albania #Macron #IamEuropean
Today #France opposes accession talks for #NorthMacedonia and #Albania. Tomorrow it will act surprised that Ireland opposes anti-tax evasion measures, Germany opposes an EU army, or Finland opposes a large EU budget. To each his own and no one for #Europe; that's what this is.
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As I return from Sofia and Belgrade, I am comforted in the idea that the whole of Southeastern #Europe has its place in the #EU.
After #Romania, #Bulgaria and #Croatia, it is high time to open accession talks with #NorthMacedonia and #Albania.…
The @EU_Commission and a large majority of national governments support accession talks with #NorthMacedonia and #Albania. Yet #France is blocking this process. If he is truly committed to #Europe, @EmmanuelMacron must allow these talks to proceed. #IamEuropean
@EU_Commission @EmmanuelMacron #France and Minister @AdeMontchalin single-handedly turned down 3 EU proposals to open accession talks for #NorthMacedonia and #Albania. At the time when the US reneges on its allies, we must be true to our word and be a source of hope for our neighbours and fellow Europeans.
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Pointing that the US is the root cause of the trade war hints that China’s unfair trade practices should have been quietly accepted. It so terribly easy for liberal Europeans to point finger to one direction while keeping conveniently quiet of anything “uncomfortable”.
The above makes one wonder if liberal Europeans are actually relieved that Trump believes in unilateralism instead of engaging the European allies (as many observers say he should). Europeans can keep on dreaming of the lost globalisation in their convenient bubble. #IamEuropean
What I am crying after here is for the Europeans to start to show some spine, start to defend their true values instead of just conveniently enjoying them.
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Advice on #Settled Status for #EU27Citizens:
1/ If you have not done so yet, register with the HO email notification service - click link on this page…. #WATON #IamEuropean @yEUrRights
2/ The scheme seems to be OPEN NOW to EUCitizens that have been here for more than 5 years! We should mass apply - they want to test the system, so test we shall.
3/ I had no communication from the HO on this at all, unlike previous emails I received regarding Settled Status, so they seem to try and keep this low key. We need to document our experiences and copy in the relevant campaign groups as well as our EU representatives! 🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺
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Warning, this is a monologue on my current thoughts on #Brexit.

I hate Brexit, #IamEuropean, yet I think the UK needs to exit with a no deal.

If you're curious about why, please Read on. I'll mention #IsaacAsimov 😀
Sadly, I believe the UK needs to exit the EU without a #brexit deal.

That 30-40% of its population that has post-Imperial delusions need a rude awakening of what the 21st century world is like.

Then, the UK may rejoin the EU in 10-15 years time.
The sad part of this #nodeal #brexit is the people that end up dying unnecessarily because of the Brexiteers pipe dreams.
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