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Day Two is underway!

For all the highlights from the second day of the @aces_for conference, keep updated here, or #Zoom in yourself!

"Experimentalist Governance and Differentiated Integration:
Alternatives or Complements?" is the first panel, moderated by @IdeaEu's Sandra Lavenex, and featuring speakers from the #InDivEU project

After Jonathan Zeitlin's presentation, Bernardo Rangoni presents his findings on the topic of electricity regulation

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The 2nd day of the @aces_for conference organised with #InDivEU and @dice_h2020 is starting now!

#Zoom in to join our first panel of the day on experimentalist governance

As always, we'll be live-tweeting all the best bits below!

The first panel is an #InDivEU extravaganza! Jonathan Zeitlin, Bernardo Rangoni, and @Maria_Weimer are representing the project

Jonathan Zeitlin from #InDivEU is the first to present

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Jonathan Zeitlin from #InDivEU is currently opening the @aces_for annual conference: "Differentiated Integration and the #FutureofEurope: Promises, Pitfalls, Pathways"

Here are some key moments...

Frank Schimmelfennig from #InDivEU now gives his intergovernmentalist take on explaining #DifferentiatedIntegration

Sandra Lavenex from @IdeaEu begins her presentation on #Differentiation by giving a vision of Differentiated Integration through the prism of a "condominio"

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And they're off!

Andrea Elteto has welcomed us to the Presentation of the Hungarian and Slovenian chapters of the upcoming TEPSA Book!

As ever we'll be live-tweeting the highlights of the event, but you can still #Zoom in and join us live!…

Maja Bucar from @FDVLjubljana is giving her presentation first, on the changes to the political landscape since 2019, with a shift towards Visegrad prioritisation

Noting that the current Slovenian Prime Minister is a good friend of #Orban, Maja Bucar from @FDVLjubljana analyses the foreign policy of the new government

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🟢 What is the State of the European Union #SOTEU debate? It's an important moment of #EU #democracy, when MEPs hold the @EU_Commission to account, checking on work done & the #FutureofEurope.

🎞️by @Europarl_EN

#NextGenerationEU #EUGreenDeal @boell_stiftung @boell_EU_USA
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🗓️In October, we're going to have our delayed Final Conference🗣️

If you missed the action from the cancelled March event, check out these #VIADUCT_EU video submissions!📺

October event➡️➡️➡️…

First, check out @tomas_weiss's submission from @CharlesUniPRG on the topic of the #FutureOfEurope⤵️

The #FutureOfEurope will be shaped by its current crises

It's strange to think how many of the crises @tomas_weiss discussed a few months ago are still relevant

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1/ 🇪🇺 Great discussion with @OpenEUDebate on how coronavirus has and will continue to transform EU communications.

A few takeaways👇
2/ 📡Remote working, remote conferences and remote communication - as people get more comfortable with these formats, its only natural our focus moves more and more online (like @EU_Commission virtual press room!)
3/ 👩‍🔬 Experts are back in fashion. After growing suspicion of experts in 2000s/2010s, we see doctors/scientists/other experts welcomed in the public debate again.
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1/ During their televised and streamed conference PM #Orban, PM #Janša and President #Vucic spoke about the present and future of #Europe. They agreed that #COVID19 and potential mass uncontrolled migration pose significant risks...
... Pres. Vučić touched on the fact that #Serbia recieved little to no assistance form the #EU in the early days and weaks of the crisis. He regreted the fact that when he pointed this out the liberal press launched into a concerted baseless criticism of him and his country...
PM Janša was particularly eloquent in rejecting the cancel culture taking over the West and he identified it as a re-boot of cultural marxism. He also warned of the danger of potential cyber attacks, for which the EU is clearly unready...
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Here, we will be collecting some key quotes from this afternoon's parallel roundtables ⤵️

For our panel on "European Social Cohesion and Social Security", we welcomed four expert panellists from across Europe to give their insights

.@IainBeggLSE from @LSEnews started proceedings, contributing that "we expect and require cross-border solidarity, but social Europe is something the Member States have been reluctant to cede"

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Our first panel at #PPCBerlin is opening: "Youth Ideas: Shaping the Future of Europe", featuring contributions from:

We welcome Werner Hoyer, President of the @EIB, to open proceedings on our first panel, who uses the opportunity to highlight our partners in #PPCBerlin:

@EU_H2020 #EuropeforCitizens @MercatorDE @GermanyDiplo #InDivEU @TRACK_EUCO

"The Green Recovery is the right way forward for Europe for several reasons: fighting #ClimateChange is an obligation, 93% of people want it, it makes sense economically: this market will grow 10% every year"

Werner Hoyer from @EIB outlines the importance of #GreenRecovery
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#PPCBerlin is about to start!

As always, we'll be live-tweeting the event with some great quotes from our expert panelists and contributors, so stay tuned!


@IEP_Berlin @GermanyintheEU @parleu2020de @AuswaertigesAmt @EPinDeutschland @EUinDE @GermanyDiplo @EUCouncil
We kick things of with a video message from Jaap de Zwaan, TEPSA's Secretary-General, and Frank Schimmelfennig, @IEP_Berlin's Chairman of the Academic Advisory Board

#PPCBerlin is our first ever virtual PPC because of #COVID19, which is why our cooperation with @IEP_Berlin has been valuable in taking this unexpected context into account 💪

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When @Europarl_EN adopted its position on #CoFoE, the @EPP, @TheProgressives (S&D) and @RenewEurope all supported treaty change. Now the @EUCouncil, dominated by these parties, is trying to bury it.
What does this say about #Europeanparties?…
Some figures. EP votes in favour of treaty change were 163 for @EPP (1 no, 2 abst.), 134 for @TheProgressives (1 no, 3 abst.) and 98 for @RenewEurope (3 abst.). That's 97% minimum.
The @EUCouncil is 44% @EPP, 22% @TheProgressives and 22% @RenewEurope. Close to 90%. #CoFoE
Clearly, EU citizens' directly-elected rep. overwhelmingly support the possibility of treaty change at the Conference of the #FutureofEurope.
And, clearly, national leaders fail to understand this reality, proving once more the detrimental impact of the @EUCouncil. #CoFoE
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Today's TEPSA Debate: "#COVID19: What do Eastern Partnership countries make out of EU support?" has just started!

As always, we will be sharing some choice quotes from our experts here

@PMCGofficial @PA3yMKOB @unibirmingham @eu_near @NEC_Ukraine @FIIA_fi @coenatolin

Our moderator Tobias Schumacher from @coenatolin is opening proceedings in light of the Eastern Partnership Conference and #COVID19

First up is @khishtovani from @PMCGofficial, speaking about the economic impact of #COVID19 on Georgia:

❌-4% GDP as opposed to predicted +5% for 2020
❌budget deficit increase from 2.5% to 9%
❌employment estimates of unemployment increase from 12% to 22%

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DAY 2 of the #InDivEU Mid-Term Conference is about to get underway! Today we have 2 panels:

1⃣ Effects of #DifferentiatedIntegration
2⃣ External #Differentiation

As yesterday, we'll be keeping you updated by live-tweeting all our expert contributions from Team #InDivEU💪
The Chair of our first panel, Wojciech Gagatek from @UniWarszawski, has just opened up proceedings 💪

Ioannis Vergioglou from @ETH_en is taking us through the methodology and framework of the first paper of the day: "Effects of #DifferentiatedIntegration on EU Institutional Trust"

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The #InDivEU Mid-Term Conference is about to kick off, and we'll be live-tweeting it!💪

So stay tuned for some great coverage for the next two days of the conference, including FOUR expert panels on #Differentiation and #DifferentedIntegration

We're live at #InDivEU!🔴

We'll be sharing some choice quotes as ever, as part of the #InDivEU Mid-Term Conference

The #InDivEU conference, despite being held over #Zoom due to #COVID19, is still an interactive conference, bringing together expert researchers from all across Europe!

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Today, once again, the @Europarl_EN expressed its strong support for a Conference on the Future of Europe (#CoFoE) to be organised as soon as the health situation permits.
Once again, the leaders of the Member States (@EUCouncil) are holding back by not having a common position.
Close to a year after the 2019 European elections, this campaign item is still nowhere near agreed upon and, once again, European citizens will blame EU institutions for their inability to act. Member States leaders must meet their responsibilities in the interest of citizens.
In a timely fashion, on the same day as #MEPs confirmed their vision for the Conference on the #FutureofEurope, our national Ministers for European Affairs failed once again to agree on a common position. We need a better #Europe, this one isn't working.…
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We'll be picking some choice quotes and insights from our TEPSA Debate hosted with @IAIonline

Stay tuned for more from @Poli_Eleonora, @NicolePirozzi, @carolinaplescia, and @ilketoygur

"The idea that Europe is not solving domestic problems is nothing new - we've been seeing it for decades"

- @carolinaplescia from @UniboMagazine, our first featured speaker, on growing Euroscepticism in Italy since the early 2000s

"The rhetoric on the EU has always been different between government and opposition, but now the government is talking more about the EU negatively"

- @carolinaplescia on changes to 'blame shifting' in Italy in recent times

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Today, @MichelBarnier and @DavidGHFrost began their second round of #Brexit negotiations 🇪🇺🤝🇬🇧

So we thought we'd showcase a few of our members' articles on Brexit.

Before we start, here's a couple of refresher articles on the arguments for and against #Brexit

First, here's this powerful piece from @rogercasale, writing for @FedTrust on a reason to Remain: "Because We Are Europeans"

👉… Image
What better source for articles on why #Brexit happened than TEPSA's very own Member Institute from the UK @FedTrust

So here's a fascinating analysis on one reason behind the eventual vote to Leave by @DrAndrewBlick

👉… Image
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🥳To celebrate accession negotiations with #Albania 🇦🇱 and #NorthMacedonia🇲🇰 we're counting down our TOP 5 favourite publications about #enlargement and the #WestBalkans

1️⃣ Check out this factsheet from the @iiea breaking down the current state of #enlargement with a special emphasis on the #WestBalkans…

#FutureOfEurope #Albania #NorthMacedonia Image
2️⃣ Read more about the challenges facing enlargement in the #WestBalkans from @CIFE_EUstudies…

#FutureOfEurope #enlargement #Albania #NorthMacedonia Image
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Once again, Member States talked about the Conference on the #FutureofEurope. And it appears that, for many, the future of Europe should not include treaty reform — which remains an absolutely necessary condition for a true #EuropeanDemocracy. via @POLITICOEurope
Likewise, there is opposition to @guyverhofstadt, long-time MEP and Belgian PM for 10 years, as Conf President. Member States want a former Head of State/Gov.... but not so "former". Somehow, recent experience in the @EUCouncil is more important than in the @Europarl_EN?!
Member States have always acted to be the custodians of treaty change in #Europe and to limit citizen or parliamentary involvement. It is time to walk the talk and actually give Europeans a say. Not just on policy, but on what the EU should look like. #Schuman20 @federalists
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End of January, Member States discuss the Conference on the #FutureofEurope at @EUCouncil. Their proposal? "Priority should be given to implementing the 2019-24 Strategic Agenda agreed last June."
So citizens meet to agree on a year-old document, really?!…
To note: "The conference should contribute to the development of EU policies in the medium and longer term".
Not a single word on reforming or improving EU institutions and strengthening our #EuropeanDemocracy. @EUCouncil #FutureofEurope
Thank god, the @EUCouncil wants to "build on the success of the citizens’ dialogues that have taken place over the past two years".
Can someone remind me what exactly those successful dialogues have led to? Strengthening the #spitzenkandidat? Writing the 2019-24 Strategic Agenda?
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What to expect for Europe in 2020? As the EU enters a new policy cycle, here’s to a few predictions that I’ve shared with @euronews #THREAD 1/9
The new EU political leadership overpromised by generating outsized expectations that might reveal too difficult to manage:

1. Defend EU interests vs US & China 2. Take the lead on climate change 3. Tackle rebellious EU illiberal democracies 4. Tame big tech 5. Overcome Brexit
1. The #Suleimani assassination is already putting to test the self-proclaimed first EU ‘geopolitical’ Commission, which has lost in few hours the major EU foreign policy legacy of @JunckerEU @FedericaMog : the nuclear deal #JCPOA | the EU will be bystander of #iran situation
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The Franco-German plan for the Conference on the #FutureofEurope focuses exclusively on #transnationallists and #spitzenkandidat, to the exclusion of the reform of #EuropeanParties and of the European #ElectoralLaw. It's missing the most important part.…
#Transnationallists are, at best, a symbol; but they keep elections in the hands of national parties talking only to national electorates. A real federal Europe needs MEPs elected close to the citizens. And it needs real #EuropeanParties that talk directly to citizens. #toFedEU
Not to say "I told you so", but I did warn the @federalists that there would be little appetite for reform beyond #transnationallists from France/Germany. Now is the time to broaden the debate and ask for a more thorough reform! #toFedEU
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Encouraging words from @vonderleyen on strengthening #EU institutions. BUT #transnationallists remain the *wrong* solution: what we need is true European parties instead! Never been a functioning political system without them.
#Leyen @guyverhofstadt @RenewEurope @VoltEuropa
#Transnationallists will no more give a European dimension to our politics than our failed #Europarties have in 40+ years. It's time to create pan-European parties for European (& not only national) electorate, campaigns & policies.
#Leyen @guyverhofstadt @RenewEurope @VoltEuropa
The #FutureofEurope can only be made by parties addressing the whole of Europe. #Transnationallists will not create this, only give more seats to larger countries/parties, to the detriment of smaller ones. Proposals & campaigns would remain national. #Leyen @VoltEuropa
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