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jikook / kookmin au

- that one where jimin drunk texts the wrong number and ends up texting idol Jeon Jungkook, and the one where Jungkook is ‘Jeongguk’ instead.

#jikook #kookmin
anyways should i do it
#jikook #kookmin

- will contain nsfw ‼️
- tropes: strangers to friends to lovers, jealousy, dancer!jimin, idol!jungkook
- will include angst but at a later time
- idk how long this will be, but i have a lot of fun ideas for it :)
- side ships: taegi, namjin, yoonmin
- enjoy :)
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「 loved and lost 」
— taegi au

in which kim taehyung has managed to stay friends with all of his exes except one.

#taegiau #taegi
before u read
»this is my first au so
»quote don’t reply
»please ignore time stamps unless otherwise stated
»ignore slight hair color changes.
»pls don’t be a ghost reader
» slight crack, treated seriously
» lovers to enemies to lovers
» angst maybe idk shit
» vocal line are popular youtubers
» rap line are a popular rap trio
» taehyung’s crew: vocals + hoseok
» yoongi’s crew: rapline + jin
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🖤 𝕛𝕖𝕥 𝕓𝕝𝕒𝕔𝕜 - a #taegiseok au 🖤

⌜recently-out hoseok hasn’t gotten to explore his bisexuality yet. when a boy named taehyung asks him to model his lingerie, hoseok’s intrigued, but hesitant. does he take the chance?⌟

🌈 part 1 of the 𝕤𝕡𝕖𝕔𝕥𝕣𝕦𝕞 universe 🌈
this is a written oneshot in the spectrum universe!
main: #taegiseok
established: #taegi
side: #namjin
side: #jikook
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{Jikook AU}
V and Jimin decided to end their 3 years relationship as they don’t feel the same as before, but now... Jungkook and Yoon Gi can wait no more — 🐥🐰💜
🧚🏻‍♂️ Agent E
This would be our first AU. Please rmb:
- do not tag BTS
- this is all fictional
- ignore timestamps
- Main ship: Jikook ; side ship : VMIN TAEGI
- show us some love 💜
🧚🏻‍♂️ Agent E
English is not our first language, please forgive us if we made any grammatical error or typos 💜🙏🏻
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— 1

Tae can’t sleep again 🤠🤠 #taegi #taegiau
— 2

Adventure time 😖🤤
— 3

He’s having a moment
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[ Jikook AU ]

Where Jimin was searching for 'ulzzang boyfriend material' on pinterest to kill boredom and one specific guy keeps popping up, mayhaps he's just jimin's type.

#jikook #jikookau
#jikook profiles
⇒jimin's group of friends
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[#Taegi AU ★]

149. Someone Else
[#Taegi AU ★]

150. Have y’all seen...
[#Taegi AU ★]

151. Look
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✧ · ˚ * Taegi AU * . ✧ ˚
「 University student Taehyung and Professor Yoongi despise each other, having no choice but to sort out their differences as their lives become more intertwined and complex. 」
Collab: @BusanDaeguAU
Before we begin:
✧ Social AU
✧ Ignore time and date stamps
✧ Will contain crackhead culture
✧ Mostly fluff with little angst
✧ First collab w/ @BusanDaeguAU check her other amazing AUs 💕
✧YG knows JK and NJ. He is JKs big brother and NJs closest friend. He is familiar with VMin as they are his Music students, which he both dislikes.

✧TH knows Jin and JM. He is Jin's little brother and JM who is his BestFriend/Platonic Soulmate.
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But how about a Taegi au where Taehyung has never watched porn in his life and Kook keeps bothering him, so Tae ask Yoongi for help and they do more things than just watch porn....
#taegi #vga
♡ Taegi AU ♡

"U better stop"

Tae is tired of Jungkook making jokes of him for never watched porn in his life so Taehyung decide to ask Yoongi for help him.... but just watching porn is not enough

#Taegi #taegi #vga #taegiweek18 #taegiau
Taegi AU
- crackhead
- nsfw (just a little)
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#taegi au where yoongi leaves small anonymous notes for the cute barista who works in the coffee shop across the street
som notes:
- contains fluff n sofness owo
- maybe angst lol yall know what my ass is like
- ignore time frames
- pls dont reply, only quote!!
- taehyung is a student working part time at a local coffee shop
- performing arts major
- his twt acc is a popular jungkook stan account

- yoongi is a producer and songwriter for bighit entertainment
- he had just recently moved apartments to live closer to his workplace
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|#jihope au| |side #taegi|

where jimin sees hoseok as his dance rival and arch nemesis, but all hoseok wants is a piece of that cake 🍑 (and maybe a little bit of that heart too).
• Cliche af
• Ignore time stamps ain’t nobody got time
• don’t reply, quote I guess? Idk I’m new to this
• let’s get it
• I’m not doing intro to profiles bc that shit take too much time to read so:
• Dancers: Jimin, Hoseok, Jungkook
• Models: Taehyung, Jin
• Music Producer: Yoongi
• CEO of BigStar ent: Namjoon
• I did say cliche people
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💫 A thread of Complete Taegi AUs. 💫

#Taegi au #taegiau #vga #btsau
Ok Imma make this thread,,,fr fr but
before starting I'd just like thank all the writers for working so hard and making these for the starved Taegi community☹️ ilysm💜you guys are tHe beSttttt ✨*hug* ✨

#Taegi au #taegiau #vga #btsau

🚫Don't reply to the thread pls.
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#Taegi AU

Yoongi, class outcast and nerd by day, superhero under the alias Suga by night, has to juggle saving the world and getting good grades. Taehyung, school bad boy and heartthrob, is influenced to bully and hurt. He almost loses his life, until, Suga comes to the rescue.
Things To Know:

• Rap Line Are Superheroes collectively known as Cypher. (Namjoon=RM, Hoseok=J-Hope, Yoongi=Suga)
• RM’s superpower is unlimited knowledge. He makes all the gadgets and hero gear for the team. He also has premonitions.

• Hoseok has the power of green light that can be used as power beams that he can throw at villains. He can also use the light to heal and fly.
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#TAEGI AU where out and proud idol Agust D is looking for a male actor to play his love interest in his new music video.
1) Question!
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#taegi au where taehyung finds yoongi’s number in a library book and decides to text it.
note - my first twt fic pls 😔
taehyung and his friends
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yoonmin au where soft, innocent jimin and bad boy rapper yoongi exchange bodies after a magical experiment gone wrong. both agreed to try and live each other's lives peacefully until a wrong tweet changes everything.
#yoonmin #yoonminau fluff, comedy, nsfw (?), smut (?) 🤔
-date and timestamps are not important
-coz im generous, this will have smut 🔞
-i update daily or every other day if busy
-this might be as lame as me so im sorry 😂
-u can reply or quote whichever works
who knows who:
yoongi, hobi, namjoon
jimin, taekook, jin
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