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An awesome discussion from the @CPSolvers and Drs. Gandhi and Bressman! Here are some thoughts about the pivot point of the case... #SpoilerAlert
Drs. Gotlib and Reiter put an an excellent review discussing myeloid neoplasms with hypereosinophilia (…), these are some of the salient points for all IM folks to take away
The first is knowing that the terms hypereosinophilia and hypereosinophilic syndrome (HES) carry specific meaning! HES meets the definition for hypereosinophilia + there is organ damage 2/2 hypereosinophilia
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Wow Twitter just ate a 18 post THread in progress. I don't have time to be wasting today you forking crappy code demons!
We're gonna go way back to that grey space that his Senate bio blacks out between ages 22-39. We'll look at where/when he first got indoctrinated with Stalinist thinking which would ignite a lifelong love for USSR/RU & communism/revolution.

He returns stateside to become a lazy deadbeat dad, so maybe the bio blackout makes sense. To be fair he probably expected the state to support his kid.


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#StarTrekTagebuch, 2. Eintrag #TNG S01F03 (The Naked Now):

(natürlich #SpoilerAlert)

Im Gegensatz zur 1. Folge, wurde es jetzt etwas humorvoller.

Soweit ich es verstanden habe, bewirken die Verschiebungen in der Gravitation eines sterbenden roten Zwerges die Entstehung von..
.. Alkohol im Stoffwechsel der Crewmitglieder. Was mir unklar ist, warum das nicht alle Crewmitglieder gleichermaßen betrifft, sondern sich wie ein Virus verbreitet. Whatever.

Auch dachte ich zuerst, dass es ein Protokoll gibt, nach dem in solchen Fällen einer Epidemie, ..
.. vor allem wenn sie den Verstand betrifft, das Kommando automatisch an Lt. Commander Data geht, da er ja nicht befallen werden kann.
Das stellt sich aber als falsch raus und Data wird auch befallen (was ein ziemlicher Konstruktionsfehler ist, wenn ihr mich fragt). ...
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This is your daily pension announcement: Dr. Bob writes a research paper about AIMCo! You can download it here. #iwonderwhatitsays #ABLeg #abed #handsoffmypension…
Please do remember that it was published in the spring of 2016. So it is not the most current review of AIMCo's performance. However, it is accurate, rigorous and done by an objective expert. #cantsaythataboutthebusinesscase #petrosexual
I will offer just a few highlights. In a previous tweet I called AIMCo "average". Please read Dr. Bob and let me know if I got it wrong. I want to be fair. From the abstract:
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This is your daily pension announcement: Part one, the AIMCO backstory and evaluation of their governance and cost structure. I have got such a rage on today there might be several parts. Bob Ascah's blog is our starting point. #AbLeg #handsoffmypension…
He remains a Fellow of the Institute for Public Economics after a long career at the University of Alberta, ATB, and the Alberta Treasury. May I remind you now that Travis and AIMCo's current strategy is to hope this mess will die down. #itwont #SpoilerAlert
Now, this blog post is from 2017 so it is a bit dated. Remember the other day when I tweeted about how the ATRF and LAPP moves were supposed to make us more like BC? BCIMC specifically? And, that was 💩💩💩 because retirement funds like BC Teachers can leave BCIMC at anytime?
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@JasonBermas - Thank you for the Bill Barr episode

Is there a chance I could be a guest on your show? I would like to discuss the FDR, Lehman, and Manhattan Project connections

Let’s take this the distance !
Here is the link - this is a must watch - So much great stuff here, I am learning ta ton too ... @JasonBermas

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2019. Odisea de un viaje en ♿️ por el #TransportePúblicoMadrid
@CercaniasMadrid @metro_madrid @EMTmadrid
#SpoilerAlert Dicen que está adaptado y no es verdad, o es a medias, lo que hace muy difícil q alguien con movilidad reducida utilice el transporte correspondiente. Va hilo 👇
@CercaniasMadrid @metro_madrid @EMTmadrid 1/ Salimos de casa a eso de las 10.20 y nos dirigimos a la estación de @CercaniasMadrid #Vallecas. A menos de 1km de casa. Sin problemas.
Indico la hora porque no voy a hablar de los problemas de aglomeración en hora punta que se añadirían a todo esto
@CercaniasMadrid @metro_madrid @EMTmadrid 2/ El ascensor para acceder al andén funcionaba. Olía a orina, pero bueno, son sólo unos segundos aguantando la respiración y después aire fresco de nuevo
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Some thoughts about #RiseofSkywalker. thread.



I loved The Force Awakens. I loved The Last Jedi even more. Rian Johnson made something special, something that will last because there's so much Truth in it.

And I loved The Rise of Skywalker.
I feel for and with the people out here who are angry about JJ's decisions in RoS. And you know, it's frustrating.

Rian gave us a radical critique of the Jedi (which I wrote about here:…). And JJ seemed to walk that back.
Rian exploded the notion of heredity and the power of bloodline as Rey's search for her parents forced her to find herself in the here and now.

JJ wanted Rey to have a capital-O Origin.
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So I'm still processing my thoughts about The #CurrentWar.

My immediate reaction upon leaving the theater: This film is custom-made for a crossover between @SocHistTech and History at the Movies (#HATM).

(@HerbertHistory-If this comes to pass, let me know!)

#histSTM (1/17)
A few additional thoughts: The movie makes it very clear that the #CurrentWar was between Edison & Westinghouse.

Yes, Tesla is there too (more on him in a moment), but the system-builders (cf. Hughes) are front and center.

I was also pleasantly surprised to see Mary Stillwell Edison and Marguerite Erskine Walker Westinghouse featured prominently in the film. The latter is actually referred to as George's wife & business partner.

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Vamos falar de Tarsilinha do Amaral e seu famoso quadro Abaporu, porque Tarsila tem super a ver com Semana de 22, vanguardas europeias e literatura: Ou seja, tudo que a gente fala no Vá ler um Livro. #abaporu (+)
Vale lembrar que Tarsila foi nome cabal na ideia do modernismo brasileiro: É dela o quadro decisivo para nosso movimento antropofágico e moderno que, apesar de ter se consolidado pós semana 22, começou a ser iniciado muito antes (aliás, ela nem estava na semana especificamente)
Pois bem, Tarsilinha começou sua vida no mundo artístico tentando fazer cópias do quadro Sagrado Coração de Jesus. Como vinha de família bem rica, fez vários cursos e estudou fora, já sabendo das tais Vanguardas Europeias enquanto vivenciava tudo aquilo in loco... (+)
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Some thoughts on the expanded @swineryy Instagrammic Universe. A thread.
As we learnt today (sorry to those who I spoilt it for, for those who haven't seen #SpoilerAlert) that Shazia Dottuh Hater has been banging Abu Koala. Previously, we have also met SDH's mother in law. This allows us to make the following shajra.
However, until today we weren't aware of these links, which makes me wonder which other ones are we missing out on? One of those from canon is that SDH's husband would be prone to give too much attention to Shazia's Dottuh.
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#Data2Information: A Tale of #OpsDashboard Development

A tweet series about being presented with a need and a dataset and then turning that data into information in the form of a dynamic dashboard using @ArcGISOnline (with my added thoughts).
I have been configuring quite a few #OpsDashboards - @ArcGISApps lately so I thought I would chronicle my most recent experience as I assume others find themselves facing the same challenges/opportunities (or I atleast hope I'm not the only one).
I received a forwarded email saying "Any ideas on something cool?" FYI - this is the type of email I love to get because it's basically an ask with free reign of creativity (while being budget conscience of course).
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Yes, finished watching #SacredGamesSeason2 yesterday. My review of the 'nuclear side' of the plot...


First up, missed the edginess of Season 1. The reason the show got my interest was an attention to detail coupled with an edgy script...
Season 1 had ended rather well indeed, I was really hoping to see how they develop the script around the plot of a mass terrorist attack on Mumbai, using a WMD - a nuclear device.

Unfortunately, the writers seem to have lost the plot and instead of focusing on...
... what could have been a nice potboiler, focussed their energy on past (and current) affairs commentary. They paired that with the 'cult' gimmick. Pretty lame.

Thus the failings when it came to the main plot are quite glaring indeed.
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Today we'd like to share some fun facts about #Mars and our discoveries so far with #ESA Mars Express & @ESA_TGO. But first let's take a look at the @esa @NASA @isro @roscosmos spacecraft currently investigating the Red Planet:
📷Hi-res:… #ExploreFarther
@ESA_TGO @esa @NASA @isro @roscosmos Did you know there is a telecommunications network at #Mars? Orbiters relay commands and send #science data from landers & rovers back to #Earth. Our #ExoMars @ESA_TGO is a key provider of data relay services!🔴〰️🛰〰️🌍 #ExploreFarther
@ESA_TGO @esa @NASA @isro @roscosmos Did you know that you can find out what the #weather is on #Mars? Landers & rovers report the local weather while orbiters keep an eye on global atmosphere developments including cloud formations and dust storms☁️🌪

📷Hi-res:… #ExploreFarther #Space19plus
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Hoy en #HistoriasDeExito de la #4taTransformacion, hablaremos de empresas farmacéuticas que están haciendo tremendos negocios, una de ellas ha conseguido contratos por 8 millones de dólares con la presente administración. #SpoilerAlert Cuitláhuac García está vinculado
Abro Hilo
Este bigotón caballero es nada menos que Carlos Lomelí Bolaños, el Super Delegado del Gobierno Federal en Jalisco y ex candidato derrotado a la gubernatura de la entidad en las pasadas elecciones, pero no solo es eso, además es un exitoso empresario del ramo farmacéutico.
Oh si... y una pequeña cosita más, fue condenado a dos años de cárcel, por portación ilegal de armas de fuego, durante su candidatura hizo todo lo posible por desaparecer su ficha de antecedentes penales, pero no le fue posible al angelito.
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Iron Man was Paramount/Marvel?

(Starting an MCU rewatch now)
We deserved a West Coast Avengers based out of that mansion.
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35 Democratic senators called for @AlFranken to resign.

#SpoilerAlert : Every senator running for president in 2020 is on the list, male and female.

So if you're still blaming a woman for a man's actions, your #misogyny is showing.
Al Franken resigned a year ago,replaced with a much more progressive woman who is not accused of non-consensual sexual misconduct with 8 women & who was elected in a landslide.

If you're still dividing Dems with your misogynist disinformation, you're working for the GOP.
We honestly can't afford misogynists in the Democratic party in 2020.
Not men, not women.

The best chance to beat Trump is a woman candidate.

Don't send me your Franken conspiracy theories.
Just try to move into the 21st century.
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It's time: #Godzilla v. #Destoroyah! Scientist 2 meddling kids: First u warn me to not make an oxygen destroyer. Now U want me to make one! #kidsthesedays @Elreynetwork #kaiju
I said I could make one. I didn't say it would be easy. #Godzilla v. #Destoroyah @Elreynetwork #kaiju
Ooh-this movie ha=is #graphic sensitive viewers' warning! @Elreynetwork on the scourge of magamonster violence. #Killitwithfire #Kaiju #cadmiummissles #Godzilla
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Hace días me tocó reunirme con un ñángara ex-psuv y toda la paja, y en esa conversación dijo varias veces una frase que no he escuchado JAMÁS en conversaciones con gente de oposición, ni los más radicales ni los más moderados; y es "la toma del poder" (abro hilo)
En la conversación la persona me hablaba de la necesidad de generar para "la toma del poder" y asegurarnos d perseguir a los criminales y perdonar a otros, blah blah, pero apuntando a: LA TOMA DEL PODER... Frase INEXISTENTE en las oposiciones
En todas las oposiciones de habla de Victorias, de "el fin" de "cuando derrotemos la tiranía" y a ver, todos esos términos implican competencia, la idea central de la oposición está en "ganar"; no en TOMAR EL PODER
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Este hilo busca derribar algunos mitos liberales sobre la innovación científica y tecnológica y resaltar el rol fundamental que cumple el estado.
Primero necesitamos definir de qué hablamos cuando hablamos de financiar ciencia. De modo amplio podemos decir que hay dos ítems principales: los sueldos de investigadores y becarios y los subsidios para comprar insumos y equipamiento.
En muchos países los sueldos dependen de las universidades y los subsidios de las agencias científicas. En el caso de EEUU, por ejemplo, existen agencias que financian investigaciones en áreas específicas: NIH (salud), NSF (ciencia básica), NASA (espacial), DARPA (militar), etc.
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I'm happy Crazy Rich Asians is doing so well at the box office but like it...I didn' wasn't my jam, personally
there were a lotta Male Writing Rom-Com tells in it, most notably the EXTREMELY PERFECT DUDE who was also completely trash and lied to her for their whole relationship but never had to deal with that fact at all and that bugged me :-/
I get that the tension and comedy of rom-coms is often premised on a lie, and I never care much for that aspect personally, b/c in real life a lie is a shoddy foundation to base a relationship on, but ok it's movies, relax, yeah yeah...
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Thread, what the fuck is the Exit Tax ou pourquoi tant de bordel pour un dispositif que personne ne connaissait et pour cause (attention, ça parle de fiscal, vous pourriez vous dissoudre dans d'atroces douleurs) :
L'exit tax, c'est l'article 167 bis du CGI, lequel prévoit que si vous transférez votre domicile fiscal hors de France, cela entraîne l'imposition immédiate de l'IR et plus-values latentes ainsi que sur certaines plus-values en report d'imposition.
Une plus-value, c'est quoi, c'est lorsque vous vendez un truc plus cher que vous ne l'avez acheté, la pus-value, c'est la différence entre prix de vente et prix d'acquisition. Si vous l'avez créé, le truc, c'est le prix de vente en totalité.
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ME: Hi, um. Mr. Thanos, was it?
THANOS: That's correct.
ME: Could we just talk for a second here? I feel like if I'm going to die here, I'd appreciate having a clear understanding as to why.
THANOS: Hm. Well, I don't see why not.

#InfinityWar #Marvel #SpoilerAlert #Thanos
(I now pause for a half hour or so, specifically so @KolarRachel @eflind and others trying to avoid spoilers can mute this thread)
ME: So I understand that your lifelong goal is to curb overpopulation on a galactic / universal level.

#Thanos : Indeed.

ME: So I might disagree with your means, but rationally, I guess I can at least sort of see where you're coming from? Kind of? A little anyway.
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