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Some of you are a little obsessed with gut health. Which is fine. But you need to understand what a #ketogenic diet can do for gut health. Like seriously, let it do it's magic and calm down with all those probiotics! Prepare for a thread. 🧵(1/18)
Before we discuss microbiome we need to talk about how the ketogenic diet helps improve gut healing and integrity. (2/18)
The gene Hmgcs2 is like a set of instructions that tells the cells in our body how to make molecules called ketone bodies, including a specific type called beta-hydroxybutyrate (βHB). (3/18)
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#𝐀𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐨𝐥𝐨𝐠𝐲 𝐔𝐩𝐝𝐚𝐭𝐞: Predictions For Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Cancer, Scorpio

Sun Ingresses Into Sweet PISCES ♓︎ - From 18th February To March 20th 2023

Welcome to the Pisces Season folks - The Fundamentalist Fishes Of God`s Consciousness Image
Welcome To Pisces Season 🦈𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟑 - Time To Not Be Afraid Of Worldy Desires For The Sake Of Greater Cause Of Mystique Healing

THEMES: Spiritualism, Transcendence Towards Nirvana, Dreaming, Stand For The Purpose Through Imagination & Congegrational Practices
Of Life Defined By The God & Holly Book…

Motto Of The Piscean Fundamentalists: Nirvana, Spirituality, Religious Practises, Treating Priests With Nobality & According To The Preachings Being Fundamentalists & Custodian Of The Divine World Of Mysticism…
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🏁_____ 🤴 👸 _____🏁

⭕️ ⬛️🟥⚫️
Rodney Mullen
DaeWON #SONG LZ ImageImage
10/23/2000 (99 00 01)
( #COMMS LEFT IN TIME ) Using the life of NOT A good man, the life of A #GREAT MAN …

#Transition 2 GREATNESS ! ….

Billed Weight—
•67 (58)
•13. 13.

.@taylorswift13, let’s talk about the number 13.
13 is not actually ImageImage
You’re favorite number, you’re favorite number is 2 & 4 (42) (24) …
Let’s talk about the Jersey number 24, #LAKE ..
Let’s talk about The 🖕 MIDDLE #FINGER Award ..
Let’s talk about every photo that I allowed someone to take of me, why do you think I always chose the Bird?
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5+6= 11 More Hours—Stay Tuned. .

I truly can give the word & that word gives EVERYONE what they want, LITERALLY …

Is any of this about money? …
Is any of this about possessions/Materialistic objects ? ..
Has ANY of what’s unfolding ever been about the Gold?
In your mind, right this very second—Take it all away & show yourself what YOU see ..
- Take all evil away.
- Take all money away. ..
- Take all possessions Away. …
- Take all [NEED] away. .
- Take all Addictions away.
- Take all away that makes this world hurt & Thrive.
Once you have taken it all away, What/Who do you see? …

Starting from #ZERO, What is all YOU/EVERYONE [NEEDS] ? …

Out of the entire world population, how many would now know exactly what has been wrong with the world for THOUSANDS of years & know exactly how to-
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Dear #Hindus #Leicester

Colonisers won’t help #Hindu & shall flog us even more helping our Hun1ers, their cousin

We escaped Afghanistan,Pakistan, BanglaDesh,Africa after Idi Amin & many more

We not safe anywhere even in India

Why not society #decolonise & be the GameChanger?
Hun1ers & Wolves are doing what they are best at but caged Lions behaving like SheepHerd dancing in Circus

Clueless of Wolf hiding among them & can’t ROAR at Hun1ers too but begging mercy

Bhed Bheed seek validation in Jhund too

Is Hindus same as other Civilisational Titanic?🤔
Hindu society discourse not only failed to #heal MillenniumOfTrauma but not able to save existence too

Bhed Bheed BHindu CHindu DHindu doesn’t even know what Hindu is nor Dharm is

We are alive only coz of our Ancestral defiance but ancestors must be ashamed of current progeny😞
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Colonised Slaves of the Colonisers!!

Does any other country that many slaves as ours?

Broken Parenthood creates broken Childhood & even the so called experts are broken in Colonised Societies to not #decolonise

Colonisers #Queen is #NotMyQueen
Colonised Slaves of Coloniser #Queen seems to have lost their mother Queen while local Peasants don’t seem to be bothered that much

Classical competition among Slaves to outdo each other

What a fall for the CIVILISATION when #ChildrenOfCivilisation suck up to own oppressors 🤦🏻‍♂️
Love how Colonised Coolies make fool of own self trying their best to shake hands many times 🤣🤣

Look at child & possibly dad desperate hand while their Master ignores them so many times
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Here I am proving to the world that the future has the ability to come back to the past & help create A world around everyone to where they don’t keep falling into the same traps, make the same mistakes or ones are able to help their loved ones from being hurt/taken away &
All anyone has to do is EARN IT to be able to be one of those individuals in the near future who can sign up voluntarily to come back to the past helping those in need to better The future …

FORGIVENESS brings PEACE within allowing ones to HEAL & see clearly..

The very same
Way the world around everyone has been created, YOU in the not to distant future can be one of those individuals who comes back to A selected timeline to help stop family member from hurting each other & also help create A world around everyone for when that timeline awakens.
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Water Or Wine?
Water/Wine = Unity ? …
2 As 1?
The Hybrid Changes #EVERYTHING, #SweetTooth ? …

Once the Fake Pope finishes acting out his scenes going to where he’s set to go(CGi)—I’m thinking that will be the opportunity sought after by someone’s on #HOW
They’re going to explain/confess everything & #WHY so much was kept A secret or Altered/replaced … 1 Word swapped out in A sentence can alter it’s true hidden meaning.

What’s been kept A “Secret”/Hidden, it allows humanity to go back to it’s #G ROOTS understanding who they
Are, answering Questions of where everyone comes from & SHOWS EVERYONE/Humanity truly how POWERFUL the human race is/always has been…All the answers everyone seeks have either been kept hidden/secret or WITHIN #YOU this whole time, one’s just required A PUSH & the eyes to see.
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Tell the truth, It sets you free.

I Don’t care about your corrupt government system or any other worthless corrupt Government system, they all have been run by corrupt political crime families for years! … All the crimes upon humanity/children that they’ve Image
Committed over the past 100 +++ years, the crimes ALL OF THEM have been trying to cover up, Mislead the people from the truth with propaganda or running away from— none of the people in their respective Countries deserve to be suffering because of [Their]/Evils crimes upon
Children/Humanity …

It’s so easy too Tell the truth, so tell the truth about about the disgusting things corrupt .@Ukraine “Leaders” have committed with The United States (#OLD #GUARD)Political Crime Family “leaders” …

It’s no secret so many Countries have been working
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Draining the Blood of Gods children ..

Not too mention, many “Stars” once were trafficked kids, Trafficked to A farm with hundreds if not thousands of other kids, raised on that “farm” to be then placed within MANY different layers of life as puppets;
The list Goes on & on.

I explained all this before, little took me seriously.

Many think I’m “Pretending” being who I Am/Where I come from (Bloodline) …
Sorry too disappoint those who think I’m just another LARP that many chose to follow over the years that kept distracting …
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Dear @jsaideepak

1. #Indigenous #Bharat Civilisation Dharma intricately woven with an eternal Universal Laws of Nature

Dharma defined with Western lens equating wrongly Abrahamic Supremacy & Exclusivity Religion

Dharma ≠ Religion

Spirituality to West is Hinduism - Hinduism
Dear @jsaideepak

2. Prayer is the part of Dharma as an expression of our Love for Divinity but not the Dharma itself

Dharm is simply the Righteous Karm & Righteous Karm is our Dharm

Incredible Ancestors #Indigenous #Bharat Civilisational concept of #ChildrenOfCivilisation
Loved Sampradaya description by @jsaideepak

#Indigenous #Bharat beautiful Diversity has Incredible Civilisational Unity

Invaders & Colonisers didn’t allow #ChildrenOfCivilisation to celebrate Civilisational Unity

Diversity turned differences & divisive but we yet to celebrate
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Indian #Covid mess-Classical Gaslighting by an Ecosystem

Inflict wounds for millennium & poke them.If wounded cry blame,ridicule & humiliate more

#ChildrenOfCivilisation #Indigenous #Bharat presents scientific actual factual data

Thread co-authored with @IndiGenBharat

Indian population>total of Europe+Russia+US+Brazil+Canad+NewZealand+Australia

Our resources were ransacked by invaders & colonisers for millennium

Few pay taxes now

Monsters spread panic killing ppl & Vultures devour flesh #Covid

@Bdutt has bloods on hand & flesh on tongue!
Let’s have a look at the data of where the #COVID19 hot spots were before peak & which states where the Virus 🦠 was clustered

Also compare the response of Indian media & an ecosystem with ‘Rest of the World’
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Thread 1/4
An Homie asked how discussion with @narendramodi @PMOIndia @AmitShah @HMOIndia would be if met or message on #UnityDay #SardarPatelJayanti

Please find topics & points

1) #Decolonise

All symptoms of worst silent virus Epidemic & can be solved by this magic💊pill

2) #ChildrenOfCivilisation
Defining Unity as the Civilisational & Celebrate Incredible Unity along with beautiful #Diversity

3) Differentiate Righteous Universal Acceptance Civilisational Dharma from Western ‘Supremacy & Exclusivity’ #Religion

4) #Heal the Indigenous wounded World

-Indigenous Local Alliance
Akhand #Bharat

Bharat JagadGuru

5) ReverseGaze
Sabhyata Mandli

6) Resuscitate all dead Civilisations

7) #Heal ❤️‍🩹the World NOW
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Basically everyone who pretty much has been worshiping governemnt & [NEEDS] the government truths for you to be happy, you're all going to get your answers.
There is so much more that everyone is going to be shown that the MANY just can't seem to wrap their minds around because
Of how many false idols, false prophets, infiltraters, haters & ones who distracted all of you from the BIGGER PICTURE because they [NEED] followers/attention..
That something/someone MORE that everyone is going to be shown EXISTS & is alive, was pushed away because of
Him just being himself.. EVERYTHING,The TRUTH has been given to the World, unfortunately the MANY chose their paths of hate, violence & playing A game you were told NOT to play ..
Now, when everyone NEEDS to come forward & pretty much say SORRY so that they can be forgiven
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Dear Friends(not followers)

We #ChildrenOfCivilisation inherit Defiant & Valiant Ancestral Legacy

Our Strength-Civilisation
Our Flaw-Colonisation
Our Plan-IndigenousGlobalAlliance

StudentOfScience data in
Threads🧵of Thread

Thread 1 #Decolonise
From Sub-conscious to Aware
Thread 2 Colonisers Crime

Invaders control from inside, Colonisers control remotely &
both Mlecch Aggressors

#Indigenous Globally & #Hindus in #Bharat still suffer

To actually fix #heal something we need to know what’s exactly broken

This is how our World & Society was broken
Thread 3 - Colonial Ecosystem

Mlecch-Invaders & Colonisers created,nurtured & nourished an ecosystem of colonised before transferring power to them

Colonial Ecosystem of Colonised still colludes with masters Global AngloSaxon AngloSphere to blame #Indigenous #Bharat #Hindus
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Happy Saturday, beloved family! I hope your weekend has been off to an excellent start! 🌅☀️❤️
Our focus text for today, comes to us from Romans chapter 8, which focuses on life in the Spirit.

In verse 1, we have THE blessed assurance from God, that there is indeed NO CONDEMNATION FOR THOSE WHO ARE IN CHRIST JESUS.
To be “in Christ Jesus” means that He dwells within us, & us within Him. We are ONE.
So, by sending His own son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins, God made sure that there is NO CONDEMNATION for us.
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Blessed Friyay morning to you all, beloved children of God! 🌅☀️❤️
Our focus today will be within 1st John , chapter 3. This chapter deals EXCLUSIVELY with our identities as children of God. We are encouraged to strive to be a people of ethical integrity & to live a life that is reflective of our spiritual identity.
In verse 20, we are reminded of the truth that God is actually GREATER THAN OUR HEART. People of God, this is a quite profound assertion! 🤯🤯🤯
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Can we please have just 50-100 #ChildrenOfCivilisation #Bharat asking50Westerners a questionnaire:

-How do they feel about:

-their Colonisers past?

-an ideology plundering planet & killing #Indigenous globally?

-any shame or guilt?

-ongoing AngloSaxon supremacy like this👇🏻
Western Supremacy Ideas

-UN ‘Veto’ UN, undemocratic tool for WW2 victors.

-West stash all the illegal wealth(Swiss banks & more)

-Asylum to colonies criminals & fraudsters

-Weapons trade

Colonial loot funded Western prosperity but we still get sermonised

Let’s #ReverseGaze ImageImageImageImage
World Morality adapts how it suits🤔

Slavery was fine when suited
#Colonialism when suited
Capitalism when suited
Nationalism when suited
Religion when suited
Socialism when suits
Democracy when suits
#Morality is what suits

#Indigenous Globally & #Bharat
#ReverseGaze & #Heal ImageImageImageImage
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You see?
This is A problem.
Watch how much TRUTH will be presented to the world during this next upcomming season just as the NBA just showed EVERYONE #WHY they did all they did "ALL FOR A BUCK" . .
Not everyone is A bad apple in the NFL or knew what was happening all these
Years in the dark. .
So, they will do things A certain way to basically show how SORRY, REALLY SORRY, EXTREMELY Sorry they are for either being BLIND & not saying anything or knowing about it & being threatened into silence.

This is just like ones who say, "Im not watching
Movies anymore that has actors/actresses that may be pedophiles" ...

There is much hidden truth within EVERYTHING that has been created in life today & ones who refuse to see past or rise above it all are usually the ones who are the most lost & have no clue WHY they are even
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Didn't Q Say, "Clear Your Mind" ..?

This Is 'Free Your Mind' ..
Keep showing ME/WE/US your true colors. It makes it that much easier for all of us in the end.


Like I Said, None of this can be faked.

I see true colors.
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Today Sunday, I woke up and it was a strange day. Of grief and anguish. Burdened with the pain of what was not, and is not ...
We all have moments like this, and it's part of the way.
How can we heal? or transform these moments?
#meditation #akashic #heal #spiritualawakening
It helps me first to understand what moments I am going through.
I am in a stage of GREAT transformation in my life, in two aspects that are main to me.
And from there, understand what emotions and turbulence it generates in me.
The longing for another time, place, or person. It takes us away from living our present. And if we do not live our present, the continuous present without pause (what we can call future) do not manifest either.
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**Posted by Jason Shurka regarding #GlobalMeditaton **
Yesterday, we shifted the world with our powerful meditation and intention. Well, it’s time to do it all over again, only this time we are going to be even more powerful!!
In just ONE MONTH from today, #LorieLadd and I will be hosting our next #GlobalMeditation and we would LOVE for you to JOIN US!
Event Link (by Lorrie Ladd and Jason Shurka):
We invite you to join this initiative and become a part in creating the magnificent shift that we need in this very moment here on our planet. This meditation will take place on 12/12 at 12PM EST (New York time) for 12 minutes! It will be streamed LIVE on Instagram, YouTube &
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We celebrate #May24 by paying tribute to every #Eritrean family, and by renewing our promise to restore and reunite Eritrean families - to #heal Eritrea. ImageImageImageImage
We pay tribute:

To the family of those who paid the ultimate on the days leading to and on the eve of #May24. They could smell it, see it and sense it, yet there was a price to be paid - one more time and your precious one came forward…

#ኣብልብናሰፈርኩም #WeSeeYou
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