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You gotta read this @hugorifkind profile of Brittany Kaiser in the lead-up to her book release. The way she disguises Chase Ergen with a fake name is so weird. Includes a book excerpt from #Targeted. #TheGreatHack…
If you’re paywalled out
Here’s a PDF of the full article about Kaiser with her book excerpt if you’re paywalled out.
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NEW: Excerpt in @NYMag from @chrisinsilico’s forthcoming book #Mindf_ck: Cambridge Analytica and the Plot to Break America…
“The [Palantir] staff suggested to Nix that if Cambridge Analytica gave them access to the harvested data, they could then, at least in theory, legally pass it along to the NSA.” #Mindf_ck #TheGreatHack…
“…we used focus groups and qualitative observation to…learn what people cared about — term limits, the deep state, draining the swamp, guns, and the concept of walls to keep out immigrants were all explored in 2014, years before the Trump campaign.” #Mindf_ck
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Still haven’t seen #TheGreatHack? In NYC tomorrow? Join me with @Karim_Amer33 @JehaneNoujaim and @heffnera at @TheNewSchool Oct 1 for #FestivalOfNew screening of @thegreathackdoc and discussion panel. 66 5th Ave, Kellen Auditorium, 5-9pm.…
If you’ve already seen #TheGreatHack but want to attend the discussion panel and ask your burning question, feel free to come for the panel at 7:15pm. Former Cambridge Analytica employees are always welcome, as usual.…
CORRECTION: Panel is at 5pm, not 7:15. Screening follows panel. Sorry for the misinformation. Agh! #TheGreatHack
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New: before the Cambridge Analytica scandal, its parent company worked on behavioral influence campaigns to fight terror & propaganda for US, UK, NATO, and other militaries, using what the State Dept. called "unique qualifications and special capabilities"…
Sandia National Labs, a Pentagon partner, said last year it had never formally worked with SCL. But documents show multiple projects, like an "in-depth behavior change study" in Asia. Sandia acknowledged the collaborations and said it had "unintentionally muddied those waters"
As the conglomerate fades, abusive info operations flourish, fostered by governments & an unregulated industry of influence peddlers, including ex-SCL employees. During elections, tactics intended for battlefields can foment division & extremism or discourage voters, experts warn
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Axciom sold our data to Cambridge Analytica so tell me more about responsible data brokers.
You’ll recall scene in @thegreathackdoc when Brittany Kaiser is going thru her hard drive and finds keynote presentation created after CA/SCL falsely certified to FB that it deleted deceptively harvested data. There’s @acxiom among other data brokers used for illegal profiling.
It’s pretty outrageous but unsurprising that the @PrivacyProject didn’t insist that @acxiom’s data ethics chief acknowledge their own role in the #CambridgeAnalytica scandal, as if they weren’t complicit in illegal profiling per UK law and data privacy watchdog, the ICO.
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Shows you have much the data privacy debate has shifted in the US when lobbyists can’t get their loopholes. #CCPA #TheGreatHack
“shows you *how much”…but seriously taken together with the reclassification law, Sacramento is doing the hard work of reigning in the excesses of Big Tech to protect consumers and workers where Washington DC isn’t.
Watching loophole lobbyists fail badly at statehouses is ratcheting pressure on Washington to act on preemption to grant us national data rights. But the devil will be in the details and the industry’s concessions for winning preemption. #DataRights…
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Remember in #TheGreatHack when Brittany Kaiser watches Alexander Nix called back to Parliament’s DCMS committee after misleading MPs. When asked about undisclosed UK election work Nix insists their was none. Kaiser reacts: “That’s not true” and bangs her head against the chair.
*there (I was *there* at that hearing, sitting between @paulhilder and @issielapowsky) and it was insane to feel the tension in the room that day. Will never forget it.
How clever were the filmmakers to be shooting Brittany watching DCMS in NYC early that morning simultaneously to capture her reactions to Nix’s second round of deceptions. Parliament never imagined an old Etonian would lie to their faces. We do oaths in America. #TheGreatHack
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The Irish Times covers my visit to Dublin talking about #TheGreatHack and the key lesson it teaches Americans. We need the US to catch up to the EU on #DataRights to safeguard democracy. #Tech4GoodDublin cc @ICCLtweet @INCLOnet @thegreathackdoc…
And also via @FT…Google caught allegedly circumventing the #GDPR, slapped with an investigation by Irish Data Protection Commissioner, as @johnnyryan’s research exposes Google’s dirty tricks.…
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This is glorious @ProfessorShaw. How a Netflix doc managed to expose the shadow oligarchy dismantling liberal democracies more clearly than the Mueller Report. #TheGreatHack
This by @ProfessorShaw. Getting pretty tired of talking about whether psychographics work or not. If that’s all you care about then you’re not seeing the forest from the trees. #TheGreatHack
This shade is SPF 50 btw
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"It was surprising that Facebook succeeded in hogging the limelight in a field so rich with villains"

Important piece with significant new research by @profshaw on Cambridge Analytica scandal...& the as-yet untold, darker story it obscures
@profshaw Sorry! @Professorshaw, wrong handle! Facebook data scandal is just *one* aspect of story. Here she lays out some of the spookier connections. Here's @JulianWheatland who's been rehabilitating himself in @ft with no mention of his links to Tchenguiz & Tchenguiz to Israeli psy-ops
@profshaw @ProfessorShaw @JulianWheatland @FT What I love about piece is not just expert excavation of these defence & intel links or how transnational oligarch class deploys these firms but that it also credits unsung super-sleuths @annmarlowe & @wendysiegelman..
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Looking forward to being on @DanRather’s America this morning on SiriusXM 102 at around 10:15 AM ET to talk about @thegreathackdoc
Great discussion @DanRather, thanks again for having me on to talk about #TheGreatHack. SiriusXM subscribers can check @RadioAndySXM on-demand later for the segment.
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No election law cops on the beat to serve and protect just when you need them the most. It’s all up to voters to turnout in large enough numbers to beat the cheaters backing an un-indicted co-conspirator.
Britain struggles with its own existential electoral fraud enforcement crisis. How much more democracy needs to be subverted before the tides turn?
The @FEC’s response to #CambridgeAnalytica’s blatant campaign violations is now effectively shelved with the vacancies. Is it time to sue the FEC?
#DarkMoney #DarkData #TheGreatHack
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DEVELOPING: Washington DC AG lawsuit yields internal #CambridgeAnalytica emails per deal with Facebook. They knew. Zuck weaseled his testimony big time.…
You’ll note CA/SCL client ForAmerica is mentioned in the Facebook internal emails released thru DC AG suit.…

You’ll also note the ForAmerica contract was included in @chrisinsilico’s evidence submitted to @CommonsCMS…
FB argues data scraping and harvesting were two separate issues by CA/SCL but when US and UK lawmakers asked about this stuff they rightly expected FB to come clean about everything. They. Did. Not. #TheGreatHack
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Just got exploring the vast @BylineFest site - where @pussyrrriot will be performing and hundreds of speakers from @thatginamiller to @carolecadwalla. Here’s the lovely glamping and Walk a Mile in my shoes immersive experience
And here’s our main venue #themediacircus where we’ll start tomorrow night with a #sambaparty refugee choir, poets @birgittaj and @salenagodden @BylineFest
Lots of good traders and bars coming soon to hang out in this beautiful forest
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Gmail legge la posta
Messenger registra e trascrive i messaggi audio
Assistant ascoltano le nostre conversazioni private
FaceApp immagazzina i volti
Grindr le informazioni sessuali
Tik Tok raccoglie i dati di ragazzini non ancora tredicenni.
#Instagram [di #Facebook***] non fa eccezione: la società Hyp3r con cui collaborava ha salvato segretamente le stories di milioni di utenti monitorando le loro posizioni

* sommersa 1anno fa dallo scandalo #privacy di #CambridgeAnalytics (società di cui si parla #TheGreatHack )
The existence of the profiles is a stark indication that after revelations that #FB users' data was exploited by #CA to fuel divisive political ad campaigns, Facebook's struggles in locking down users' personal information not only persist but also extend beyond the core Fb #app
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£200,702 raised from 7,553 donations in less than a week. I’m not sure most people or even most journalists realise full chilling implications of what Arron Banks is trying to do. So this support is v cheering & v meaningful. THANK YOU 🙏
The old rules no longer apply. And in this new world, journalists are in first line of attack. Banks is pioneering new form of media suppression open to any millionaire from anywhere using British courts. This could happen to *any* journalist. And there is absolutely zero support
Banks is coming after me because of journalism I have published over 2.5 years in @guardian. Journalism that has helped launch major criminal investigations. But because Banks has tactically gone after me personally, @guardian has no liability or responsibility. I’m on my own
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Ironically, just days before the #CambridgeAnalytica scandal broke last spring, SCL Group had presented research to State Dept’s Global Engagement Center about Counterpointing Digital Propaganda with their TAA methods, once export controlled by UK government. #TheGreatHack
And weirdly enough this contract to SCL Group for CVE (Countering Violent Extremism) with TAA (Target Audience Analysis) seems to have been secured no-bid/sole-source while Mike Flynn had previously undisclosed consulting gig with SCL Group. #TheGreatHack
SCL Insights Ltd is the last-standing SCL company, led by Nigel Oakes, who acquired assets from SCL Group before it went into administration. Sensitive security-clearanced clients and personnel were probably swept into this company.…
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Cloudflare may have been pressured to dump 8chan from DDOS shielding but Facebook is still pumping news feeds with xenophobia and scapegoating for profit after getting caught for being deceptive about Cambridge Analytica. #TheGreatHack
Mad as hell about #TheGreatHack? Not gonna take it anymore? Ready to demand #DataRights? Write to your Reps about the #VoterPrivacyAct to demand your data rights for elections as fundamental, simple rights. Demand they pass and enforce before Nov 2020.
Fellow Americans, write to your state representatives and senators about #VoterPrivacyAct and demand something like it passed in your statehouse before Nov 2020. How else are we gonna hack around Mitch McConnell? #Federalism #MoscowMitch #TheGreatHack
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Bannon’s culture war machine may have helped unleash a monster. Brittany Kaiser’s evidence to Parliament includes descriptions of an exclusive cookie matching deal between Breitbart and Cambridge Analytica. #TheGreatHack
Yes, I recall correctly. This Breitbart data was discussed in the full hearing that is excerpted in #TheGreatHack. The subject came up shortly after Kaiser’s work in Nigeria was touched upon.…
Here’s some of @carolecadwalla’s reporting on SCL/CA’s work in Nigeria with help from @annmarlowe where ace’s will recall that this was a project with Sam Patten (yes Mueller’s Sam Patten).…
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The inherent anti-democratic characteristic of digital microtargeting for politics. The ICO and the UK ad agency association called for a moratorium on microtargeting for this reason. #TheGreatHack
Here’s @The_IPA recommending this moratorium to @CommonsCMS h/t @jason_kint #TheGreatHack
To be fair, the UK Information Commissioner called for an “ethical pause” rather than a moratorium but… #TheGreatHack
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I knew it. Brittany Kaiser met Julian Assange through John Jones QC (RIP). Washington Post interviews Kaiser for #TheGreatHack…
Confirms @annmarlowe from January 2017!…
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Data rights for voters! @SenFeinstein introduces the #VoterPrivacyAct to prevent the voter surveillance and data abuse illustrated in #TheGreatHack
#VoterPrivacyAct would grant 5 basic rights that do not yet exist in the USA:
1. Right to Know
2. Right to Own
3. Right to Review
4. Right to Remove
5. Right to Refuse
#DataRightsAreHumanRights #CambridgeAnalytica #TheGreatHackNetflix…
Here’s how the #VoterPrivacyAct expresses these new rights (i was paraphrasing)…
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A thread of lies and deceptions…#TheGreatHack

— Kogan(Chancellor)/Nix(Bannon) got caught by FTC lying to the original personality quiz takers that their data would not be attached to their names. It was. FTC complaint proves it.…
— Facebook misled reporters when harvesting was discovered. Reporter (@carolecadwalla) had to find whistleblower to find truth being withheld. SEC penalty notes the deceptions.…
— Nix misled DCMS Parliament committee about Facebook data. Had to be recalled to clarify, a trainwreck of more lies. Brittany Kaiser’s hard drive evidences use of Facebook data after falsely certified deletion and concerns over data protection law violations for LeaveEU work.
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I watched "The Great Hack" today, then browsed news articles about it and was more than a little startled. Did nobody except @WIRED… understand that the "hack" was a social/psychological one that forces examination of our current definition of "private"?
@WIRED Brittany Kaiser said their platform fell within the UK's definition of information warfare. Let that sink in. Cambridge Analytica ran a bunch of #psyops in Africa & some in Asia tweeking their targeting before setting it loose on the UK and USA. #TheGreatHack
@WIRED CA's psych warfare & RU's voting platform hacks need to be front and center in #DemDebates but you know they won't be.… #TheGreatHack
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