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1/ If @LindseyGrahamSC committed a heinous abuse of power (and potentially a felony) why is this happening with literally no opposition, protests, filibusters, or disruptions right now? 🤔
2/ Why did @KamalaHarris go ahead and fist-bump @LindseyGrahamSC yesterday as if he didn’t just try to ratf*ck *her* GA election results if we the voters are supposed to be outraged?

3/ Some will say, “oh she’s so clever! They’re such great friends! It’s ‘complicated,’ it’s ‘all a game,’ etc etc.”

You know what? I’ll say it. Centrist Dems are cowards, and that’s why they lose elections.
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#Immigration is not a debate topic.

But immigrants are central to any conversation about Fighting COVID-19, American Families, Race in America, Climate Change, National Security, or Leadership.

@kwelkernbc may not ask, but no answer‘s complete without raising it. #Debates2020
On #COVID19, millions of immigrants are working alongside Americans as essential workers to fight the pandemic.

3-in-4 undocumented workers are in jobs defined as essential by DHS itself. #ImmigrantsAreEssential
But despite the great personal sacrifices they have made, undocumented immigrants and their families--including US citizens--have been largely left out of the relief that Congress has passed to date.

This is what we have long needed.…
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#STIMULUSPACKAGE negotiations update: “Dear Democratic Colleague” letter from @SpeakerPelosi outlines key Trump shortcomings that actively harm the American people; vows to pass relief. 🧵
#STIMULUSPACKAGE: “the Trump Administration’s latest offer shortchanges state and local governments that provide most services Americans depend on.” @AppropsDems Chair Nita Lowey…
TRUMP “refuses to put a national testing, tracing and surveillance plan in place ... delays funding to states ... does nothing to address barriers and needs of communities of color that have been disproportionately impacted by #COVID19.” -@FrankPallone…
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To every single working person out there: Your president has given up on you. America’s labor movement never will.
.@realDonaldTrump has ordered everyone to stop negotiations on the #HEROESAct, which would extend unemployment benefits to millions, implement a strong federal workplace infectious disease standard and provide money to states for critical services.
.@realDonaldTrump's ship is sinking. And he wants to take the rest of the country down with him.
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BREAKING: @SteveScalise is telling Republicans to vote "NO" on the updated #HeroesAct. Here's why:

1) The bill "provides subsidized Obamacare to anyone receiving UI during the public health emergency." They're voting "NO" bc the bill gives health care during a pandemic. (1/x)
2) They don't like that the updated #HeroesAct makes it EASIER for Americans to vote.

Republicans are being told to vote "NO" because of provisions "including early voting, no ID requirement for in-person voting, same-day registration, and no excuse vote by mail." (2/x)
3) @HouseGOP is upset that the updated #HeroesAct, "freezes loan payments and interest on all federal student loans until at least Sept. 31, 2021." God forbid we freeze payments & interest as millions of Americans lose their jobs... (3/x)
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#HeroesAct2 — LiveTweeting Legislation

Like many #smallbiz attorneys and advocates, I’m spending most of tonight and tomorrow reading over the Democrats newly-released #COVID19 #stimulus package. As I review, I’ll share some insights and discoveries. Stay tuned!
Congress proposes three #setasides for #PPP funding:

(1) at least 10% for #smallbiz with fewer than 10 employees OR for certain loans made to biz in low- and mod-income areas

(2) < 30% for nonprofits, housing coops, and hotels/restaurants

(3) < 50% for supplemental PPP loans.
Also similarly reserves the lesser of 25% or $15B of the unused #PPP loans appropriations for loans by Community Financial Institutions.
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More than 200,000 men, women and children have lost their lives to this coronavirus in the United States.

Our hearts break for them and their loved ones.

The pain is made worse by the simple fact that it didn’t have to be this way.
President Trump’s contempt for science, governance & the American people’s health has led to an historic national tragedy. Republicans must accept the gravity of this crisis & vote on the science-based strategy in the #HeroesAct, which passed the House more than four months ago.
We continue to pray for the families who have lost loved ones & those whose ongoing health has been jeopardized by the coronavirus.
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CDC voting guidance includes 3 elements:

1. Alternatives to in-person voting, including voting by mail.

2. Increasing the number of polling locations + extending hours for early voting.

3. Maintaining or increasing the total number of polling places available on Election Day.
Unfortunately, not every jurisdiction is following the CDC’s guidance. We saw what happened in this year’s primary elections in states that reduced the number of polling places and did not have adequate alternatives to in-person voting.
In Georgia, voters waited up to five hours to cast their ballots.

In Texas, voters endured lines up to seven hours long.

In Florida, 112 polling places across the state were closed, moved, or consolidated.
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1/ If pro athletes and people close to @RealDonaldTrump can get tested, our students should be able to get tested so they can safely go to school every day.…
2/ @HouseDemocrats passed the #HeroesAct over 100 days ago. If @SenateGOP had bothered to take it up, it would have deployed a $1 trillion investment in public schools, child care programs, states, and communities.
3/ If we don’t get relief to our state/local governments, teachers & school staff nationwide face the threat of losing their jobs. One report predicts more than 1.4 million public employee layoffs if we continue to do nothing ⬇️…
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Happening now: AFT @rweingarten is joining @NEAToday's @BeckyPringle for the "Grantmakers for Education Webinar: What Funders Need to Know About School Reopening" #ReopenSafely
"I've spent every day since April focusing on how we're going to reopen schools." — @rweingarten #ReopenSafely
"We really want schools to reopen. Most schools will not reopen in any way that is recognizable to anyone." — @rweingarten #ReopenSafely
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Today's hearing with Postmaster General Louis DeJoy was the first step — but Congress must do more to hold him to account for USPS delays & sabotage. #SaveUSPS Thread⬇️ (1/x)…
DeJoy has already caused enormous damage that he has no intention of reversing. And there were no questions about his financial conflicts of interest and no examination of how a GOP donor became Postmaster General without proper vetting. (2/x)
As more alarming details are brought to light, DeJoy and anyone else responsible for sabotaging the Postal Service and our ability to vote by mail must be held accountable. (3/x)
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It's easy to write stories about the price of Democratic & Republican proposals. But this reporting shortcut ignores the real stakes: will Congress pass the #HeroesAct, or will Trump & McConnell leave working people behind?

Here's why we can't buy into the price tag narrative👇
Trump and the GOP failed to combat COVID early, and now 1,000 people die every day from the virus.

The Heroes Act invests in testing & contact tracing, and extends health insurance to folks who lost their jobs.

The GOP proposal does neither!
.@senatemajldr let enhanced UI expire, then sent the Senate home. The remaining benefits are not enough to live on.

The Heroes Act extends the $600 per week benefit.

The GOP proposal cuts benefits by $300 a week!
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Trump's #USPSsabotage is the act of a desperate man willing to do anything to stay in power. And, the fight ahead will be fought on many fronts. Here are 5⃣ things to do if you want to #SaveThePostOffice and win in November. /THREAD
.@SpeakerPelosi called the House back to vote this week on @RepMaloney's Delivering for America Act to prohibit the Postal Service from implementing any changes to the operations or level of service it had in place on 1/1/20 until COVID pandemic has ended.…
STEP 1⃣: Call your representative and demand they cosponsor and support the Delivering for America Act. We need EVERY Rep on the record on the need to ensure the USPS doesn't become a tool of any political party.

Text USPS to 977-79 and we'll text you the script.
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“We have a silent majority the likes of which nobody has seen.” Pres. Trump on his election prospects. He’s said he doesn’t believe the polling data is accurate multiple times this week #NexstarDC Image
Q: "Why is your #postalservice dismantling these mail sorting machines?"

Pres. Trump: "He needs money to operate if you're gonna hit him with millions of's sitting there...the Democrats don't wanna approve it." #MailInBallots #NexstarDC Image
Democrats have proposed $25 billion for the Postal Service in #HeroesAct. @politico reports White House and Democratic leaders tentatively agreed to as much as $10 billion for the Postal Service in their negotiations, but no #stimulus deal was ever reached. #NexstarDC
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In his pathological attempt to gain an electoral advantage by sabotaging the U.S. Postal Service, President Trump is putting at risk the health and well-being of veterans, seniors, and rural Americans who rely on the Postal Service
With regard to voting, President Trump has blocked Postal Service funding and appointed a partisan Postmaster General who is working to slow down mail processing and delivery so that ballots mailed even well in advance of Election Day cannot reach boards of election in time.
To deny millions the ability to vote by mail in the middle of a pandemic is outrageous & dangerous. Congress must provide the @USPS with sufficient funds to carry out its duties. That’s what Democrats did in the #HeroesAct. The Senate must take it up without delay.
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Realtalk: #USPSisEssential. If you're pissed off about what the Trump Administration is doing, this is the thread for you.
The #HeroesAct, which @HouseDemocrats sent to @senatemajldr's desk 88 DAYS AGO provides:
✅Emergency $25B for USPS
✅Hazard pay for postal and other essential workers
✅Funding to ensure that every voter can access no-excuse absentee vote-by-mail in November
.@senaterepublicans have a choice: to stand with their constituents who depend on the USPS for social security payments, prescription medications, and more. Or, they can stand with Trump and his attacks on our democracy.

Call both your senators now:…
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.@HouseDemocrats: Worked super hard in April and early May. Passed the #HEROESAct on May 15. $3 trillion for working families. Eagerly negotiating to save lives and livelihoods.
.@SenateGOP: “Paused” while another 70,000 Americans died and over a million Americans filed for unemployment every week. Negotiating to protect corporations and stiff local governments completely.
.@realDonaldTrump: Sitting at his fancy 🏌️ club, issues ineffectual executive orders that won’t work, while blaming everyone else.
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1/ I get the characterization of remote learning as a win.

It makes sense only bc our country has allowed politicians to turn the safety & mortality of human beings into a political contest. #COVID19 #SafeReopening
2/ Students, community groups, parents, and @CTULocal1 organized to force the mayor into making the best decision.

We shouldn’t have had to make her make that decision. An #ERSB should hv made the decision already. But, this is Chicago. #MakeItMakeSense
3/ Honestly, once #Trump said re-open schools, the decision was obvious. But, #CPS and #MLL 🤷🏾‍♀️

Victory lap? Nah. Imma pass. We still hv an extraordinary amount of work before us. #RemoteLearning
Read 8 tweets's been a good while since I've done a good tweetstorm, but since it now appears that the #HEROESAct will soon be passed as the second stimulus package, it's time to talk about the #HazardPay section and how it may affect those of us #EssentialWorkers.

As far as publicity is concerned, #HazardPay has been the stepsister in the basement, at least compared to the rollicking debates over the stim checks and the $600/week fed UI extension.

But, it actually may be the most impacting for #essentialworkers down the line.

Until recently, it seems that not even the parties in DC now negotiating and fighting over the details of the stim package have given #HazardPay its due analysis. Nor has the media.

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Millions of people are out of work and relying on #Medicaid for healthcare during the #COVID19 pandemic. It’s time for @senatemajldr and the Senate to #protectallworkers by passing the #HeroesAct. Image
"The $200-a-week Republican plan would give the average worker about $521 a week in federal and state unemployment benefits, according to a CNBC analysis of Labor Department data for May."…
"That amounts to a 43% cut in total benefits when compared with the prior, $600-a-week policy, a temporary measure enacted in March under a federal relief law."
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This morning we held a press conference with @Sifill_LDF, @MARCMORIAL of the @NatUrbanLeague, @SenKamalaHarris, and @RepMaxineWaters to sound the alarm on the immediate need for legislative measures that protect American families from eviction, foreclosure, and utility shutoffs.
"It's unconscionable that amid the worst health and economic crisis this country has seen in a hundred years...that our government would not do everything in its power to ensure that people are not forced out of their homes." --@Sifill_LDF
"Critically, the #HEROESAct also includes a moratorium on utility shutoffs, including water and electricity. Imagine a water shutoff during a pandemic in which the most important recommendation is washing your hands."
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Since @HouseDemocrats sent the #HeroesAct to @senatemajldr's desk **checks notes** 73 days ago, we've seen 2.8 million new cases of COVID and more than 61,000 deaths. Today, we got a look at their response: the #HEALSAct. It'd be laughable if it wasn't so cruel. Let's review.
It includes Liability Protection, meaning you will have no legal recourse to sue your employers for COVID related illness or death...
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#COVID19 has disproportionately impacted Black communities & other communities of color because of systemic racism. The #HEROESAct included some helpful provisions, but there are still serious gaps for #sexualassault survivors, including & especially survivors of color. [1/4]
We call on @SenateGOP & @SenateDems to make sure the next stimulus bill includes:
1) Dedicated funding for culturally-specific organizations and Tribes to provide domestic violence and sexual assault services; [2/4]
2) $100 million in funding for the Sexual Assault Services Program to directly address the needs of sexual assault survivors; [3/4]
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OFT President @mcropper1 is joining in a press conference now with @OhioEA President @GovTeacherScott, Sam Shim (Worthington City School District school board member), @MatthewNowling and @DavidPepper.
The first question is for President Cropper and President DiMauro on DeVos's statements on reopening schools without regard to safety.

@GovTeacherScott: "Two words come to mind: callous and clueless."
@mcropper1: "There's nothing more that teachers and school staff want than to be back in school in front of our children. The difference between us and Betsy DeVos & Donald Trump is that we also prioritize health and safety."
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