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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is “tempting evil” with his statements about the training of Ukrainian troops abroad amid the conflict with Russia, Polish General Waldemar Skrzypczak, who advises the defense minister, said on Friday.
During a visit to India earlier this week, Johnson told journalists that “we are currently training Ukrainians in Poland in the use of anti-aircraft defense, and actually in the UK in the use of armored vehicles.”
Skrzypczak, who headed one of the multinational divisions in Iraq in the mid-2000s, told Polish newspaper Fakt that “when we were on missions abroad it was hard to imagine that one of the politicians would talk about our plans or training on television.”
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🧵Here are Sunak & Shapps, posing for a photo op at the Savoy, with DP World CEO, Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem. DP World own P&O.

In 2016, Sunak saw DP World as a huge benefit to the UK. With plans for it to be ‘at the heart of Britain’s trading future’ Claiming it had the ambition
& resource to boost growth, support businesses, create jobs & (get this) IMPROVE LIVING STANDARDS!! DP World, have just laid off 800 UK staff in appalling circumstances & brought in replacement workers on £1.80 an hour. The company owe billions in loans, took £10m in furlough
support & requested a £150m Govt bailout. Sunak has welcomed DP World with open arms. His big push for these ‘freeports’ has been warned about by many for a while. They are Charter Cities. Deregulated economic enterprise zones. Workers rights mean zilch. It’s the Libertarian
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#heatoreat #energyprices #EnergyCrisis #energy #CostOfLivingCrisis

tweeps, just got in from work, shit just got real....... Mum's in tears.....

standing charge also doubled
two further things to note,

the letter also warns that their bill will increase *the the same percentage* in October, ie: to £6,600

the doubling of standing charges is, according to Martin Lewis, to *cover the cost of the companies which went bankrupt*

and I have a question
how the hell are businesses going to cope, expenditure will feed back in to price rises across the board, including food.

Also: what about old peoples' homes??????

there is no cap for business.....
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"The growth of UK betting sector since then has created billionaires, such as Bet365’s Denise Coates and Betfred’s Done brothers. At the other end of the scale, what starts out as a harmless flutter has driven countless customers into financial ruin, family breakups, and worse."
"The betting industry promotes its wares predominantly through advertising on TV, social media or via wall-to-wall sponsorship of football clubs."

Propaganda uses the same media and targets people in a similar manner!
"The gambling industry could not exist unless the bookmaker or casino had a better grasp of the odds than the punter. That’s the foundation upon which the industry is built, and it’s a bargain that – unless they are completely delusional – the gambler enters into knowingly."
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‘Sir Gavin Williamson’ may be the funniest thing since they made Baldrick a lord by mistake.

We are being led by clowns. 🤡
#JohnsonOut #ToriesUnfitToGovern
‘Sir Gavin’.

Clownland, honestly, it is.
To be fair, in the case of Dowden I can actually believe this - he couldn’t find his way out of a paper bag.
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@carryonkeith @GarethDaviesNAO on @IanKingSky on #BounceBack loan #Fraud!!
='£17bn uncollectable, 5bn fraud'...BUT DAMNING APPRAISAL GETS WORSE!! LONG THREAD!!
Eg. Govt removed credit checks so no idea of credit worthiness!
@carryonkeith @GarethDaviesNAO @IanKingSky MORE EXAMPLES:
1.'DUPLICATE PAYMENT CONTROL': Spotting ppl who were making #BounceBack loan applications to multiple banks, that wasn't brought in for a month which might not sound v much but in this scheme £28 BILLION was lent in the 1st month & by far the busiest month!...
@carryonkeith @GarethDaviesNAO @IanKingSky So before any duplicate checks in place, £28 bn had gone out the door!😱😬
2.'COUNTER FRAUD CHECKS': 'Spotting where a dormant company had a new director added to it in Company's House, signalling in many cases...somebody is using that dormant company to commit a FRAUD...
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Shortly after a Tory MP was first elected in 2005, a business which he owned 72% of was sold for £13million - yet now he's facing bankruptcy proceedings over unpaid taxes that could result in him having to step down?

How do you burn through TEN MILLION?…
I (clearly) don't know how bankruptcy works, & the article doesn't really explain. So you can run up £5k of debt - even though you have enormous wealth, & you just get to keep it? Can someone explain it to me please?
Vibes. ImageImage
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Merkel says farewell to France.

This is what grown up diplomacy looks like. And what the EU project means to so many citizens on that vast continent. Whilst we sit outside the tent, drunkenly shouting at foreigners.

Beautiful. 🇪🇺
I find this intensely moving. Bridges not walls. Peace not jingoism and war-making. Cooperation not stand offs.We have made a terrible, terrible mistake. #BrexitBritain
I wish all those who lost their lives in WW2 could have seen this moment.
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What an ugly day. Urgh. Burning it off on the piano is the only way I know how to retune my own energy sometimes. Hope it calms any equally angry people a bit! 🎼🕊🕯
#music #piano #musicislife #wednesdaythought #meditate #improvise
Sums it up. Maybe it should be the name of my tune. 🤔 Image
Good night all. Here’s to a brighter tomorrow. It couldn’t be much darker than today. Could it? 🙏
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NHS nurse vacancies risen by 12% in last few months.
If anyone has been near an A&E recently you’ll know how bad things are with waits & exhausted staff, which I’m sure mirrors other areas too. Staff shortages will only worsen with the complete lack of respect & understanding by
This corrupt, self serving government, who will without doubt benefit financially in destroying our NHS
#ToriesUnfitToGovern #NHS
A lot of these vacancies are from younger nurses leaving as feel undervalued, some obviously are from others retiring but sadly too nurse suicide rates have increased alarmingly
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