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The shipping industry is moving ’90 percent of everything.’ It really is. Whenever you pick up a gadget, put on a piece of clothes, buy food in the supermarket, fill gasoline in your car, or switch on your electricity, most likely the global supply chain that is shipping... 1/24
...has been involved.

The industry comprises some 60,000 deep sea vessels (depending on your cut-off in terms of size and type) and employs about 1.3 million people onboard the ships at any given time. These seafarers are mostly from developing... 2/24
...countries, - the Philippines, India, Indonesia – or from East Europe, China etc.

The world has more or less readily accepted that lock-downs were needed to curb the spread of Covid-19, and equally quickly grasped that certain workers needed to be exempted from... 3/24
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Engineer Scott McPartlin has been nicknamed Openreach’s Bear Grylls after camping on the #IsleOfColl to keep remote customers connected during #lockdown #Scotland #IslandLife Picture of Scott, Openreach engineer, on a boat with clear blue skies and land in the background
The Openreach engineer headed over to the Inner #Hebridean island after a lightning strike left remote, vulnerable residents with no connection to the outside world #KeepingYouConnected #WestCoastWaters Vehicles driving onto a ferry, viewed through two large whale bones
Aware that he’d be on the island for three days between ferries and that local accommodation wasn’t available due to #SocialDistancing rules, he took his tent with him #notworkingfromhome #IslandLife #lockdowncamping Scott's shadow on sand, he is holding a large bag
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/// THREAD on Chancellor @RishiSunak's announcement tonight on the future of the income support schemes. 1/
After considerable media speculation, the Chancellor has finally pronounced on the economic future of millions, by detailing the changes to be made to the #JobRetentionScheme (JRS) and the #SelfEmployedIncomeSupportScheme (SEISS).… 2/
These have been the two most important income support measures in what is likely to be the biggest economic recession in modern history. Both had serious shortcomings from the get-go. 3/
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My stance and thread on June 1st #schoolsreopening just so the #dfe don't bully you with blind Science... I think the way #DominicCummnings was treated totally different to anyone else sums up the real lack of trust from the #government from Parents and teachers alike. 1/3
We wanted to start with Y6 on June 1st in bubbles BUT only 9/46 wanted the kids to return. Sadly this is not possible now as only 50% of the #PPE order has arrived. Im not opening my school (other than #Keyworkers / #vulnerables) until I can guarantee staff and children's safety
I am not willing to have the #DFE blood on my hands. The disaster in the #carehomes and with #edenred shows their decisions are pretty 'rubbish'. Thus following the RA, Y6 return June 15th ... Y1 June 29th (if things go well) and Rec July 13th. I have full Gov backing and....
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There’s 3 of us that work in my mortuary and it’s so incredibly hard, overwhelming and pretty scary right now. What makes it harder is that we feel completely forgotten about just because we’re not NHS. We do the exact same job but we’re employed by a council.....1/2
We love working in the death care industry and treat every patient as if they were our own family but right now the lack of support is unreal. It’s getting harder to get through everyday with a smile and our sanity..! #covid19 #deathcare #apt #coronavirus
Thank you Laura... it means a lot to us APTs to hear people do recognize what we do.. 🖤 #apt #AAPT #allinthistogether
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THREAD. A week ago I wrote this on the contribution that #migrants and #refugees make to the response to #coronavirus. Since then I have been collecting information on HOW this happens in different countries to learn for the future.
#migration #COVID19…
At @ODIdev we will be tracking and analysing these actions/innovations, for now here is an overview

First up the #USA where #NY state takes action allowing qualified graduates of foreign medical schools to contribute to the #Covid_19 emergency response…
Still in the #USA, the State Department is on the lookout for medical professionals abroad willing to work in the #US. As long as they have a valid visa....mhh.....🙄

#COVID19 #migration #keyworkers #coronavirus

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