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Since cerita pemain kebangsaan B19 tahun Umar Hakeem sedang hangat diperkatakan, izinkan saya share sikit pengalaman saya mengenali pemain muda ini dengan harapan ianya memberi inspirasi kepada bakat2 muda yang lain


Poster @TeamMsia
Thn 2014 Umar baru berusia 12 tahun. Bakatnya mula masuk dlm radar NFDP di negeri Johor. Ibubapanya terpaksa berulang alik dari Batu Pahat ke Kulaijaya menghantar Umar ke Akademi Tunas Kulaijaya pada ketika itu. Beliau cemerlang di Kejohanan MSSM di Bentong mewakili MSS Johor
Pada thn yg sama beliau membantu pasukan Malaysia Tigers menjadi naib juara Piala Supermokh 2014

Saya masih ingat beliau berani naik ke pentas ketika Dinner Supermokh Cup & menyanyikan lagu John Legend "All of Me" dengan begitu baik sekali walaupun karakternya agak pemalu
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Many of you know our situation 👇 but today my mom had to use her Target card🎯,(over it's limit), to get a cash advance of $90 to pay for HER meds.
She's on 4 diff.high BP meds.
She's already cut her meds in 1/2 to save $. 😭
McConnell: sign the bill lowering drug costs!!!
My mom is now 78-year-old yrs old.
She's an RN who worked until she was 75.
She had to quit bc my health continues to decline.
B4 the #ACA, we went through our life savings on my #Healthcare.
We even went to the MAYO clinic (I still owe $9000)
No one should go bankrupt bc health
I was a practicing atty when I was bitten by a #tick.
I worked as a defense atty & then w/abused women & children.
Despite a severe rash, meningitis, & flaccid paralysis, I wasn't treated for 11 mos.
By then, the E. Chaffeensis, Rickettsia, & #Lyme was in my spinal cord & brain.
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A thread on Shahbaz Nadeem :-
Nadeem—Wickets in Ranji Trophy:
51 in 2015-16
56 in 2016-17
Back to back 50+ wkts
-424 FC wickets(Made his FC debut in 2004)
Shahbaz Nadeem made his first-class debut before anyone else in the current India XI

15 years later, he has his maiden Test wicket 👏
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We *must* not let health care get lost in the news cycle.

We must continue to #ProtectOurCare

The protections of 130M w/#PreExistingConditions are counting on us.

I live with over 10+ PECs & have gone to DC 24x.

YOUR Reps are fighting for ALL Americans!


Here's what Senator @SenDougJones is doing to #ProtectOurCare for the United States


Here's what Congresswoman @RepSlotkin is doing to #ProtectOurCare for the United States


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I may be down but Im sure NOT out! I still have some tricks up my sleeves and old equipment that can easily breathe.

The more I do in light of Gods requests from me, the smoother my health and wellness will be.

#NeverGiveUp @GenFlynn ✝️✝️✝️
I will ask my wife for help with lighting and mounting a patriotic picture behind me. Thy will MUST be down.

Not how I want it but it’s how GOD wants it. 🙏🏻✝️🇺🇸
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CANADA's SAFETY is in Your Hands.
Does the Liberal Gov. care about our safety?
Serious Question.
If they did why would they pass a bill to REDUCE punishments for serious indictable offences?

This thread is a reminder of the deliberate choices the Liberals have made to endanger Us, Our Families & Our Nation.
The following three pics are all crimes affected by the signing of Bill C-75.
Take the time to read them folks.
Some are not just shocking but disturbing to think that some of these are even being contemplated.
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Thread 7.13.2019!!
Good Morning Family!!
God is Fighting For you!!
Deut. 3:22 You shall not fear them: for the LORD your God He shall fight for you!!

#KeepFighting #NeverGiveUp #GodWins
President Trump and General Flynn’s current Twitter banners!!
#QAnon #TwitterBanners
@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
Anon notable posts will be added throughout this thread!! Notables are not endorsements!!
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76 yr old Mom needs help…
Please take a moment & read our story. 💔
I just found out that I will be getting $514/mo for SSI but that has to go towards our home & bills/food.
I still need help w/$198/mo RX.
Also received notice that foodstamps will be CUT to $15/MONTH! 😭
Who could possibly eat on 50 cents a day or survive on $17.13/day?
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Midwesterners, do you want a weekend adventure? You should come to a dryland dogsled race this weekend! It's a sprint race, which means it's SUPER FUN to watch, and it's within driving distance of Chicago and Minneapolis (by our standards, which means <5 hours). A poster that says DOTY'S DUSTY DOG, October 20-21st, Mountain, WI. Canicross, kickback, biker and rig races.
We plan on entering in the scooter and cart divisions, which means you'll also have the fun of watching our slow-and-steady long-distance pups compete against SLEEK FAST SPRINT DAWGS VROOM VROOM.
Dogsled races are a blast for spectators and this one has the perk of being, you know, not freezing. But you should come to the freezing ones, too. And volunteer. And watch all the perfect excited dogs.
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A small story about my hustle, issa thread...
First sales job I did was in my mother's pharmaceutical store back in secondary school and during university breaks.
while in university, I sold sandals, belts, jewelries and even blouses, I am the first child from an average home and supporting my parents has always been a drive for me, anyways the business died courtesy of friends who never paid ☺
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