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Memorial Day #MemorialDay #MemorialDay2021 nice pic of an #fda building, NRC and CIST buildings on this brisk morning.. #israel #joffe #fda #mondaythoughts #mdw #MondayMorning #bing #NeverGiveUp Israel Joffe fda
We checked out the JFK memorial, and Arlington National Cemetery... Truly an experience I won't forget

#MemorialDay2021 #MemorialDay #arlington
Passed by the White House :)

#MemorialDay2021 #israel #joffe #MondayMorning
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On Memorial Day Weekend, never forget this great American pa

#MemorialDayWeekend #cornerman #israel #joffe #fda #wuw #nevergiveup
True 🤔 Israel Joffe fda
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Yo pa what did you think of AEW tonight? Nice to have crowds back, that's what wrestling is all about pa!

#crowdsreturn #AEWDynamite #AEWDoubleOrNothing #wrestling #cornerman #israel #joffe #fda #wuw #SpiderManNoWayHome #postcovid Israel Joffe fda
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Do you know why Priti Patel got fired in 2017?

She was trying, in secret meetings to give UK Aid money, meant for starving children.. to the #Israeli Army 🤦‍♂️

Your money.

#Ceasefire #Israel #PritiAwful #PritiPatel Original Headline in 2017
"She had failed to inform the prime minister of departmental discussions over plans to send aid money to the Israeli army.. Patel had not informed the prime minister about the 'aid to Israel'"


Israel receives US $3.8Bn YEARLY. It spends on weapons…
At first when she was caught she said “I went out there, I paid for it” she said “And there is nothing else to this"

Patel later "acknowledged she met Israeli PM Netanyahu during a 'family holiday'"

#Truth: 12 MEETINGS with officials > UK Aid

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#FDA on the right..Nuclear Regulatory Commission building on the left, CIST next to that....

#goodmorning #fridaymorning #nevergiveup #israel #joffe #wuw #israeljoffe Israel Joffe fda
Angry bird just went after my dog! Lol I went ahead and got my friend who is a vet to take the birdie.. #israeljoffefda #israel #joffe #birdwatching #dogsoftwitter Israel Joffe fda
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How cute? #peakaboo #rottweiler #bing #israeljoffe #wuw #furry Israel Joffe and Roxy... oh and speaking of dogs.....Say bye bye to #dogecoin #toldyou #sell #MothersDay #GetVaccinated #fda #NeverGiveUp Israel Joffe
I don't use Robin Hood but I told you all to sell that #doge. Everything but #Ethereum seems to be a pump and dump scam. #NeverGiveUp #cryptocurrency #israeljoffe #bing #sell #sundayvibes Image
Nice place to have breakfast 😎 #bing #microsoft #MothersDay #israel #joffe Israel Joffe firefighter
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NFT's are here to stay, period. 😎💯

I believe @rariblecom will become the @coinbase of NFT's and advance the industry.

I'm an artist, collector, and aspiring NFT gallerist. 💻🎨

Here are 23 of my top strategies to help your NFT business grow, so it's to the moon you go! 🚀🚀
1. Success Lies When You're Creative & Biz Minded.

Whether you're an NFT artist or collector, if you want to succeed, you must treat it like a business.

Too many details to cover, watch my most recent podcast on @Talk2Much_ETH where I drop game. 😎🔥

2. Have Fun, Stack $ETH, Develop Deep Relationships.

People from all walks of life (globally) are coming together to celebrate art on the blockchain, exciting! 🌎

Express yourself freely, be light and humorous, generate sales, and make new friends to enjoy the ride with. 🚀
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Nonpos #CronicasChairas
a esto vamos a llegar si Lopez se perpetua en el poder..
La Canasta básica Alimentaria en Venezuela subió 66% durante el ultimo mes de 2020…
#NiUnVotoAMORENA2021yALIADOS #WeTuitAsOne #ThisIsTheWay #NeverGiveUp
Nonpos así las cosas en Venezuela.. un Venezolano gana $1,200,000 de bolívares (bs) = $1.15 dólares por mes.
AQUÍ el costo de algunos alimentos...
Nopos así fue la inflación en Venezuela,Maduro sume al País en un ambiente de escaces hambre y muerte de su población..
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I WLD NOT RECOMMEND ANY MEMBER OF @MetTaskforce @PoliceInspForum @policesupers @PoliceChiefs OR ANY FORM OF MEMBER OF @GOVUK @MoJGovUK @UKSupremeCourt @10DowningStreet @Number10press OR EVEN @ukhomeoffice TO ROCK UP AT MY COMING UP PROTEST TO TELL ME THAT I CAN NOT TAKE
YOU ARE CLAIMING TO COVER @SoniaPoulton BEING THE #voiceacting ON THE BEHALF OF THE @Invisible AND @briangukc OF @ukcolumn , I MEAN THE LIST GOES ON AND ON WHEN I START TO NAME THOSE FOLLOWING THE CODE @DavidLeanLeano #purplewinter BULLSHIT @reeves3915 @shinybluedress
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1. Sometimes, God calls us to leave where we are because we have forgotten that we are on a journey to the promised land. When we arrive at Horeb, we somehow forget the real aim and become lost in the temporary. @NDBCVI @olaballo @Eromski @sola_ff @YouthsLagos #makeitworkin2021
2. But, we will not settle for the ephemeral. We are pushing forward to reach the promised land. We refuse to be satisfied with yesterday's happenings. If God told Israel to leave Horeb, why can't we leave too? #makeitwork @dejitula @afolake26 @matchmakers_re @fiyin4God @NDBCVI
3. Israel camped at Horeb, also known as Mount Sinai or the Mountain of God. It was a unique place. There, Moses led Israel to covenant with God. There Moses received the Ten Commandments. Mount Horeb was a special place. But God told them to break camp and advance. Why? @NDBCVI
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Open letter to @RealRLimbaugh:
We listen every day, miss you when you're out and pray for your recovery. I hope you will read my thoughts on what I fear is going to happen to our country under a Biden Administration. Has anyone written similar thoughts?
I believe the ramifications of a Biden Administration will be so disastrous we will never recover. The radical left have perfected their tactics and infiltrated our government everywhere you turn.
They have deemed themselves immune from the rule of law, the media is the wind beneath their wings and, shockingly, no one seems capable of doing a damn thing about it. They are held accountable for nothing. They are ruthless, hateful and unforgiving.
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To anyone who thinks President Trump lost and we can’t do anything about it...

What side of history do you want to be on? It’s just a question to ask yourself. Do you want to be on the side that gave up on America, or the side that never quit believing? Now, think about ...
every person that is testifying in public, in front of the world, risking quite literally everything. These people are the definition of Patriots. They are risking everything for the great good of our country.

Don’t fall victim to the negativity you may hear from others...
Don’t give in to the idea that you/we can’t do anything to stop this. We can and we are. Not everyone can be actively involved, but you can be involved in the fight by supporting these great Patriots. The easiest thing we can do is support our Patriots that are fighting to...
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@IAmJericho Israel Joffe here. It's officially my birthday in 2 hours and I'm about to have a bit of the bubbly! I've been a huge fan of yours since your ECW days. It would make my day to get a shout out from the Ayatollah of Rock and Rollah! #Birthday #bitofthebubbly Rocky statue and Israel Joffe
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Sunday training pa! Come get it.. You gotta be in it to get it! Cornerman Juan Jeremy, Israel Joffe and the WUW crew Sunday training at #GleasonsGym in #Dumbo #sundayvibes #wuw #wwehalloffame

#cornerman #israeljoffe @juanjeremy100 @IsraelJoffe ImageImageIsrael Joffe Sunday Training
#sundayvibes You may get better if you get train pa! Gotta be in it to get it

#Sundaytraining ImageImageSunday Training at WUW Isra...
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More from Babe Ruth Times pa!

Hey Israel Joffe you may work at FDA, but you're no "Dr D" David Schultz! You guys remember this? Never a good idea to question the sport pa!  #Kayfabian #KayFabelives #cornerman #israeljoffefda #israeljoffe #BabeRuthTimes
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Cornerman Juan Jeremy and Israel Joffe held a good training session Sunday pa.. You gotta be in it to be part of the wheel pa! Get down and train when you can

#wuw #cornerman #israeljoffe ImageImageImageImage
More good stuff from Sunday pa, come train, don't be lazy, it's all gonna becoming back sooner than we all think and you wanna be ready pa

Cmon everyone, join Cornerman and Israel Joffe or whoever is there on certain days and let's get it! ImageImageImageImage
Practice makes perfect pa!

#cornerman #israeljoffe #johnnyrodz ImageImage
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@IAmJericho we are loving these segments. Looking forward to more

@juanjeremy100 and Israel Joffe can't get enough of it... @AEWonTNT
Which is your favorite pa? #aew #roh #impact Israel Joffe wuw
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Yes there is.

He had her on his lap, seen without his shirt on in the company of what was clearly a underage girl.
#BorisHasFailedTheNation #KeirStarmerhasfailedthekids when head of @cpsuk helping @ClarenceHouse #PrinceCharles @JimmySavileNews to be buried.

Who is now #leadersdebate of @UKLabour who is attempting to divert you away from @TheDukeOfYork as @KensingtonRoyal carry on as
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