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It’s v interesting. During the pandemic, I got to know a lot of politicians pretty well, because EveryDoctor brought information from NHS frontline doctors to MPs every single week, which they weren’t hearing anywhere else. 104 MPs signed up to our #ProtectNHSworkers campaign. …
…many would check in with us regularly. I had their numbers, I’d link them up with senior doctors in their area who could tell them what was happening. Many were deeply concerned. We helped them to carry out research, or ask ministers questions, or lobby for particular things…
…that they were concerned were affecting their constituents.

And then as we emerged from the pandemic, we took the government to court (along with Good Law Project) and proved the existence of the VIP PPE lane. And we ran #ScrapNHSBill, the huge campaign to try and stop…
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Get to work plebs, fuck your health, you must keep working regardless
NHS Federation states: #HumanitarianCrisis #HumanCatastrophe to describe the coming winter through the #ToryCostOfLivingCrisis #NationalHealthCrisis #EnoughIsEnough #EnoughIsEnough

this is a damning indictment if ever there was one!
the NHS Federation has written to govt to highlight an "impending humanitarian crisis" over winter in health of UK citizens #EnoughlsEnough #SocialistSunday
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#HeatOrEat #EnoughIsEnough #ToryChaos #ToryCostOfGreedCrisis #ToryCostOfLivingCrisis
THREAD: On 10th March 2022 I created a thread on the energy crisis, warning that the elderly, sick, housebound & disabled I deliver medicines to, would not survive this coming winter, now this:
the NHS Federation states: "If people cannot afford to heat their homes & cannot afford nutritious food, their health will quickly deteriorate". I keep saying here, that people will die as a direct result of govt refusing to step in over the health & security of the nation.
please remember, small businesses, which form the bedrock of society & employ millions upon millions of UK citizens, cannot pass on anywhere between 300% and 1,100% increases in costs to customers, without losing custom & further exacerbating inflation = UNEMPLOYMENT
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BEWARE: 55 Tufton Street! (Civitas) has produced a report saying the UK has the most expensive & 2nd worse health system after the US BUT Tufton St Civitas admits they've included COVID expenditure, Test, Trace & Isolate in their calculations (without saying it's £37 BILLION!)
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they are going to bin the GDPR and grab our NHS data just as they attend the US private healthcare conference in Vegas, whilst forcing us all to utilise the Palantir healthcare app that will scrape all our personal data
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Another MP and member of Boris Johnson's team with links to private healthcare providers is Priti Patel.

Documents uncovered by Good Law Project in the course of another legal case over the government’s controversial PPE contracts found… Image
...a personal link between our Home Secretary+a consultant working for the firm Pharmaceuticals Direct Ltd.

The same firm who were awarded a PPE contract worth £28.8 million in May 2020 💰

And another one worth £102.6 million in July 💰💰

Both awarded without competition... Image
...while Priti Patel has declared “Nil” in Parliament's Register of Interests.

🚨 As the government's Health & Care Bill heads to it's 3rd reading in the House of Lords soon, add your name to #ScrapNHSBill 👉… and...
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🚛 Today our ad van is touring London to raise awareness of the multitude of links that exist between private healthcare companies and (far too many!) of our MPs 🚨

Next up is Stephen Hammond...
...the Conservative MP for Wimbledon (who also served as a Minister in the Department of Health+Social Care from Nov 2018-July 2019) Stephen Hammond became a Non-Executive Director of OptiBiotix Health Plc; a biotechnological research company, last year.

Upon his appointment...
...the company commented: “Hammond’s appointment reflects the continued evolution and ambition of the board as the company moves into the next phase of its development to become a profitable international business with global brands”...
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The government's Health & Care Bill will accelerate #NHSPrivatisation. And is it any wonder given the links between private healthcare companies and members of Boris Johnson's team?

We're taking a deep dive into these links today, and next up is Samantha Jones...
An ex-director of new care models at NHS England, Samantha Jones recently stepped up her role in Number 10.

But before that she was the Chief Executive of Operose - the UK subsidiary of the giant US private healthcare corporation Centene. During her time there she oversaw…
...the acquisition of AT Medics.
The merger made Operose (& therefore Centene) the largest private supplier of GP services in the UK; they now have 70 GP practices under their belt.

The Health & Care Bill soon heads to its 3rd reading in the Lords. To turn the tide against...
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🚨 DECODING @Keir_Starmer 🚨
@UKLabour are committed to privatisation of #NHS despite the attempt to convince us otherwise. 1/4… Image
⚠️'Rethinking health system' - NOT oppose imminent coversion to American-style 'managed care'
⚠️'Keep people well & at home' consistent w privatisat'n plan in 2014 Five Year Forward View & 2019 NHS Longterm Plan by US private insurance exec #SimonStevens
⚠️No policy change 2/4 Image
⚠️'think radically' - abandon Beveridge for two-tier model. #NHS logo but private control & provision
⚠️'technology' - embed insurance industry risk stratification & data analytics to DENY CARE TO THE SICK for profit
⚠️'hospital at home' - continue bed reduction block access 3/4 Image
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Here are five new laws for 2022 that you need to know about. First up is the #NationalityandBordersBill…
The #NationalityandBordersBill would redefine who can claim asylum in the UK. It marks certain routes as legal, and others - like small boat crossings - illegal. Priti Patel says controlling our borders is what British people voted for...… Image
🚨BUT 🚨
⚖️@FreefromTorture say #NationalityandBordersBill would break international human rights law
🚫 @UnseenUK has called it ‘catastrophic’ for victims of modern day slavery…
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why has army been called in to vaccinate,
drive ambulances
& HGVs

why is the govt desperately trying to recruit teachers who've left / retired

reducing the self isolation period from 10 to 7 days

asking hospitals to prepare for mass casualty events next month
how are hospitals going to separate out #Omicron from #Delta patients, given both can infect you at the same time - they are *separate* variants

we don't need a #Delta #Omicron super variant where the *supposed* mild #Omicron combines with the deadlier #Delta variant!!!!!!!
I could really go on, but I just can't

oh, except to say

why the *fuck* aren't all hospital staff being issued with FPP3 masks

who will care for us, if 50% of hospital staff end up isolating 2 weeks from now, when everyone rings 999 after xmas mixing
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This video of NHS staff talking about their experience throughout the pandemic is really powerful. Click here to watch it:
Removal of statutory right to free medical care! Image
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I've screenshot this exchange amongst friends in my circle, because I don't think enough people have caught on to the enormity of this yet. Raab has let it slip there'll be insurance products to buy for social care to avoid selling your home. This, despite more than 10% NIC rise
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For those trying to get their head around any of this Health & Social Care Bill and why it is an issue, I am trying to make sense of it.
I do trust the judgement of the folk who object but also feel I should try to read & analyse at least some of the Bill myself.
(Although who has time to do this with all of politics in reality?)
But anyway...

So what you need to look at for reference (if you want to see where the changes of note are occurring) is...
Firstly, the original National Health Service Act 2006 with the 2012 updates included.
NHS Act 2006…
Have this open in 1 window.

Then you can compare the wording & see where the proposed changes have been inserted in each subsection on the HSC 2021 Bill.
Which can be found here:
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Message from2019:Imagine a new deadly airborne virus swept across the world that without simple protection, would result in death & long term disability for millions. Imagine if powerful rich companies didn’t care, especially as
Affording the temporary protection meant disruption to cash flow. Would you believe it if I told you that the elite decide to dupe the population into thinking it was all a hoax, a bit like a cold, and normalised the idea that the most vulnerable weren’t worth saving,
That preventable death & disease wasn’t a thing? And that great chunks of society fell for it? That despite over 5 million deaths globally, mounting evidence of harm, vaccines, still the elite got their way? 2021 update: it happened
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#NHS on brinking on US corporate capture in no small part due to complicity of @TheBMA
To avoid being too conspicuous & despite signing up to white paper in Feb 2021 here we have latest display of cynical, deceptive posturing.
@TheBMA has delivered all government has asked of them in betraying profession & patients from capitulation over HSCA 2012, sabotage of junior doctors' strike 2016 to railroading GPs into #PCN contracts in 2019. Their statement needs exposing for its deadly consistency.
Instead of calling for a scrapping of the wasteful marketisation the BMA endorse the catastrophic status quo with over £10 BILLION p.a squandered on market bureaucracy and NOT on service provision
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@DailyMailUK you are doing everyone a disservice, especially the public and GPs, by refusing to incorporate the facts about funding and per capita equivalents.

121,943/123,707=98.6% ImageImageImageImage
If more GPs fall ill with COVID, LESS people can be supported and / or seen.

My family and I continue to receive outstanding support from our GP, including phone and video appts and even home visits.

Your lies are dangerous.
as Jon Trickett MP has stated: 265 GP Practices closed permanently during the pandemic. "It’s completely unacceptable for the government to seek to blame doctors for the NHS crisis.

Blame lies squarely in Downing Street." Image
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Just another example of why we do not need private companies in our NHS.
Care UK (now Practice plus group)is one of the biggest private providers of NHS contracts. They have never paid a penny in corporaton tax since 2010 despite receiving over 1 bill in contracts.
Their services incl but are not limited to, GP practices, walk in centres, diagnostics, care homes and prison health care.

Care Uk Co founder John Nash once donated 300k to the Tory party and 21k to former health Sec Andrew Landsley.
JN also board member for the Centre for Policy Studies- a free market think tank, they lobby and have a big influence over gov policies.

They lobby for privatisation🚨 trade union reform🚨 and pension deregulation🚨 among others.
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🚨Government plan to privatise the NHS🚨

A ‘how to’ guide:

🛑Cut the bed numbers
🛑Cut the funding
🛑Offer contracts to private providers but allow them to use NHS logo
🛑Freeze wages, worsen conditions...
🛑Scapegoat local leaders whose workplace is ‘failing’
🛑Regular re-organisation due to ‘failings’, create new inefficiencies and bureaucracy, offer entry points to corporate ‘partners’
🛑Vilify staff in the press.
(Crucially use opinion pieces to sow distrust)
to publicly ‘support and love our NHS’ despite all actions above👆

Watch the service fail🚨
Watch the exhausted staff leave🚨
Blame remaining staff for gaps/failings🚨
Wring hands and act bemused🚨
Hand over more money to private providers🚨

NHS failures aren’t an accident...
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OK, listen up, please? 😊 Here follows a thread - please read all of it. (1/11)

You are all aware that I, and others, have been stewarding this:


Petition: Protect the #NHS , Press Pause on the White Paper for Health and Social care:…
So, we got to the 10,000 eventually, which forces a response from the Government.

The response was puerile, facile and lied as well, particularly about the so-called "consultation". 😒

So we pressed on. (2/11)
In the meantime, various other similar campaigns were gathering momentum: (3/11)

Health Secretary Sajid Javid: Protect the NHS: Stop the health and care bill - Sign the Petition! via @UKChange
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15,543 signatures. 😊 Target for today: 15,600?

@mikecoulson48 @POSH_JOCK @JujuliaGrace @EveryDoctorUK

Petition: Protect the #NHS , Press Pause on the White Paper for Health and Social care:


Our target today is 15,600!!!

HOWEVER - we have already reached that!!!

*must try harder* 15,650??? Well done, my wonderful Fweeps! 🤗👍🏻❤️


Petition: Protect the #NHS , Press Pause on the White Paper for Health and Social care:…
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Today we’re focusing on MPs - the only way we’ll #ScrapNHSBill is if enough of them speak out. So we wanted to start the day with a big **thank you** to the 30 MPs who’ve stood up for the NHS so far by expressing their interest in starting an All Party Parliamentary Group on…
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This will force ppl to use private healthcare.
This will be the death knell for the #NHS

•It also allows private co's to decide how #NHS budgets are spent.

•Scraps performance targets of 18 weeks – now 52 weeks!

•Gives the health secretary power to water down requirements of staff to be properly trained and qualified.

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