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"Democracy doesn't disappear over night. RW populism doesn't goose-step into power fully formed, it CREEPS!"
1. Create a populist nationalist MOVEMENT #Brexit
Target the 'left behind'
Erdogan called it 'the will of the REAL people'😲
2. Ignore rational EXPERTS: infantalize language eg simple slogans & post-truth politics! #LiarJohnson
3. Immorality #ToriesDevoidOfShame eg #ToriesPartiedWhilePeopleDied
4. Dismantle political/judicial mechanisms eg #RuleOfLaw
Install your own people & toy with institutions!🔥
5. Design your own Citizen!
#JohnsonRegime eg Heaton-Harris dictating how academics lecture on #Brexit & Education Sec says students can't criticise PM!
(Erdogan now arrests critics!)

6. Laugh at the Horror! Inhumane cruelty RE refugees, Afghanistan, kids in poverty! #PartyGate!
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Un-policed & often unenforceable anti-corruption laws have made the UK the global money-laundering capital for a post-Soviet elite, severely damaging Britain’s international reputation & the rule of law.

#ToryCorruption #ToryCronyism…
Almost a quarter of the ministers who attend cabinet have accepted donations from just three well-connected ex-Russians.

Ministers whose offices or constituencies benefited include Dominic Raab, Rishi Sunak & 5 others who attend Cabinet.

A Russian oligarch with close ties to the Kremlin has secretly funded the husband of Lubov Chernukhin, a Russian-born donor to the Tory Party.

Chernukhin has given £1.7 MILLION to the @Conservatives over the past eight years…
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England’s "flagship" test-&-trace service is STILL spending more than £1m a day on private consultants - an “eye-watering” waste of taxpayers’ money that is failing to cut Covid infection levels.

The average DAILY contractor rate is £1,100.

Dr Jenny Harries, CEO of the UK Health Security Agency, who is responsible for test & trace, told MPs in July there was a “very detailed ramp-down plan” to cut the number of consultants.

But latest figures show that at the end of October it STILL employed 1,230 consultants.
New contracts worth millions of pounds are STILL being awarded to private consultancy firms, despite repeated pledges to curb their use.

The test-and-trace system has a £37 BILLION two-year budget - equivalent to almost a fifth of the annual #NHS England budget.
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The Government trick voters into believing they're all FOR free-speech & AGAINST "nanny-state" interventionism.

But the Right has a recurrent obsession with pro-censorship, anti-free-speech legislation, & make repeated attempts to control what people see & hear.
I'm going to put to one side the BANNING of teaching of anti-capitalist views in schools, the concerning "free speech" measures introduced to CONTROL debate in Universities & the disproportionate obsession with antisemitism between 2015 & 2019, as I've written about these before.
Following the original video nasties moral panic in the mid-1980s, Mary Whitehouse & other right-wing reactionaries, supported by the frothing right-wing press, campaigned to ban some horror films available on video, & tough legislation was introduced restricting choice. Image
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So here we are again.

A #THREAD on some lessons for @Keir_Starmer & @UKLabour from when John Smith became Labour leader back in 1992, after another humiliating defeat.

How does Labour become electable again?
When John Smith became leader of the Labour Party in July 1992 he introduced the ‘one member one vote’ system for electing the Party leader but otherwise wanted to minimise conflict within the Labour Party, which was still smarting from the general election defeat under Kinnock.
He wanted to heal divisions and focus instead on the unpopularity of the Tory Government.

Blair's henchman John McTernan stated John Smith and Labour were heading for “certain victory” in the 1997 general election.
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UK's richest 1,000 wealth increase since 2009:

571 MILLION💰💰💰

Crony contracts given to Tory donors:

2.4 MILLION 💰💰

Investment in Andrew Neil's #GBeebies:


Average additional annual income from nurse pay rise:

0.4 +👏
The wallpaper cost £840 a roll.

#NHS nurses will receive a pay increase worth less than half a roll of Downing St wallpaper this year – despite their heroics in guiding the country through a deadly pandemic resulting in 150,000 largely avoidable deaths.…
#GBeebies investors may be more interested in #INFLUENCE than financial return: £60 MILLION was raised with help from Libertarian billionaires #Cato's John Malone & #Legatum's Christopher Chandler, & hedge funder Paul Marshall who bet big on #Brexit chaos.
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August 2019 - 🇺🇸 Centene invested in digital health Babylon Health (GP 'bot')

January 2020 - 🇺🇸 Centene expands in 🇬🇧 with increased stake in Circle Health

February 2021 - 🇺🇸 Centene takes NHS GP practice operator with 500,000 patients!

Now with evidence..2/x

Dominic Cummings involvement with Babylon Health a few years ago.

Hancock visited Babylon and told staff he wanted the NHS to help Babylon expand.

Ali Parsa co-founded also served as CEO of the private healthcare company Circle.…
3/x Here's a @BylineTimes article from last year about Ali Parsa and Babylon.

I'm not against innovation and for the NHS employing good technical experts but this is #ToryCronyism…
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