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One of Labour's #TheLeft Radicals ambitions was to push #climatealarmism to the maximum 👇

1/ create distraction
Another Labour ambition, tear down society, rebuild it with Marxism perspective

2/ make noise
"Create A Crisis 'Use a Crisis As Opportunity' to change"

Labour Mayors/Councils have a habit of turning nice areas into rundown over populated, conjested places local people just want to escape from

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@jaaprog1 @antonioguterres @antonioguterres , United Nations and Unesco put the people in lockdown and close schools for building backbetter agenda!

It’s not about our health!…
@jaaprog1 @antonioguterres SDG acceleration Actions to #BuildBackBetter by United Nations, Unesco, EU and @MinPres

#COVIDー19 is their weapon.…
@jaaprog1 @antonioguterres @MinPres “This is a once in a generation opportunity to improv education, along side economies, TO FIGHT THE CLIMATE CRISISt.”

Corona is the means of UN-Unesco-EU and @MinPres for transition.…
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@UnrollHelper @garnetttom UN is a sectarian New Age network aimed at ‘transition from society’. Robert Muller designed the SDGs for it. Agenda 2030 is his Global Reconstruction Plan, this is the source.

All about peace and happiness. One World.…
@UnrollHelper @garnetttom Robert Muller Biography.

it's a spiritual, holistic philosophy.
#UNagenda2030 is an extreme left and at the same time extreme right, fascist plan.…
@UnrollHelper @garnetttom It’s a dream! The dream of Robert Muller.

it's just a dream, and the whole world is following!
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@future_proves @hypothesesorg De BRON is Robert Muller, mede-oprichter UN, Lucis Trust, Unesco, bedenker van Global Education Plan, World Curriculum en 17 SDG’s. Hij richtte de eerste zogenaamd democratische -Avatar sekte- school op.
Zie hier welke rol hij media gaf.
@future_proves @hypothesesorg Dr. Muller has recently drawn up a "Framework for World Media Coverage" as a public service, as well as a "Framework for Planetary and Cosmic Consciousness" and a "Framework for the Arts and Culture."
@future_proves @hypothesesorg En lees dit van Robert Muller over overbevolking.

#Corona is het middel.…
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Global elites announce a partnership between their Big Corps and Big Religion under the guise of saving humanity.
#CIC Council for Inclusive Capitalism is #WEF 2.0
#UNAgenda21 #UNAgenda2030
#Bergoglio met w/ #CIC members at the #Vatican for the 1st time in 2019.
With the new partnership, the 27 leading members, called “guardians” will continue to meet annually w/ @Pontifex & @CardinalTurkson
Guardians, aye?
🚨BREAKING: Following #CIC guidelines, the #EUCO just announced it's agreement to follow #KlausSchwab into the 4th industrial revolution. The EU is well under the spell of the #CICGuardians
#NextGenerationEU #Davos #WEF
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Start here👇
There's no doubt in my mind that this plan has been in the making for some time now. But at what point did it become clear that 2030 would be end of game? I believe it was the result of Sri Lanka's Tsunami and subsequent World Bank bailout of 2004.
Sri Lanka lost 250+K lives. The United Nations and US POTUS Bill Clinton stepped in to implement a plan overseen by World Bank to solve the problems they faced. The #BuildBackBetter slogan was created.
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Entertainment Subliminal Mockery;
Old but gold
Land Grab, This appears to be a massive land grab. The plan is open spaces for the rulers and stack-and-pack micro apartments for the masses. highspeedrail right along the freewayin #California #californiaFires are #controlledburn
Who owns all the land and the money in the world ???? It’s all connected the cabal manipulators can get away with their crimes against humanity is that most people are downright ignorant of the true state of technology, whether it’s mind control tech, HAARP/ionospheric heaters/
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Food Shortages; All orchestrated. Control the distribution and create scarcity. Have you noticed the increase explosions and fires at large food storage facilities lately? Oh, whats that, the mainstream media hasnt reported any of it
The War On Food like a Everyman forhimself Things are planned and carried out in calculated manners.
powerful corporations to seize control of the Worlds Food Supply and buying/hiding thousands pallets of food in warehouses. #plandemic
#Growourown #Beready #Sustainabledevelopment #Unagenda2030 #Unagenda2021 #thinkahead #familyplanning #beprepared #preperation #supplies
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All students in Massachusetts will be required to get the flu vaccine before the end of the year. State public health officials made the announcement Wednesday, citing the importance of reducing flu-related illnesses amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Influenza immunization will be
required for all children 6 months of age or older who are attending Massachusetts child care, pre-school, kindergarten, K-12, and colleges and universities,” the Massachusetts Department of Public Health said in a statement.

Students are expected to get their flu vaccine by
Dec. 31, 2020.

Exemptions will be made for medical or religious reasons, the state said. Homeschooled students and college students who are completely off campus and only learning remotely are also exempted.
Do U still want your child to attend the indoctrination centers?
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Already happening most everywhere ;cashless society will be able to control, track every transaction, allowing authorities to build an even more complete picture of who you are to stop any possible disobedience or revolution before it happens. The future will never be the same.
We are staring in the face of a totally new fascist type of authoritarian state. Anyone who disagrees is immediately called a “conspiracy nut” because they will never debate the issues — they simply prefer to attack the messenger.
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A MAJOR part of this Scamdemic is the dehumanization of humanity, particularly children. The Cabal wants to connect humans to AI, as admitted,by the year 2030. This would be the end of humanity as we know it. The agenda seeks a beyond Orwellian Technocratic Totalitarian Dystopia ImageImage
The game ends when enough people become aware of what is going on.

Microchipping, human/computer hybrids, artificial intelligence, and genetic alteration of human DNA using CRSPR and other approaches are all aspects of the Transhuman agenda
luminaries such as Bill Gates Elon Musk and Ray Kurzweil, one of Google’s leaders #Clovid1984 #AITakeover #plandemic #transhumanism #Unagenda2030 #Vaccinesaregenocide #Id2020 #medicalmartiallaw #Mindcontroldevice
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just like 9/11, COVID19 is a planned crisis and the real objective behind it is mass surveillance, New World Order (NWO), One World Government (OWG), endless mass vaccination with lab-made viruses to cripple the immune system, global tracking ID implants to monitor the movement
of all citizens, cashless society through centralized debt-based digital fiatmoney, and the abolishment of small businesses to centralize the economy in the hands of monopolies
#Onebigcabal #Covid1984 #Rituals #Jesuitcoadjutor #Historyrepeatsitself #DidUnaziseeitcoming ?
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Language is a good tool but a bad master t can serve you, but it can also enslave you. Misuse of language is a form of mind-control. In his novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four, George Orwell laid out in detail how language can be misused to deceive and control the masses. In our world
political correctness and euphemism are pervasive. Orwellian doublespeak and thought-control are ubiquitous among the politicians and the powerful propaganda machinery of the American Empire. Eugenics and population control are now called "reproductive health" and "family
planning." The department of war is called the department of defense. Torture is now called "enhanced interrogation techniques." The war effort is now called the peace effort. Invading foreign nations and bombing their populations is now called "liberation and spreading democracy
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Too many people are so relieved to see a different narrative to mainstream media that they don't stop to think. Any doctor who promotes a drug made by the criminal pharma industry is an enemy. The job of conventional medical doctors is not to understand the root cause of an Image
illness, but to treat symptoms. That's why they go to medical school that were founded and run by the Rockefeller family: to memorize drug names sponsored by big pharma and prescribe them to their patients. After all, a sick patient is a customer for life. #Lockstep #unagenda2030
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