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J’ai le plaisir de vous annoncer que je commence un nouveau poste de Women in Games Ambassador / Proud to be an Individual Ambassador for Women in Games (North America/USA) #wig #wig-a
found four different @TwitterA11y @TwitterAPI and alt text vs url shortening bugs in @TweetDeck, @LinkedInFrance/@linkedin the blue Microsoft recruiters website, and “Twitter Official Web Site/Mobile Web Site” plus @tweetbot (which at least said the real error) trying post logo
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DevOps & SecOps Resources - PART II

Some of the greatest books & videos related to DevOps are:

1. Linux server course by @shawnp0wers (YouTube)
2. Docker Deep Dive by @nigelpoulton
3. Terraform up and running by @brikis98

#DevOps #linux #docker #SRE

4. How Linux works by Brian Ward
5. Bash Scripting by Shawn Powers
6. Kubernetes Up and Running
7. Cloud-Native DevOps with Kubernetes
8. Phoenix Project
9. DevOpsSec
10. Agile Application Security
11. Hands-on Security in DevOps
12. The DevOps Handbook

13. Linux Hardening in Hostile Networks
14. DevOps Troubleshooting
15. Production Kubernetes
16. O'Reilly Practical MLOps by Noah Gift

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🧵 My top 10 list of the IT books that helped me the most during my career.
1. Inside the Machine by Jon Stokes…
An insightful book to understand how a CPU works and help in earning some mechanical sympathy.
2. How Linux Works by @bricsuc… #linux
The best book, in my opinion, on Linux. A must-read as Linux today is absolutely everywhere. It provides most of the content every developer should be aware of.
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🧑‍💻 Many people reach out to understand #interview process at @Atlassian , sharing it here for easy reference later:

🔁 Please retweet for karma.

#️⃣ #jobhunt #fullstack #backend #frontend #jobs #referrals #springboot #react #sre

The Candidate Resources Hub is a great place to understand what to expect.…
Here is the guidebook specifically for Frontend Applications:
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Recently I was honoured to give my talk, "The Important of ... Empathy (in #chaosengineering)" to the wonderful audience at @chaoscarnivalio. I decided to make the talk a ... talk, rather than a slideshow, and I promised I'd share the major points ... so here they are, a thread.
I started with a confession, that the success of the #chaosengineering initiative in your company has less to do with the tools you pick than you may realise... And as the co-founder of the @chaostoolkit, that's quite the hard confession to make!
What helps your #chaosengineering succeed isn't just the tools, it isn't the types of failure you can inject, it isn't even how #cloudnative, or not, your system is, or how wonderful your #observability is set up ...
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If you have experience in Application operations and would like to deep dive into about reliability and performance, then look for "Site reliability Engineering(SRE)" course. This is developed by Google and is what you get when you treat operations as if it’s a software problem.
To know more about this , please navigate here The following books are also available on this topic: Image
Since I preferred online course, I enrolled for this course in @coursera which talks more about creating SLI (Service level indicator), SLAs and SLOs for your critical applications and mobile applications.…
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Cloud-Native Learn-by-Doing Platforms (part 2) ✏️

I closely reviewed 10+ platforms providing a hands-on learning experience to study:

- Linux
- Containers
- Orchestration
- other Cloud-Native stuff

My findings (thread) 🔽

#kubernetes #docker #containers #linux #sre #devops
1. A Cloud Guru (acloudguru .com)

A really massive platform for individuals and businesses.

- 360+ courses and 1,600+ hands-on labs
- Clouds: AWS, GCP, etc.
- Tech: Kubernetes, Docker, Serverless

- Servers
- Temporary cloud accounts

2. Developer Sandbox for Red Hat OpenShift (developers.redhat .com/developer-sandbox)

A free platform with a private OpenShift playground:
7 GB RAM, 15GB storage 🔥

Almost no educational content, but combines well with kubebyexample .com.
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🎉 I'm super excited to announce that I recently joined Univeris as a Site Reliability Engineer.
I am highly passionate about Site reliability engineering and DevOps engineering, and it's been a wonderful experience working at Univeris, managing infrastructure at a large scale.
Moreover, it's going great learning and implementing in-demand tools and technologies along with their best practices. I'm glad to be a part of this esteemed organization as a part-time engineer.
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@GremlinInc Certified Chaos Engineering Practitioner (GCCEP)

⭐ Chaos engineering allows experimentation in the production environment to maintain customer trust, build confidence in the system's reliability, resiliency and availability and to avoid unexpected outages.
⭐ Why does @netflix use chaos engineering?
Netflix created Chaos Monkey to test the resilience of its IT infrastructure. It purposely disables any production instance running in Netflix's network to test its resiliency towards the downtime.
Thank you, @GremlinInc, @KoltonAndrus, Matthew Fornaciar, @tambryantbutow, and Andre Newman, for the official certification and workshop on Chaos Engineering.
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Where Programming, Ops, AI, and the Cloud are Headed in 2021
Following O'Reilly online learning trends to see what's coming next.…

Below will share some quotes around #DevOps and #Cloud topics from that report. Thread.
The most successful superstream series focused on software architecture and infrastructure and operations. Why? The in-person O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference was small but growing. But when the pandemic hit, companies found out that they really were online businesses.
And if they weren’t, they had to become online to survive. Even small restaurants and farm markets were adding online ordering features to their websites. Suddenly, the ability to design, build, and operate applications at scale wasn’t optional; it was necessary for survival.
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Small service - big tasks

Luxembourg played an active role in the Cold War. For the Soviet bloc it was an important gateway for intelligence operations. The State Intelligence Service #SRE is unable to cope with its tasks. Assistance comes from abroad 1/13
Under Soviet pressure exerted since the late 1960's, Luxembourg agreed to sign an air traffic memorandum with the USSR in 1974 and a formal agreement in 1975. Shortly afterwards #Aeroflot opens a travel agency in Luxembourg city 2/13
Another service moves into the office building in 35, rue Glesener a little later. Above the travel agency the #SRE intelligence service operates a covert office. All movements at Aeroflot are monitored and registered 3/13
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1. @OPISBiofuels reported late yesterday that the US Appeals Court denied the "en banc" request for review of the 10th Circuit order on #SREs. This is no surprise given how rare it apparently is for such requests for review to be granted.
@OPISBiofuels 2. This means that the last hope for resurrecting the #SRE program is the US Supreme Court. How ironic. The first major #RFS court decision (remember inadequate domestic supply) was written by current SCOTUS Judge Kavanaugh, and it was a major defeat for the refiners and EPA.
@OPISBiofuels 3. I will be very surprised if the refiners push for a SCOTUS appeal of the 10th Circuit ruling, especially in the present circumstances. Obviously I am not a legal expert, but that seems very much like an extreme long shot for that to be successful.
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1. Now back to the #RFSwars. The Trump Admin is clearly going to be looking for a way to address refiner concerns after the #SRE program was just flushed down the toilet They might want to take a look at a proposal I made last Sep…
2. Probably would take Congressional action, but I still think a reasonable way to go is to issue a blanket waiver for all small refineries at the time of final RVO rulemakings. Addresses the stated concerns of all small refiners in one fell swoop.
3. Key is that blanket waiver has to be made at the time of final RVO rulemaking so the obligation of small refiners is reallocated to the larger refiners. For now, forget the second part of my proposal of reallocating past SREs. Just focus on a blanket waiver going forward.
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1. Finally, a federal judge called you know what on the EPA's awarding of #SREs under the RFS. I am not sure of the practical significance of extending vs. year by year. If you go back far enough there was a blanket waiver for all small refineries back in 2010/11.
2. It strikes me that the more momentous part of the ruling is the judge calling out the EPA for the blatant contradiction in its use of RIN pass through arguments in one set of policies but not for SREs.
3. Specifically, the EPA used its own and academic studies to argue that changing the RFS point of obligation was not needed. If RIN costs are passed through by obligated parties what difference would changing the point of obligation make? This is current EPA official position
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I have some interesting and hopefully useful insight for the improvement-focused #ITSM community, coming from the Accelerate State of #DevOps 2019 report which you can download from here:…. Starting from the top (a thread with 11 pointers):
(1) Availability is seen as an important aspect of operational performance. SLAs, among other items, remain a useful tool to define and track availability targets. Google's #SRE practices are a useful resource to check out for cloud-based availability practices.
(2) A clear change management process, along with automation, monitoring, and a healthy culture, is one of the foundational capabilities for improving technology delivery and, as an outcome, value delivery.
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Started reading @Google 's #SRE book and some insights from it so far, will keep updating the thread as I finish the chapters. (1/n)
@Google The initial chapter touches upon the idea, that fixes being pushed with human-interruption need to scale linearly as the product grows/scale increases. Practicing the ideology of building systems which would in turn manage the hand holding which #syadmins do is radical (2/n)
@Google 100% uptime is probably never the right reliability target: not only is it impossible to achieve, it’s typically more reliability than a service’s users want or notice. Matching the profile of the service to the risk the business is willing to take. (3/n)
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Short thread here summing up monitoring and observability news this past week. Sponsored by... nobody #monitoring #observability #sre 1/7
The @Monitorama Baltimore speaker lineup has been released. Looks like a good lineup, several monitoring vendor experts speaking.… 2/7
Monitoring company @signalfx acquired by @splunk for $1B. With $178M in VC funding, an exit multiplier of ~5.6 aligns with desired PE exits of 5x, but just over the VC funding multiplier criteria of 5.4. Desirable VC exits are 10x.… 3/7
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#Birmingham parents are protesting due to thus sort of irresponsible #SRE indoctrination of children that is taking place in their schools: Image
Islam teaches that sex is biological & it encourages the sexes to be distinct & celebrate their difference. Cross-dressing is forbidden in Islam clearly by the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.
Islam also forbids same-sex sexual relationships and considers them against the natural order intended by God (as do most religions). It likewise forbids any sexual relations outside of marriage.

God’s guidance constitutes the best mode in which all thriving societies can live.
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Next up: Building SRE from scratch during Hypergrowth at Coinbase with @phrawzty and @niallohiggins should be a great overview of the practice and a case study of adoption. #reInvent
Awesome delineation of the purpose of an #SRE : it isn’t to perform the firefighting, pager calls and incident response. It’s in place to help prevent and reduce these. #reInvent
#SRE isn’t just building observability into technical systems but your human and organizational systems as well. Took measurement is critical. #reInvent
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Next up is my colleague @drensin on why #SRE and #DevOps are friends! (likely quoting me and @sethvargo a bunch) #VelocityConf
@drensin @sethvargo [ed: full disclosure, this is a sponsored talk.]

How many people have heard of SRE? like 80% of people. But 3 years ago, it was crickets. #VelocityConf
"Obviously in the age of Twitter, they must fight, right? But no, they actually reinforce each other."

And you should look at @lizthegrey and @sethvargo's video series for more details.

But the key message is: they developed independently but landed in same place #VelocityConf
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Reminder: the talk on intro to #SRE culture and how it relates to #DevOps is at 4:35pm in Moscone West W2005! #GoogleNEXT18
Starting now! What a crowd, and still more people coming in! Love it when people are interested in SRE! #GoogleNEXT18 room full of conference attendees
And off they go! Ann and Jess on stage!
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