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US Rep #PramilaJayapal (PJ) has mobilized 70+ US politicians to worry about ‘human rights’ in India during #ModiInUSA trip. Her ‘letter’ to #Biden against GOI is full of exposed tropes– from Democracy Index to Press Freedom to USCIRF Report!

But her real motive? The $!

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Earlier, PJ had shown a similar concern on #Kashmir in 2019. And as a pure coincidence, US based Lobby firm Holland & Knight was hired by Pak Govt during the same time. And, per their own documents, PJ was one of the “persons approached” by Holland & Knight.

(2/7) Image
PJ spoke on Kashmir b/w Aug-Dec(2019) including writing a ‘letter’ to US Congress & passing resolution on Kashmir (Dec'19)

Lo & behold! Her ‘human rights’ pain ceased just when Holland & Knights' contract with Pak ended in Jan'20. She hasn't tweeted on Kashmir since 2019.

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This is why I do not think much of #SubhasChandraBose

Read this thread about the brutal treatment of #Malaya #Tamils by the Japanese in building the #DeathRailway

Bose wanted to take help from the Japanese in "liberating" #India.

Why would the Japanese ever care about "liberating" India from #British rule?

The #Japanese were imperialists. They wanted to conquer all of Asia and the Pacific.

They had already annexed #Manchuria in 1931, and everyone knew about their brutal treatment of the #Chinese.

The Japanese followed this up with the #RapeOfNanjing in 1937. This was followed by the establishment of #Unit731 in the city of #Harbin in Northeast #China, scene of one of the most egregious #CrimesAgainstHumanity in history, carried out by the #ImperialJapaneseArmy

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#Casteism has to end.

To end the #Casteism we need to know where it began.

Church sanctioned unimaginable violence against natives during the colonial expansion using Dum Diversas doctrine.
To prevent the newly proselytized natives from using same doctrine against the conquistadors church created elaborate system of Casta in the Americas.
Commissioned Casta paintings to keep them as as reference to divide population into various castes.
Mexican historian Gregorio T Quintero asserts that Casta paintings served as visual aid for the parishioners who needed a caste indentity of anyone who wanted to be baptized, married, or buried.

Such was the hold of castes in America during 16th, 17th, and 18th century.
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Supreme Court to shortly hear appeal by Bihar government against Patna HC order that had stayed the caste survey under way in the State till July 3.

#SupremeCourt #SupremeCourtOfIndia #Bihar #Caste Image
Sr Adv Shyam Divan for Bihar: I want 10 days to complete it. There is no question of sharing data.

Justice Oka: We have to see if it is a census in garb of survey like order says ... Today we are not inclined to grant stay as it requires hearing.
SC: So on 3rd if HC takes it up ... See we are trying to tell you that HC has recorded prima facie findings. So we find it difficult to stay, we are not saying we will not hear.

Divan: Just hear us.

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Your journey towards alien faith begins with making you disrespect your own faith. That is how #Thekeralastory begins. There are some favourite tropes which are used. I don’t care what your individual stand it, in larger cause, one must accept and work on it.
First one is - Caste. #Caste is a Portuguese concept. Hinduism has Varna. All Varna’s are said to have emerged from Brahma- the Divine. In Hinduism, intellectuals since eternity understood the divisive impact of Caste. So in earliest times, Manu marries daughter to Brahmin.
In Ramayan, Kshatriya Shriram has Nishadraj as his school mate and friend. In Mahabharat, the story is narrated by Sootputra. In Ajgar Kand of Van Parva, Dharmaraj Yudhishthir tells the Sarp, it is our action which decides your caste. #Casteism #Hinduism
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The Chair, Professor Sanghmitra Acharya addresses the gathering. She welcomed all the previous and present batches and professors of the centre. She thanked Dr Banerji for establishing the centre with his unique vision of locating it within a School of Social Sciences
This began the saga of a #NewGrammarofPublicHealth.Dr Acharya also brought in the learnings regarding #Caste from Dr Ambedkar's work which has greatly influenced all of us and emphasized the need to look at public health with all of its social determinants.Even as we mark-
#AmbedkarJayanti tomorrow, today we honour all the stalwarts who have pioneered & advanced our understanding of public health. The Centre is bejeweled with Professors whose legacy speaks for itself-Dr Imrana Qadeer,Dr Ritu Priya, Dr Ghanshyam Shah,Dr Rama Baru, Dr Mohan Rao- 3/n
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BREAKING NEWS: SC, ST, OBC Candidates Get Lower Marks in Interviews Despite Performing Well in Written: #Caste Discrimination in University of Hyderabad's PhD Admissions Revealed by RTI Filed by @asahcu @dpradhanbjp @EduMinOfIndia @ugc_india @NCSC_GoI @ahir_hansraj

Thread 🧵⬇️
The Ambedkar Students' Association collated data from multiple RTI applications and found that students belonging to reserved categories are marked much lower in interviews than those in the general category despite similar marks in the entrance exam.
Some faculties have marked SC, ST, OBC candidates with zero marks, and in extreme cases, seven out of eight interview panelists awarded zero marks for an SC student.
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Let us.. look at how #traditional people, of times when #Shankaracharya lived, treated him though him being one of the realised beings of his times & respected, when it comes to #scripts&how he responded
One incident is of the cremation of his #beloved #mother.
Thread follows
#AdiShakara’s father #Shivaguru passed away when he was a child.

#AdiShakara’s father #Shivaguru passed away when he was a child.

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Brahmin clout at IITs is ending. At least 30% of the zonal toppers are Baniyas. The ‘Kota Coaching Factory’ is also a Baniya owned phenomenon. Change is welcome. #Sociology #IIT #Caste Thread 🧵⬇️
The IT revolution in its early years was led by the IIT graduates and postgraduates, and most of them were Brahmins. Sociologist Carol Upadhya’s study on the software professionals with 132 respondents in Bengaluru revealed that 48% per of them were Brahmins.
Now things are changing. 
If we take the most valuable IT-based startups that took shape in the last few years, most of them have a strong north Indian Baniya engineers/managers footprints.
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The latest victim of the growing hate for all things related to #Dharmic faiths. After attacking or co-opting all number of #Hindu traditions, it's now the turn of a micro-minority : the #Jain faith and being #vegetarian in general. SouthAsian vegetarians be warned! 1/n
During the public comments section of the @SeattleCouncil meeting on 2/14, supporters of the proposed #Caste ordinance turned their ire on the "militant vegetarianism" of #Jains. Hear the sound byte to understand the outright hate being mainstreamed!
Ironically the long and ancient tradition of #vegetarianism among SOME #Hindus, #Jains, #Sikhs and #Buddhists is under fire-even as western society as a whole discovers the benefits of a #plantbased diet and #MeatLessMonday proliferates. 3/n
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Dr. B.R. Ambedkar and M.K. Gandhi's debate on Hinduism and Caste.

(PART-1) 🧵
M.K. Gandhi (1/3)

The Vedas, Upanishads, smritis and puranas, including the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, are the Hindu scriptures. There is no finite list. Every generation has added to the list.
M.K. Gandhi (2/3)

Therefore, that everything printed or even found handwritten is not scripture. The #smritis, for example, contain many things that can never be accepted as a word from God. Thus, many texts which Dr #Ambedkar cites from smritis cannot be considered authentic.
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If the victim is from the #Dalit/ #Adivasi community, the Savarna media & intellectuals divert the whole discussion to either Hindu-Muslim or to victim blaming.

They just ignore the caste angle.
I would say ignoring #caste in such cases is a serious form of #Casteism. Image
These incidents are inhumane & barbaric yet the discussion is revolving around Hindu- Muslim or around the Parent - child relationship. No one is interested in discussing about the problems of safety and security of women.
Noone is discussing about this increasing violence against oppressed caste community. Dalit/Adivasi women are at the bottom in our community. Even within the women's movement, #Dalit and #Adivasi issues have not been taken seriously.
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🎉Delighted to 📢 the arrival of this baby that several of us nurtured through the trying times of the past three years. Such an honor to work with an inspiring group of academics, activists, artists, & poets. 🥁

A🧵about the pursuits of #ClimateJustice in India & beyond! #COP27 Image
The central question we seek to answer here: What does it take to pursue the aspirations of climate justice in countries like India, with longstanding social & economic inequalities and a large population of climate-vulnerable populations? 2/ #LossAndDamage #Inequalities #COP27
Compensations for Loss & Damage/climate reparations is a crucial first step. While civil society leaders (h/t @SaleemulHuq) fight that battle valiantly, we must ask what would it take to realize #ClimateJustice in the trenches of the climate crisis. We focus on this question 3/n
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Of late, I have been tweeting threads on issues like #history & on #Maharashtra & #Mumbai. This is a compilation of some threads over the month

On a little-known attempt by an inebriated #British policeman to kill #MahatmaGandhi in #Pune

The #ParvatiSatyagraha launched by Ambedkarites and reformist activities seeking that #Dalits be allowed to enter the Parvati temple in #Pune

#DrBabasahebAmbedkar #DrAmbedkar #DalitMovement #history
How #Dussehra was once a rallying point for the Swadeshi movement. It was on this day in 1905 that #VinayakDamodarSavarkar organised a massive bonfire of imported clothes

#Savarkar #LokmanyaTilak #Tilak #Pune #Maharashtra #swadeshi #Gandhi #MahatmaGandhi
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This is a thread on the tradition of #wrestling in #Pune. The city was once known as a centre of wrestling. Even in those conservative times, these akhadas or wrestling schools acted as melting pots.
#sports #Maharashtra #Marathi #caste
The vastads or wrestling coaches included both, non-Brahmins & Brahmins. Their students too cut across communities.
Balambhatdada Deodhar, the man who is said to have invented the sport of mallakhamb, Bhikobadada Agashe, Ganpatrao Barve, Pandoba Jog, Dada Damle were among the #Brahmin vastads in #Pune.
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#Caste is centuries-old disease. But somehow no one seemed too concerned until recently.

Then SUDDENLY many fronts – from India to US to Europe - awakened to this issue together!

We explain the trigger, plot, and protagonists.

A Thread…
In the last 2-3 months, the Caste discourse has soared surprising abroad including in US.

-Dalit Panthers meet Black Panthers on June 6

-Google accused as Casteist for not allowing EL founder Thenmozhi Soundarajan’s speech

-Apple introduced diversity policy around caste

-ICNA(US Jamaat) discusses caste on its forum
-DalitDiva launches book on caste
-Univ. of Minnesota adds caste to its Diversity criteria
-Meena Kandasamy awarded by Pen Germany
-Audrey Truschke attends event on caste in higher edu.
-IAMC hosts event on Dalits(Oct 7)

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#SupremeCourt was hearing a PIL asking that govt forms have option of 'Indian' against religion and caste columns

SC: those who do not want take benefit under law or constitution, need not disclose it, then you indicate it and leave the space blank.But if you want to take ...
benefit then you will have to write the caste. Put a dash!

Justice Rastogi: the school make theirs own format. These certificates are required if you want to take the benefits and then it has to be filled.

Lawyer requested Bench to issue notice authorities to ...
...Explain how he was forced to write his caste.

SC: let the concerned person file or child come to us if that is the case. These cartificates are only required only if you want benefit. this we won’t entertain. There is nothing here. People only file petition for satisfaction.
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#EducationSystem in #Nepal is of abysmally poor quality. Evidences abound.

One? The quantity of the textbooks. They are HORRENDOUS. This thread is about (parts of) the books I have reviewed. This is about a Grade 9 book.…
Another blog about another horrendous Nepali school textbook.

This is about a HORRENDOUS part of a grade 5 science textbook & how it could have been different/better. #Nepal…
This is about Grade 8 Social Studies textbook.

Shamefully, it declares #religion & #caste to be "small issues." AND THAT'S THE ENTIRE ENTRY ON THE #CaseSystem. Shoving things under the rug & pretending everything is great is a Nepali past time. #Nepal…
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One of the many things that never ceases to #amaze & #amuse me:

Nepalis countering/characterizing/interpreting commentary/statement abt #caste or anything that remotely appears to be an "attack" on a caste etc. as "hatred" etc.

Some recent egs. #Nepal
Another one of the many things that never ceases to #amaze & #amuse me:

Nepalis characterizing/interpreting commentary/statement abt #caste as "bigotry"/ "discrimination"/"prejudice."
Talking about caste/race, to them, is to be a #casteist/#racist! 🤣🤣
Some recent egs. #Nepal
BUT then again, in most cases, it's NOT their fault.
The fault lies with our #EducationSystem.
What can you expect from products of an #EducationSystem that educates its population on WHAT to think instead of HOW to think?!
(It certainly does NOT teach about #humanity.)
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Who are the #Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vysyas & Shudras?

In #Hinduism, neither a caste structure nor any divisions of labour are established for a certain vocation of life with watertight compartments.
The extraordinarily divine compere is devoid of any divisions of labour, social communalisms, or other unimportant issues.
The 4 "so-called" classes r castes represent the different stages of human growth (yogam).
It is untrue to say that #Jatis must pursue a certain line of work in the outside world. All of this discourse is the pitiful outcome of Toto's ignorance of the genuine meaning of our texts
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1.History of #Caste census start with Colonial India, as Britishers were great record keeper. They started #caste census.
1872- First #Caste Census was done. ( language, religion, gender, #caste etc were asked.)
1881- Second #Caste census ,it was done all-over India at once. Image
2. Total 17 questions were asked including #Caste.
1891-Third #Caste census.
1901-Fourth #Caste census. In year 1902 #Sahu_Ji_Maharaj reserved 50% seat for NON BRAHMINS. ie for OBC ,SC and ST candidates. ImageImage
3. 1911-Fifth #Caste census.
1921- Sixth #Caste census.
1931- Seventh #Caste census. It was a last census when #Caste data were collected. Government of India rely 90 year old data to frame policies, for upliftment of particular Caste . Image
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Folks, some resources for educating yourself about the basics of #caste, in history and today. A lot Indians probably don't need this... some other folks who follow me here appear to be in dire need of this education.

I have successful taught Flueckiger's "A Note on Caste," which is about 5 pages in her book Everyday Hinduism.

It covers terminology in different languages, some caste markers, class / urbanization differences, and discrimination.…
For your really basic, sort of statement of facts, this BBC explainer can be helpful. It doesn't connect the dots much, but it has the virtue of being succinct:…
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A 🧵 on #caste #privilege, mainly for those born/raised in the so-called "upper caste" communities (like me).
I was born a Brahmin, and having grown up on a steady diet of implicit/explicit casteism that took a couple of decades to even partially cleanse myself of means I know most of the arguments that UCs use regarding caste. I've used them in the past. I know how hollow they are. 1/
Yes, I've been guilty of casteism before, even while thinking that I was arguing about "merit". I seriously believe that it's extremely difficult for someone brought up in a typical savarna home to be entirely free of casteist beliefs/instincts. 2/
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